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Revisionist Skeptics and Believing Skeptics:

Revisionist Siegfried Verbeke vs Believing M Kramer of the James Randi Foundation

[Fredrick Töben preliminary comment:
The Australian Skeptics Society lists its various topics up for challenge - one is ' Holocaust Denial' . A decade ago in our local Adelaide Skeptics Society group I offered to debate anyone on this matter - but my offer was never accepted. It would have meant putting my case for about seven minutes, another person doing it for the other side, then fielding questions from the skeptical audience! The category 'Holocaust denial' is, of course, itself up for analysis because it rests on faulty premise that is designed to terminate an enquiry any thinking minds would normally initiate. Any questioning of the concept is then met with further discussion stoppers- hater, antisemite, racist, xenophobe, etc]


A Challenge to America's James Randi Education Foundation -


Long-time Revisionist from Flanders, Siegfried Verbeke, recently succeeded in resisting a German arrest warrant that demanded the Belgians extradite him to Germany on the usual charges. A Belgian court refused on grounds that extraditions cannot occur between EU member states if the country from which extradition is sought has the same law under which the extradition is requested. Belgium has the same Holocaust laws but it does not apply them as viciously as does Germany.


The following may have had something to do with the sudden Verbeke arrest because only a few weeks before, on 25 October 2004,  he had filled in and sent an Application for Status of Claimant to the James Randi Educational Foundation, 201 SE 12th Street, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316-1815, USA. Perhaps Siegfried had forgotten that America's skeptics, nay the western world's skeptics, are believers in the 'Holocaust' story, in particular in the mass gassing claims.




Siegfried Verbeke's Outline of Project


Statement of the paranormal ability. Limits of the proposed demonstration.

Hundreds  of thousands (even millions) of Jewish people are killed in the Auschwitz gas chambers by hydrogen cyanide (HNC) in the form of Zyklon B. The effect of HNC is based on the fact that it paralyzes the respiration of every individual cell in the body. Oxygen can no longer be transported from the blood through the cell walls into the cells. As the vital cell functions are thereby starved of oxygen, the human being suffocates.

This proceeding has been depicted by thousands of eye-witnesses and by the confessions of the German perpetrators.

Among them: the testimonies of camp commandant Rudolf Höss, Dr Charles Sigismund Bendel, Henryk Tauber, Michael Kupa, Pery Broad, the Frane-Grksch Report, the Vrba-Wetzler-Report, the testimonies of Rudolf Vrba, Jerzy Tabeau, Claude-Vaillant-Courtier, Alter Feinsilber, Szlama Dragon, Dov Paisikovic, Filip Müller, Michael Majlech (alias Milton Buki), Miklos Nyisli, Olga Lengyel, and many others.

All these testimonies conform that the death came in between 2 and max. 15 minutes of exposure to Zyklon B.


Moreover, in many trials these gassings have been proven.


During the I G Farben Trial Dr Herbert Rauscher, Zyklon B expert of the Company Degesch (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Schädlingsbehämpfung, which provided Zyklon B to many customers in Germany and Europe) was shown a can of Zyklon B, and testified under oath.


After been submitted a can of Zyklon B he was asked by judge Telford Taylor how much Zyklon B was needed to kill the people in the gas chamber. He answered: "If you open this 500 gr box, it will easily kill all the people in this courtroom in 2 minutes".


The applicant is ready to be exposed to Zyklon B at least 15 minutes in the same architectural and atmospheric conditions as witnessed by perpetrators and victims. Because the gas chamber of Auschwitz I is still intact and shown to hundreds of thousands of tourists as the original gas chamber, it would be obvious to do the test there.


If this would be impossible, the applicant is ready to undergo the test in a building similar to the original 1941-1944 Auschwitz gas chambers and in the same atmospheric and other conditions.


The test will be in favour of the applicant, if he is still alive after 15 minutes. Moreover, the applicant will stay in the test-room as long as possible and under medical assistance.


The applicant   


Siegfried Verbeke


Letter from James Randi Foundation, November 1, 2004

Dear Sir

Thank you for your JREF Paranormal Challenge Application. We appreciate your interest.

We must reject your claim, however, as the Challenge rules state very clearly that JREF will not accept claims that involve the use of dangerous materials, or any materials that can result in harm or death to the application or any participants.

Your claim involving the deadly gas Zyklon B clearly fall under this category.

If you wish to debate this matter, please contact me via my email address - .


M Kramer
JREF Paranormal Claims Dept.


Siegfried Verbeke replies, November 10, 2004

To the James Randi Educational Foudnation
Mr M Kramer
JREF Paranormal Claims Department
201 S.E. 12th Street
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316-1815

Registered Mail

Dear Sir

Thank you for your November 1 answer.

