On using the word 'discriminate'


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Subject: Discrimination- out of balance


Just some clarification:

1. Are you saying we should not discriminate?

2. If we use the word 'discriminate', then we have to define it, just as the use of the word 'freedom' needs to be augmented with "for what" and "from what". 'discriminate' has been so over-used as a shut-up word (Bryant) that developing minds cannot cope with it, and thereby fall in line with the ideology riding on top of that concept.

3. Any thinking person discriminates - the act of thinking is an act of discrimination.

4. The term 'discriminate' is currently used to switch-off our thinking processes, which gets a helping hand from another word 'choice'. Used together these two words/concepts have had a horrendous effect on our educational processes, commonly referred to as the dumbing down process.
Why? Developing minds cannot handle the tension these two words create in the mind, and so a third word is added to the process of neutralising the development of the thinking process: "feel".

5. Generally speaking, the overall effect these three words - discriminate/choice/feel - have on a developing mind is that everything but the mind is developed, i.e. the feeling emphasis initiates baser developmental processes that deal with human development below the navel only.

6. That is why the word 'discriminate' needs to be augmented with such words as 'truth' 'honour' and 'justice' otherwise we create a lesser developed individual who cannot effectively discriminate to ensure personal survival.
Such individuals are buffeted through life by consumerism that predatory capitalism thrives on. Of course the word 'God' is ever present, and so minds devoid of 'truth', 'honour' and 'justice' will fall into the religious feel-good mindset without becoming robust enough to develop a sense of independent thinking.

7. The true sense of personal freedom is incomprehensible to those who never liberate their minds from foreign thoughts, and who never find a home within themselves. At the slightest discomfort, which life brings with it as a matter of course, such a mindset will forever seek scapegoats and cry out for messianic help. In effect, the above discriminate-trio words cater to the infantile mindset and prevents individuals from maturing.

8. Now to the concept 'race' - if this word has brought along so much grief and pain, then surely we ought ruthlessly to thrash it out without a recourse to impose legal sanctions on it. Currently in Australia there is the Professor Andrew Fraser controversy, where academics shy away from engaging him full-frontal with their concerns, and instead take recourse to intellectually and morally bankrupt means to silence him. That's a shame because it does not solve the problems raised by Professor Fraser in his scholarly paper.

9. Below your item I attach an email whose content I find horrendous - intellectually an untidy mess - It comes from so-called 'white-Christians'
who claim superiority on the grounds of Biblical authority. They hate 'Jews'
but they do not realize that they have adopted the Jewish dualistic mindset, and thus in effect are the other side of the coin that they despise. In whose interest is it to have the Black-white divide? Who profits from Afro-Americans and European Americans fighting each other?

Fredrick Töben

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On 29-Sep-05, at 4:24 AM, David Jacobs wrote:

>>On one hand you're against "discrimination" and on the other hand you think it can be a "*good* trait" that should be emulated by all". What should one make of this?<<

I was not talking about *discrimination* as being a good trait - I was talking about *helping one's own people* as being a good trait.

(I should have made this point more clear in my Sept 28th post - my mistake, sorry!)

Obviously one can help one's own people by harming people who are not one's own - and that is a terribly bad trait. But equally obviously, if one can help one's own people *without* harming anyone else, that is surely a *good* thing!

Wouldn't you agree?


Ardeshir wrote on Sept. 26

We should all be *anti-RACISM* (or more broadly, *anti-DISCRIMINATION*, whether based > on race, religion, language, gender, sexual preference, or indeed any other factor) - rather than merely being anti-WAR.

And on Sept. 28:

However, Jews generally help other Jews even if they are unknown to them - simply because they are Jews. A Jewish boss will give Jewish applicants for high-paying positions preferential treatment, for example. This is what helps Jews dominate such fields as banking and finance.

This trait is to be found among some other ethnic groups too, like the Parsi Zoroastrians - but not among all peoples.

Generally speaking this is a *good* trait, and should be emulated by all. But unfortunately it isn't.


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Subject: Apology to the Negro Race

Before you think any of this is "racist" ask yourself, IS IT TRUE?

Apology to the Negro Race

To the entire Negro race living in America, we, the Adamic, pink complexioned race (better known to you as the White race) that came to these shores from Europe, England, Scotland, Ireland, and Iceland, apologize for freeing you from slavery by fighting a horrible war among ourselves that cost the lives of almost two million of our own race. We apologize for continuing to fight among ourselves over that very issue, even though you’ve never told us you appreciate our freeing you.

