Captain Eric May 

Saturday, 20 May 2006 5:16 AM

Captain May, Ghost Troop Commander to
Nancy Shafran, News Director, KPRC (NBC), Houston
I called your newsroom this morning at 11:30 a.m., and spoke to assignment desk editor Micah Herschfield, who said he was handling the Exxon Mobil Beaumont Headquarters terror story.  Although he said he was still working it, he doesn't seem familiar with any of the details, and has made no efforts to pursue it with any of the agencies involved.  I mentioned the Jefferson County Sheriff and Port Arthur Coast Guard as organizations that had confirmed the version of the story I've gotten (from everyone but the FBI).  He says he has to contact Agent Shauna Dunlap, the Public Info Officer for the Houston FBI, to get an update.
Given the way your newsroom has treated this, I am predicting that he means he needs to report contact by an inquiry to Agent Dunlap so that she can continue to make up a story -- albeit one that fits the facts we already have a bit better than the current "official" story.  Your news desk asked me to send them the paper reports I've gotten from the military, official though unclassified.  I would do so eagerly, if I didn't suspect that the newsroom that has failed to use any other information given it would pass those reports back to Agent Dunlap, too.
I've been all through this cycle of news media turning to the FBI to work in tandem as snitch-and-bully several times, and in fact went beyond personal receipt of FBI death-threats to FBI cover-ups of death-threats to my wife, all documented with area police departments who seem to defer to them as you do.  It's all meant to intimidate rational inquiry, and destroy the spirit of the First Amendment (which you're supposed to be upholding), at least those parts of it not already repressed by Bush "terror modifications."
Dancing with the Devil in Dixie
I spoke with FBI Agent Shauna Dunlap yesterday.  The summary she offered of what happened -- and shouldn't be reported -- is that there was a terror call matching the description I've already published internationally, but that there were no bombs.  She doesn't shed any light on any of the differing reports from differing agencies, which are quite explicit is saying that there was a widespread reaction to the scene, and detection of several "suspicious packages."
Here's a posting from a Homeseca resource from the time of the actual event, before the story started shifting: 
Special Reports : Bomb Threat at EXXON-Mobil Facility in Beaumont, Texas
Posted by Sean Osborne on 2006/5/13 9:22:56
The United States Coast Guard has reported a bomb threat was called into the EXXON Mobile Facility in Beaumont, TX.

The facility has been evacuated. A search was conducted. Three (3) suspicious packages have been found.

The FBI is on scene.

