Captain Eric May 


A terror incident in the headquarters of the largest US oil giant, Exxon Mobil


From: CaptainMay 

Subject: IMMEDIATE: Exxon Mobil Texas Terror CONFIRMED 

Captain Eric H. May, Ghost Troop Commander to
Ambassador Chase Untermeyer, Ghost Troop Chaplain
Friend Chase, Mrs. May and I enjoyed our Mayday anniversary very much, and spent the day picking blackberries, as planned.  We've saved you and your family some for your pending visit in July.  Shortly after our expedition, though, things heated up considerably, as May 2-4 was the Chicago 911 rehearsal (which Ghost Troop broke in the Midwest internet April 26, forcing Illinois Governor Blagojevich to issue an April 27 press release).  I wrote an email to the Governor afterwards, incidentally, that has become the fastest-spreading Ghost Troop publication ever.  Here's the link if you want to read it later (although I suspect you already have, as it contains some of our email exchanges):  Needless to say, you're still the most important Ghost Troop, though -- next to me, at any rate, and I've never ceased to be grateful that you volunteered to serve on our staff!
This email will become an article through the efforts of my friend Dr. Fredrick Toben, of the Adelaide Institute, Australia, and will go into my institute collection at, as well as into my Texas City Nuclear Inquest and Chicago 911 Inquest.  I will concurrently send it out to a slew of Houston journalists and my growing list of military and police officers who are now cooperating with Ghost Troop by letting us know about exercises and incidents that (they believe) may be set-ups for false-flag terror.  It has become fashionable, my dear Untermeyer, for patriots to believe King George capable of both treason and terror -- although Ghost Troop has done more than any other American unit to prove it, as part of our collective mission of conscience.
Exxon Mobil and the terror incident
Saturday I received word from inside sources that there had been a terror incident at Exxon Mobil, Beaumont early that morning.  Accordingly, I made a bit of an infowar recon of the weekend shifts in the Houston media.  I found that they knew nothing about the matter.  That didn't surprise me, and in fact I was happy that they at least hadn't come up with the kinds of cover up stories they used to disguise the Bush monkeying with British Petroleum, Texas City in the 3/30/04, 7/28/05 and 1/31/06 incidents in which Ghost Troop had figured so largely.  It's always hardest to work with Bush's hometown "embedded" media when they've had time to prepare a false story, and much easier when they haven't thought to do so!
All the media I contacted were most interested in knowing more about what they all said was a hot story, and were amazed that they hadn't gotten word yet from the police, military or corporate public information and public affairs folks.  After all, according to the info I had Saturday, there had been a domestic terror threat, with a phoned-in bomb threat and several discovered parcels that made on-site FBI, Coast Guard and Jefferson County Sheriff's Department folks call in bomb dogs, evacuate the facility and go on advanced alert status.
The next morning I continued my quest for details, moving my calls 90 miles east from Houston to Beaumont, where I received confirmation of the reports from Sheriff's department and Coast Guard officials, speaking on condition of anonymity.  There was indeed a terror threat, with found parcels, emergency protocols activated and (thankfully) an "all clear" signal by midday, Saturday.  None of the officials with whom I spoke, though, had any idea as to why the media hadn't been informed.
Waiting..., and waiting..., and waiting for details
Chase, you were the friend who landed me the job writing Steve Wasserman's editorials over at KPRC (NBC) back in 1995, and Lord knows, you've seen me work for everyone from Mattress Mack to Frank Michel (my former editor and friend at the Chronicle), who is now Houston Mayor White's spokesman, .  I know the Houston media market, and what is newsworthy, as well as anyone hereabouts.
All of this makes it most alarming to me that the official entities that answered and dealt with the Beaumont terror situation didn't contact and deal with the Beaumont or Houston media, when the story was such a good news item!
Not wanting to go too far with analysis before giving officialdom a fair chance, I left messages Sunday morning with military and police spokesmen, stating plainly that I would be doing an international broadcast (Cloak and Dagger, with our friend Lenny Bloom) Sunday afternoon, then waited for the calls.  I expected that the PIO and PAO folks would quickly reach out to offer explanations as to what was up, and perhaps ask me to hold the story, if there were any good reason for doing so.  As an Army-trained PAO myself, I know how to be accommodating if there's good case!
There were no return calls, best friend, not one.  After a day of waiting, it was impossible to hold back the phrase "cover up," or to avoid references to Mr. Orwell.
Cover up for a set up?
Everyone in Houston knows that Ghost Troop has had amazing results in predicting incidents like the British Petroleum explosions in Texas City, and is aware of our contention that failing leaders sometimes arrange false-flag attacks on their own people as a way of rallying the nation to their side.  The thought is hardly new, as US officers entertained it widely, and prepared to counter it, during the days when Nixon's poll numbers were in the twenties -- where George W. Bush's numbers are now.
Realism is setting in, and the joke is making the rounds among my Republican buddies that the only man who can save Bush is Osama Bin Laden!
