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Captain May, Ghost Troop Commander to
Ambassador Untermeyer, Ghost Troop Chaplain

Tuesday, 30 May 2006 8:25 AM

Dear Chase,

This Memorial Day has been most poignant for me as Ghost Troop commander.  As you know, the original mission of Ghost Troop was to serve as a living reminder of the sacrifice of the American soldiers and Marines who died taking Baghdad for Bush at the beginning of the war, and are still being covered up.  Amy Goodman, faint-of-heart though she is, actually mentioned the "Jessica Lynch" matter, in an interview with a Brit military "media officer" today (their version of a Public Affairs Officer, it seems) who is hawking a book on the Iraq infowar (military censored, of course).  Goodman actually sounded as if she wanted answers, and this has come to surprise me any time that it come from American Media.  The UK media/military guy gave none, sounding like a Watergate burglar when it came to actually owning up to any of the major disinformation operations of the quicksand war in Iraq..., and now (more and more obviously) in Afghanistan.

Tribute to the Iraq War Unknown Soldiers

I figure Ghost Troop is memorializing hundreds of "unknown soldiers" whom the Bush administration covered up in the actual Battle of Baghdad that Jessica Lynch served as a disinformation operation to cover up.  This much remains stone fact to me, based on the varying reports (some of them military) on the facts of US mortality in those days from April 5-8, 2003.

We're also memorializing thousands of "unknown soldiers" in the overall casualty lists, since I'm getting multiple reports, from multiple sources, that evacuated soldiers are being called Wounded in Action (WIA), then not reclassified to Killed in Action (KIA) when they die, leading to grossly under-counted KIA numbers.  I haven't personally investigated this, as I have the Baghdad cover up, but I rate it as probable.

Finally, we're memorializing "unknown soldiers" who have been so misrepresented that we aren't supposed to know them.  They are the infowar martyrs, and the truest example of heroism produced in this war:  heroes of conscience.

US Army:  Iraq War / Infowar Martyrs

One is Spec. 4 Alyssa Peterson, a military intelligence soldier like me, and a former Mormon missionary who, I have reason to believe, acted with high conscience and suffered for it (as she probably knew she would).  Spec. Peterson was involved in the Army's Iraq incarceration/interrogation apparatus in September, 2003.  You'll recall that this is when Maj. Gen. Geoffrey Miller came from Guantanamo Bay to "Gitmoize" things in Iraq, where the Bush administration wanted to put the screws to the prisoners to crack the then-nascent Iraqi Resistance.

Apparently, Spec. Peterson resisted the orders to brutalize, humiliate and torture incarceration/interrogation apparatus inmates.  That's what I infer from the official report, parrotted by the media (of course), which is that this fine soldier died of a "non-combat weapons discharge" to the head.  This story has been gently pushed up to a "suicide" story since.  Her family believes it was simple assassination, and they contacted me in 2004 because of my connection with the David Kelly assassination (and investigation).  Have a look for her case for yourself:

Colonel Ted Westhusing is an another of those who gave the full measure of duty.  He was charged with oversight of USIS Corporation, which is one of the profiteer outfits raking in Iraq, and was told every which way to stand down from honorable, critical reports against their corruption.

The man was a classics scholar and a West Point ethics teacher (on leave for a war tour), and he stuck to principle, even against power.  His communications, like David Kelly's, don't suggest a suicidal man at all, but rather a man deeply concerned that he will die for his position of conscience against criminal acts.  The media misrepresented him cruelly, since he was a lifelong Catholic, and by labeling him a suicide they have inflicted the greatest wound possible on both his memory and his family.  Decide for yourself:

Or listen to the official line from the LA Times reporter who spread the suicide story:

Incidentally, I took the time to contact brother officers about the Westhusing matter, in and out of the West Point community, in and out of the public affairs apparatus.  I found that the supposed "psychological autopsy" supporting the "official story" was conducted by a mobilized reservist officer with no psychological/psychiatric qualification.  She was a Medical Service Support officer, if memory serves, whose nature had been dressed up for the cover up.  The various public affairs officers made quite sure to stress (without being asked) that it was all for the better that this officer not be bothered with questions -- as that would probably put her in professional conflict!  I'll bet it would, since she propped up a cover up report for the assassination of a brother officer!