More details as they come our way.
[Back to KPRC Newsroom]
In order to clear up the discrepancies, I requested that Agent Dunlap issue a press release as to what exactly happened at the Exxon Mobil headquarters in Beaumont Saturday, either confirming or denying such bare details as the Homeseca report that was contemporaneous with the intel I was getting from military intelligence.  She refused, saying that it wasn't necessary because there had only been one media inquiry.  I think she wants to avoid anything that could further research and understanding.  She stonewalled questions, and ignored contradictions between what she's saying now and what my military intelligence and Homeseca sources sent me before her current story.  Finally, she told me to write it up in paper, stick it in an envelope and wait for her reply.
Hmm..., I've got an idea that this wouldn't be a very good way to go about things, as she has taken two years to reply to me since I called Tara Howard (KTRH, Clear Channel) on March 24, 2004 and prompted Tara to call FBI National on the basis of my prediction of a March 31, 2004 terror strike in Houston.  I suppose she was part of the FBI/police/media secret conference the next day, in which she put down rumors that an attack might be coming.
Curiously, even though the prediction came to within one day of exactitude, neither she Agent Dunlap nor the rest of the Houston FBI, who went to such efforts to convince you and the Houston media not to listen to me, talked to me, an in-town citizen with a strong record in media/military and terror scenarios who had set off such a (true) alert.
As I say, when we spoke yesterday at 3:00 p.m., Agent Dunlap boasted that only one media inquiry had come to her, and from this I can infer a lot about how she controls the area media, since I went statewide in my calls Monday morning, and every reporter or editor I talked to wanted to investigate the story.  When I told them I had published something on it out of Australia, all gave their news program emails, and about half of them wanted personal back-up copies.  A couple of clever ones wanted to have their copy in BCC, in which I obliged.
In other words, what happened a Exxon Mobil Saturday was news, and what has happened to keep the Houston-area media from asking the FBI for a statement of what happened is news, too.!  We've made a rule in my cyber-media group, Ghost Troop, for whom I'm writing this email to you now as guide to internet research.  It's quite simple:
This seems to be a just punishment for all those not doing their jobs, with the public safety at risk so clearly, who have become part of a system aiming at tyrannical repression of free information.  At the moment you and the Post-Newsweek part of the NBC are the news, along with Agent Dunlap of the Houston FBI and Exxon Mobil of Beaumont -- and you're news right along with Ghost Troop, which is putting out real journalism at your expense.
Since I was the editorial writer for Steve Wasserman back when you two came over with him from Jacksonville in 1995, I decided to start the story of the Exxon Mobil terror incident with your news department so that I could evaluate the performance of people I knew.  I've been in and out of touch with your newsroom since Saturday evening, when I received my first alert of the Saturday morning Exxon Mobil terror situation from a decorated war veteran from Iraq who was so concerned about the prospects that what was happening in Beaumont was a set-up that he passed military alerts on to me.  Since then your news desk, after repeated calls, hasn't wanted to tell me to quit calling, but has seemed to be covering up and evading (same thing, right?).
You and I have discussed news many times, back when I was learning the media (after my military days), and there's no sense in pretending to me that you're covering it now.  I know how well you can do your job -- when you want to.
Our American Republic is being poorly served when we're a week into a story that Exxon Mobil, the top American petroleum company, is a target for a terror strike.  Whether you think it's coming from government enemies (as you say you do) or the government itself (as we say it is) -- it's still news, or should be.
Exxon Mobil, just an hours drive from your newsroom.  How can you leave these people, our fellow citizens, in the lurch like this?  It seems criminal to me, and I expect that it will seem criminal to the American People I write to in the internet, the only real media left, and the only media that is necessary to do the job of exposing a clear case of conspiracy.
Heroic journalists, US?  Naw, we're just Ghost Troops!
Ghost Troop is continuing to break this story, as you media folks try to let the story die and the FBI tries to kill it -- or perhaps kill the truth-tellers who get in their way.  Since breaking the story, both my publisher and I been warned:  he is getting visited by national intelligence assets, and I received a death-threat from the FBI.
It's nothing new, I assure you.  Agent Robert Stult threatened me after the first British Petroleum (Texas City) explosion of 3/30/2004 to shut up, then threatened me to stay out of the way just before the 7/28/2005 BP TC explosion.  If you want to check up on how much friction they've caused us every time they were trying to cover up a petroleum industry disaster or terror incident, just Google "Ghost Troop FBI."