But he's not the only person who could pump a bit of adrenaline into the flagging Bush League, though.  In light of this weekend's suppressed story, I think Rove & Co. believe a Timothy McVeigh, a domestic terrorist, could also save Bush.  That's why I think the feds and locals (knowingly or unknowingly) are being told to rehearse and review the pending false-flag operation, in which domestic terrorists may well be the patsies. 
If a domestic terror attack "occurs," it might give Bush the excuse he's been wanting to attack his most dangerous enemy:  American Citizens using the internet to get around his lap-dog media partners, as Ghost Troop does better than any other organization.  At nearly 300 members now, we can post info from Texas to Tiblisi if we wanna -- and we do.  My military and police contacts are seeing this the way I do, and the word is spreading through their ranks -- which is the best security for America.
It looks to me like the FBI & Homeseca are in the lead on setting it all up, getting the act together and getting the story straight -- as per usual.  Ya know, Chase, my cop buddies tell me that there's a street named after the feds:  It's called "ONE WAY," and it looks to me like the feds are living up to their road name.  Information that the public of the Gulf Coast (especially near petro facilities) should know about has gone one way -- into officialdom -- and not come back out.  Not to teach traffic control to the experts, but the way I learned the Constitution, information is supposed to be a two-way street.  I believe, in fact, that we fought a revolution against George to insure just this condition of things, and am not pleased that George has returned to undo our rights and securities as Americans!
Brave Americans join the mission of conscience
The nice thing about being in my spot is that I'm the nexus of all the best and bravest of the American Resistance to Bush Terror.  I'm getting more and more feedback in the wake of our successful Texas City 1/31/06 and Chicago 911 (May 2-4) interventions/interdictions, and it's powerful.  Professionals who took the same oath I took to defend the Constitution (even against domestic enemies) are speaking truth too power, or spilling the beans on the lies that power wants to speak to America.  They concur with me in my fears that Texas is being set up as the easiest target in America for Bush.  Most of them have listened to my July 28, 2005 international broadcast, as the Brit Petro refinery blew up in Texas City, calling for the arrest of Bush and his cabinet, and ordering "Operation Beau Coup," which resulted in the removal of General Byrnes from TRADOC command for fouling up the false-flag attack they were setting up then and there.
Like me, they're amazed that I, a captain on a mission of conscience, could have done so much relating to the most important issue of our times -- terror -- and yet be avoided utterly by the FBI and Homeseca!  I've invited them to confer with me about my amazing ability to predict FBI/Homeseca activities in the terror area.  Can you think of a single good reason they wouldn't want to take me up on my offer?  I can't.
To tell you the truth, I feel slighted and ignored, which is the way every regular officer I know has felt from time to time in dealing with the "one-way" feds.  Shucks, I talk an hour a week with Sgt. Karshner over at HPD-CID about exactly what I'm writing about at the time.  He gets to hear live what you only get to read in your email (although you make written replies and he doesn't)!  I regularly chat about the infowar with my black-belt brother, HPD Lt. Garcia, to whom I'm teaching the long staff.  Felix says he's worried that I'm targeted, but understands that I can't back away from the mission -- especially in light of the results I've achieved through my command of Ghost Troop.  I tell both of them what I tell you:  I'm waiting for y'all to do your jobs as loyal servants of the Republic so that I can go back, Cincinnatus-style, to my hood off Homestead!  I never have gotten over having to move back in March, 2004, when you and I (and my cop buddies) were sizing up and predicting the Brit Petro explosion if 3/30/04.  Then, as now, individual cops in HPD and other agencies were personally mobilized against the threat, and one in particular persuaded his sub-station to mobilize.
I'll conclude this informal news/analysis update with apologies to the "newsies," who would know how to write it more in accordance with the AP style book -- if they weren't covering it up instead.  They've mastered the art of "Don't ask" quite as well as federal officials have mastered "Don't tell," and I've got a feeling history will have much to say about them for their amazing ability to avoid their duty.  The Houston media, my home-town team, is going to take top billing before it's all over, as they covered up the amazing explosions of 7/28/05 while a hundred thousand Houstonians filmed it and phoned it in; John Karshner told me it looked like a nuclear blast, and those of us who saw it and were aware of the earlier Brit Petro sabotage (like me) were most concerned that that is just what it was!  Thank God I got it all in ongoing "red alert" interviews out of Canada/Germany:
Below I attach three "eve of battle" notes from my Ghost Troops and infowar allies, who see where everything is going.  I think their voices are the key to everything, as they represent an awakening, alarmed public that is coming to understand that the OPFOR unit in this "Global War" isn't Al-Qaida but Al-CIA-Duh.  Gretchen and I look forward to seeing you when you visit for Independence Day.  Send along my regards to Lady Di and Miss Ellie!  Yours, Eric
Captain Eric H. May, MI/PAO, USA
CO, Ghost Troop, 3/7 Cybercav+
Mission of Conscience / Patriots in Action
PS:  I broke this story initially via Cloak and Dagger radio, in a 20-minute analysis.  You can go to the C&D home page and find us at the top, or click  I've attached the "Patriot Epistulae" below!
A journalist speaks out
Richard Reeves <> wrote:
Date: Sun, 14 May 2006 08:13:31 -0700 (PDT)
From: Richard Reeves <>
Subject: Keep Up The Courageous Work!

