-"... if they're not dreaming and scribbling they're screaming and dribbling ..."- PWS

- "But worse from a selfish standpoint is that when you give people false information, it guarantees that they are not going to be able to help you, because what they give you back will be based on your own lies" - JK





The media frenzy to counter the Zündel trial that will expose 'Holocaust' lies!




 Weekend Nazi Hunting

The ugliness of EPO tidings with gloating - what will they do when they run out of hunting Nazis? Hunt Muslims/terrorists? Be careful, be careful - the EPO sucks up your energy!

Aribert Heim, now 91 years old


Nazi hunters close in at last on the torturer they call El Banderillo

After a 50-year search, Spanish police believe they have a sadistic war criminal within their grasp. Now the race is on to catch him before death can overtake justice
SPANISH police have adopted an appropriately grisly nickname for Aribert Heim, the 91-year-old former concentration camp doctor who has evaded capture for more than half a century. They call him “El Banderillo”, after the bullfighter whose task is to stick long, coloured spears into the back of the dying bull.

- more


Remember the EPOs:  -"... if they're not dreaming and scribbling they're screaming and dribbling ..."- 




From: John Weir
Sent: Sunday, 16 October 2005 11:51 PM
Subject: Re: The frenzied international media build-up for the Zündel trial has begun

Yes. I noticed the History Channel is in a Hitler frenzy right now. There will be a expose on "Auschwitz: The Forgotten Evidence" tonight. The promo for it says it will explain why the Allies "didn't dare" bomb Auschwitz despite the fact "they knew there were gas chambers." I figure I will waste some time and see what the latest spin is.


Back in '79, when the CIA released the air photos, the explanation was the photo analysts didn't have access to intelligence reports and therefore didn't know they were looking at a death camp. How stupid is that? I guess the photo analysts didn't read the New York Times either. Or they more likely knew the WRB report was rubbish from the beginning.


Tuesday, 18 October 2005 1:38 AM

I watched "Auschwitz: The Forgotten Evidence" and all I can say is it conveniently forgot more evidence than it presented. The "forgotten" part was the set of 23 August 1944 British air reconnaissance photographs of Birkenau released about of year ago. The main photo displayed in the program is the one that has smoke coming from the area behind Krema V.

How this "forgotten" photo adds to the evidence is puzzling to me. Nevertheless, someone built an hour long program around it.

According to the program, the way the Allied governments "knew" there were gas chambers at Auschwitz was the fraudulent WRB report which was published in the NY TIMES in November 1944. That this "knowledge" came so late is not mentioned. It doesn't even mention the WRB report by name. It just shows a visual of the stupid "gas chamber" diagram from it. Earlier claims of the extermination by the World Jewish Congress going back to August 1942 were also now considered knowledge.

The program features a Professor David Cesarani of Royal Holloway assuring the audience by the summer of 1944 the British government knew Auschwitz was a killing center. Though the British couldn't tell from German intercepts that it was a killing center, they had the World Jewish Congress, the War Refugee Board, and the Jewish Agency to tell them all about it.

The program examines the question of why the British didn't bomb Auschwitz or the railways leading to Auschwitz in order to stop the killing of the Jews. In July 1944 the Jewish Agency approached the British government with five 'urgent suggestions' with the goal of stopping the deportation of Hungarian Jews. The fifth of the five was to bomb the railways leading to Auschwitz. British Foreign Secretary Anthony Eden took three of the five suggestions to Churchill who endorsed the bombing of the railway lines and Auschwitz and similar camps themselves. The day after the Jewish Agency talked to Eden, the RAF was requested to report on the feasibility of bombing the railways leading to Auschwitz and the camp itself.

A week (August 18, 1944) before the above mentioned photo was taken, Ian Henderson of the British Foreign office wrote that the Air Ministry "says that this idea would cost British lives and aircraft to no purpose. I think it is fantastic, and should be dropped. But if the Air Ministry have strong objections they should say so and we can return a negative reply to the Jewish Agency."

