Kean scripts NUKE 911 (Delay leaves target, Texas City)


From: CaptainMay 
Thursday, 30 March 2006 12:51 AM

Captain Eric H. May, Ghost Troop Commander to Dr. Fredrick Toben, Adelaide Institute Director

Dear Dr. Töben,

I'm delighted to find you in good health and spirits after your return from Iran , where I think that the rational inquiry by you and other independent thinkers was a testament to the best of the West.  As long as we can cross over the mental barriers erected by the controlled mainstream media, there are no barriers to our freedom.  This is as true now as it was when Galileo opposed the Catholic Church "media" of his day with his heliocentric heresy; or when Tolstoy challenged servile political orthodoxy of the Russian Church; or when Voltaire lampooned the ecclesiastic/aristocratic abuses of France.

Galileo was suppressed (for a time), while Tolstoy and Voltaire were excommunicated, but their ideas didn't suffer as much as they did, and eventually carried the day.  Your enemies, like their enemies, are really your best friends, since they magnify you by their opposition.  There's no honor to be had in an unopposed fight.


Ghost Troop Prediction:  The Nuclear 911

Shortly before your trip, you became interested in the most recent developments in my long-time prediction that the Bush regime would create another 911, this time nuclear, to expand its power.  I was assisted greatly by my cyber-intelligence subordinates in Ghost Troop, but the view that another 911 was on the horizon was hardly ours alone.  Indeed, even my stalwart Republican contacts have been saying that the only thing that will save the crumbling Bush White House is another 911 -- especially if it's the much-predicted "Nuclear 911."  The mainstream media continues to incessantly program the event into our consciousness as a matter not of IF, but of WHEN.  Just yesterday came a new slew of stories about how easy it would be to smuggle nuclear materials into the USA , and no week can go by without the regular refreshening of the terrifying eventuality.

To play with dear Voltaire a bit, if there were no pending Nuclear 911, the Bush regime would find it necessary to invent one!

As you know, in January, 2006, I went beyond the general prediction of a Nuclear 911, and made a specific prediction that the Bush regime would use hastily-announced military exercises as a cover for executing the Nuclear 911 on Texas City , Texas , a small petrochemicals town south of Houston .  The military exercise contrived for the purpose -- simulating a 10-kiloton "terror" nuke -- were scheduled for Jan. 31 - Feb. 2, 2006 .  My military background as a general staff intelligence officer lead me to believe that the earliest date of Jan. 31 was the most likely, so I made that "1/31" my prediction date.

Word of my January work went worldwide with publications of my prediction all the way to Pravda.  Here in my hometown of Houston , we held our breath.  When Jan. 31 came and went without an explosion, we and our neighbors in Texas City were relieved.  The relief, though, was short-lived.

Texas City  Treason

The day after my principle date, on Feb. 1, a horde of nuclear experts showed up in the vicinity of Texas City without announcement or credible explanation for their presence.  They were part of a national "Weapons of Mass Destruction Civil Response Team" set up by the US Department of Defense at the same time as the 911 event, and their function is to measure the damage to any city's that may "happen" to be hit by "terrorist" nuclear attacks.  On the day after my 1/31 prediction date, the "day after" military assets had made their appearance!

The local paper, the Galveston County Daily News, ran a Feb. 2 article attempting to assuage the public panic with an article that asserted -- through multiple government spokesmen -- that nothing was amiss, and that everything was simply a misunderstood coincidence.    Like the popular protagonist, "V" in the new movie V for Vendetta, thinking citizens no longer believe the strained official assurances that everything that seems amiss is just mistaken coincidence.  Citizens of Texas City and Houston -- and indeed, the whole Texas Gulf Coast -- are alarmed that the same people who were setting them up for a nuclear attack in January may well intend to inflict one on them as soon as possible, just to get the job done and silence the witnesses.

With April Fools Day coming up, we Texas rednecks are faced with the ultimate joke:  We went whole-hog for the insane Bush plan to engage the world in a global war ON terror, but now we're facing the reality that he and his cohorts are really engaged in a global war OF terror.  In order to keep the terror going, "terror" has to strike again, even if we have to arrange it ourselves!

The nuclear terror continues hereabouts, with new rumors that Easter Day, April 16, is the next target date for the botched Jan. 31 treason, as it would be a fine day for the opinion-makers to rouse Christian vengeance by pinning the deed on Muslims (the inevitable patsies).  Further, April 16 is the 60th anniversary of the "Texas City Explosion" of 1946, in which an off-shore ship carrying ammonium nitrate fertilizer blew up and killed hundreds of residents.