Quicksand War / Cold War media jokes

Ya know, Chase, the Russki KGB used to shoot their political enemies -- like Col. Westhusing and Spec. Peterson -- in the head, too.  Afterwards they'd use their official death story (like our "suicide"), which was quite cute, or so I thought when I was a young and insulated intelligence officer.  A gunshot wound to the head was classified by Soviet state coroners as "cerebral hemorrhage."

You once gave me a book of Soviet Cold War humor, and it was chock-full of the kind of jokes that didn't make sense to many Americans in the Cold War, since they all dealt with the ironies of truth in a totalitarian society.  Nowadays, though, the old Russki jokes play well on aware American audiences.

We used to laugh at the Defense Language Institute at the one about the Soviet hegemon, arm missing from heroic service in WW2, serving Stalin, who called in an artist to have his full portrait done...

The first artist paints the general without an arm -- and soon afterwards suffers a cerebral hemorrhage!  The attack was brought on, the media said, by anxiety over having insulted a high party official.

The second artist paints him with an arm -- and soon afterwards suffers a cerebral hemorrhage!  The attack was brought on, the media said, by anxiety over having misrepresented Soviet reality.

The third artist paints him with reverence and regard to Soviet reality -- as a victorious general turned in profile, his good arm in full view, his bad arm hidden!  This was an act of supreme aesthetic brilliance, the media said, and the artist was awarded the Order of Lenin (along with control of other aspiring artists).

When I see the American Media today I think of the old Soviet system, my friend.  There are many aspiring apparatchiki who will present the official view of things because they fear not to go along.  Then there are a treasonous bunch who are criminal sociopaths (who tend to be the high officials), and they not only go along with, but come up with the official lies!

Yup, I love to tell that old Ruskaya shutka (Russki joke) to my Ghost Troops, and I don't exclude the dead folks who hang around with us (since we understand them and the media-fed public doesn't).  Ghost Troop has around 300 living members now, but there are many more ghosts (as I've categorized them in the beginning of this email).  We count pretty much all the cover-ed up or framed-up dead service members from the Baghdad Airport in 2003, where and when the media/military covered up a major battle, to the Baghdad Airport in 2005, where and when the media/military covered up a political assassination of Col. Westhusing, a man of duty and honor, then desecrated his memory.

We laugh together at it all, long past crying at this stage of the infowar.

Bushwhacking Congress

Speaking of the state-controlled media (US, not USSR), we've been rollicking with the week-old story of how the official state police oppressors (FBI, not KGB) concocted a stale story last Sunday to bust into Representative Jefferson's Congressional office -- a novel form of illegal Bush administration intimidation.  I say the reason was stale because the FBI had been setting Jefferson up since shortly after Katrina, and had in fact seized the bribe money (found in the Jefferson's fridge) nearly a year ago!  In other words, the media linked -- and continues to link, by failing to correct -- a bit of evidence of a year ago to a sudden incursion into the US Congress (over the prostrate Constitution)!

In the days since then we've had the FBI try to frame a media attack on the House leadership for failing to support the unconstitutional incursion, and we finished (I hope) Friday with a false alarm that just happened to bring in the DC Capitol Police and FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force folks storming into an arrested Congress with guns drawn (both pistols and automatics, I'm informed).

Ya know, Chase, if I were still in my Cold War days, I'd say it looks a whole lot like a state power struggle, in which a failing Bush executive apparatus is using its only true weapon -- fear -- to kick a faltering Cowards Congress back into line.

Tomorrow the House will  demand an explanation from the executive branch.  The media are trying to undermine this sagacious move by the House by generating public opinion against Congress for impeding "a police/perpetrator matter," as they have so cooperatively phrased it for the people.  This is the official angle on things, and all else depends on it:   We must overlook the Constitution and focus on a black representative alleged to have taken a bribe and hidden it in his home refrigerator.  We must function as a mental lynch mob.