Dear Capt. May,
I heard you for the first time early this am on Erskine's replay and I just want to say "Thank You" for what you and your loyal team of Patriots are doing.
If we are able to save the U.S., it will undoubtedly be as a direct result of men and women like you.
Whenever you have news and info that needs to get out, please email or phone me so that we can get the word out on RadioFreeAustin. We currently cover much of Central Texas and have just expanded into Dallas and Oklahoma City. You can hear our programming online at or if you are in the Central Texas area let me know and I'll email you some FM frequencies.
What is the best way to keep up with your groups activities and news/info releases?
Richard Reeves
A soldiers speaks out wrote:
To: CaptainMay <>
CC: Ambassador Chase Untermeyer <>,, Greg Sonnier <>,
From: <>
Date: Sat, 13 May 2006 12:29:51 -0500
Subject: [ghosttroop] Re: Clearance [Attn: AMBUNT]

CPT May,
Clearly I assure you I work for no one, under directions from no one regarding this, I only wanted to ascertain your security clearance status so I can feel more at ease discussing training matters I am around that are real-world, and frankly fear could go real-world and cause the aformentioned 9112B.  If I could 'verify' your clearance, I could freely discuss things, this is all, if you feel it not prudent then I completely understand your reluctance to disclose your SSN, and honor your actions.  Also, I am not a mole, a trouble maker etc. who has gained 'inside access' to this working group. 
When 911 happened I was in Korea, I knew it had to be an inside job then, when Madrid happened (as I told you earlier in emails) I was in Iraq and gave the daily Intel Brief leading off with "current events" and Madrid/911 correlation was my lead-off, I indicated to my group that Madrid was exactly 911 days after 911!  You could hear a pin drop. 
If my request was out of line, and you request it, I will resign from GT. 
SFC Buswell, G2 USARNORTH Security Manager.


