Siegfried Verbeke arrested on 3 August 2005 at Amsterdam Airport


4 August 2005

Dear friends,

We are very sorry to tell you that yesterday, August 3, 2005, Siegfried has been arrested in the Airport of Schiphol (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) at the moment he wanted to take the airplane.

We - including his lawyer -, have not yet had any contact with him but we suppose that an extradition to Germany will follow as has be done with Zündel in Canada.

More news will follow.

Herbert Verbeke


Fredrick Töben comments: 5 August 2005

I first met Siegfried in May 1997, and at that time he was very much a man behind the scene, trying not to endanger his livelihood, i.e. his printing business.

A man with a passion, Siegfried informed me that the Allies arrested, tortured and killed his uncle whom they had suspected of being a collaborator. This was just at the end of World War Two, and I suppose we can look to the things that are going on in Iraq as a kind of model what happened to anyone the Allies did not like - for whatever reason. Germans will immediately think of the Eisenhower Rheinwiesen.

The recent uproar in Australia concerning the military tribunal that is to judge Australian David Hicks, is a most recent example of how major World War Two elements are still with us to this day. It is said that the Guantanamo Bay military tribunal is a farce for a number of reasons - as was the IMT at Nuremberg in 1946! This matter of the IMT findings will have to be re-visited by those Germans who still want to be Germans.

Siegfried's most recent challenge was made through the Internet to the James Randi Educational Foundation, and their reply to his offer speaks for itself.

I have some pleasant memories of spending time in May 1997 with Siegfried in Belgium, and at that time he did not wish me to make public any photos of him.


...and while I am at it - looking through the archive for the Verbeke photographs here is one photo

that did not make it into my book, Fight or Flight: The Personal Face of Revisionism.

This is a photo of my 'immortal beloved', taken just over 28 years ago,

whom I met again after visiting Siegfried!

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