From Hebraism to Pan-Jewism


Date: Tue, 19 Jul 2005 21:25:33 +0900

From: Patrick McNally

According to a 1950s French joke, America was the only country to go from barbarianism to decadence with no intervening period of civilization. And Henry Miller caustically dismissed the America of that time as an air-conditioned nightmare. But neither the French joke nor Henry Miller foresaw the infinitely worse perversion of the UAssA into a Prison Planet for its own proles, a depleted uranium poisoner of civilization's cradle in the Middle East, and a ZOG sock puppet for a fifth column of traitors. America has, in fact, gone from low-tech barbarianism to hyper-hi-tech psychosis.

Similarly, Judaism is the only religion to have gone from insular racism to universal racism with no intervening stage of spirituality in between. Religion should have something to do with "binding" [ligare] humans "back" [re-] to their basic source, nature, and purpose. It cannot simply be a group adjustment mechanism to out-compete fellow humans in a zero-sum struggle for scarce resources.

In the library called "The Old Testament," there are a few scattered seeds of spirituality here and there, but the collection of fables and stories is mostly an all-too-less-than-human mixed narrative of interesting myths for children, e.g. Tower of Babel, oppressively boring details, e.g. Book of Numbers, stultifying rules of social control, the 613 Mosaic no-nos, and a Stalinist type of official history-hagiography. There is more to be sure, but few traces of the spiritual quest and internal moral struggle found in Buddha, Socrates, Jesus, and Spinoza are to be found.

However, out of all the OT's racism, revenge, hatred, and reptile-brained retrogradation, can there be anything in all of human history more disgusting, vile, and revolting than Psalm 137? This filthy piece certainly has a peculiar literary beauty of it own but shows how mistaken was the person who said, "Truth is beauty. Beauty-truth....Tis all ye need to know." Psalm 137 is also directly relevant to world history's greatest war crime, i.e. USrael's 15-year long hi-tech massacre, no-morality poisoning, and total obliteration of the culture and history of the Iraqi people and their land.

The divinely inspired psalm starts with a lament, "By the rivers of Bagdhad we sat and wept when we remembered Zion. There on the poplar trees we hung up our harps, for our captors asked us for songs,...They said, 'Sing us one of the songs of Zion.' How can we sing the songs of the Lord while in a foreign land?" Um.... Sounds like a rather nice captivity! No carrying of heavy bricks or working in the hot sun like the fictional Exodus fable. They are not even asked to sing about Baghdad but just to reminisce about the old home town.

After a few interesting and overly dramatic oaths ["may my right arm wither," "may my tongue cleave to the roof of my mouth,"] the psalm ends with a fascinating self-accusation of child-murder. "O Daughter of Baghdad, doomed to destruction, happy is he who repays you for what you have done to us - he who seizes your infants and dashes them against the rock." Psalm 137 is a great example of Jewish revenge and the tendency to go berserk. "They made us sing songs, so we will smash their babies' heads against rocks." Now the real problem is that Judaists believe that all this garbage is somehow God's personal revelation to them. Even secular Jews like David ben Gurion said that revenge had to be taken against Baghdad for the captivity 2,500 years ago. And so now UAssA stooges and sock puppets of USrael's state-terrorist government are smashing Iraq's babies' brains with depleted uranium as a direct result of some ancient brainfart. Truly, no one ever went broke overestimating the stupidity of Mencken's "boobus americanus religiosus."

The link between Psalm 137 and today's monstrous war crimes is what will get us to Pan-Jewism. A quick bird's-eye view of Jewish history shows four major isms unifying the long c. 4,000-year narrative. Judaic history is certainly very ancient, but very childish. A shorter, but more moral and intelligent history would have been better. "Hebraism" [ism #1] has been defined as "a moral theory or emphasis attributed to Hebrews." Since Judaism [ism #2] as a religion is younger than Christianity and developed to fight the teachings of Jesus and his followers, "Hebraism" can be used to refer to the whole range and farrago of OT wisdom, wizardry, superstition, and racist idiocy. There is no Judaism without the Talmud and its anti-Christian and anti-human polemical racism. Most of the Talmud is trivial biographical data and quasi-hagiographic encomia for various rabbis, but there is enough "master race" garbage about the sub-Jew status of humans that the Talmud merits serious, direct, and independent attention, i.e. not to be trusted is some rabbi's "Talmud for Humans" bowdlerized mendacity.