----- Original Message -----
From: CaptainMay <>
Date: Saturday, May 13, 2006 11:09 am
Subject: Re: Clearance [Attn: AMBUNT]
> wrote:
> CPT May,
> I have been reading many of GT posts, including your replies. I
> find myself in a quandry; wanting to participate, and reigning
> myself in due to current TS-SCI applications I am involved in;
> needless to say, I am with you all in spirit, and seek to do more.
> However, I am the Sec Manager and I ensure that all soldiers have
> a valid security clearance and are owned and managed by respective
> sec managers. This way positive flow of Intel can be maintained;
> legally! So, I need to verify your clearance status; please send
> me your SSN so I may do so. I assure you, this is NO ruse.
> Please advise.
> SFC Buswell
> ///End///
> Dear SFC Buswell,
> I don't think you have to bother with my clearance status, as I
> haven't been read on in over a decade now. If your continuance of
> Ghost Troop activities depends on your investigating me, then you
> should resign from the group. I'll understand.
> As you've adduced this as a matter of military importance, and
> perhaps of national security significance, I copy it to my Ghost
> Troop Chaplain, Ambassador Chase Untermeyer, HPD CID Sgt. John
> Karshner, my attorney and Ghost Troop itself.
> Since you joined us back in the winter, we have dealt
> extensively with an ongoing treasonous attempt by the Bush
> Administration to inflict a false-flag attack on US citizens (in
> Texas City and Chicago), so my instructions to you and all other
> Ghost Troops are that you should make all efforts possible to
> document and forward this critical intelligence to the American
> People, and to your fellow service members, irrespective of rank.
> It is a national emergency we have been dealing with, clearly, and
> demands the most urgent attention. Tell anyone who tries to
> impede you what I'm telling you now: It is a matter of conscience
> that you get the message out.
> I have several active duty Ghost Troops, but you are the first
> to want to examine my clearance. Kindly explain more when you
> can, as I'd like to know what it is in particular that is causing
> you trouble, or whether you're being directed by someone else to
> make inquiries. I'm quite willing to talk by phone, and will call
> if you send back your number (which I'll keep in confidence).
> Best regards,
> Captain Eric H. May, MI/PAO, USA
> CO, Ghost Troop, 3/7 Cybercav+
> Mission of Conscience / Patriots in Action

A preacher speaks out

Jon W - Government Propaganda <> wrote:

Subject: Re: HOUSTON TERROR: FBI & CBS (KHOU) setting up H-town 911 for Bush!
Date: Thu, 11 May 2006 06:05:11 -0500

