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Germans libelled and defamed without fighting back

Ernst Zündel refuses to believe in the 'Holocaust' = terrorized by Canadian judiciary

In Canada refusal to believe in the 'Holocaust' has become a national security matter.

When will the 'war on terrorism' be extended to the REVISIONISTS who refuse to believe in the 'Holocaust'?

- and all this to ensure Biblical prophecy comes to pass: establishing Greater Israel, from the Nile to the Euphrates, never mind the Palestinians - their land has been ethnically cleansed...and the world stood by and let it happen!



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From: Paul Fromm
Sent: Thursday, July 21, 2005 12:56 AM
Subject: Zundel Charged With "Hate" In Germany

Dear Free Speech Supporter:

Yesterday afternoon, I received a call from a Canadian Press reporter seeking my reaction as one of German publisher Ernst Zundel’s Canadian supporters to news that the German government had charged him with inciting “hate” for questioning the Hollywood version of World War II.

I told the reporter that I thought the charges marked a sad day in German history. One of the results of the Allied victory in WW II was to install a government dedicated to democracy in Germany. Ernst Zundel has often spoken contemptuously of the German government that he calls “the vassal state” – as it was installed by the Allies at the end of a war where there was never a peace treaty signed with the defeated German state. “Sixty years later, what sort of democracy do you have where people are jailed for speaking out for their political views?”

I suggested that Germany, a proud and cultured nation, was acting like some mediaeval backwater where thinkers, like Galileo who questioned the accepted wisdom (superstition) of the day, were tortured of jailed. “It’s demeaning,” I said.

The unseemly delay in charging Mr. Zundel and either releasing him or bringing his case to a speedy conclusion seems part and parcel of the judicial abuse to which he’s been subjected in Canada and the U.S. as well. Germany wanted the Revisionist publisher extradited on an outstanding warrant. That meant they had charges prepared. Yet, he was held in “investigative detention” and incarceration for over four months – March 2 to July 19, while the system toyed with him.

The reporter, somewhat oddly, asked me what I thought the Canadian government should do in Mr. Zundel’s case. “Frankly, they’ll do nothing,” I replied. “He’s a German citizen. They’ll see his case as a German matter,” I added.

“Besides, they’ve already done their worse. By deporting him as a ‘terrorist’ and ‘threat to national security,’ the Canadian government has demeaned the term and shown how confused and lost it is. At a time, when human flesh and bones are splattered over the walls of London subway stations by real terrorists, the Canadian government labels a lifelong pacifist with controversial ideas a ‘terrorist.’ But perhaps that not so surprising, when this is the same government about to change the definition of marriage from a man and a woman, which has served our civilization for nearly 3,000 years, to now include Bruce buggering Barry on a permanent basis.”
Paul Fromm


Germans charge Ernst Zündel with inciting hate

Ernst Zündel

BERLIN — German prosecutors said Tuesday they have charged white supremacist Ernst Zundel with inciting racial hatred, four months after he was deported from Canada.

German authorities accuse Zundel of decades of anti-Semitic activities, including repeated denials of the Holocaust -- a crime in Germany -- in documents and on the Internet.

Zundel is "known internationally as a leader of the right-wing scene,'' prosecutors in the southwestern city of Mannheim said Tuesday in a statement listing 14 examples of alleged incitement.

It was unclear when he might face a trial, which Jewish leaders hope will spread awareness of the Holocaust.

Zundel was arrested in March on his arrival in Germany after a long legal battle, and remains in jail. He had been detained in Toronto since 2003 under anti-terrorism laws and deported after a Canadian judge ruled his activities a threat to national and international security.

The Canadian Jewish Congress said it was glad to hear Zundel had been charged, but said justice will not be served fully until he is convicted.

"Certainly we're very pleased that German prosecutors have charged Mr. Zundel,'' spokesman Len Rudner said from Toronto.

"But it's a successful prosecution that will go a long way to completing discrediting Ernst Zundel.''

Born in Germany in 1939, Zundel emigrated to Canada in 1958 and lived in Toronto and Montreal until 2001. Canadian officials rejected his attempts to obtain citizenship in 1966 and 1994.

He moved to Pigeon Forge, Tenn., until he was deported to Canada in 2003 for alleged immigration violations.