We apologize for splitting to pieces our entire race the world over to take sides with you to help you survive and become a freer race. We apologize for forcing the rest of the world to outlaw the slavery which your ancestors had practiced for thousands of years, even though many nations on your home continent still practice it today.

We apologize for thinking we could civilize you when you have proven that it is indeed an impossible feat, a feat beyond anything we could have ever imagined.

We apologize for introducing Christianity to you and dragging you away from the Voodoo you previously followed, although you have managed to sneak that religion back into cultic Christianity and our people have accepted it, which is witnessed by their animalistic whooping and hollering and stomping and screaming instead of respectfully worshiping our God as they ought to.

We apologize for teaching you to add and subtract (what little you can), thereby enabling you to run a household and pay your bills (what few you will) and count your children other than on your fingers and sometimes toes when you have so many you run out of fingers.

We apologize for providing you with medical care instead of leaving you under the witch doctors you used before we arrived, as a result of which you have been able to survive all sorts of diseases to multiply in massive numbers beyond what you could have without these aides.

We apologize for building schools for you which we have had to repair over and over after you vandalized them beyond use. We apologize for inventing computers and the Internet, neither of which you use very much, but when you do use them it’s mostly to bash our race.

We apologize for building factories and businesses that employ you, if you so desire to work. We apologize for creating millions of bureaucratic jobs within our government system simply to give you employment, instead of leaving you to find work on your own.

We apologize for promoting and buying your music, although you refuse to buy ours. We apologize for talking and acting as you do, although you refuse to talk and act as we do.

We apologize for placing you in our movies and TV shows and elevating you to a fictional, heroic level that you have never reached in real life. We apologize for creating this false image of yourselves in your minds, for we realize after 400 years of trying to help you that you cannot solve problems and provide leadership and create original thoughts; and the image we’ve placed in your minds causes you to live in a delusional world. For that we truly apologize.

We apologize for creating quota systems and forced employment programs to make sure you have the best jobs, if you so desire to work. We apologize for thinking we could educate you so that you could learn to build and help others, when you obviously have only the ability to tear down and take from others.

We apologize for giving you welfare and food stamps, with the result that for four generations over half of your race has not had to work, except in makeshift type of jobs in our governments and bureaucracies.

We apologize for promoting your children in school as if they could understand basic arithmetic and grammar, such as multiplication and past participles, when we should have made sure they were accustomed to manual labor so that we would not have had to make up jobs for them in our governments dusting seats with their butts.

We apologize for developing farms in our own lands which you have never been able to do, and that to this day feed most of your race still living in Africa. We apologize for coming to Africa and building farms, from which you have now run us off of and have devastated beyond use, forcing us to continue feeding you.

We apologize for creating the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank (WB) and U.S. Government Foreign Aid Programs and hundreds of charities that funnel billions of our tax dollars and charitable donations to nations around the world run by your race, all because your race cannot take care of itself by itself anywhere you live.

We apologize for giving you the right to vote so you could take over all our major cities and turn them into high-taxed, crime-ridden cess pools that no civilized human being can live in.

We apologize for creating the term "reverend," which your leaders use to give themselves credentials and which their actions have denigrated beyond repair, with the result that no decent person would call himself "reverend," much less a Christian

We apologize for trying to come up with an AIDS vaccine to stop the epidemic spread of AIDS in Africa, AIDS being a disease that you created and passed on to us after having sexual intercourse with monkeys and then with one of our idiotic race-mixers who then passed it on to the rest of the world.

We apologize for providing you with warm, custom-made garments instead of the animal skins and leaves that you wore before we arrived. We apologize for providing you with shoes instead of leaving you barefooted as you were before we arrived in Africa.

We apologize for teaching you how to clean yourselves and your homes, and how to sanitize the water you drink to keep you from getting even more dreadful diseases than the rest of your race gets that still lives in Africa. We apologize for teaching you to cook your foods, which keeps you from getting the hundreds of parasitic diseases that your race gets that still lives on your home continent of Africa.

We apologize for providing you with solidly built, heated, and cooled homes with grass yards instead of the straw huts and dirt yards you were living in before we arrived, and in which most of your race is still living in in Africa.

We apologize for inventing sports so that you can make millions of dollars and live like kings, then kill and rape people with impunity, as O.J. Heisman-Trophy-Winner Simpson and Mike Heavy-Weight-Champion-of-the-World Tyson have done, as well as many others among your race.

