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What's Walter Mueller smoking? Just asking! Do I want some of that?

Guilt by association is an infantile attitude! Read what John Bryant and Walter Mueller argued about.



From: Walter Mueller
Sent: Mon, 21 Nov 2005
To: Adelaide Institute

Dear Fellow Patriot!


Frigga's Day 2005-11-18:

Birdman editorial: From: John Bryant

Reports say that David Irving has been arrested in Austria for 'Holocaust denial'. All I can say is GREAT! Irving deserves every bad thing he gets. Irving is a thief, crude, uncooth, insensitive, ungrateful, a boring writer, a lousy historian, probably a document forger, probably an adulterer, probably a pedophile who likes young black males, and quite a few other unpleasant things.

And on top of all this he isn't even a revisionist, except in the mildest sense of questioning a few details of the Orthodox Jewish Version of the Holohoax! And worst of all, he is a Jew who is probably an operative for Organized Jewry, whose prime function is to draw off contributions from whites which might otherwise be used to ends of which Organized Jewry does not approve.

So I say to you, don't give Irving any money, or contribute to any 'defense fund' or anything of the kind -- it will just go down the rathole of David Irving's high-living pockets. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if this whole arrest business wasn't a hoax intended to revive Irving's dying career, by making him out to be a co-equal of Germar Rudolf, Ernst Zundel and other genuine heroes of the Movement who have been the targets of abuse from Irving's co-ethnics and their shabby goy gofers. This man is poison -- let the muthafukka rot in Hell!

PS: If you want documentation of the above charges, go to the Net Losses section (accessible from the Table of Contents on the home page), and scroll down to the ten or so articles on Irving, particularly the first.


Now this comes from the Internet pervert "The Birdman." A friend and close associate of Dr. Fredrick Toben, revisionist from Australia. Check it out again and then compare it to what I have said about Germar Rudolf.

David Irving is not a nice person, however, he is a brilliant writer. I have almost all of his books and can tell you that The Birdman is full of it. It is his books who should be used to lay out birdcages.

Before the Lipstadt trial, David Irving was the world's most respected historian. And guess what, he had several bestsellers. Let's guess how many books The Birdman has sold?

As for Germar Rudolf, his claim to fame is a remake of the Fred Leuchter Report. Otherwise, Germar Rudolf is a lousy business man and a bad decision maker.

And as expected, "kiddy porn lover" Birdman uses foul language to describe his feeling about David Irving.


Fredrick Töben Responds

For the Record - 22 November 2005

1. I once associated with Walter Mueller, but then he adopted a mindset that I have been opposing for a life-time: he wrote nastily about Germar Rudolf, making all sorts of wild allegations - and gloating at a time when Rudolf was in distress. It was a classic case of Schadenfreude where no empathetic understanding has a home.

2. I recall how I had to override Walter's objections to having Zionist Barry Chamish attend our 2004 Sacramento conference. My justification that we must have a representation of all viewpoints, i.e. if we wish to call the conference International, was brushed aside by Mueller who claimed that most Revisionists are Christians. My definition of a REVISIONIST is that any thinking person is a REVISIONIST! Also, I can feel for the Israeli settlers who have been misguided into invading Palestine; I can feel their anguish in having to uproot - justifiably - their existence. The anguish generates empathetic understanding for both the settlers and for the ethnically cleansed Palestinians. The pain motivates to look for a resolution of a seemingly impossible situation - simplistic scapegoating will not make the pain go away.

3. Such reflections, such anguish bypasses Walter Mueller's awareness and he remained dogmatic. The current matter develops into a moral issue where such basic things as heterosexuality and monogamy play a role - but I shall resist the temptation to travel along this road - for the time being.

4. When Walter published his criticism of Germar Rudolf, he did not give Rudolf a right of reply thereby offending against Natural Justice - his otherwise hard-working enterprise and often well-justified criticism in effect became a little gossip shop. This is the tactic used by significant Holocaust believers, and others, such as Professor Deborah Lipstadt who publicly prides herself in not giving Revisionists a right-of-reply by never debating any of them.

5. Walter also commits the silly-immature error of adopting a dependent mindset by accepting the principle 'guilt by association'. Independent thinkers refuse to fall into this trap and will stand by what they themselves represent. How can you understand a contentious issue without moving into the so-called enemy camp? I visited a German public prosecutor with the aim of understanding his mindset - and on the second visit he arrested me. Some claim I was silly in doing this I claim it was an experience well worth the effort. There is little to be gained by not having overcome the fear of fear -and fear of death.

6. If I applying the guilt-by-association principle to Walter, then he has associated with all sorts of individuals in the past, and does that mean he is guilty of associating with the mindset that such individuals brought with them? I could then call Walter all sorts of names - but that would not clarify any issues, except that I would slip into the emotional quagmire of gossiping about Walter. In the past Walter has raptured glowingly about a number of individuals that he met through joining the Revisionist bandwagon. He spoke glowingly about me - and I recall sending him an email requesting him to tone it down. Why? Anyone who raptures about anything or any person can, when the rapture wears down or fades, actually become deflated to the extent - like a drug addict's exhilaration and becoming sober - that the once-loved individual becomes a mortal enemy. The above process is an immature one that can best be labelled scapegoating!

7. What is of interest in all this mud-slinging amongst Revisionists is that it is all so normal human nature at work. You find it amongst the Jewish communities, you find it amongst politicians. A number of defamed individuals have the money to protect themselves by throwing writs at anyone who criticised their enterprise. This is what fraudster Uri Geller does to those who point out that he is a trickster and does not possess any supernatural powers. The writs protect him because he claims that any criticism of his work leads him to suffer in his business enterprise - and so the Trades Practices Act protects his fraud. Magicians, who are honest in their trade claim they are tricking their audience, while Uri Geller claims he has supernatural powers; one group is honest, the other is lying.

8. What Walter is now doing is rather sad - and it seems to me he is attempting to become a prophet - the obnoxious overtly emotional and noisy attitude of mind that claims: I TOLD YOU SO, or as the Germans say: Rechthaberei. This kind of behaviour does not clarify and further the issues around which the Revisionist enterprise swirls. Only such an immature mindset can state that The Rudolf Report is a re-make of The Leuchter Report. That's dumb!

- and your words of advice to me?

Now, back to work!

Dr Fredrick Töben

Töben visiting Mueller at Sacramento in 2003 - when Walter still liked Fredrick! 



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