Captain Eric May speaks


Framing a Photo of Lou Gehrig's disease                                                                                              

     Mission of Conscience Accomplished: Battle of Baghdad Cover-up Exposed                            

                  Battle of Baghdad Cover-Up Four Years Later - 2April 2007                                                                          

             August 2006 reflections                                                                                                                                

World War Three Analysis                                                                                                                

 BUSHWHACK ALERT: 6/19 Bunker Drills = Another 911?                                                        

 Ambassador Untermeyer's Exorcism & Relief                                                                            

  - more on Exxon                                                                                                                                  

On  Exxon Mobil                                                                                                                                  

Ex-Bush Official Busts 9/11 Perps at U.W. Historical Society                                               

  Israel/Zionism in Focus                                                                                                                      

Chicago Update                                                                                                                                    

Chicago 911 Red Alert                                                                                                                        

Texas City Nuclear 911 Inquest                                                                                                       

King George in Argentina                                                                                                                  

11/9 Jordan bombings CPTMAY notes for Police Posse                                                           

Zionist Jews and "Philo-semitic Christians" -- The Lady and the Crocodile                          

January 31, 2006 Prediction: Nuclear 911 in Texas City                                                            

Ghost Troop Prediction:  The Nuclear 911                                                                                      

Captain May Nuclear Inquest - continued                                                                                      

Battle of Baghdad, April 5-7, 2003                                                                                                  

Captain Eric May on the Bali Bombings                                                                                           

Captain Eric May: I grew up among the Southern Baptists                                                        

Battle of Baghdad, by Eric May, Military Intelligence, US Army                                               

The Captain on Wagner and Volksgemeinschaftaristokratie                                                     

 The Captain speaks on the unspeakable - the Jewish problem - and explains his position

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