Until 19th Century Zionism [ism #3], most Judaists were not interested in politically and militarily conquering Palestine, although many rabbis did go and peacefully live there until directly or indirectly driven out by Zionist lunatics in the 20th Century. The 19th Century gave rebirth to two distinct forms of Jewish Supremacy [Judaica über Alles]. Both are thoroughly anti-Jewish in the sense of going against the aspirations and interests of what Ezra Pound called "the little Jews" and what are here called the self-chosen tribe's Solomon Sixpackers and Hyman Lunchboxers. The first and much better known of the two was Zionism. However, whatever Zionism may have meant 100 years ago, it is today deader than a doornail. Aliyah [Going up to Zion] was the necessary and sufficient condition of Zionism. Aliyah = Zionism! No aliyah = no Zionism! At that time, some comics expressed this by ironically saying, "A Zionist is someone who wants to send someone else to Palestine." Nowadays native Israelis complain that American Jews just send their mentally ill, criminally indicted, and retards. As Israel Shamir says, "The Israelis are the riffraff of world Jewry." At any rate, emigrating to Izzie has become as popular as emigrating to Stalin's old Soviet Onion or sightseeing in liberated Iraq.

The second modern ideology in which the fossil of Hebraism's old racism resurrected itself was called Semitism [ism #4], an anti-Zionist and anti-Jewish idiotology. Semitism was one of the newest manifestations of Jewish racism but it has very ancient roots in the two stories of Joseph and Esther. Joseph told his brothers and Esther's guardian told her something like the following, "Hey, don't say anything about being Jewish until we have sucked up to the local power elite. Think locally, but act globally! We can take over this place." Semitism is anti-Zionist in that it opposes Teddy Herzl's childish delusion of turning Europe's Jewish elite shysters and embezzlers into productive Palestinian dirt farmers. Unbelievable! If any hapless goy talked about Jews the disparaging way that Teddy did, he would be arrested in today's Germany and France for "Oih vey!" hate speech and holyhoax denial.

At any rate, Semitism argued that a well organized Jewish elite could take over those countries that had foolishly granted them universal Enlightenment rights and that this elite should then abuse and misuse those rights to take those selfsame rights away from the goyim cattle and even the Sixpackers. Semitism is anti-Sixpacker because the Sixpackers and Lunchboxers should know that they always end up with the short end of the stick from the dirty tricks that their own elite so love to play. That is the profoundest lesson from Norman Finkelstein's The Holocaust Industry which is a searing, detailed, and humorous indictment of the Jewish elite for deceiving and embezzling humongous bucks away from simple ordinary holocaust surviving Sixpackers. They survived the holocaust but not the holocaust industry.

Some of Israel's fifth columnists and traitors use the strange term, "non-aliyah Zionism." The worst of these traitors never use the term but do the deed. Martin Indyk is a great example. As an adult living in Izzie, he realized he could best serve the state-terrorist government's interests by moving back to the UAssA. So his fellow fifth columnists got the real Israeli ambassador to the USA, Bill Clinton, to appoint Martin as ambassador to Izzie. But Martin was not even an American citizen? No problem! In a maneuver that shows how utterly ZOGifried the UAssA is, Martin was transmogrified overnight from a wandering Jew into an American citizen so that he had at least the minimum legal qualifications to serve as ambassador of a country to which he had about zero moral allegiance. No dual loyalty there! No loyalty at all!

Thus, we can conclude that the racism historically coming out of the OT is protean, chameleon-like, and environmentally highly adaptive. It can quickly shed one skin and grow a completely different one. Pat Buchanan pointed to this phenomenon when he called the neocons the cow-birds of American conservatism for the way they thoroughly took over both WFBuckley's National Review and the whole conservative movement.