Oh, the hypocrisy of it all!

Relief for Chaplain Chase

Tardy as ever, I've been promising you relief from your duties as Ghost Troop chaplain since a year ago.  You volunteered for the position back in September 2003, after I'd spent my first summer in the infowar stirring up a fuss about the Battle of Baghdad cover up.  I'm pleased to say that you were my most senior government official in Ghost Troop for almost three years!

You've been an invaluable personal reference and witness, and have seen me and my family in the days when we were under death threat, or when I was in hiding, because of my mission of conscience.  When the history of the period is written, I hope there will be a more clever man than me to account for how it was that you could remain in Ghost Troop while serving the Bush administration!

I'm moving Pastor Jon Watkins into the position of Ghost Troop chaplain, Chase.  He's the lay minister in Texas City who mobilized a good number of his citizens during my alert to Texas City in January, 2006.  He actually went and confronted the state in the most direct, though honorable way:  he went to the Texas City Police Department and told the dozen or so officers present that he thought the city was being set up, and that he wasn't going to let it happen, and would defend himself against anyone who tried to stop him from alerting the public.  He's currently publishing a good amount of Ghost Troop material about the Bush terror threat to the US, especially Texas.

Pastor Watkins is the hero of the most recent Texas City mission, no doubt about it, made of the same stuff as Alyssa Peterson or Ted Westhusing.  Our efforts, I believe, will be blessed by his assumption of your official Ghost Troop duties.

Many thanks, Chase, for your long service to Ghost Troop!


Captain Eric H. May, MI/PAO, USA

CO, Ghost Troop, 3/7 Cybercav+

Mission of Conscience / Patriots in Action

PS:  I've been out of touch since your last email, which I append below for our comrades of Ghost Troop.  I'm not surprised that your position on our serious work is the Bush position, my friend.  As I've told you in our phone calls back in the days before you left for your posting in Qatar, I believe brilliant men like you get paid not to say what they think!

"Untermeyer, Chase G." <> wrote:
ERIC: Houston is in no danger of a terror attack from George W. Bush or anyone else in the US Government. I hereby perform my sole chaplaincy function by pronouncing an exorcism of any such notion. All will be in good order when I get back home and can see you and Gretchen there. Cheers, CHASE.
US Ambassador to Qatar
US Embassy   Box 520
APO AE 09898

Tel: 974-488-4101, ext. 6055
Fax: 974-488-4150
Mobile: 974-550-2373

From: Captain May []
Sent: Monday, May 22, 2006 11:20 PM
To: Untermeyer, Chase G.
Subject: RE: Attn: TRUTHOUT (Exxon Mobil HQ terror target -- covered up by FBI)
Captain May, Ghost Troop Commander to
Ambassador Untermeyer, Ghost Troop Chaplain

Houston, TX

May 22, 2006


While I'm quite pleased that you still intend to come home in July, I'd be very grateful if you'd help me make sure your boss, George W. Bush, doesn't stage a terror attack in the area between now and then.  As you are the Ghost Troop Chaplain, I would appreciate some advice as to how to gather a group of interested parties to examine the dangerous matters (in my email below) to which you responded with your curious social note.

We are in danger here, sir.  The lapdog media are unwilling to examine the Exxon Mobil matter, which would have gone unnoticed had it not been for conscientious military officials contacting me with the information, and Homeseca's posting it in a web article.  The FBI at first covered the matter up, then later started shifting stories.  If it sounds a lot like New York City before 911 to you, then you are worthy of your peers in Ghost Troop -- because that's just how it seems to us.

Please write back with advice on how to make sure the city is still here when you get here.  Your last trip home came days after Ghost Troop broke up an attempt on British Petroleum, Texas City, which resulted in the use of an unprecedented energy device (some say HAARP) over Texas City.  The same FBI folks who are now suppressing the story of the Exxon Mobil terror incident last Saturday were responsible for making sure that the Houston media suppressed the amazing story of July 28, 2005, as well.