While Jewish groups in Canada hailed Zundel's deportation, some civil libertarians argued it was a crime against freedom of speech.

"Banning ideas -- even foolish ones -- is just never healthy,'' Paul Fromm, the president of the Canadian Association for Freedom of Expression, said Tuesday from Toronto after hearing of Zundel's charges.

"It's very disappointing and it's sad to see the German government has learned nothing about democracy.''

German prosecutors obtained an arrest warrant for Zundel in 2003. Because his Holocaust-denying website was available in Germany, he is considered to have been spreading his message to Germans.



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From: guenter.deckert@freenet.de
Sent: Wednesday, July 20, 2005 10:48 PM
Subject: Ernst / heutige Zeitungsmeldung

Mannheimer Morgen, 20. Juli 2005 (1944!)

Anklage gegen Ernst Zündel Prozeß in Mannheim
Von unserem Redaktionsmitglied Hans-Dieter Füser

Mannheim - Die Staatsanwaltsachaft Mannheim hat gegen den Rechtsextremisten Ernst Zündel Anklage wegen Volksverhetzung in 14 Fällen erhoben. Dem 66jährigen Zündel wird vorgeworfen, im Internet ("Zundelsite") und durch diverse Publikationen den Völkermord an den Juden in der Zeit des Nationalsozialismus systematisch geleugnet und verharmlost zu haben. Dies sagte Staatsanwalt Andreas Grossmann gestern unserer Zeitung. Der Holocaust-Leugner habe ferne durch antisemttischje Hetze zum Haß gegen die jüdische Bevölkerung aufgerufen

Nach Angaben der Staatsanwaltschaft hat Zündel seine Aktivitäten "mit hohem publizistischen Aufwand" betrieben. Er gelte in rechten Krisen international als bekannte Führungsfigur. Zu seinen Hauptthemen zähle, so Grossmann, daß der "Holocaust eine nutzbringenden Nachkriegspropaganda" sei, um das deutsche Volk zu erpressen. Dazu zähle die Behauptung, es gebe "kein Beweis, daß der Holocaust stattgefunden hat". Die Juden-Politik der Nationalsozialisten sei auf Emigration ausgerichtet gewesen, nicht auf Ausrotttung.

Die Staatsanwaltschaft erwartet den Prozeßbeginn "nicht vor November". Auf jeden der angeklagten 14 Fälle stehen maximal fünf Jahre Haft. - Zündel, geboren im baden-württembergischen Calmbach und 1958 nach Kanada ausgewandert, war im März 2005 von den dortigen Behörden an Deutschland ausgeliefert worden. Er war als Gefahr für die nationale Sicherheit eingestuft worden. Zündel sitzt seither in Mannheim in Untersuchungshaft."

From: "Walter Mueller
Sent: Friday, July 22, 2005 11:49 AM

I usually don't write much about great revisionist Ernst Zundel. Once in a while, when I feel my candor is needed, I do. All updates go straight to the Adelaide Institute, which has the only updated and alive "Ernst Zundel in Germany" website. If you need current information, this is the place to go. The Adelaide Institute gets its info directly from the sources and activists in Germany.

Having said that, you all probably have heard that finally the veteran revisionist Ernst Zundel was charged. The usual charge and the same charge as the one from 1993, that made Ernst Zundel a German fugitive.

As the news hit the airwaves, the tone amongst the usual "Zundel pimps" became hostile, exaggerated, and quite dishonest.

Surely, everyone knows by now that I don't harbor any sympathy for the current form of government in my home country of Germany and it's laws. However, the hysterical responses to Zundel's formerly being charge are yet expressing the true feelings of Canadians and Americans.

Paul Fromm, and other pimps, are trying to milk the "Zundel Cow" again. They spew inaccurate information and make it look like Ernst Zundel is now worse off.

Of course, that is not true. Most of the laws that prohibit holocaust denial and incitement of racial hatred have been there before the war on terror. The Ernst Zundel pimps knew very well what was waiting for him in Germany.

It seems they forgot that at least the German government draws a clear line and lets its people know when they violate a law. It's not like in the U.S., where Ernst Zundel was kidnapped, or in Canada, where he was locked up in solitary confinement, without any human rights.

