To my friends in Australia


Ernst Zündel

JVA Mannheim

Herzogenried Str 111

D-68169 Mannheim



25 September 2005


A sign of life as well as proof that I have not yet given up the ghost – after 32 months of imprisonment in numerous prisons, jails, holding cells of three countries on two continents – as yet not convicted by a properly constituted and constitutionally empowered court! All that for thinking for myself and having the courage to state my opinions – peacefully without advocating violence.


That must be some kind of record? I am not aware of anyone in history, certainly not in modern history to whom that has happened!


I must tell you that I am labouring under severely restricted postal rules. All letters going out and coming in are opened and read by the presiding German judge who will sit in judgment over me – I believe with others.


I am allowed to write and receive two letters only each workday. Only in English and German. All other languages like French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese are not forwarded to me. All inserts, newsletters, news cuttings, even from such main street papers as the New York Times, The Times of London, The Independent, even health and nutrition related publications are withheld from me!


So far Euros and postage stamps (German stamps) have been allowed me, and I have been able to write to my wife – but numerous letters from her to me have been confiscated and are being used as evidence in my case, which will start on 8-9th November 2005. I am not allowed to write about the case!


I want to thank you for your help and loyalty!


Ernst Zündel





Dear friend Lila!


A short sign of life from Mannheim Prison, and another request to make a photocopy of the enclosed note to some of the Zündel friends in Australia, otherwise my friends “down under” may think I have given up the ghost - which is far from the truth! The facts are, Lila, I am re-building my shattered health – after that barbaric treatment in Canada, with its lousy medical care, and its lack of exercise and fresh air.


No one can survive North American imprisonment without major damage to their mental or physical health – because of the mineral-vitamin – and enzyme dead food they are given!


I saw two prisoners die in Canada, one was only 25. The guards told me that Canadian prison guards died “statistically documented” on average within two years after they retired! I am not surprised!


They are eating after the leftover food rations which are left over after prisoners are deported, transferred or were released! With the same results!


One very human guards, a white of 54, who knew my case from the 1980s and 1990s, died three days after being diagnosed with cancer. Another guard – advanced – Captain – died of cancer at age 48. Another was on chemo. One woman guard had her larynx surgically removed!

I read decades ago a book by a German scientist who was the last ‘Kommissar’ of the Development of Radar in the Third Reich.


He said that we would see a vast increase in mental and physical illnesses due to the fact that people lived and worked in steel re-enforced concrete apartment buildings and high rise – sky scraper, office buildings.


The reasons? The steel-wire, re-bar concrete construction method acted like a beneficial ray shield.


Apparently we humans need an interchange between the photons we ingest in our food along with electrons and atoms.


It is in a bi-polar/symbiotic relationship with the sun’s rays that we re-charge our human energy batteries – without this energy recharge humans simply wilt away and literally die of a run-down battery.


If you t6hink, Lila, that this is too much ‘Revisionism’ for you I recommend a very interesting little book of 64 pages by Dr Johanna Budwig, who had two doctorates, one in chemistry and one in medicine. The title of her little book is Flax Oil as a true aid against Arthritis, Heart Infarction, Cancer and other diseases, available from apple publishing. com at 220 East 59th Ave, Vancouver, BC – V5X1X9, Canada. $9.95, +p.h.


I was one of her patients, she helped save my life! It may help save a fellow Revisionist’s life!


Thank you for your help, Lila. Give my regards to all. All the best to you.


Ernst Zündel




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