The Nazi hate campaign spluttering into action - on the back of Terrorist Legislation




A timely warning
14 October 2005

ALASTAIR Nicholson makes some excellent comments denouncing the so-called "anti-terror" laws as a hoax, warning that the Government and its agencies will use these oppressive laws for abuse of power. This is precisely what many civil liberties organisations, including this one, have said again and again. It provides a danger, not only to Muslims, but to the community in general, because of the wide-ranging application of these laws, and the way they can be abused for political control. It will create a terrorist state under the guide of "fighting terrorism".

Geoff Muirden, Australian Civil Liberties Union, Carlton



Racists posing as civil libertarians
17 October 2005

THERE is room for disagreement and debate regarding anti-terrorist legislation, but beware of extremist organisations hijacking this contentious issue in order to gain recognition, respectability and media acceptance.

The so-called Australian Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and spokesman Geoff Muirden ("A timely warning", Letters, 14/10) should not be confused with the bona fide Australian Council for Civil Liberties. The ACLU is in fact one of Victoria's most antiSemitic Holocaust-denying organisations, with a long history of espousing xenophobic views, and with ties to notorious racist organisations, both locally and abroad.

The ACLU was founded by John Bennett, following his expulsion from the Victorian Council for Civil Liberties (now Liberty Victoria) in 1980, after linking his Holocaust-denial views with the council, which made his position untenable. Meanwhile, Muirden is connected with Fred Toben's Holocaust-denying Adelaide Institute, has written for extremist publications and spoken at far-right functions and forums.

It is of concern that use of the name Australian Civil Liberties Union may give this racist organisation undeserved legitimacy in the community.

Annette Gladwin, liaison officer, B'nai B'rith Anti-Defamation Commission Inc



Poor Annette - the real Antisemite and Racist who uses the 'Holocaust' and 'Terrorist' label to win the battle-of-the-wills
17 October 2005

Annette Gladwin, of the Jewish B'nai B'rith Lodge, is once again at her best hinting at and peddling her usual implied Jewish supremacist stuff.

By labelling, libelling and defaming those who oppose her world view she does not need to engage in any argument offered - and this suits her because she has none to offer.

While respected organisations such as the Australian Law Society, the ACT Chief Minister, et al, warn of the danger of adopting the Howard Terrorism package, Jews have, without exception, remained silent on the issue. This implies that Jews are happy with the situation. Why should they not be!

Jewish Australians successfully have


1. legally silenced European Australians with the 'Holocaust' myth, denial of which is considered to be a 'racist' matter - which it is not, and


2. through the Terrorism laws that will effectively silence Muslim Australians.

By throwing the 'racist' tag at anyone who refuses to believe in the 'Holocaust', and the 'terrorist' tag at those who are not afflicted by 'for fear of the Jews' syndrome - as most Christians are but Muslims are not - Annette Gladwin thinks that free speech will remain only in her personal domain. How wrong she is!

The Jewish ethnic cleansing of Palestine will come to haunt her in years, if not in decades to come, and no amount of shouting: "hater, Holocaust denier - antisemite - racist - xenophobe", will deflect from this horrendous crimes against humanity perpetrated by Jews against the true Semites, the Palestinians.

Dr Fredrick Töben
Adelaide Institute


Mannheimer Morgen

Mannheim, Germany

17 October 2005


Guten Tag

Ist es jetzt nicht bald Zeit, dass Sie ein Hetze campaign gegen Ernst Zündel starten, dessen Prozess in Mannheim am 8 November 2005 beginnt?

Die Welt wird jetz schon vom Dr Efraim Zuroff, SimonWiesenthal Zentrum, Jerusalem, angeheizt, der erste Kandidat soll ein Nazi in Spanien sein.

Sicherlich haben Sie auch solche noch in Mannheim. Ich denke an den verkapten Nazi Staatsanwalt, i.R. der hatte ja ein Hakenkreuz in sein Amtszimmer an der Wand hängen.

Schauen Sie an -


Dr Fredrick Töben


Good morning

Is not now time for you to begin the hate campaign against Ernst Zündel whose trial begins at Mannheim on 8 November 2005?

Dr Efraim Zuroff has already begun to incite the world, and the first candidate is supposed to be a Nazi in Spain.

Surely you still have such at Mannheim. I think of the screwed-up retired state prosecutor who had a swastika hanging on his office wall.

Have a look at -


Dr Fredrick Töben

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