Hello Readers,
I am going to chime in here and give my 2 cents worth if I may. First, I would like to quote a scripture as it pertains to the lap dog media and those who are in the satanic cabal we call government.
Proverbs 23:9  Speak not in the ears of a fool: for he will despise the wisdom of thy words.
As you know I look at all of this from a biblical prospective, because this IS a spiritual battle. This trash we have running the country are disguised as bible believing Christians but they are far from it.  Just as satan masquerades as an angel of light, so do these demon possessed leaders in both parties. They are what I call republicrats and demopublicans as there is no difference. There is only one and the end goal is the same, global domination and the destruction of this country. This is what the agenda is and it a New World order. If anyone does not believe it, I would direct any of you who have the guts, to my audio files at as well as In there one can view a mound of evidence that proves traitors within our borders were in collaboration with demon trash from other countries to bring forth the global agenda.
911, Oklahoma city were attacks not by crazed radicals, but attacks carefully planned years in advance by those in the shadow government. The planned destruction and enslavement of American has been in motion perhaps back to the days of Albert Pike! We are seeing these events happening to bring down this country as it is the last free place left on the planet. That will soon change if something is not done to expose the scum that have given their souls to the devil in exchange for money and power. Capt. and others viewing this, all of this is prophesied in the Bible. Satan hates man, God's word and his human agents are daily trying to destroy both.  There is much more I could say biblically but I will spare those of you bound for Hell!!
The occultists need another 911 as their credibility and popularity is going down the drain. Impeachment looms on the horizon and the numbers for Bush are going lower everyday. They have to do something to get peoples minds off of $3+ gas and have a reason to go to war with Iran. People are sick of the daily lies and corruption that are being reported.  The only way that will be done is if another attack is blamed on the Muslims.
The satanic trash loves to boast and leave clues to what they are doing. Capt. May has broken their code and in my opinion has thwarted plans to kill many of us here in Texas City. I for one will not take any chances, as I know how this trash operates. During the last alert that Capt. May put out, I found behind the scenes drills taking place. Nuclear test equipment being set up in Galveston two days before Capt Mayís prediction and a swat exercise in taking place at the same time. 1 plus 1 adds up to 2 no matter how much they lie and tell you it does not.
There is so much corruption and bribery these days, one must leave no stone unturned. Those of you in the Government and media who are looking the other way had best start flipping over some of these rocks before this demon possessed trash tries to kill you, your family, or someone you know!
I leave you with these scriptures:

Proverbs 10:29-30
The way of the LORD is strength to the upright: but destruction shall be to the workers of iniquity.
The righteous shall never be removed: but the wicked shall not inhabit the earth.
----- Original Message -----
From: CaptainMay
Sent: Wednesday, May 10, 2006 3:17 PM
Subject: HOUSTON TERROR: FBI & CBS (KHOU) setting up H-town 911 for Bush!

Captain Eric H. May to
Ambassador Chase Untermeyer
Dear Chase,
Allow me to drop your name (or rather, your recent email promising me a visit) to introduce myself as a serious member of the Houston community, quite connected to the media and political elite.  After that, I'll specify the developments in the informational war (infowar) that make me think that Houston is being set up for a 911 attack.
"Untermeyer, Chase G." <> wrote:
From: "Untermeyer, Chase G." <>
To: CaptainMay <>
Subject: Gracias
Date: Tue, 11 Apr 2006 17:45:44 +0300