Zundel pimps are shouting "Give me a drum roll". Evil Germany has done it again. The dishonesty and hypocrisy of white supremacists like Paul Fromm and others is amazing. Or isn't it? Just today, I read another sob-story on the Duke website, how Paul Fromm needs $ 50,000 so he can fight those who fired him. The show must go on!!

Let's face it, folks, compared to Canada and the U.S. with it's anti-terrorist laws, Germany looks like an altar boy. Even more so when one considers that the U.S. and Canada both promised their citizens Liberty, Freedom and Justice for all.

The U.S. even guarantees these kind of things in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Germany got its laws from the de-Nazification program that was implemented after the war by guess who? The U.S.

The Patriot Act in the U.S. has pretty much suspended most constitutional rights. Homeland Security can pretty much do anything it wants to.

Let me say this again - never forget that it was the American government that kidnapped Ernst Zundel and the Canadian government that held him in solitary confinement for two years.

Germany pretty much does not hide behind phony amendments. You break the law and it means jail for you. No, I don't agree with those laws, but it leaves a choice. In the U.S. I never know when they are going to come and arrest me. What's right today is illegal tomorrow. Guantanamo Bay speaks for itself.

I am sick of these self-loathing Ernst Zundel pimps, who say and do anything to make a buck - and Ernst Zundel is the least of their concern.

You'd like to know the truth? You like to know what's going on? Go to the Adelaide Institute's website.

Even David Irving is now suddenly Ernst Zundel's best friend. I remember when Irving wouldn't even talk about Zundel's incarceration in Canada.

Zundel is 100 times better off in Germany then he was in Canada. These constant exaggerations to raise funds are an insult to the many German activists who diligently work on making life easier for the hero of revisionism.




How did the far Left manage to slip into bed with the Jew-hating Right?

David Aaronovitch
June 28, 2005

WHEN I WAS YOUNG, smug centrists used to tell me that the extremes of Right and Left would, extended far enough, meet somewhere round the back. And I never quite believed it. But here’s a story that seems to suggest that it really can happen. Indulge me . . .
First a recapitulation. The Respect Party of George Galloway famously turned in the best performance by a far-Left party since the Communists won two seats in 1945. Respect itself is mostly — though not entirely — a front for the semi-Trotskyist organisation called the Socialist Workers’ Party, or SWP. SWP members made up just under half of Respect’s candidates, SWP activists form the party’s main cadre and it is the SWP that drives the strategy, tactics and political platform of Respect.

When I was at college, the local SWP used to drive around in minibuses looking for members of the far Right to beat up. In those days the party had an uncompromising attitude towards those it decided were “racists and fascists”, throwing politicians such as Sir Keith Joseph into an adjacent sub-category and trying to get them banned from making speeches.

Next week the SWP begins the annual festival at which members, supporters and friends are spoken at and sung to on topics revolutionary and progressive. Marxism 2005 features grizzled Trots from the 1970s, Tony Benn, George Galloway, a poet or two and, for the third year running, billed at No 13 on the speaker’s list, a chap called Gilad Atzmon.

And that’s where the trouble starts. Atzmon is a well-known jazz-musician, an Israeli-born Jew and — as the SWP has previously described him — also a deliverer of “fearless tirades against Zionism”. But the tirades have got him into trouble with more than just the Jewish community. A Palestinian musician told me a couple of years ago that she would no longer work with Atzmon because, in her opinion, he was “an anti-Semite”. He had, somewhere, crossed the line.

In 2003, for instance, Atzmon, who makes many speeches and runs a very substantial website, said this about the idea of a global Jewish plot: “We must begin to take the accusation that the Jewish people are trying to control the world very seriously.”

Why? Because “American Jewry makes any debate on whether the Protocols of the Elders of Zionitic forgery are an authentic document or rather a forgery irrelevant. American Jews do try to control the world, by proxy. So far they are doing pretty well for themselves at least.”

So, he’s a silly boy advancing slightly dangerous arguments (or “fearless tirades”). And we might take no notice. It’s just that Atzmon does get about a bit — gigs, meetings, university debates, and yet one of his heroes is an author and activist, Israel Shamir.

According to Atzmon, “Shamir is a very civil and peaceful man and probably is the sharpest critical voice of ‘Jewish power’ and Zionist ideology.”