It is interesting that seven weeks after the Jewish Agency asked that the RAF bomb Auschwitz, the RAF had clear air photos of Birkenau and - according to the program - never even examined them. They were simply filed.

The reasons the program came up with for the inaction of the Allied bombing forces were a) Railways when bombed can be quickly repaired b) Auschwitz was too far away for a precision bombing raid to hit only the crematories. c) A large, high altitude bombing raid would kill a large number of Auschwitz prisoners and probably fail to take out the gas chambers. The last reason is why they didn't "dare" bomb Auschwitz.

The reason that there was "no purpose" in bombing Auschwitz is not mentioned.

The difference between knowledge and belief is unintentionally illustrated by this program. The British "knew" Auschwitz was a killing center, but they didn't believe it was - as illustrated by the memo from Henderson. The Hungarian Jews interviewed in program who were deported to Auschwitz didn't believe the place they were going to was a killing center even though the Jewish Agency "knew" that it was. Now everyone is supposed to believe Auschwitz was a killing center even though we know that it wasn't. The belief in something known to be not true is Orwellian.

Other than the "forgotten" air photo, the program was a rehash of the same lies, half truths, and confused chronology that is the hallmark of the Holocaust story as related to Auschwitz. Some of the assertions made in the program were idiotic. For example: "The Nazis planted gardens at Birkenau to reassure the prisoners." The fact that these gardens could not be seen from the rail spur, but were visable from the air seems to indicate most of the prisoners were meant to be flown into the camp via Zeppelin.

As I thought, it was a waste of time.





From: B T
Sent: Sunday, 16 October 2005 11:01 AM
Subject: Re: The frenzied international media build-up for the Zündel trial has begun

What a lot of bullshit. 91 years old, he probably carked years ago. I saw an image, a cartoon from the Nazi era, a white man was paying a fat Jew for a newspaper while the big jid is accepting the money he surreptitiously uses a huge syringe to squirt a substance on him named LIES.

How true. The pity of it is all the Germans I know today have been subjected to the German 'education' system and are sort of lobotomised. I can't discuss the shmolocause with them, they have been told since childhood that AH was the most wicked man who ever lived.

Thank Christ I escaped that. My memories of school in Rinteln is that our teacher was a ramrod straight old Prussian who wore knee length riding boots and made us do 'ein Diener', bow our heads and click our heels when greeting an adult. This was between 1950 and 1954. My father liked him a lot always said he was 'ein feiner Kerl'. In hindsight I think he was trying to stop the occupation from 'de-Germanising' us kids.







From: Flávio Gonçalves

Sent: Sunday, 16 October 2005 12:45 PM

To: info@adelaideinstitute.org

Subject: "furniture out of human skin and bones"


Investigators began to focus on the Costa Brava. Long a magnet for well-heeled, elderly expatriates, the area would have provided an ideal bolthole for an ageing fugitive: warm, private and anonymous.


Spain also had a reputation for tolerating dubious émigrés. General Franco provided shelter to Nazis and Nazi collaborators after the war. Auke Pattist, a Dutch collaborator, remains alive, and Léon Degrelle, a Belgian collaborator, died in March 1994. Other Nazis went on to South America from Spain, with the help of local bureaucrats.


El Mundo reported this week that German police had traced a transfer of ?300,000 from a German account to an Italian painter and his French wife living in Palafrugell. Police are also said to have established a Heim link in Denmark, where one of his sons installed a telephone line. The possible connection with the couple emerged when police spotted that a parking fine in Copenhagen had been incurred at the same time as a series of bank transfers in the name of Heim, according to El Mundo.


Soon after the money was wired from Berlin, the couple, who have not been charged, are said to have sent a package to an address in the nearby Costa Brava town of Roses. The special fugitive section of the Spanish police has since been combing the region around Roses and Palafrugell in search of an elderly, well-off German with private nursing care.


Heim may already have fled, according to investigators, possibly by yacht to Marbella on the Costa del Sol, once home to SS colonels Wolfgang Juggler and Otto Bremer. Police are confident, however, that he cannot evade capture for long. A source close to the investigation said: "He's old, he's moving about, and he's going to need money ? that makes him much easier to trace than one old man in an old folk's home."