The analysis/prediction of an Easter Sunday Nuclear 911 isn't mine, although I've offered to compare notes with the principle writers working on the scenario.  Needless to say, I'm interested, even though I'm not involved!


Texas City Inquest

My post-January activity has been focused on conducting an official investigation of just what happened in Texas City, Texas.  This seems to be the responsible thing for a US Army officer on a mission of conscience to do, in light of the magnitude of the crime attempted.  It's also the best military course of action, in these days of informational warfare, as it highlights the case of Texas City generally and the pending Nuclear 911 generally, thus affording the best protection (awareness) to the citizens of the city and of the country.

At the behest of US Ambassador Chase Untermeyer of Qatar, a former Assistant Secretary of the Navy and my best friend, I began to put a wide array of my published material and accumulated evidence of an ongoing Bush attempt to bushwhack Texas City into a coherent, single work, the Texas City Inquest.  The inquest consists of roughly one article/epistle per day, written from mid-February to present, dealing with the various aspects of my analysis before the harrowing appearance of a nuke team in the vicinity of Texas City.  It is a follow-up to my correct prediction that they would indeed be there as part of the overall effort to rationalize the obliteration of the place by Bush, and to help in the ensuing exhortation to militarize the United States of America and use nuclear weapons to deal with Iran.

In the inquest I begin with a reply to Ambassador Untermeyer (who, as my constant correspondent, is featured in a number of the inquest articles), and then write articles for contacts in many agencies and organizations, particularly the Houston Police Department, where my friends and martial arts students fill some key positions.  I also write articles connecting Bush henchman Tom Delay to the plot to set up his own home district, and am quite specific in my analysis of which media people were collaborating with the plot.

Each article has a title giving a pretty good idea of what the text deals with.  All told, it is a lively magazine-length study of how mass murder is planned, rationalized and institutionalized, all of which is the essence of the plot to turn Western Christian nations like the US, UK and Australia into vengeful Old Testament cultures bent on destroying the Muslim Mideast for the greater glory of oil acquisition and Israeli geopolitics.

The Texas City Inquest is chock-full of the kinds of connections and evidence that make it an invaluable tool for the growing resistance to Bush.  It is nothing more or less than a snapshot of the Nuclear 911, taken when the plan had been scheduled and practiced but not enacted.  The massive casualties that were to have followed the treasonous attack were to have removed all the traces of the conspiracy; but as the Nuclear 911 didn't occur, it's vestiges remain -- in my report.

I recommend the Texas City Inquest as crucial reading for all, especially all English-speaking citizens of the countries involved in the "Global War on Terror."  What has been attempted deep in the heart of Texas will be -- must be -- attempted elsewhere by the war criminals who have burned all their bridges with their historic treason.


Links to the Inquest

For a short introduction to the inquest, I recommend the link to my ten-minute interview with journalist Lenny Bloom from Feb. 2, the last day of that busy three days when we all were biting our nails in anxiety for Texas City, the United States and the world.  Along with the interview, there is a quick link to the mainstream article confirming our work and results, along with the much more informative Feb. 3 article by Greg Szymanski of the Arctic Beacon, one of a series of four (written both before and after the nuke team showed up).  Here's the link:  http://www.cloakanddagger.de/media/Captain%20May/FEB_2%20BRIEFING.htm

For access to the full Texas City Inquest, all the Szymanski articles, my bio and bibliography, the best link is my main Ghost Troop site:  http://www.spiritone.com/~pazuu/pow-mia/GhostTroopCaptMay.htm, just below my military photo.

For my Adelaide Institute infowar and kulturkampf publications, you have kindly collected them all at http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&lr=&q=+site:www.adelaideinstitute.org+captain+may+ghost+troop.

Again, Dr. Toben, welcome back from your odyssey in the Middle East .  If we are to arrest the world war, we must arrest the ignorance that upholds it.  I salute you as one soldier to another!

Captain Eric H. May, MI/PAO, USA

CO, Ghost Troop, 3/7 Cybercav+

Mission of Conscience / Patriots in Action  



From: CaptainMay [mailto:captainmay@prodigy.net]
Sent: Thursday, 30 March 2006 4:35 AM
To: Ravenhawk
Subject: Texas City / Sears Tower / Library Tower (Three Nuke 911 target scenarios)

ravenhawk083 <ravenhawk083@yahoo.com> wrote:

10-4 Capt. Osama Obama.
If Bush be da bomma, I hope he gets pulled down before he does his dastardly deed.  Gas prices are 2.90 here already, for regular. News is saying to expect them to go higher. Imagine what another 9/11 event would do to them?