ERIC: God to hear from you. I usually get emails on Blackberries rather than on blackberries. I hope to see you when Iím back in Houston sometime around the 4th of July. I know I wonít be able to change your mind on the Bush Administration (or much else), but we can certainly agree on Gretchenís preserves on fresh biscuits. (Which side, though?) Till then, CHASE.
[Back to Ambassador Untermeyer]
Chase, you volunteered in Sept. 2003 to serve as one of my Ghost Troop officers (chaplain) because you knew that I was a Christian officer, eccentric but honorable, who was acting out of a sense of duty, and wanted to stand by me as I did it.  Well, my duty now is to alert my home city -- and yours -- that your boss, George W. Bush, is setting Houston up for a false-flag terror attack, to be blamed on Bin Laden & Co. but really done by Bush & Co.
Just Monday the Associated Press (among others) ran a story bringing British Petroleum, Texas City, back into the national spotlight:
Monday evening, CBS affiliate KHOU ran a story in tandem with the Houston FBI setting up the story line that Al-Qaeda was present in the Houston area (therefore the Texas City area):
The story pretty much rehashed the work I did on the matter for the Houston Chronicle, in my Feb. 23, 2003 analysis for David Langworthy and Frank Michel, my then-editors in the op-ed and editorial sections.  You'll recall that at the time I was picking up indicators from mainstream sources that Al-Qaeda was staking out our petroleum facilities (like British Petroleum).  What I didn't know at the time was that the information I was picking up was put there by the Bush media operatives to set up the story of a Houston hit.
As my analysis is a bit more involved than the CBS story, I still recommend it, with the added comment that I was the first Houston writer to work wit a terror (or false-flag terror) scenario happening here.  I'm not an outsider looking into this scenario; I'm an insider speaking out.  The op-ed was entitled "Don't laugh at duct tape; it saves lives," and is among my five war essays at:
As a matter of conscience, I issue this official warning to Houston, based on my analysis of the Bush Administration's desparate position, pending investigations and imminent removal from power.  Even my stalwart Republica friends, the last to believe that their leader might set his own city up for a terror event, are the first to admit that "if it happened to happen" it would be the best thing possible for Bush.
I have given two radio interviews in the last two days, wanting to have a national and international broadcast under my belt before notifying the Houston area.  In both those interviews I summarize Ghost Troop's role in the Chicago/Houston terror/disaster drills of May 2-4 before going on to the alert of a Houston 911 in the works between the Houston FBI and Houston Media.
For the 15-minute Cloak and Dagger interview:
For the 1-hour Byte Show interview:
At the top of the Byte Show interview you can access my Ghost Troop main operational site at the top of my brief description; my interview from today is at the bottom.  In between are my interviews relative to the Texas City affair of late January / early February 2006, when Ghost Troop was the primary entity responsible for alerting the public to a Bush Administration attempt to set up the same British Petroleum facility they're setting up again now.
The Galveston County Daily News article, by TJ Aulds, verifies the claim:
Many thanks, Chase, for your continued willingness to serve as Ghost Troop chaplain and (by definition) our chief witness.  There is nothing in the Ghost Troop Texas City missions that you haven't been a part of or a witness to, and this is most valuable for all honorable authorities, who will come, one way or the other, to a serious investigation of the treason being set up against our fellow citizens.
Yours, Eric
Captain Eric H. May, MI/PAO, USA
CO, Ghost Troop, 3/7 Cybercav+
Mission of Conscience / Patriots in Action
PS:  Look blow for an attachment of the email we exchanged when I tried to get out of my mission of conscience, at the end of 2004.  As I've said widely in recent interviews, I'm conducting this mission of conscience again now against my will, not because I want to do it at all, but because I can't not do it.
You know I've tried to leave it behind, but when I found out that there was a Houston set-up, focusing on Texas City, I came back into the infowar just before the July 28 set-up and blow-up in the BP plant in Texas City.  Before I re-entered the infowar, I was baptized under emergency provision by the two priests who knew what I was doing, Fr. James Marshall and Fr. Raphael Garcia of the Sagrado Corazon church in El Paso.  Both priests were well aware of my work, and both agreed with me and other political contacts that it was likely I would be assassinated for standing up to Bush as he tried to set up another 911.  My best friend at HPD, Lt. Felix Garcia (you met him on Aug. 5 after the last Texas City blow-up) is of the same opinion that I'm in grave peril. wrote:
From: <>
To: <>
Subject: Fw: Merry Christmas, Capt Eric!
Date: Sat, 8 Jan 2005 08:35:39 -0600

----- Original Message -----
Sent: Friday, December 24, 2004 6:37 AM
Subject: Merry Christmas, Capt Eric!

