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Subject: Fear of anti-Semitic label make non-Jews intellectual inferiors

Oct. 22, 2005

Fear of being labeled anti-Semitic make Goyim intellectual inferiors to the Jews

Good Morning, Mike!

I've heard it said, that eagles don't eat flies. I don't know whether they actually do or not; but the expression illustrates what the French mean by 'noblesse oblige': You don't pick on your inferiors; you don't beat women and children.

While this concept is kind-of central to the thinking of Europeans, it seems to be not so well understood by the other members of this fictional 'Human Family'.

We need to appreciate the implications and adjust our attitude accordingly, when we are forced to interact with certain representatives of that family.
From their perspective, we suffer from a mental deficiency, from a vulnerability that needs to be exploited.

To Jewish 'intelligence': We always knew it intuitively, didn't we? Now, that even the Jews themselves have discovered and boast, that they are so much smarter than we goyim, isn't it time for us to acknowledge that truth and stop trembling with revulsion against ourselves, when the epithet "Antisemite!" is hurled at us?

Was it not by exploitation of our attitude toward the downtrodden and by casting themselves in the role of the perpetually and innocently persecuted darlings, that they managed to attain dominance?

They have long ceased to be inferiors, if they ever were. We are no longer eagles or nobles, if we or our ancestors ever were. And defending our branch of the 'Human Family' against psychological attacks and covert warfare with apparent genocidal intent is NOT tantamount to beating women and children. As our intellectual superiors, 'The Jews' are legitimate targets of our intense scrutiny and all their activities are legitimate topics of our most incisive discussion. Suspicion in respect of their intent behind the verbiage directed at our ears is entirely justified by past experience and defensive reaction is nothing less than mandatory.

The fact that we goyim have not figured this out, proves our intellectual inferiority to the Jews.

Next: I'd like to get a copy of "The Riddle of the Jew's Success" and I called, to ask whether you can take VISA. --- All right, just put the phone down, after talking to you. I'll send you $42.00 and my address.

Friendly Greetings,


The Riddle of Anti Semitism


By Jewish Professor Henry Makow Ph.D.
September 26, 2004

Note added: This review was written one year ago by Jewish professor Henry Makow, who is the inventor of the board game Scruples. He received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto. He welcomes your feedback and ideas at: henry@savethemales.ca.



Called "the most influential German anti-Semite before Hitler," Fritsch's most influential book Handbuch der Judenfrage 1896 (Handbook of the Jewish
Question) went through dozens of printings, and was taught in German schools during the Nazi era. Most copies were destroyed after World War Two.

"Handbook" was translated into English in 1927 and titled "The Riddle of the Jew's Success" by F. Roderich-Stoltheim, a pen name. It is extremely rare; original copies cost as much as $1000.

Fritsch does not fit the image of hatemonger foaming at the mouth. His book impresses me as the work a civilized man with considerable spiritual discernment. His central point is that Judaism does not deserve credit for monotheism because the Jewish God is not universal.

"It is a fatal mistake of our theologians to regard the Jewish God as identical with the Christian. On a closer examination, Jehovah is found to be the exclusive God of Jewdom and not, at the same time, that of other men."

He cites many passages from the Old Testament to demonstrate that the Covenant between Jews and their God "bears a hostile meaning for all non-Jewish people."

As a consequence, the Talmud (which is the Jewish code of law) distinguishes one system of morality for Jews and another for Gentiles who are regarded as cattle or swine. Fritsch cites many references to show it is permitted to lie, cheat or steal from a Gentile. (pp. 57-65)

Fritsch concludes that anti Semitism is a natural reaction to these hostile attitudes which he claims are actually practised by many Jews. Since these beliefs are kept secret from non-Jews, he says Judaism is a conspiracy against non-Jews. Its aim is to fulfill the Covenant, and gain dominion over mankind by controlling wealth.


Anti Semitism is not an irrational hatred or sickness in the Gentile soul, as Jews imagine. It is a healthy defense mechanism of mainly Christian and Moslem nations, cultures, races and religions that are threatened by a gradual and insidious process of extinction.

Most "anti Semitic" books I've seen are remarkably free of hatred and rancor.
They do not advocate violence against Jews but present measures to retain national and racial character similar to those practiced by Jews in Israel today.

They tend to be reasonable and portray the Gentile as a feckless victim...Leon de Poncins would even accept Jewish leadership if it were benign.

"The Jewish Question" has been a major issue for hundreds of years. As early as 1879, a German writer lamented that it cannot be discussed honestly.

"Since 1848 if we Germans so much as criticized any little thing Jewish, it was enough to have us entirely outlawed from the press," wrote Wilhelm Marr.
"While a sense of delicacy is wholly absent among the Jews [when satirizing Germans], it is demanded of us that we handle them like fine glassware or extremely sensitive plants." (Anti Semitism in the Modern World: An Anthology 1991,


Part of the Riddle:

"I think the strongest anti-Semitism sometimes exists among Jews. To this day a German Jew often hates Russian or Polish Jews. There are German-Jewish clubs around this country that did not allow Russian or Polish Jews when they first started. Some have relented a little, but not all. I'm sure that when Hitler started, many German Jews didn't mind what he did to other Jews. They didn't expect him to turn on them. Isn't it ridiculous? But if anti-Semitism can exist among Jews, why shouldn't it exist among others?" --- actor Kirk Douglas (ne Issur Danielovitch, son of Russian-Jewish immigrants), The Ragman's Son - An Autobiography, p. 23 (Pocket Books: New York, 1989)

A Classic book you should read for research titled:

The Riddle of the Jew's Success F. Roderich-Stoltheim (Theodor Fritsch)

Hitler's Favorite book? Maybe! But definitely one of Hitler's favorite writers. This author influenced the psyche of MILLIONS of people from the 1890s thru 1945. ESPECIALLY THE NAZI PARTY... He died in 1934. The book was sanctioned in Nazi schools. This book is translated from German by Capel Pownall in 1927.
Oddly, it was published in English in Germany!

THEN over 99% of this book's inventory was burned by the allies after the war. Proof enough, of its power in making people think on the "Jewish Question".
Needless to say, this book is extremely scarce. You will find the remaining copies at all the Ivy League Colleges and some major universities. It is too taboo to find it in a public library. One of the most politically incorrect research books you will ever read. Extremely well written...

From the Preface:

"If there are riddles in the history of the nations, then the Jews most certainly present one of the chief instances; and, whoever has occupied himself with the problems of humanity, without advancing so far as the great problem of the Jews, has, so far as knowledge and experience of life are concerned, merely skimmed the surface of the subject. There is scarcely a field, from Art and Literature to Religion and Political Economy, from Politics to the most secret domains of sensuality and criminality, in which the influence of the Jewish spirit and of the Jewish entity cannot be clearly traced, and has not imparted a peculiar warp or trend to the affairs in question."

To order this fascinating book send check or cash for $42.00 to:

Michael Santomauro
Editorial Director
253 West 72nd street #1711
New York, NY 10023


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