The Tragedy that is about to happen because time is out of joint - US/Zionist attack!





Mahmood Ahmadinejad has won Iran's presidential election,

in a victory over his rival Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani


Iran's election may provide an Islamic role model




What will stop George W Bush and his Jewish minders from attacking Iran?

Dr Fredrick Toben on 17 June 2005 Iran elections

Also in Tehran Times

                  Mathaba.Net News

and archive: U.S. policies detrimental to Middle East stability: Australian expert

Holocaust Denial becoming Public Policy?

Antisemitism and Holocaust Denial in the Iranian Media also in Free Muslim Coalition and Israelnet

Antisemitism Worldwide 2000/1 AUSTRALIA

Radio National - Saturday Breakfast With Geraldine Doogue Guestbook Holocaust denial! and in Honest Media Today

Jews are inadvertently exposing the hoax


Divided they stand


An Iranian woman holds a poster during an election campaign rally in Tehran for former Iranian president Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjaniu.

Photograph: Getty Images


The coming showdown in Iran led by a man

suffering Attention Deficit Disorder

The US War With Iran Has Already Begun

Iran has nuclear ambitions and Israel says " No "

The plan

Israel will take off with three squadrons of six F-15's - fly over Iraq and hit Iran's three key facilities. The US is expected to provide satellite information, and refueling as the Israeli jets exit.

"Jews are going to create a False Flag in Iran (Fifth Fleet in Persian gulf) or nuke an American city and blame Iran." - Pat

NB: -   "Secret" Air Base for Iraq War started prior 9-11

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