I'll poke around a bit on the Sears Towers 666 stuff when I have the chance.
GT Mik
Yo GT Mik!
I'm letting the rest Ghost Troop and the infowar allies (our readers) catch up with my view of the current warnings going around the internet of an impending Nuclear 911, so they're reading along.
Keep looking in on the Sears Tower scenario for 6/6/06 (666).  Many Ghost Troops and Ghost Troop readers are showing a knack for decoding the embedded code now, and there are a slew of good reads under the search phrase "Sears Tower 666."  There are several fine articles on it in the internet, although I think my insight is unique in the linkage between the Sears Tower and Texas City.
Texas City 416 / Sears Tower 666
For those not familiar with my Texas City Inquest into the highly suspicious appearance of government nuclear forces in the Texas City area just when Ghost Troop had predicted for two weeks that they would be there, we have archived our results at http://www.spiritone.com/~pazuu/pow-mia/GhostTroopCaptMay.htm.  The articles in both the mainstream and alternative media are linked directly below my military photo.
I believe the Sears Tower may well be the Bush back-up target behind Texas City.  The current warnings around the internet that Texas City is an Easter Sunday target are making a very good point that the date, 4/16/2006, will be the 60th anniversary of the Texas City Explosion of 1946.  It could well be that, just as there was a reported attempt to set up the Sears Tower back on 4/19/2004 -- coming just twenty days after Ghost Troop broke up the 3/30/2004 attempt, there may well be a Sears Tower 666 set up for the Towers as the back-up to Texas City, in the event that Texas City is not nuked on 4/16.
Incidentally, the date 4/16 (Easter Sunday) is interesting because it sums to 11, and because it contains the same numbers as the 164 in the fireman's hat in the famous (staged) picture of Bush in the rubble of the Twin Towers.
It's also interesting because 4/16 (this year) is the same number as the 4/19 (2004) attempt reported on the Sears Tower  -- if you "flip the 9 into a 6, which is a numerological trick, called the "rotational six."
Finally, it's also interesting because  if we take the 4/16 as a 4+1+6 (an 11), then we have an interesting result when we add in the "6" of the year:  11/6.  Again, the "rotational 6" that can flip to be a "9," giving us 11/9 -- a reverse 9/11!
Folks laugh about the number games until they reflect that the most recent 9/11 reversals on the calendar were the Jordon bombings of 11/9 and the Bin Ladin threat tape of 1/19.  The Illuminati work behind the scenes, and the Ignorati tell themselves that it just can't be so!
The Library Tower & Sears Tower
The only other specific target that comes to mind is the former Library Tower, the second of the two towers blown up in the movie Independence Day.  You'll remember this as the building Bush incorrectly referred to as the "Liberty Tower" on Feb. 9, 2006.
After Ghost Troop stopped Bush from nuking Texas City on Jan. 31, was the Bush mention of the Library Target a designation of it as the secondary target.  At the time I thought it more likely a reactivation of another "tower scenario," but  I don't know.  What I do know is that clearly the target of all targets that they've done the best has been the Twin Towers, as the official lie has held well, given the media reinforcement.  It's not a stretch to think that they'd switch to a tower if they can't hit Texas City (which "Texas George" was supposed to deliver but couldn't).
By the way, both the Library Tower and the Sears Tower are targets mentioned by the Al-CIA-Duh government and the Al-Judah media in one official report, release or leak after another, all embedded as if it were true by the embedded media.  The traitor media has to set it all up, that's their job.  They're a key partner in the collective treason that Ghost Troop calls infowar.  Without them creating and shoring up lies, the public would know the truth, and would overthrow the treason that we're going to be mass-murdered into starting World War Three.
They even went so far as to publish another set of articles warming up the whole scenario Sears Tower secondary target scenario on 3/30/2004 -- the day we know that Ghost Troop caused the local Houston Media and Police Posse to shut down the attempt to nuke Texas City then, in connection with the big British Petroleum explosion of that day.  You see, the media had switched to publishing the material that very day to rationalize the setting up of the Sears Tower -- another strong argument that the Sears Tower has been the secondary target, after the Texas City primary.
Oh, don't let me forget to mention the fact that Larry Silverstein, who purchased the Twin Towers just before they were demolished purchased the Sears Tower on the day of the Madrid Bombing, 3/11/2004.  Everyone knows by now that there were exactly 911 days from 9/11/2001 and 3/11/2004.  More cult games -- they can't work their hidden agenda without their codes, it's that simple.  That's why they've even got the zip code for Sears Tower coded:  60606 (for 666).
Summary of Texas City 416 /Sear Tower 666 summary
Let's take it from the top:
On 3/11/2004, Madrid is set up; the same day, "Lucky Larry" Silverstein, who made money on 911, buy the Sears Tower.
On 3/30/2004 there is an aborted attempt at a Nuclear 911 in Texas City, which turns into a British Petroleum explosion; the same day the government/media establishment begins to rev up the story that Al-Qaida meant to blow up the Sears Tower.
On 4/19/2004 there are reports that an attempt by the Establishment to attack the Sears Tower has been stopped by effective internet analysis and warning -- the same thing Ghost Troop did in breaking up the attempt on Texas City three weeks previously.
On 1/31/2006, there was a documented attempt by the Establishment to set up Texas City for a nuclear attack, and now there is mounting speculation that another 4/16/2006 is yet another date for the attempt.
Ergo, Sears Tower 666 is the next pressing target/date for the internet community to take up.  Regards, CPTMAY
Captain Eric H. May, MI/PAO, USA
CO, Ghost Troop, 3/7 Cybercav+
Mission of Conscience / Patriots in Action
PS:  All the Texas City references in this article can be checked via the Texas City Inquest at http://www.spiritone.com/~pazuu/pow-mia/GhostTroopCaptMay.htm.  For the Sears Tower and Library Tower there is plenty for the taking on the internet, half of it set-up media stories.