We don't take the situation lightly, of course, since we're worldwide and read things like Pravda, which covered the story you Houston Media covered up about alleged Bush girlfriend and "suicide" victim Margie Schoedinger, who said outright that the Houston FBI would kill her -- and it appears she was right.  Here are the links that Pravda and Google have made, which make Post-Newsweek and NBC look like cowards:
Margie Schoedinger:  When she filed on Bush (Pravda):
Margie Schoedinger:  When she was assassinated (Pravda):
It's a funny world when a lifelong Army officer like me, Russian-fluent from Cold War days with military service in the last four decades, has to find the truth in Pravda as the American Media out-Pravda's Pravda itself!  Congratulations!
Straightening out my (NBC) credentials for NBC!
It may be because you have forgotten my credentials and qualifications that you and NBC, my former employers, have been blowing me off.  Agent Dunlap and affiliated public affairs folks appear to have been bad-mouthing me since because of my involvement in the Houston terror analysis.  (I get this from TJ Aulds, who is bad-mouthing me, too).  If you really have forgotten me, I'm confused, since KPRC ran three days worth of news (Ron Regan, reporting) in Houston based upon my work with the 75th Division in Houston.  That was 1995, granted, but it was a big story, since in it, in I took Major General Claude J. Roberts and his crooked staff to task for pilfering $100,000 of special funded dedicated to building an inner-city children's youth camp.  Wasserman asked me to include it in his editorials as well.  Chase Untermeyer knew me then, and got first-hand details.
Clearly, there is a massive misunderstanding as to just who I am and what I'm doing, and it needs to be corrected.  Because of Agent Dunlap, I'm being kept away from an area of study I know better than any other Houstonian.  I say this with conviction shared by experts; HPD-CID and I are in regular contact about many areas of intelligence, Houston terror among them, and have been since before the 3/30/2004 British Petroleum, Texas City explosion.  Unlike Houston FBI Agents Stult, Midcap and now Dunlap, HPD has kept been professional and kept in touch -- in fact at crux moments in the Houston terror scenario development it has been Sgt. John Karshner (my CID buddy) who calls me, not the other way around. 
Anyhow, in case you NBC folks are afraid to let Agent Dunlap know about the worldwide attention to the "credibility issue" (of whether she has it or I do), I've taken care of it for you.  I wrote an email/article (like this) explaining my credentials  to Agent Dunlap two days ago, and am pleased to say that it has risen since to the top ten of our Ghost Troop articles.  We've posted around 100 major works, and this is the quickest ascent ever, and I've never seen a more rapid climb!  Real news travels fast, and fulfills the prediction I made in the article to Agent Dunlap that it would:
Captain May to FBI Agent Shauna Dunlap
End of Ghost Troop communique to KPRC / NBC
This has been an update for KPRC-NBC -- a Ghost Troop courtesy call, so to speak.  We're trying not to make KPRC the most famous NBC affiliate in America, but you're not helping much.  Please catch up with the story, especially since you have become the story.
Here's what I broke internationally Monday in print, after breaking it internationally in cyber-radio Sunday (and which you're still sitting on a week after it happened):
Exxon Mobil Texas Terror CONFIRMED
I'll copy all of this to the Washington Post -- your high-end embedded sister media in the Capital red-light district -- and follow up via phone presently.
Captain Eric H. May, MI/PAO, USA
CO, Ghost Troop, 3/7 Cybercav+
Mission of Conscience / Patriots in Action
PS 2 AMBUNT (Ambassador Untermeyer)
Dear Chase:  Talking with Agent Dunlap yesterday was linked to another interesting event:  I was snake bitten!  Yup, I went to go practice with my long staff in the forests and bayous, as you know I love to do, and came back in the twilight.  Copperheads are perfect for hiding on the fallen, brown leaves of our broad leaf woods, and I stepped on the poor fellow.  After he popped me he hissed and readied for a continuation, but didn't reckon on a six-foot rattan reply to the head.  I bagged him to confirm for the medics and show off to the kids (I have a high school Ghost Troop now). 
Not to worry, the venom hasn't affected me much, and I'm fine.  Candidly, I slept very well.  Hmm..., ya think maybe God was telling me to watch out for Agent Dunlap and the Houston Media?  We'll see, I suppose!  By the way, as she says she's been in Houston for seven years, I'm figuring you know her well, so will you kindly tell her who I am?  Let her know, best friend, why it is that you believe I'm that rarest of men, one with integrity.
I haven't heard from you in a while and hope all's going well, as you're not only my top-ranked Ghost Troop but my chief witness!  Give my best to Diana and Elly, and lemme know how we're looking for our Independence Day get-together!  I've left your email, to which I now reply, below.  Yours, Eric
Captain May <> wrote:
Date: Tue, 11 Apr 2006 12:34:52 -0700 (PDT)
From: CaptainMay <>
Subject: Re: Gracias (AMBUNT: July 4th homecoming to Ghost Troop)
To: Ambassador Chase Untermeyer
"Untermeyer, Chase G." <> wrote:
ERIC: Good to hear from you. I usually get emails on Blackberries rather than on blackberries. I hope to see you when I’m back in Houston sometime around the 4th of July. I know I won’t be able to change your mind on the Bush Administration (or much else), but we can certainly agree on Gretchen’s preserves on fresh biscuits. (Which side, though?) Till then, CHASE.

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