I first came across Shamir after I’d made a programme for Channel 4 on anti-Semitism in Islamic countries. In it I’d pointed out how the “blood libel”, the slanderous accusation that Jews killed gentiles for the blood, had travelled from medieval Europe to the Middle East. But was it slander? Shamir, who claims to be a Russian Jew from Jaffa, wrote a long article in response arguing that the Jews probably were guilty of kidnapping Christian children and drinking their blood. I was more than amazed.

Shamir both buys the world plot and has some very strange allies. “For as long,” he wrote, “as Richard Perle sits in the Pentagon, Elie Wiesel brandishes his Nobel Prize, Mort Zuckerman owns the USA Today, Gusinsky bosses over Russian TV, Soros commands multi-billions of funds and Dershowitz teaches at Harvard, we need the voices of (David) Duke, (Justin) Raimondo, (Pat) Buchanan, (Horst) Mahler, (Nick) Griffin and of other anti-bourgeois nationalists.” For those who don’t know, Mahler is ex-Baader Meinhof turned neo-Nazi, David Duke is a former leader of Ku Klux Klan and Nick Griffin is our very own Welshpool Duce.

And despite warnings about his true identity as a Swedish fascist, Shamir sits on the 16-person board of advisers of the international pro-Palestinian campaign organisation, Deir Yassin Remembered (DYR), named after a Palestinian village destroyed and ethnically cleansed in 1948 by the Zionist terror groups, Irgun and the Stern gang. DYR organises events that many of the great and good of the pro-Palestinian movement attend.

As it happens the Jewish UK Director of DYR, Paul Eisen, is a fan of Shamir’s, describing him as a man “who has no trouble whatsoever in calling a Jew a Jew . . .”

And Eisen is of Atzmon and Shamir’s mind concerning Jewish power. Last year he expressed the view that Jewish influence in America was “not over its muscle and sinew but over its blood and its brain . . . Lists abound (though you have to go to some pretty unpopular websites to find them) of Jews, prominent in financial and cultural life.”

It seems to have been on one of these “unpopular websites” that Eisen made a fatal connection. He discovered the site of one Ernst Zundel.

“Zundel,” wrote Eisen, “is a gentle, good-humoured man . . . Zundel understands people and . . . he understands history.” Zundel, a German-born Canadian, is not just a modern saint, but also the distributor of the booklet, Did Six Million Really Die? And a co-publisher of the rather heroically titled, The Hitler We Loved and Why.
In an article published last December Eisen explained what he’d learnt from kindly Ernst. “No one is able to show us, at Auschwitz or anywhere else,” argued Eisen, “even one of these chemical slaughterhouses. No one is capable of describing to us their exact appearance or workings. Neither a trace nor a hint of their existence is to be found . . . Nor would it be the first time that Jews have accepted and propagated stories, true, false or a mixture of both, of their suffering.”

It was Eisen on the Holocaust that sent the balloon up for Atzmon at Marxism 2005. Because Atzmon firstly circulated Eisen’s Holocaust-denying article, then told critics defiantly that, “my take on the subject is slightly different than Paul’s one”. “For me,” Atzmon continued, cretinously, “the Holocaust like any other historical narrative is a dynamic process of realisation and interpretation.”

Not a few left-wing Jews who style themselves “anti-Zionist” have been horrified by the Atzmon-Eisen-Shamir business. And a couple of weeks ago they began to exert pressure on the SWP to disinvite the over-fearless tirader. But the SWP — it of “smash racism” — has refused. The party issued a statement. It was, it admitted, a bit worried about Atzmon, because: “We think that some of the formulations on his website might encourage his readers to feel that he is blurring the distinction between anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism.” But, it nevertheless concluded: “We do not believe that Gilad should be ‘banned’ from performing or speaking. ‘No Platform’ is a principle that the Left has always reserved for fascists and organised racists.”

There are a couple of questions left begging there. Are the readers, in the SWP’s usually magisterial and definite opinion, right to “feel” that the distinction between anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism is being blurred, or not? And is Atzmon being exempted from banishment because he is merely a disorganised racist?

Or is it that an influential section of the far Left has, in this instance and on this issue, completely and disgracefully lost its political and moral compass?


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