How can the current strategy of such a protean racism be best captured in one word? "Hebraism" is clearly obsolete and dead. "Semitism" was never given the focus it deserved because the Jewish Supremacists behind Semitism were able to distract attention from it by turning "anti-Semitism" into an empty and meaningless smear word. "Judaism" is inappropriate because in the West it has succeeded in getting itself passed off as a "world religion" coequal to Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam. However, it is interesting to note that in Japanese texts, Judaism is treated merely as a national religion like Shinto. Whenever and wherever Judaism is ranked along with Christianity and Islam as a Semitic or Abrahamic world religion, folks simply cannot see that it is a racist political ideology and not at all a serious human religion. "Zionism" is not useful word because very few Jews do life-long aliyah and non-aliyah Zionism is the same as Semitism.

The word "Pan-Jewism" is a good label to describe the analyses independently done by Israel Shamir [cf. Pardes], Gilad Atzmon, and Ardeshir Mehta. Shamir argues that there is no biological Jewishness and uses "Jewry" or "the Jews" to refer to one major elite pushing today's mammonizing and globalizing destruction. Atzmon uses "Zionism." Mehta uses "Judaism." It is best to use an -ism word to denote that there is no biological Jewishness. "Juda-ism" fits the bill, but most Jewists [Jewism racists] will say that they are not religious and, therefore, cannot be Judaists. Most racists will also say they are not Zionists because they do not want to do aliyah.

However, anyone who supports the continued existence of the apart-hate state of Israel is a racist, i.e. a Jewist. In particular, all the so-called Gentiles who vigorously support the existence of "Der Judenstaat" [Herzl's term for a state of Jews, by Jews, and for Jews] are racist Jewists. Strangely enough, some of the worse Jewists are Gentiles or perhaps only acting the part for short-term advantages. Nothing biological about it at all!

Israel's most fundamental problem is its inherently vicious and genocidal racism. The so-called occupation is only a violent manifestation of this underlying racism. Even calling it merely an occupation is a euphemism which shows the power of Israeli propaganda [hasbara = bamboozle, bullshit] to control the discourse. The "occupation" is an ethnic cleansing or genocide-on-the-installment-plan.

Pan-Jewism is a universal racism because it does not want to live a separate, national life uninfluenced by and uninfluencing outsiders [Think locally! Act locally!] It suffers from a messianistic narcissism and seeks to fulfill Isaiah's phoney universalism [Think locally! Act globally!] whereby the goyim bring their wealth to Jerusalem, bow down before the Jews, and function as Shabbath goyim. There is nothing to be discussed or negotiated with racist Jewists.

Delenda est Judaea!

Comment: Ardeshir Mehta

... it's high time WE changed all that, and pointed out clearly that Judaism is much more the co-equal of such horrid ancient religions as the Maya and Aztec religions, which practiced human sacrifice! The culprit, as I see it, is CHRISTIANITY, which preserves the Old Testament *verbatim* as "Holy Writ". THAT's why "Judaism" in the West has succeeded in getting itself passed off as a "world religion". It is CHRISTIANITY that needs a through overhaul ... and this won't happen unless "Christians" the world over openly repudiate the teachings of the CHURCHES, and embrace instead the teachings of CHRIST. As Voltaire never tired of saying, referring to the Catholic Church, *Ecrasez l'infâme*! Only THEN will Judaism with its proud and violent racism be erased from the world's consciousness.


Comment: Peter Myers
Patrick's piece is marred by overstatement. Words like "garbage" and "idiotology" turn neutral readers off. Understatement is preferable. A man of Patrick's vocabulary can fine-tune a message by selecting more moderate words. Patrick could have compared the Hebrew mentality to the Greek. The Greeks considered other peoples "barbarians", but I doubt one can find anything like "smashing their children against a rock" in their literature.

Comment: Fredrick Töben

Patrick - your statement will be featured in our September Newsletter - it is the best summary of a mindset that I have ever read. And I have also placed it in the Zündel Reports section ... The understatement matter is a typical attitude that leads to fence-sitting and seat wetting!

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