The Captain responds to some of his critics

1.  From: SleipnirP@aol.com [mailto:SleipnirP@aol.com]
Sent: Thursday, 30 March 2006 5:42 PM
To: info@adelaideinstitute.org
Subject: Re: NUCLEAR 911: Hes a Crackpot THINK

Citizens of Texas City and Houston -- and indeed, the whole Texas Gulf Coast -- are alarmed that the same people who were setting them up for a nuclear attack in January may well intend to inflict one on them as soon as possible, just to get the job done and silence the witnesses.

Dr Fred,
IF the citizens of these cities were SOOOO alarmed as the Captain states, WHAT were they doing still in their homes 24 hrs after a predicted nuclear attack....even the black people in N Orleans were not sooo stupid as that ALL of them stayed in town when they knew a hurricane was on its way.
If I honestly believed a Nuclear attack was on its way to Hamburg  I'd be on my way to PERU looong before the due date.
This Captain is part of the problem
...he's making such big waves that eventually the Bush administration only needs to say  'WE have enough credible information that a Nuclear attack is planned, that we are introducing Martial Law'     Basta.    
The day after my principle date, on Feb. 1, a horde of nuclear experts showed up in the vicinity of Texas City without announcement or credible explanation for their presence. 

HOW DOES HE KNOW THIS ??    If a group of Nuclear Scientists turned up in the 'vicinity' of Adelaide or Sydney...would YOU know about it, if they  wanted to arrive in secret,  they probably would!!!....did these guys run around the town, yelling  'WE are Nuclear Scientists everyone get down'     Why should they ANNOUNCE their arrival anyway?   
I saw a group of Doctors in Darling Harbour attending a World Medical exhibition...it wasnt 'announced' all over Sydney,  if I hadn't seen the directional signs on the pavilion I would NOT have known anything either but it wasnt a conspiracy.

The Americans are friggin NUTS... I LOVE a good conspiracy  but Im getting emails about the Mexicans taking over the US, Chemtrails killing off thousands of citizens and making millions ill.   'SECRET SPACE'   a new DVD by David Icke is convinced that REPTILES are flying ufos in Space and the USA has developed special weapons to shoot them down .   One guy sent me a very detailed report on the meeting of the CELESTIAL NATIONS  (all reptilians) with representatives of Earth ..    Another guy is saying that 'REVERSE SPEECH technologies prove that Bush is going to nuke the USA (I know David Oates very well personally and he says the report is bullshit)     Here Im bombarded with mail from Germans convinced EBEL is the German Chancellor and will very soon put Germany back into the boundaries of 1937.   Others believe Horst M and Co are going to save Germany... Have NONE of these people read the Protocolls of Zion???   In the Protocolls they TELL us they will do all these things to us.


