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Sent: Thursday, 15 December 2005 10:13 AM
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This is vital. I have a court case coming up and I request you e-mail the following verification. The problem is you put me in your Christmas family without asking me. Please write that it was done without asking my permission.

Please write in the letter the following facts:

1. I have never requested that you post my material. You have chosen to do so independently.
2. I am not affiliated with your institute in any way.
3. You are aware that I am not a Holocaust denier, nor have I ever written material justifying Holocaust denial.
4. Your interest in me has nothing to do with such denial.

Do me this favor quickly or I'll lose a suit.

Best, Barry





Comment from Fredrick Töben: I did not ask Barry Chamish to whom he was addressing his email because I assumed it was me, and I brush aside why he could not find the strength to mention me by name!

I responded thus:


This is a quick reply. I do not understand Christmas family reference -
Have a look at http://www.adelaideinstitute.org/Dissenters1/Toben/toben_chamish.htm - and open attachment -
Then advise. Fredrick





15 December 2005

1. This is to confirm that I have known Mr Barry Chamish for a number of years. We have never met but I have been following his thinking processes via emails and material he publishes on his website, especially his elaboration of his Rabin-murder hypothesis.

2. Although Mr Chamish is a fervent Zionist, and I refuse to believe in the ‘Holocaust’, I have gained valuable information about his cause - his concern as to what is happening to those Jews who have come to Israel in the belief that there they can fulfil their dream in peace.

3. I empathise with Mr Chamish and the plight of those Jews who have been removed from their homes – at the same time I empathise with the Palestinian peoples who should never have been removed from their homes in the first place. There was relative peace in Palestine while the area was under Muslim control.

4. In 2004 I invited Mr Chamish to our planned International Revisionist conference at Sacramento where I wished him to present the Zionist perspective on the Middle East conflict. The conference as planned did not take place on account of the venue being cancelled. We had nothing to do with the substitute conference, which Mr Chamish did not attend.

5. Throughout the past years I have forwarded through our list numerous emails that Mr Chamish published about matters pertaining to his interests – which I headed “A View from Israel”. I received some criticism from individuals who were not interested in such material, and I advised that as we have one list only, those who did not like Mr Chamish’s material, could just delete these emails.

6. In summary: Mr Chamish has never requested I pass on his emails through our list, and to my knowledge he has never passed on any of the material that passed through our list. There is no link with Mr Chamish and Adelaide Institute and the traffic is a one-way road that I personally nurture because of my concern to give the ‘enemy’ a voice in our deliberations, in particular about the Middle East situation. It is clear that Mr Chamish is a Holocaust believer while I refuse to believe in the Holocaust. Further, I support the Iranian position on matters Palestine. However, as someone whose training has been in philosophy, I cannot accept positions that are not subjected to revision, especially when new information about a matter becomes available.

Dr Fredrick Töben
Adelaide Institute

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