Candidly, I'm wondering whether another NASA Discovery launch, like the one now being set for July 1, might not be -- as the last one was -- a cover story to bring in media, equipment and potential government terrorists to NASA, therefore Houston.  That's certainly what happened when they scheduled the July 26, 2005 lift-off, then attacked British Petroleum two days later, with your arrival in town coming a few days later than that.

Do you think they're setting it all up again, Chase?  Fortunately, we have the aforementioned July 2005 attempt all written down in our mission log "9112B," along with the interviews I did that night with Canadian radio, when I thought that a nuke would attend the spectacular explosive light show they set off above Texas City.

Here's the link to our work of last summer:

Again, I would like your ADVICE, as a person loyal to the constitution of the United States of America.  I am making a most serious specific allegation of a set-up, and a simple meeting of a few of the many contacts you know and influence would save all the confusion -- if it's confusion -- about the motives of the FBI and the Bush administration.

Please write back at your earliest convenience.  Seeing you in July would be cordial; having your help before then is crucial.  Eric

"Untermeyer, Chase G." <> wrote:

ERIC: Iíll be in touch closer to traveling to Houston about seeing you and hopefully Gretchen while Iím there. Till then, CHASE. 

From: Captain May []
Sent: Monday, May 22, 2006 12:52 PM
To: Untermeyer, Chase G.
Cc:;; Ghost Troop Group
Subject: Attn: TRUTHOUT (Exxon Mobil HQ terror target -- covered up by FBI)

Top of the morning, Chase!  I'm looking forward to getting together in July, when you return from Qatar, and am keeping myself busy by writing a few friends in East Texas.  The Google search engine is burning up with folks researching our articles lately, and those with "Ambassador Untermeyer" are the most popular of all!  (I still dont think anyone but you and me knows why you became a Ghost Troop!)  Yours, Eric

Dear Truthout (and officials):

You may have heard of me by my internet writing name of Captain May.  As I'm a former Army military intelligence officer currently on a mission of conscience, I go by my rank.

I command Ghost Troop, and we're famous (among those who know what the infowar is) for being the cutting edge of the American resistance to Bush's dictatorship.  We broke a story worldwide last weekend, and now the story is the effort to cover it all up by the FBI, NBC and CBS (inter alia), both in Beaumont and nearby large media market, Houston

Exxon Mobil headquarters in Beaumont  is a likely terror target.  That much is clear from the covered up reports of a phoned terror threat and the finding of "suspicious packages" last Saturday.  The unwillingness of FBI Agent (and Public Info Officer) Shauna Dunlap to issue a statement clarifying just what happened has many internet researchers -- like me  -- thinking that the "terrorists" who are targeting Exxon Mobil  may well be Bush administration operatives, looking for the "next 911" event to boost Bush's moribund ratings.

It's not really a shocking concept at all.  When Nixon's ratings got to the nadir of Bush's current polls, military officers took precautions to make sure he didn't stage an "event" or exploit a "situation" to boost his presidency by contrived crisis.

Many of us are former military intelligence, or police, who don't have a difficult time believing that criminals (and we think Bush is one, in areas the media is afraid to mention) sometimes stage spectacular crimes to get themselves off the hook.  Staging a terror act at the headquarters of corporate buddies in Exxon is a great way to blame your enemies (maybe "Al-Qaeda," maybe "domestic terrorists"), elicit sympathy from the neutrals, and rally your friends.  The motives and techniques aren't greatly different from any kind of arson, for instance, except in the scale of death that may be inflicted, and the assistance of the FBI and mainstream media in setting it up (or covering up the set-up, as is now the case).

Our initial article was Monday:
Our last international publication on the matter was Friday:
Captain May / Ghost Troop Commander

PS:  Beaumont is my mom's home town, and a good part of my family still lives inside the Golden Triangle of Beaumont, Orange and Port Arthur.  I'm not willing to let the place be set up.  When I called the Beaumont Police the day after I'd received multiple reports of a terror situation at the Exxon Mobil HQ, they were out of the loop totally.  The FBI cover up seems to have begun by not telling the police or citizens of Beaumont about the terror.  Can anyone think of a good reason for this bit of cover up?





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