We apologize for producing such beautiful people for you to race-mix with, and if they won’t voluntarily mix, you often casually rape them as if you were eating a piece of fried chicken.

We apologize for building thousands of prisons around the nation to house dangerous criminals, of which your race makes up over sixty percent even though you’re only thirteen percent of the U.S. population, and this at an expense of billions of dollars and manpower every year.

We apologize for taking precious metals from the earth on your home continent of Africa, metals which you neither knew were there nor how to use them if you had known they were there, but which you love to puncture and cover your bodies with in the most tawdry way imaginable.

We apologize for those among us who have established charitable organizations, donated billions of dollars and hours of time, and have devoted their entire lives to make life easier and better for your race, although most often to no positive result.

We apologize for all the stupid White ministers whom your race has martyred in Africa where they were trying to evangelize you to a faith that you can’t understand nor do you want to; yet when you claim to join it soon pervert it with the Voodooistic concepts you have inherited from your forefathers.

We apologize for building highways and railroads and for inventing flying machines that you could never have invented but which you use everyday to move about, yet without thinking or appreciating their origins in the least.

We apologize for paying the majority of both federal and state taxes, to maintain the governments which protect and promote you but fight against our own people at every turn.

We apologize for some members of our race who worship the monstrosities your genes have created, such as Jacko the Wacko and Little Fruity Richard and Dennis Nutman Rodman and Don Electrified King and Daryl Coke-Head Strawberry and Whitney Whacked-Out-Screaming Houston and Cassius If-Only-I-Be-White-But-I'm-Really-Black Clay and Tiger Adamic-Hater Woods and Whoopi Thinks-She’s-White Goldberg and Oprah Interview-a-Nut New-Age-Goof Winfrey and Ru Triple-Freak Paul and Morgan Act-White-But-Hate-White Freeman and Sammy Convert-To-The-Christ-haters-Religion Davis and Colin Have-A-Black-Pet-In-The-White-House Powell, to name only a few.

We apologize for defeating the major part of the communist threat which cost us several trillion dollars and hundreds of thousands of lives, but whose doctrines you still wish to have implemented on the backs of our race to further torture us and tear us down.

We apologize for spending over $2 trillion dollars on welfare and food stamps in the last thirty-five years, funds which your race received the majority of, although you are a small minority among us.

We apologize for introducing you to the rule of law under a republican form of government, a government that has gone abroad to keep your own warring nations from slaughtering other members of your race by the hundreds of thousands as they did year in and year out before we arrived, and still do every time we leave them alone and do not intervene.

We apologize for teaching you to read a language that contains more than a few words and a couple of hand signs, which has allowed you to take part in our philosophies, our culture, our art, our industry, our collegial nature, and our freedom, even though as soon as you get around them you pervert them.

For surely, if you could not read, how could you have learned the teachings of Karl Marx, Mao Tse Sung, Joseph Stalin, Leon Trotsky, Nikolai Lenin, Howard Zinn, the Damocrat Party, the Neo-cons in the Republicoward Party, and others who hate our race, and have brainwashed you into believing our race is evil and that you are severely oppressed?

We apologize for placing you under the form of government that our own forefathers died to create, and for which you are helping to destroy, instead of leaving you under the anarchy you lived under before we arrived.

For all these wrongs we’ve carried out against you, we apologize deeply and unreservedly, and if you will please accept our apology, we shall happily and immediately take back all of the above mentioned evils we have cast upon you and return you to your home continent, if you so desire.

We would with the greatest of glee and cheer even provide you with a nice, little stipend for traveling money, if you’d go and take your race-traitor wives and husbands and Mulatto children with you.

We have enjoyed having you here, but because you claim we’ve been, and are still being, so mean to you, we’d like to atone by helping you get back to where you came from.

You could live in peace without our persecuting you anymore, and we could save ourselves trillions of dollars over the next few years by shrinking our governments and emptying our prisons. We could take hundreds of thousands of security guards and police officers around the country off their jobs and put them to more productive use, and we could celebrate our own culture without offending you anymore.

Moreover, we could take the three-point shot and the forty-five second shot clock out of basketball which would return it to a game of plays and strategies, instead of the run and gun show our enemies have tailored especially for you. We could place the "palming penalty" and the "walking penalty" and the "charging penalty" back in to slow the game down to the point that defense and brains matter.