Reply for Paul
The first critic, Paul, he has factual questions as to how we knew that there were day-after weapons of mass destruction personnel in the vicinity of Texas City on the day after my target date of Jan. 31, 2006. 
That's easy:  It came out in an article in the Galveston County Daily News:  http://truthdefender.homeunix.com/~hutch/Capt_May/Galveston.pdf
His other question involved the mass psychology of the folks of Texas City, and how they are dealing with the scenario.  The same article referenced above shows that the civil authorities -- media included -- have tried mightily to make excuses for what has happened.  Most Texas City residents, I suspect, will continue to say that nothing is happening until it happens.  This is the way that people deal with major crisis and confusion when their leaders are in denial:  they become inert.  When I wrote that there was alarm, I mean among the minority -- say ten percent -- who are able to fathom that newspapers lie, governments lie, and explosions like Vesuvias (or the Nuke 911) are real possibilities, though historical anomalies.
I expect that as Easter Sunday approaches a good number of Texas City residents will be leaving town.  I've talked to a couple of pastors in the city who will be encouraging their congregations to do so, at any rate.  I think Paul writes without having examined the link I provided above in this email, as well as a couple of times in the article.  Once you start reading the Texas City Inquest file, you realize that the people of Texas City are waking up and taking stock of things -- it's just hard for most folks to accept that their own government wants to mass murder them.
Having a treasonous government is like having a cheating spouse:  Everyone on earth knows about it but you, as often as not, and everyone who doesn't have to deal with the problem is quick to tell you how resolute and effective they'd be if it were their problem!  The truth is that if Adelaide, or any other city, were the target, the institutional forces already in on the set-up would do what they're doing in Texas City, and the people of Adelaide would do as the people of Texas City are doing:  waiting.
2.  From: Vencislav Bujic [mailto:vencib@yahoo.com]
Sent: Thursday, 30 March 2006 5:07 PM
To: Adelaide Institute
Subject: RE: NUCLEAR 911: TEXAS CITY INQUEST (Special to Adelaide Institute)
Mr. Toben,
tell me honestly, do you trust this man?  On his web page, I saw "Support our troops" (in Iraq) banner...  But what about innocent Iraqis?
I do support american troops, but I want them back home as soon as possible, instead of killing innocent civilians around the world, thus serving Zionists and zionist bankers.  Besides, I remember back in January when he issued "warning" about nuclear attack on Texas on 31st of january, I thought for myself, "what a waste of time, and making panick, if it doesn't explode on 31st of january, then, people will loose faith in all those predictions about upcomming new 911 terror attack, and people will loose faith in those telling that 911 was inside job".
Reply for Vencislav
Venicislav make the point that he knew about my prediction of a Jan. 31, 2006 attempt on Texas City, and thought at the time that it was a bad idea, since if it didn't happen I'd lose credibility.  This is an interesting point, because it shows healthy skepticism carried to unhealthy extremes!
Since I believed that there was indeed going to be an attempt at nuking Texas City, not to have issued an alert -- even making it a specific prediction -- would have been unconscionable!  I wasn't worried about saving my reputation, I was worried about saving lives!
I think folks have a hard time realizing that the essence of military intelligence -- and that's my proud pedigree -- aims at providing the commander with timely insight that allows him to make the right decisions to influence the future.  Since I'm on a mission of conscience for the American People, giving them a timely warning of the Nuclear 911 was my duty.
Fortunately for my reputation, the Galveston County Daily News published the presence of nuclear forces in the Texas City area within my prediction time, thereby greatly enhancing my credibility!
I began the Nuclear 911 mission on 1/19 (911 backwards), the date that Bush & Co. issued the most recent Bin Laden tape threatening a new attack.  In the two weeks between that tape and the publication of the Daily News article, my internet readership tripled, and my warning went around the world.  The international internet community is highly interested in good analysis, and delighted with good prediction.
But what if the nuke team hadn't shown up, would that have meant that the Ghost Troop alert/prediction was invalid?  Nope, not at all, since my belief would have been that all the attention we brought to the attempt would have been responsible for the failure to go through with the Nuclear 911.
Still, as the mainstream media for once did its job -- if only to try to minimize the seriousness of the undeniable fact of nuclear forces nearby -- I'll let them establish the fact of what happened, which is the proof that it's a good thing for Texas City that I acted without regard to the consequences for my reputation -- or my life, since that's what you lay on the line when you correctly accuse your government of high treason.