ERIC: It was wonderful to hear from you, and this email is sent a week after yours because Diana, Elly, and I just got from a week's trip to Morocco. We visited a friend who has a villa outside of Marrakech set in a forest of date palms with a backdrop of snow-capped High Atlas Mts.
Though I always admired your soldierly devotion to what you think right (even if I disagreed), I welcome your gift to Gretchen and applaud her for suggesting it and you for giving it. Already I welcome the old expansive and good-natured tone of your emails. I only wish it were possible to get together in person and talk over a cup of coffee in one of those offbeat Montrose cafes you sniff out on a regular basis. That will have to wait till mid-2007, when my ambassadorial gig is set to end, after which we'll return to Houston.
This has been an amazing experience, and I'm glad that I was "re-elected" early last month so I can continue learning about the Middle East, Arab and Islamic culture, and the practical operation of US foreign policy. Qatar is a great place to be ambassador, because there's a lot going on here: The development of a huge reserve of natural gas, a resulting economic boom, a US military presence, political and social reforms, and Al Jazeera. To a degree that would have surprised me just a few months ago, before leaving the US, I am not hectored and bossed by people back in the State Dept. It's pretty much like being the captain of a ship steaming by itself in mid-ocean. I enjoy dealing with bilateral issues, and I especially like dealing with the US Armed Forces. Mostly it's the Air Force and Army out here; the Navy is in Bahrain, and there are a few Marines, most notably the detachment protecting the Embassy. Tomorrow (as on Thanksgiving), Diana and I will go to the camp used by the US Army, put on little paper hats and latex gloves, and serve Christmas dinner to the troops. Several thousands troops a month go to the camp on 4-day passes out of Iraq and Afghanistan, collectively referred to as "up north".
Incidentally, if you'd like to read a hilarious (but still telling) novel about this part of the world, I highly recommend Christopher Buckley's newest book, Florence of Arabia.
I hope it's a Merry Christmas and a great '05 to you, Gretchen, and family. All cheer and best wishes, CHASE.
US Ambassador to Qatar
Arcent-QA   Box 520
APO AE 09898
Tel: 974-488-4101, ext. 6055
Fax: 974-488-4150
-----Original Message-----
From: G SONNIER []
Sent: Friday, December 17, 2004 11:14 PM
Subject: Merry Christmas, Chase!

Dear Chase,
I'm sorry to have been out of touch since the summer, when things were most involved for me in my Quixotic quest "pro patria."  I hope that Qatar is now, as it was in your August email, still traditional and progressive, and that you and the ladies Untermeyer find it to your liking.
I don't know what you're getting and giving for Christmas, but I've resolved to heed Gretchen's request that I end my investigations and speculations into matters that are (in theory) more responsibly conducted by our elected, appointed and commissioned officers of the Constitution.  I call that my gift to her, but it's also a gift to myself...
Accordingly, I'm giving everyone who knows me what they want:  peace and quiet on matters of national policy.  I'm still of the opinion that we've become an empire at the expense of being a republic, but I suppose the particulars of that story are best left for others...
I'm doing a good bit of reading lately, having pretty much shut down Ghost Troop around Thanksgiving, and soon to do so officially on Dec. 21, 2004 (the one-year anniversary of the online report that you remember).  I believe I have made my point about the deficiency of information in this period when we should be most informed, and believe that my more controversial hypotheses are destined to be relegated to the realm of "conspiracy theories."  Knowing me as well as you do, I believe you'll bear me out when I say that I sincerely hope that ALL of my alarms were mere alarmism.  In reply to any and all of those who say I pushed the envelope of free expression far indeed, I can only reply that to have done less would have been to have failed to adhere to my mission of conscience and my oath to the Constitution.  Thanks for being the objective ear to so many of my thoughts, on so wide an array of subjects!
At the end of all my criticism of the powers that be, I can at least report this one positive thing: 
In the USA, a person of conviction, operating within the parameters of free speech and the Constitution, can indeed tell it like it is, or at any rate as he views it to be.  So long as this fundamental principle of free speech is intact, there is room for optimism about our overall course..
I'm reading William Shirer's "Rise and Fall of the Third Reich" now, a book I've read nearly as often as "War and Peace" (which I'll probably pick up again in a month or two).  I've yet to finish Caulaincourt's Memoirs, so I'll soon return to it as well, and will feel fresh gratitude for the friend who gave it to me.  Thanks for your steadfastness through all the tough times, Chaplain Chase, and thanks for being as loyal as Candide's Professor Pangloss, both to our friendship and to the cause of optimism.
May all the Untermeyers will enjoy a merry Christmas and a happy new year!
Sincerely, Eric
PS:  Gretchen sends her greetings along, too!



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