We could place the "bump and run" rule back in football and have referees start calling "offensive pass interference" again, to change the game to one where something more than straight-ahead speed is what matters. The "taunting rule" and the "roughing the quarterback rule" that we had to implement because of you, we could do away with completely, because civility would automatically come back into the game.

The race traitors of our race who hate their own culture and heritage could go with you, and we won’t offend them anymore either. For after a few generations of mixing with your race they would disappear into the dark tar-mix which your dominant design-genes make up.

What say? Do you accept our apology? Do we have a deal? Please let us know, soon!

From THE IDEA MAN www.HalTurnerShow.com
Thanks D&T.




Arnold Kennedy

Let us see if discrimination actually is a key to freedom and sanity and if the anti-discrimination lobby are leading us into a state of insanity. Years ago, we might have seen in an advertisement, something like, “The mark of the discriminating man” because in those days discrimination was associated with reason, sanity and free choice, especially free choice of association or non-association, coupled with the freedom of speech.

In those days we had good music, ethics, responsibility, sex with commitment, honesty, good manners, consideration of others and integrity where a man’s word was his bond. Society had an established basis of reference, and the older of us can remember when we could leave our property unlocked knowing that nothing would be touched. We had no need to try to be ‘politically correct’, and indeed, we would not have tolerated such nonsense because it was ‘wrong’ to be told what to believe and what to say if it was contrary to our traditional norm.

Those who have looked seriously at history are aware that when a civilisation moved away from its foundations it declined and passed away. We have moved away from our old basis of reference and values system of free moral choice to something unstable and almost totally devoid of free choice. What made the change? We allowed the idea that moral restraints were a chain that must be broken to bring in a ‘new age’ of freedom that we had to make progress and have change. But the progressives who wanted change so we could march forward into the future ‘new age’ have actually taken us backwards into jungle music, jungle sex, jungle ethics and jungle ‘me first’, with its instability, fear and uncertainty. Who really believes that one murder every three days in New Zealand is something better? Should we revert to our traditional values and freedom of choice to do right? It does not seem that any of our current politicians believe other than encouraging the jungle support for the survival of the fittest, piously providing a ‘safety net’ for those who suffer from the effects of their choice to be immoral, instead of supporting the moral who need it.

The Liberals, who were set on tolerating everything so that everyone could have every thing they wanted, have led us into a totalitarian state where regulations not only control our communications, transportation, education, and commerce, but our private property, private schools, small family-owned businesses, school curriculum and even free speech. This huge bureaucracy is intent on placing each of us in irons on the bench of a galley that is headed into the eye of a hurricane. It is taking us back to the feudal system or worse, not forward.

The objective of the rich lords and masters of the earth is to bring everyone else into a classless, sexless, raceless society that can easily be manipulated for the masters’ profit. In this state society provides a cheap labour pool that cannot fight back because they are separated by cultural differences which do not allow for agreement and which expend effort and attention by having to cope with ‘culture’, rather than the main issue. This is why the élite want to insist that every sort of discrimination is wrong. Having a lot of grey, mindless, undiscriminating mongrelised neuters fighting each other suits their purposes. To maintain this position, they have to legislate to disallow all discrimination in every way possible. It is now a crime to discriminate in their view, because people who discriminate cannot be easily controlled!

No one can deny that a minority controls every majority, whether it is Communist or Capitalist, Christian or pagan Maori. What really matters is whether or not the minority is seeking its own ends or that of the majority. World Government is not a majority amongst individuals; it is just that the leaders think they have the means of control! They create a problem and then utilise their expensive propaganda machine to suggest they can solve it through high taxation and totalitarian control.

A dictionary definition of ‘discrimination’ is “the faculty of distinguishing” and “being set apart” The word comes from the Latin and relates to things being sifted apart because they are different. It includes discerning right from wrong! There are things which have always been different by nature, and that will always be different, no matter how hard attempts are made to brainwash us into believing this is not so. Women are not the same as men in at least a dozen ways. If we point out the great composers of music are almost entirely men, does an exception overthrow the rule? The world’s smallest volume might well be The Great Female Orchestra Conductors. Next to this would be the volume, The Great Woman Sculptors, Architects and Artists. It is nonsense to deny a fact. Of course we know that the “first black”, “first woman” or first something else is major news in the controlled media.

