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From: CHP
Sent: Tuesday, 19 October 2005
Subject: Germar is in trouble


This is Germar's wife.

We went to an appointment at immigration today to have an interview about whether or not our marriage is legitimate. It is typical for the INS to check in with a couple in one year to see how they prove that they are living together as man and wife. We passed with no comment.

However, when we were ready to leave, two men from the department of deportation showed up and escorted us upstairs. Then they told Germar that he missed a court appointment and was going to be detained for missing that appointment.

Germar and his attorney said that they never received notice (it is required to send notice to counsel as well as the petitioner). They asked for a copy of the letter and that question was never answered. They also told the men that the 11th circuit federal court had ruled a stay of further action and that was currently in effect, which means the INS is not allowed to rule on anything until the federal courts rule on them (tentative date for that is Jan).

The men said they would review the case and two hours later, they came and took him away.

Our lawyer is working to get the paperwork from the 11th court to show the INS here, which they say they will release him. Who knows.

I am writing because once Germar figured out what they were doing he told me to get in touch with you to decide between Arthur Butz and you how you wanted to handle this.

The best case scenario is that all the paperwork from the 11th comes and the INS quits playing around and releases him until the courts rule. They could also detain Germar until the hearing with the 11th circuit in January. They, of course, could also deport him to Germany, even though they are not allowed to do that. I don't put anything past them, given this current action which is completely outrageous and against the law.

If this thing is fixed in a few days, then I see no real problem. If not, then Germar has asked me to contact supporters to let them know about this and provide any help possible.

If this looks long term, then I am to call people that have been pre-notified to continue his work in his absence. For now, the note says, "notify Wiking and tell what happened." I was also to inform Arthur, which I have done. Your must decide whether or not to send a note to "Revisionist news" Arthur has already said he feels anyone who can be mobilized should be mobilized. I await instructions from you as to what to do next.

In the note, Germar has also given me access to his accounts and passwords. His attorney is working to get a power of attorney in my name as well, so for now nothing is locked up. What should I do?

Germar said he would call me collect when he is processed and let me know where he is. Do you have any questions or comments to pass along?

I look forward to hearing from you asap. Please contact me via chp and put in the subject line: 'to Germar's wife' so I can sort out which email is yours.

Thank you.



Hier ist Germars Ehefrau. Wir hatten heute bei der Einwanderungsbehörde einen Termin bezügl. eines Interviews, das in Frage stellte, ob unsere Ehe legitim ist oder nicht. Es ist bezeichnend, daß die INS (Behörde für Einwanderer) ein Ehepaar nach einem Jahr des Zusammenlebens herbestellt, um es einer Begutachtung zu unterziehen. Wir brachten das Interview ohne weiteren Kommentar [seitens der Behörden] hinter uns. Als wir jedoch im Begriff waren zu gehen, erschienen zwei Männer von der Deportationsabteilung und unterwiesen uns, ihnen nach oben zu folgen. Daraufhin informierten die Beamten Germar, er habe einen Gerichtstermin versäumt und werde demzufolge bis auf Weiteres festgehalten. Germar sowie Germars Rechtsanwalt erwiderten, keiner von ihnen habe eine Aufforderung zu dem [angeblichen] Gerichtstermin erhalten (es ist erforderlich, dem Berater, sowie dem Antragsteller eine [schriftliche] Aufforderung zukommen zu lassen). Demgemäß forderten Germar und sein Rechtsanwalt, Einsicht in die Kopie des Schreibens, ein Ersuchen, das ignoriert wurde. Ferner informierten Germar und sein Rechtsanwalt betreffende Männer, der 11. Gerichtshof habe derzeit stattfindende Verhandlungen gemaßregelt, was bedeutet, daß es der Einwanderungsbehörde (INS) während dieser Verhandlungsperiode untersagt ist, regelnd einzugreifen. Besagter gerichtlicher Termin wurde versuchsweise auf Januar [2006] verlegt. Die INS-Beamten antworteten, sie würden den Fall untersuchen. Nach zwei Stunden kamen sie zurück, nahmen Germar fest und führten ihn ab. Auf INS- Anweisung, soll unser Rechtsanwalt die Dokumente vom 11. Gerichtshof der INS vorlegen, woraufhin Germar voraussichtlich freigelassen werden kann. Aber wer weiß das schon. Ich schreibe das alles, da Germar, nachdem er ahnte, was gespielt wird, mir dazu den Auftrag gab.



Words from Professor Arthur Butz

From: artbutz@aol.com

Sent: Friday, 21 October 2005 3:08 AM
Subject: Germar


Germar Rudolf's situation is too complicated for me to relate, here, even the part of it that I understand.

I will say only that it is not hopeless, and that formal legal procedures are functioning.

My information is that Germar's lawyers are of the opinion that publicity, at this point, is not helpful. Thus his wife Jennifer blundered by sending out an e-mail report on his arrest. I think it went to only three recipients, but that was enough to propagate it over the planet.

This is to request you to let this matter rest while Germar's lawyers go through the formal legal processes. Noise and, especially, accusations against the INS (Immigration and Naturalization Service), will not help and could harm.

I have tried to blind copy a long list with this message but I have had trouble doing that with web access to my AOL account. I would like the list to be longer, so by all means forward this message.

A.R. Butz





From: ArtButz@aol.com

Sent: Saturday, 22 October 2005 10:21 AM [Australian CT]
Subject: report to come


I am in touch with Germar Rudolf by telephone. As is customary in American jails, he can call others, collect, but people outside can't call him.

I will send out a fairly detailed report on the situation tomorrow (Saturday), probably in the mid-afternoon, perhaps a bit later in the day. Meanwhile, the request to keep the volume down remains. The situation is not hopeless, but somewhat balanced on a knife edge.

Best regards,
A.R. Butz

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