Mordechai Vanunu interview with Norwegian chat site

Date: Thu, 28 Apr 2005 13:55:26 +0500 From: "Eric Walberg"

Some of Mordechai Vanunu's answers to Norwegian chat site  I have corrected most
of the grammar and spelling and included the question only when it was necessary
for clarification.

I see now why the Israeli government doesn't want MV to leave - he is eloquent, has a
sharp wit, and will be a brilliant world peace campaigner once he is freed.
Let's keep up the pressure to free him.

Peace, SJ

Q: Were there more people like you who wanted to tell the world that Israel had a nuclear weapons program, or were you the only one? Taufiqe

MV: There is no one else in Israel who wants to speak about Israel nuclear weapons because you need to be not only against NWs but also believe in peace and criticise Israeli policies in many fields including their own Jewish religion. vmjc email:

* The way to survive is to be very very strong, trusting your humanity and believing in humanity. But the human race is good and we are doing this for the survival of the human race on this earth.

* I decided that they can imprison my body but not my mind and spirit, so I keep this belief all the time. I practice my freedom by exercising the freedom to read and write what I want. Also, to listen to classical music like opera.

* Not at all bitter; I'm very sad for Israelis that they are not mature enough to accept my act and my life and to respect me as a human being. We need to save the Jewish people of Israel from their past history and bring them to live in this new age.

* Your 'Israel - the only democracy in the region' is demolishing houses of families without any crimes, is arresting thousands of young people without trial... Israel invaded Italy to kidnap a citizen and they are occupying foreign territories for 35 years, building settlements. They expelled 80 per cent of the Arabs from their land and took their land and brought people who have never been born or raised here to build this anti-democratic state. Israel is no longer a democracy. Israel is an apartheid racist state.

* The problem is time. We cannot waste more time with this Israel power dictatorship imposing on us their barbaric policy and aggressiveness in the Middle East.

* I studied philosophy and geography in Beer Shiva University. I have my first degree. Started 2nd degree but didn't finish. But now I have a doctorate in modern psychological brainwashing in modern spy mind war. That what I learned in 18 years in prison.

* I would do it again and again without any regret. Israel is a military dictatorship governed by security and secrecy. This is a modern phenomena in a democratic system. Israel is destroying the democratic system from the inside and exporting this policy to the US and Europe.

* Q: Are you guided by a scientist's ethics, or are you a genuine humanist? Perhaps it is something else that drives you? Sigurd

Yes, something from our humanity that no one can control is driving us to save this earth from crazy militarism spy power.

* I am very proud and happy that I have 6 billion people around the world regarding me as a hero.

* Q: Are you still interested in art and do you have a favorite Norwegian artist/painter? Joakim

I like Edward Munch's The Scream.

* I know you have very beautiful fjords and very beautiful women! And very beautiful human rights activists and the Alfred Nobel Peace Prize.

* Why is it when someone like Salman Rushdie writes a book about Satan and 'hate all Muslims' poetry, you all lift Rushdie to the sky and worship him? But now when a man is imprisoned for 18 years because he let the world know about a nuclear project... And still I am paying for it.

* Terrorism is not a real threat. The real danger is nuclear weapons in secret - that is the main problem for every state, including Norway.

* About the US, we are now in the new century, post Cold War and we need to have a new world order. That could be started by all Europe and US behaving fairly with Israel to end the Middle East conflict. That could happen if both Europe and US making the right decision to demand from Israel to become a secular democracy, giving equal rights to every human being and ending Israel's colonialism of the Middle East with Nuclear Weapons. Next, we need all the world to be free from nuclear weapons, to take from every superpower their nuclear weapons. That is the only way for a new world order, governed by the people, by the United Nations for the people, and not for any State.

* Q: You converted to Christianity from Judaism. Was it because you believed in Jesus? Was it because you disliked Judaism? Or was it another reason? What was the reason? Ken

All the answers are very good. Another reason, Judaism is one of the faiths which believes, supports, and encourages racism, and is based on supremacy, creating an apartheid regime.

* Israel is government by Judaism. But I believe in secular democracy.

* Jews should accept and respect Jesus' teaching, values, and the New Testament as much as the Old Testament.

* I'm a Christian. I was converted in Australia in 1986 because I reject the Jewish traditional beliefs of Judaism supremacy. I believe all human beings are equal.

* In Israel if you are Jewish you have all the rights. If you are Christian or Muslim you are second class with no rights.

* The best solution is a secular state with equal rights for all the people. Not a Jewish religious state or Muslim religious state, but one secular state.

* I am a Christian and no one hates Jews [now]. All the world now respects any human being. Europe has all kinds of minorities. There is no more anti-semitism.

* I think if I was [still] Jewish the Israelis and US would have loved me very much and received me as a hero in all the world. But because of my Christianity the Israelis trying to destroy my image and deny me celebrating my freedom.

* In Israel I am still regarded as a double traitor for nuclear weapons and for Christianity.

* Q: What reason do you believe Israel has for being up a nuclear power? Offensive or defensive? Threat & power or war? Gabriel

In my view, it was decided in 1950s as an act not to go for peace but to trust power and to impose on the Palestinians and the Arab world this Israeli Jewish apartheid state. Instead of making peace and receiving back the Palestinian refugees. Now they say for defence. But defence of this racist state.

* Q: Is Israel capable of using these horrible weapons of mass destruction and do you think they will use them? Innsendt

Yes, yes, they have them and they will use them.

* Q: I guess you must now know what it is like to be a Palestinian living in occupied Palestine under tough restrictions? Innsendt

Yes. And I knew before, and I was against it since 1980s, and also since 1967.

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