To the planners, “truth is no defence”. It is a sin to point out where the African knowledge of the wheel, a numeral system, a calendar, mathematics, baseball, football and even musical instruments came from, even if the African is still good on the drums and hallucinogens. With one burglary every six minutes, we are no longer permitted to tell the truth about the racial composition of those committing crime. That is, we are no longer free to face facts and tell the truth.

Who really believes that black, brown and white are all the same even genetically, and that their DNA is the same? Who really believes that ignorance is education, right is left, children are adults, men are animals, women are men, children belong to the state, parents have no right to train their children in morals, there is no right to own property, misuse of money by the Government is not theft, Christ is Buddha, and oh yes, race mixing should be enforced, a foetus is not a person and queers are not queer! Is this sanity? Or are we being forced into a lunatic society run by inmates who have no freedom to discriminate?

If a person failed to discriminate between a $1-00 note and a $100-00 note because they were of a different colour, he would be fit for the asylum. It is straight deception to believe that the attempted enforcement of elimination of all differences will end all racial tension and wars. Force can never eliminate differences that are differences by nature. Force can never make beliefs and culture fit into one common mould. Should a person want to live in a morally upright way, it would be the anti-discrimination party who wants to sacrifice the righteous upon the altar of pagan [non-factual] bigotry.

It does not take much thought to conclude that where there is no free choice, there can be no democracy. Only free people can champion democracy. Only free people could support government by any form of referenda. Just why should all our politicians seek to avoid referenda at all costs? Why, we might all vote for a drop in their salaries, perks and access to the trough. We might think that $10,000-00 per hour to run Parliament is just too much burden on the taxpayers. It is time we thought for ourselves and stopped our opinions being moulded for us by the media and through their favoured Politicians For World Government. In their view, the right to your own opinion only exists if you agree with what they are promoting.

Discrimination is a supposed evil, just like racism is a supposed evil. Just because we may have preference for one of our own race does not say that we hate other races. It simply is not generally true. Our racial imports each prefer to live within their own culture, and we could equally pretend that they hate us. Sometimes they do, of course, but this is not in general unless this is promoted! We can observe that the Maori want their own culture to have priority and do not feel friendly towards those who do not want their religion. Preference does not have to mediate prejudice. With two races there is only one cultural area of conflict. With four races this increases to six. With six races this increases to fifteen potential areas of cultural conflict! The more we increase the number of races, the more we increase the cultural tensions. So, what should our immigration policy be? Racial intermarriage again produces another set of tensions. This is the nature of things but once Maori and European lived easily together because each was treated as an equal with equality in law. This brought mutual respect. Where there is respect, there is no bad-mouthing. Anti-Discrimination promotes selfishness, greed, jealousy and the very racial hatred they legislate to try to eliminate.

When it comes to business, we are losing the right to hire and fire staff as we would like to in order to ensure that a business might make a profit and so that it can continue to provide employment. Of course, the more unemployment, the more cheap labour there is for big business who benefit from being able to close down the family businesses, which history proves provide the most employment opportunities. When we consider the move towards what the U.N. calls, “the religion free workplace” where a person is not allowed to communicate to others in the workplace what he discriminates about and believes about, then Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights where it says “Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression” is not a universal right at all. It is all double talk and of course we now have a law which says one cannot do something, and another law that says one has to do that thing. So they can get us or shut our mouths one way or another!!

In this regard, New Zealand is a signatory to International Covenants agreeing not to discriminate on the grounds of race and religion. What does our government then do? Firstly it makes land settlements on a racial basis, and financially supports one race above another in a greatly disproportional way. An impartial observer might consider this is saying one race is inferior to another, in that that race needs more support than another. Secondly government can discriminate on the grounds of religion in that it builds a Mosque for Moslems in a high school whereas it does not build churches in high schools for Christians. We can question whether the International Court of Justice would take action against the New Zealand Government.

Since we started travelling down the path towards trying to enforce anti-discrimination, have things really become better? At the present rate of free fall we are headed to a degree of plight unequalled in known history. We are not being brought peace of mind or anything like it. Our headline news about suicide rate increase proves which way we are going. This way is leading to an ever-increasing depravity in an age of utter perversion and lies where any person, who seeks to discriminate between what is true and false, good or bad, pure and filthy, either historically or otherwise, is subject to anti-discrimination legislation. Continuation down this path can only lead to another inquisition, with dissenters against world government being put away permanently. According to the preamble of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the so-called freedoms are limited by the “principles and purposes of the United Nations”. What these are is not stated!

