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Revising History a Dangerous Job

Thought Nazis Charge Outspoken Pacifist-Historian With ‘Hate’

By John Tiffany

American Free Press, September 5, 2005

On July 20, the German government charged German-Canadian- American publisher Ernst Zündel with inciting “hate” for questioning the official version of World War II.

German authorities accused Zündel of decades of anti-Semitic activities, including skepticism about the Holocaust (a crime in Germany) in documents and on the Internet.

Zündel is “known internationally as a leader of the right-wing scene,” prosecutors in the southwestern city of Mannheim said in early August in a statement listing 14 examples of alleged incitement.

It was unclear when he might face a trial, which Zionist leaders hope will spread awareness of the Holocaust.

One of the results of the Allied victory in WWII was to install a government dedicated to democracy in Germany.

“Sixty years later, what sort of democracy do you have where people are jailed for speaking out for their political views?” Zündel asked.

The delay in charging Zündel and either releasing him or bringing his case to a speedy conclusion seems part and parcel of the judicial abuse to which he has been subjected.

Germany wanted the publisher extradited on an outstanding warrant. That means they had charges prepared. Yet he was held in “investigative detention” from March 2 to July 19.

At a time when bloody violence has engulfed much of the world, the Canadian government labels a lifelong pacifist with minority ideas a “terrorist.”

Born in Germany in 1939, Zündel immigrated to Canada in 1958. He lived in Toronto and Montreal until 2001. Canadian officials rejected his bids to obtain citizenship in 1966 and 1994.

He moved to Pigeon Forge, Tenn., until he was deported to Canada in 2003 allegedly due to immigration violations.

In another setback for the cause of free speech, Canada has joined an international crackdown on “Internet racism” and its “links to terrorism,” said Justice Minister Irwin Cotler.

To write to Ernst Zündel: Ernst Zuendel, JVA Mannheim, Justiz-Vollzugsanstalt, Herzogenried Strasse 111, D 68169 Mannheim, Germany.

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