Here's the article link:  http://truthdefender.homeunix.com/~hutch/Capt_May/Galveston.pdf
3. From: Mel Fowler [mailto:mel.fo@verizon.net]
Sent: Thursday, 30 March 2006 4:48 PM
To: Adelaide Institute
Thanks Fredrick for the gracious response.  I still have several serious problems.  Its hard on Susan as well as on me.  But, I think I must tell you that we are hanging in. 
I wonder if Capt May believes all the malarky he peppers us with?  He's rather like Wolfram Graetz.  Both are intelligent, but somewhat insane.
I'm glad you're back.  I'm waiting to receive word of the insights you accrued on your journey.  Mel 
-----Original Message-----
From: Mel Fowler [mailto:mel.fo@verizon.net]
Sent: Thursday, 30 March 2006 8:52 AM
Captain May appears to be an unabasheded gas-bag. If you think I.m wrong, you must tell me why I'm wrong.  If you don't, I must conclude that you, Fredrick, agree with me. 
From: Adelaide Institute
To: Mel Fowler
Sent: Thursday, March 30, 2006 7:45 PM
Mel, I must do nothing, except die - and so if I advise you that you are aprticlaly right and partially wrong, then I augment this response by the following:  we have so many gasbags - and perhaps the two of us, you and I, are just that as well.
How is your health? That's more important than anything to me now - are you being good and considerate and loving to your wife, Mel?  Fredrick
Reply for Mel
As Mel's points are ad hominem, I can't answer beyond to say that I truly believe what I write, as to many of my associates in military and police intelligence circles.  I believe the best answer to his skepticism is to read the Texas City Inquest, to which I provide links.  I appreciate the compliment of my intelligence, and don't mind the questioning of my sanity!
I think the best way to frame myself for Mel is to explain that I'm a military man on a mission of conscience, meaning that I am driven to defend my country against what is clearly a propaganda war (infowar in my terms) being waged against the people by the government.  I don't waste time or play pranks, I deal in reality -- albeit reality above and beyond the comprehension of folks who don't really want to wake up to facts.  You do the same thing in your way, Dr. Toben, so I'm sure that you're familiar with the argument by those who don't understand you that you're incomprehensible!
4.  From: T Lee Buyea Fla News Service [mailto:ranger116@webtv.net 
Sent: Thursday, 30 March 2006 4:29 P
To: Adelaide Institute
Subject: RE: NUCLEAR 911: TEXAS CITY INQUEST (Special to[Dr Fredrick Toben]   AdelaideInstitute)
Capt. May is a nut case
Forget him
Reply about Thomas Lee Buyea
This is the most interesting of all the criticisms, because this is a former Ghost Troop!  If you'll Google "Ghost Troop Thomas Buyea" you'll find that he was part of the original Ghost Troop that broke up the 3/30/2004 attempt on Texas City (which was connected to the Brit Petro explosion in the city that day, and he was part of the Ghost Troop that correctly predicted activity (turned out to be a pipeline sabotage near Houston) on 9/27/2004.  You published an article containing both predictions/actions (along with Buyea's name in the address lists) with Adelaide Institute:  http://www.adelaideinstitute.org/USA/044.htm
Buyea used to post Ghost Troop articles on my code analysis.  He wasn't confused about what we were doing -- he knew we were in the know.  He turned hostile shortly after I cleaned house on Ghost Troop last summer, perhaps because of ego conflict, perhaps because he had been gotten to by folks who wanted to break down Ghost Troop.
He made attemtps to undermine the valid Texas City alert/prediction of 1/31/2006 as we approached the "kill date," when, according to the exercise scenario that was going to "go live" on Texas City, tens of thousands of American citizens were to die of nuclear blast immediately and radiation sickness afterwards.  If Ghost Troop's reports are taken up by a military coup or other remedy to the current tyranny, I will recommend that he be interviewed extensively to find out just what happened.  His new job appears to be keeping his former colleagues from saving lives, which makes him a Judas in my book.
Back to Dr. T
I hope these replies to the three -- and reply about the fourth -- is of assistance.  In all cases but Buyea's I've been cordial.  I believe that the more your intelligent, independent readers turn to the Texas City Inquest, the more they'll realize that it's really not so much of a stretch to think that an officer on a mission of conscience, willing to die to save others (as all officers are trained to do, pro patria), could form and lead an irregular intelligence/public affairs group called Ghost Troop and alert his own back yard of Texas City against a dictator president needing another 911. 
The Texas City Inquest is accessible via my home page at http://www.spiritone.com/~pazuu/pow-mia/GhostTroopCaptMay.htm, directly below my military photo.
Best regards to you and the Adelaide Institute, CPTMAY




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