The media discriminates only one way when it freely mentions “white extremists”, “ Christian fundamentalists” and so on, but what if we started talking about, “Maori supremacists”, “black-necks” and “black extremists”, “black radicals”, “black racists”, or even “black heads”, etc.??? The Race Relations Office wants to allow labelling to go one way, but to be fair labelling must be allowed the reverse way. [Perhaps “black heads” is going a bit far because most people squeeze these when they find them]. Remember, free choice and discriminatory options were not a feature of Fascist and Communist regimes, or of the Holy Roman Empire. These made a feature of name-calling and creating bad-sounding names like ‘reactionary’, ‘homophobic’, ‘racist’, ‘supremacist’, etc. even where there was not a trace of hatred. It is just that disagreeing with the élite is classed (by them) as being hatred. Through Globalist-Communist ideology, schools are no longer public schools; they have to push monkey origins, alternative life styles, sexual orientation, distribute condoms, cross dress and encourage the morals and music of an African society that did not produce a civilisation. We are being told what we have to believe! Then we are told it is good for us.

To lose the ability to make reasoned intelligent value-judgements, and to be able to communicate the same, is to lose the key to sanity. The force of the New Age and World Government is to discriminate against truth and fact. This is destroying the foundation of civilisation and trying to build without a foundation of fact, truth and honesty. As soon as truth is refused in statements such as, “Truth is no defence”, we are building on sand, and thus the very foundation of civilisation is being destroyed!



The pretense of innocence in a poisoned game
Remember those halcyon days of youth when they taught us how to kill?
By John Kaminski

Show me a man who shoots a good game of pool and I'll show you a wasted youth.
— Damon Runyon

In order that the masses themselves may not guess what they are about WE FURTHER DISTRACT THEM WITH AMUSEMENTS, GAMES, PASTIMES, PASSIONS, PEOPLE'S PALACES .... SOON WE SHALL BEGIN THROUGH THE PRESS TO PROPOSE COMPETITIONS IN ART, IN SPORT IN ALL KINDS: these interests will finally distract their minds from questions in which we should find ourselves compelled to oppose them. Growing more and more unaccustomed to reflect and form any opinions of their own, people will begin to talk in the same tone as we because we alone shall be offering them new directions for thought ... of course through such persons as will not be suspected of solidarity with us.
Protocols of Zion, 13:3 http://www.biblebelievers.org.au/przion5.htm

If the media can turn murderous monsters like George W. Bush into heroes, why shouldn't they turn an angel like Cindy Sheehan — bonafide representative of the mother of us all and only preaching for the welfare of us all! — into a devil?
— Johnny Barzakh

Ah, football, and the sound of a marching band, the snarfing of hamburgers and sipping of Schnapps on a crisp autumn day.

The task of the quarterback, surveying the field over the upturned butts of his linemen, is to identify obstacles to his objective, which is to get the ball into the end zone. You get "points" for that, and can "win the game." This is where we learn to regard people as obstacles rather than as actual and necessary parts of that thing we call our "self" (which means we abuse people for "points," just like in the real world, we abuse people for "money"). The concept that others are actually parts of our selves is mutilated in the newspapers every day, following the social policy that personal alienation from family and friends leads to more consumer spending; this policy makes us buy things to try and restore our shattered security. Much like the Book of Revelation, football sounds like a coded suicide mission to me. But then, life is a suicide mission. No reason to hold back. No reason not to be honest. Just understand what rituals mean and you'll score the real touchdown of connecting with the beauty of knowing.

Amid reds and golds and all the shimmering shades in between, October brings a resplendent hug of exhilarating colors to the pristinely manicured hills of Vermont. In the village, a high school marching band gayly struts up Main Street, while proud parents lean up against their pickup trucks, cradle their babies and beam. It's the day of the big game. Everyone wears their forced pride with the prescribed plasticity of a TV sitcom, and the town has practiced hating everyone connected with the archenemy, West Bumphuck Regional High School.

Yet, turnout for the fall festivities was down a bit this year owing to several families who made the trip to Washington or many other locations to protest America's insane war in Iraq. Still, not one of those present at the big parade in this small hobbit-like hamlet ever stopped to think that far away, a family just like theirs — practicing pretty much the same social rituals only using a strange language — are leaning on each other, watching their children with pride .... as American bombs rain down on their parade, while Jewish and British manipulators snicker in the background at babies bleeding in the Iraqi dust.

