Comment on Professor Deborah Lipstadt's Australian visit in July 2005


Dr Töben is prevented from hearing the world's leading "Holocaust' believer gossip about so-called 'Holocaust' deniers, without her giving them a right of reply, i.e. no regard for  Natural Justice!


Since 2003 Töben has also a Federal Court of Australia Gag Order that prevents him from contesting the basics of Professor Lipstadt's thesis:


1. Germany systematically exterminated European Jewry;


2. The killing was done in massive chemical slaughterhouses called homicidal gas chambers;


3. Six million Jews were killed by the Germans, alone 1.-1.5 million at Auschwitz. Until the Zündel 1988 Toronto trial the death number at Auschwitz was 4 million. This reduction was not reflected in the overall 6 million deaths number;


4. Germany started World War Two! 


What kind of historical research is conducted by silencing opposing points-of-views through court orders?


Everything Professor Lipstadt tells her listeners is thus questionable as to truth-content.


For over 40 years Ernst Zündel has defended his German heritage, and since 5 February 2003 he has been imprisoned for it.


The message 'Holocaust' believers and promoters send into the world is pure German hatred!


Professor Deborah Lipstadt heading for Australia

Professor Deborah Lipstadt will not talk with Revisionists - but she will talk and gossip about them - libel, defame them!

Why no debate on the 'Holocaust' belief?

Fredrick Töben says:

'All Revisionist conferences are open to the public, and Revisionists do not shy away from debating any issue with anyone!'

Dr Fredrick Töben has legally been silenced by the powerful 'Holocaust' lobby to put his case as to why he refuses to believe in the 'Holocaust'. He refuses to believe in the 'Holocaust' because  his own physical research at Auschwitz did not match up with the stories as told by Professor Lipstadt.


Now he has been excluded from attending Professor Lipstadt's talks in Sydney.


Is there no escape from the conceptual prison called


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Fredrick Toben asks for a right-of-reply.
Of course there will be no such right!

Remember also, Lipstadt will only speak on TV if there is no one there
to challenge her statements. She refuses to DEBATE controversial issues.



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