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Antisemitic incidents fall, online Jew-hatred increases — report
Australian Jewish News, December 9, 2005


THE number of antisemitic incidents recorded in Australia has dropped in the past year, but Jew-hatred is thriving in cyberspace, according to an Executive Council of Australian Jewry (ECAJ) report, which was tabled at its conference this week. The report’s author, Jeremy Jones, logged 332 antisemitic incidents between October 2004 and September 2005 — a drop of 10 per cent from the previous 12-month period, continuing a downward trend from a high of more than 500 incidents in 2002.

But the ECAJ report found an “enormous amount of antisemitic invective on various internet discussion groups and bulletin boards”, and Jones, a former ECAJ president, said Jewish individuals and community groups had suffered an onslaught of abusive emails.

“Antisemtic and threatening email has now become the most common means of antisemitic harassment in Australia,” the report stated.

Local websites such as that run by Dr Fredrick Toben’s Adelaide Institute and printed material such as One Nation, the official Queensland newspaper of the One Nation party, were of major concern, Jones said.

The ECAJ has taken legal action against One Nation over an article published in the Nation last year which Jones described as “an antisemitic article and illustrations describing Jews as purveyors of filth, degradation and decadence and alleging Jewish world control”. This has led to a complaint by the ECAJ under the Racial Hatred Act (1995), which is currently before the Federal Court and is being defended by the paper’s editor, Carl Thompson, who authored the article. Jones told the AJN the process has been delayed by the death of the presiding judge, Justice Peter Hely, in October, but is expected to resume shortly.

[Justice Hely was the judge who found against Mrs Olga Scully and in favour of Mr Jones – FT]

According to the report, this year is the fifth successive year the antisemitic incidents in Australia have been above 330. And although the figure is down from the 445 incidents in 2003-04 it is still 10 per cent above the annual average of 301 since national figures started being collated in 1989.

Among the most shocking incidents was the attack on Newcastle’s only shul [German = Schule – FT], which was covered in anti-Jewish daubings, had its stained-glass windows smashed and race-hate posters glued to its exterior walls in April. Police have failed to apprehend the culprits.

The report noted, however, that one of the culprits of the antisemitic attack on Perth Hebrew Congregation in 2004 was jailed for six months.

Jones praised the speed with which governments and religious groups from the Christian and Muslim communities had condemned antisemitic incidents, adding that the South Australian Parliament passed a motion condemning antisemitism during the period in review similar to that passed by Federal Parliament and the Victorian and NSW governments last year.

The Newcastle attack led a tally of attacks that included arson on synagogues, vandalism and Nazi graffiti on private property, assaults on Jews and antisemitic vandalism of schools and synagogues.

In the United Kingdom, whose Jewish population is almost three times the size of Australia, the Community Security Trust logged 532 antisemitic incidents in 2004 – the highest annual total since records began in 1984. Among them were desecrations of 17 synagogues and five Jewish cemeteries.

Education preferable to legislation, says Ruddock
Peter Kohn

The Federal Government generally prefers community education to legislation when it comes to combating racial and religious vilification, Attorney-General Philip Ruddock said this week.

Fielding a question at the Executive Council of Australian Jewry (ECAJ) annual conference, Ruddock appeared equivocal on the issue of strengthening vilification legislation to stop repeat offenders.

“In broad measure, our view has been that education should be preferred,” he said in response to ECAJ treasurer Sam Salcman, who asked Ruddock what remedies could be added to the religious and racial vilification laws to stop recurring offenders such as Dr Fredrick Toben, who continues to publish vilification material on his Adelaide Institute website.

In 2002, the ECAJ won a landmark case against Dr Toben and his associate, Tasmanian pamphleteer Olga Scully, ordering Dr Toben to purge his website of material that vilifies the Jewish community and Scully to cease distributing antisemitic pamphlets.

However, both individuals have since defied the Federal Court of Australia’s ruling without suffering any legal consequences.

Ruddock had earlier said that legal action against the antisemitic Protocols of the Elders of Zion, allegedly supplied by the Saudi Arabian Embassy for distribution through Australian Islamic organisations, was available through the new federal Sedition Act.

In his address, Ruddock said people mistakenly looked at “the dictionary definition of sedition” when criticizing the provisions of the new law but gave assurances that they were not there to stifle criticism, rather to counter incitements to violence against Australians.

Ruddock, who addressed the ECAJ on the climate of terrorism, said that at least 10,000 recruits worldwide had gone to Afghanistan to train with al-Qaeda.

Fredrick Töben comments

1. The Federal Court of Australia (FCA) case before Justice C Branson was a ‘summary judgment’ case because I could not find am attorney to help me defend myself against the various allegations. I did not contest the matter because I would have had no chance to match the professionalism of legal counsel Stephen Rothman, SC, who appeared on behalf of Jeremy Jones. Rothman is now an FCA judge.

2. After the judgment was handed down I deleted ALL the website’s contents, and began again – in good faith - attempting to abide by the court ruling.

3. I consider the incessant ‘Holocaust’ propaganda that Jewish and non-Jewish interest groups are pushing into the world, is outright defamatory of Germans because it vilifies Germans and spreads hatred against Germans.

4. The Iranian president’s 8 December 2005 comment doubting that the Holocaust happened, is a sign that this incessant hatred propaganda against Germans may be ending.




Where is Scully? Letter s to Editor, AJN, 23 December 2005

I was the person who asked the 0045ecutive Council of Australian Jewry (ECAJ) to take on the case against Olga Scully and who collected all the evidence over 10 years until the case was successfully completed by the ECAJ’s lawyers. The way I collected the evidence was easy: hundreds of people who received material would contact me to seek advice what to do with it or about it and of course invariably I collected it from their homes or they delivered it to my home.

Although initially it looked like Scully may ignore her conviction and continue her activities it very soon became apparent that she had turned her attention to another area, namely her theory of a John Howard conspiracy to kill 35 people at the Port Arthur site in Tasmania and her vehement opposition to vaccinations.

I have not received one phone call since

her conviction to tell me she had continued or reactivated her antisemitic and Holocaust denial activities. Therefore I wonder where your reporter got his information that Scully has “since defied the Federal Court of Australia’s ruling without suffering any legal consequences”.

Gershon Goldsteen

Launceston, Tasmania


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