This is simply not talked about in Center of Town, America, and the great gray wraith hangs over the world with the heaviness of an evil too great to be confronted lest one’s life be shattered.

As human civilization hurtles toward debilitating denouements on so many levels — nutrition, thought, environmental degradation — in America, the game goes on. People look the other way when the bogus avalanches of capitalism crush their neighbors. Take a hard look in the human mirror. Thus the town marches off to the field. Let the symbolic savagery begin. Let's break a few adolescent legs, and learn how to operate those weapons of mass destruction which we always accuse others of having at the same time knowing we have the best ones ourselves. This is our unspoken hypocrisy.

We live in a society that extols heroism without having fully examined the purpose of its uses. Thus, if the true purpose of sports is to weed out the cowardly from the brave and the conscientious from the cooperative, those who triumph are necessarily robots, because they have internalized a plan given to them by people who are essentially slave owners. Consider the spectrum of purposes you contemplated as a child and observe how the field of those choices was blunted, limited, by your participation in sports.

As someone who has the Baseball Encyclopedia crammed in a musty file behind his left ear, I can truly say I would trade every last batting average in that wasted brain space for the ability to play a musical instrument or speak another language.

You need to gather things you can use in the last card game you'll ever play, that's the purpose of life.

But that’s not the game the world seems to be playing with us.

Instead, we are meat, choice cuts (and some not so choice) in the meatlocker of the Illuminati, required to be instantly available for all Bohemian Grove ritual sacrifices that are enacted throughout the world in places like Kabul and Baghdad.

We train our beef on the gridiron and other arenas, and the whole town turns out to cheer. We don’t make the connection that in learning to throw that high-arching, glorious touchdown pass what we are really deposting in the end zone is our willingness — nay, our promised allegiance — to see a mushroom cloud incinerating innocent people ....

... on the basis of what our “leaders” (coaches, teachers, spiritual advisers) have told us to do. We don’t question what they say, and we do it. Millions die needlessly, and we wave our flags, smug at the profits our lifestyles have brought us at the expense of billions of unknown others.

You scored a touchdown. Big hairy deal. What it took to get you to the game poisoned millions of people in the time it took to get you to the game.

Which is why I always say, if you’re in these games, you’re really out of the real game, which is alluded to above in the Protocols. The Protocols? Truer words were never spoken. If you have ever believed anything I have ever said, believe that.

Now we have a situation throughout the entire Middle East (and really, the world) that is serving as a prototype for our new human society, totally run by the numbers of men who cheat on their books. Justice is a hopeless cackle in a dark jail cell. Are you calculating the amount of time you have left before the hard rain hits your own house? Most people I know are.

The whole thing with Jews is that they have to choose to rejoin the human race, or they will be destroyed. The harmful attitude that afflicts them is that they believe they are better than everyone else, that they have a covenant with Yahweh, and this allows them to commit crimes against other people with impunity. In their hateful hubris that is really directed as their own shameful performance as an artificially constructed socioethnic group that was founded on several dangerous pathologies (child sacrifice being the worst), they continue to insist they will destroy the rest of the world if they don't get their way. This is what I call a childhood psychological illness that they need to cure, or it will be cured for them, guaranteed.

Mother Nature will do it to them if their fellow humans won’t.

There is the possibility that the cure for this disease will kill us all. Some people, very powerful people, would prefer that. Who knows why? The fact is real, the reasons remain partly unknown, and certainly unrecognized by the vast majority of human lemmings.

All of whom our media present as heroes have been savages, their reputations couched in purposeful palaver. We venerate their legends. They are a part of who we are, of whom we try to emulate. Usually, it is a false image. And there are exceptions. Martin Luther King. Gandhi. Hawking. Keller.

I remember that giant Mayan ball court in the ruins of Chichen Itza in the Yucatan. The fact that impressed me most was that the losing team got beheaded. Now that's real incentive to play hard. I wonder if that's how Iraqis feel, being used as a football in a geopolitical power struggle between much larger teams with only an ugly, bloody death in their immediate forecast.

It’s the prototype future for human civilization, all because you chose to believe the lies they told you, and that power you gave them is the very thing that is turning Planet Earth into the poisoned graveyard of humanity.

John Kaminski is the author of “The Day America Died: “Why You Shouldn’t Believe the Official Story of What Happened on September 11, 2001.” http://www.johnkaminski.com/


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