As I don't find such restrictions in the "Application for Status of Claimant" I would like to know the specific article in this Application on which is based your rejection.


Siegfried VERBEKE
Wandelweg 11
B-85 Kortrijk


Email from Kramer, November 16, 2004


At the very bottom of the Application it clearly states the following, and I quote:

IMPORTANT: ... JREF will also NOT test claims that are likely to cause injury of any sort, such as those involving the whitholding of air, food, food or water, or the use of illicit materials, drugs, or dangerous devices.

Zyklon B gas clearly falls under the category of 'dangerous materials'.

Although your answer to the following question has absolutely no bearing on whether or not we accept a claim, I am compelled by my curiosity to ask you, sir..

Do you deny that Zyklon B gas was responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths at the camps where it has been conclusively proven to have been used by the Nazis to exterminate the Jews, along with other ethnic groups, the mentally retarded, etc...?? Surely you can see that, based solely upon the claim you are making, it would be quite easy to assume that this is indeed your position.

Just curious.

Kramer, JREF


Verbeke replies, December 30, 2004

To the
201 S.E. 12th Street
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316-1815

Dear Mr Kramer,

Cc: your letter/mail dated 16 November 2004

This is unbelievable, magic and Mr Randi's best juggling trick.

We (my friends and I) are discussing and downloading the claim during the whole year 2004, and there was never mention of any "important-clause", as mentioned in your mail.

I would like to know, when and why you installed this clause.
Remember Mr Nixon: no cheating!

Moreover, this restriction doesn't concern me, but will be an issue for lawyers.

I read that you are " just curious" about some questions. I am a busy man. Please look first at . If you have, after reading, still some questions, I cannot help you, because I'm afraid in that case that you must be a religious man, instead of a skeptic one.

You ask me if I deny that Zyklon B gas was responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths (etc.). Of course in this moment I DO NOT BELIEVE in this tale, because in our country it is legally not allowed to doubt it. I was just in jail for 2 weeks (the reason why I could not answer your mail earlier), because the German Gestapo Government wanted my extradition (in Germany disbelievers get 5 years, and in Belgium I got "only" 1 year jail for disbelieving the holocaust).

Why your kind of people need laws and jails? Lack of good arguments?

Just curious.

Siegfried Verbeke.


Kramer responds, January 6, 2005

Dear Mr Verbeke,

Your misguided attempt to exploit the JREFs Paranormal Challenge in your sleazy efforts to promote your twisted agenda have failed. Your claim is NOT a paranormal one. If you (or any of your "friends") could read, you would have understood this when you read the Challenge rules.

Your lawyers do NOT scare us, and neither do you.

We will NOT respond to any further communication from you, but we will happily forward everything you have written (Belgian and German postmarks intact) to the proper authorities in Europe, should you chose to write again.

Your file is closed. Your " claim" , which is NOT a paranormal one, has been REJECTED. This concludes matters.


-Kramer, JREF Paranormal Dept.


Verbeke responds, January 27, 2005

Dear Mr Kramer,

Cc: your letter dated January 6, 2005

In your latest letter you reject my application because this is not a paranormal one. But in your November 16th, 2004 letter you rejected because it was against your rules, rules that you added later on.

This last letter proves that JREF is cheating: you modified your own rules, AFTER my claim came in! I think you are being rather hypocritical.

Moreover you try to scare me by wanting to warn " the proper authorities" , both Belgian and German. You would be very happy if they put me in jail for many years. This is very un-American!

Some Gestapo-people also threatened to deport my mother to Germany in 1942 because she was hiding Jewish women in her home.

You seem to have the same spiritual attitude as the Gestapo, but at least they (the Gestapo) understood that my mother was only acting out of compassion. She was free to go. I don't think you'd be sorry if I spent 5 years in a German prison because I'm being critical and having compassion with the Palestinian people.

JREF's aim is " promoting critical thinking". By sending critical people to " their proper authorities"? By getting rid of them?

JREF's aim is "reaching out to the public and media with reliable information about paranormal and supernatural ideas so widespread in our society today" , excluding the widespread ideas about the supernatural killing of millions by Zyklon B. In this issue JREF prefers to agree with the orthodox dogmas.

JREF is " assisting those who are being attacked as a result of their investigations and criticism of people who make paranormal claims by maintaining a legal defence etc." , but JREF now prefers to send me to jail, because I'm critical towards a powerful and influential group.

See you in the courtroom.

Siegfried VERBEKE
Wandelweg 11
B-8500 Kortrijk


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