Sent: Monday, 24 October 2005 4:47 AM
Subject: What can I do?

23 October 2005


I have gotten several inquiries from people who wonder what they can do to help Germar Rudolf.

With a few exceptions, all they can do is donate money for Germar's legal expenses, and related, if needed.

I have not spoken to him specifically on this but I have the impression that his financial resources will cover him through the November court hearings in Atlanta.

If he loses in November, then the whole matter is settled. He will no doubt be deported immediately. Financial contributions would be pointless.

A victory in November would mean only the postponement of the decisive date. In an e-mail message yesterday I explained why this case could end up in the Supreme Court. In that event the legal expenses could be correspondingly supreme. Even an appeals process below the Supreme Court level would be very costly. I don't expect any help from the main "civil rights" organizations.

Of course the government is very well fixed, financially, for such a fight but I also explained yesterday why it might shy away from a lengthy appeals process.

My conclusion is that the typical supporter of revisionism can do nothing now but should be ready to open his/her wallet later this year, if asked.

In June Germar made a fund-raising effort that was pleasingly successful. That success came despite the fact that he was not really well situated to raise money in the USA. If he wins in November, and the outlook indicates a need for a good deal more money, then I hope he organizes an effective fund-raising effort aimed at the USA.

I hope you will be there for him. Here I am not, of course, speaking to the people who donated last summer, nor to those on the frontlines who have already greatly suffered financially.

Permission to forward this message in its integrity, and post it on the web, is granted.

Best regards,
A.R. Butz


Contrast the above measured tone with the following:



From: Walter Mueller
Date: Thu, 20 Oct 2005 19:27:34 -0700 (PDT)

Dear Fellow Patriot!

The news went around quickly that Dipl. Chemist Germar Rudolf was detained - see more information below. This is yet another "I told you so." Many, many times, I have warned Rudolf and his associates to keep a low profile and to stay away from the hate community in the U.S.

"Wait until your papers are in order,"

I said. Nevertheless, it was ignored. Imagine that you are a political refugee, fleeing from you home country, because you have already been convicted under Germany's infamous "holocaust denial laws."

Under normal circumstances you would keep a low profile and make sure not too much attention comes to you.

With Germar Rudolf it was not so. His NPD made him a publicity whore, and he associated himself with anyone who gave him press. His speaking engagements took solely place at the worst organizations of the white supremacists movement. Jailbird David Duke, convicted thief Willis Carto, National Alliance, Stormfront, and National Vanguard.

Now you tell me what a government that is controlled by the traditional enemy, will do? Never mind that he finally married an American citizen, they are not going to look favorably on Mr. Rudolf's request.

It is Ernst Zundel all over again. Now, as you will see in a minute, his wife asks not to give too much attention to the arrest. Well, too late, lady.

It seems that the revisionist community in the U.S. has absolutely no common sense. Or maybe it is still believed that one is safe when using freedom of speech?

It is like Charles Manson breaking out of prison, and giving lectures at universities. Now how long would that last?

Zundel and Rudolf should be a lesson for all revisionists who seek refuge in the U.S. It isn't any safer here than where you come from. In fact, the Jewish power in the U.S. is a thousand times more powerful than anywhere else in the world.

Now be careful of the coming Rudolf money pit. His associates will tell you of another legal cost that needs to be paid for. But, just like with Ernst Zundel, he will be deported, no matter how much money you'll fork out. And just like Ernst Zundel, Rudolf will never be allowed to enter the U.S. again.

Many revisionist supporters are throwing their money away by supporting those who can't do much for revisionism anymore. In fact, letters to the Patriot Letter indicate that supporters have allocated so much money for dead weight, that they cannot afford to support the living.

Sorry folks, I am not going to feel sympathy for Germar Rudolf. It was his own doing. I always say "Beggars can't be Choosers." If you ask for favors, then you should be humble. Anything else is stupidity.




Sent: Friday, 19 August 2005 3:09 AM
To: Walter Mueller

Sorry, Mr Mueller, but I do not want your readers to believe you have my support in attacking Germar Rudolf.


As I recently said, I, for one, admire this man for his achievements and "Germanic" energy. He might very well be deported to Germany, which means that, for many years to come, he would not anymore see freely his wife and children. His deportation to that enslaved country would be a disaster for himself, for his loved ones and for Revisionism. He is conscious of that.

Therefore he is all the more admirable.

If, sooner or later, you could at least realise that one should never attack a person who is in such a danger, it would be good for you, for him, and for those who, in prison or elsewhere, are currently suffering for the Revisionist cause.
Avec mes salutations distinguées. Robert Faurisson


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