Mr Zuroff recently described Spain's Nazi-hunting record as "pathetic". Trapping Heim would send a message to the world, he said, adding: "Now it is the time to make up for years of apathy and inaction."


The only Nazi of comparably monstrous status who may still be at large is Alois Brunner, the right-hand man of Adolf Eichmann, the architect of Hitler's "final solution". Brunner was thought to be living in Damascus under Syrian protection but investigators say that they have no firm evidence that he is still alive.


For the Wiesenthal Centre and other Nazi-hunters, the capture of Heim would be a huge symbolic breakthrough. Wiesenthal was working on the Heim case when he died on September 20 and, just as time ran out for the Nazi-hunter, so the centre that carries his name is operating with renewed urgency. Heim is the most wanted individual in a campaign entitled Operation Last Chance.


"The truth is we have maybe five or six years left to get these former Nazis before they are all dead," Mr Zuroff has said.


Spanish police remain convinced that El Banderillo, gored and possibly trapped, remains alive. Slowly, they say, they are moving in for the final act of a long and bloody drama.




Dr Heinrich Berning

Conducted famine experiments on Soviet prisoners, observing loss of libido, swelling of the lower abdomen, dizziness and headaches


Dr Carl Clauberg

In charge of Block Ten at Auschwitz, he worked on techniques of castration and sterilisation, finding that X-rays were effective


Dr Arnold Dohmen

At Buchenwald concentration camp, he infected 11 Jewish children with hepatitis and punctured their livers


Dr Josef Mengele

The Auschwitz "Angel of Death" theorised that humans had pedigrees, like dogs. Performed vivisection, injected chemicals into eyeballs and studied twins


Dr Karl Gebhardt

Inflicted wounds on women at Ravensbrück and injected sulphanilamide into the wounds, with fatal results


Dr Sigmund Rascher

Examined the brains of Jews at high altitude, having split open the victims' skulls while they were conscious Dr Carl Vaernet Experimented with ways to cure homosexuality by injecting synthetic hormones into men's groins


Dr Erich Wagner

Selected people with tattoos and made furniture out of human skin and bones







From: PV
Sent: Sunday, 16 October 2005 2:41 AM
Subject: bullshit


>>During the war, Heim earned his name of "doctor death" for performing surgery without anaesthesia and injecting prisoners with petrol, poison and lethal drugs to see how much their bodies could take before dying, Haaretz said.<<

Hallo - rather strange? 

1.  Orders were sent out in December 1944 from Berlin to ALL Camps that ALL Jews who required operations were to be operated on by Jewish Doctors ONLY.

2.  The Camps had no anaesthesia because none was available - even wounded German soldiers were operated on without it.

3.  Petrol is WELL KNOWN and used a lot in EASTERN Europe against all matter of illnesses including cancer and other life threatening illnesses.

4.  Can you remember when in 1997 we were at Auschwitz they showed us photos of youths that had been allegedly subjected to medical experiments? When you asked WHAT PROOF they had for such allegations the guide answered NONE! Only testimonies.








  Horst Mahler offers a way out of the Jewish conceptual prison called' the 'Holocaust': Begin an action with a thousand Germans who refuse to believe in the Holocaust. They turn themselves in to the police for acting against Section 130. Decent judges and prosecutors within the German judiciary will then be given strength to oppose the application of S.130. Decades of Revisionist 'Holocaust' work will then come to fruition.




It's War - without sacrifice no success!


Mahler: I’m not a “Holocaust-denier”.  I do something else and this is much more than only denying the Holocaust. I asked: “If the Holocaust is real, what is its reasonableness?”


Mahler: The Jews behind the stage and in the center of the US-administration have launched World War III not only on behalf of Israel but with the main purpose to conceal the ongoing complete breakdown of the Jewish dominated global monetary system.


Töben: Why must I believe in the things that I believe did not happen?

- more






From: Klaus Weichhaus
Sent: Sunday, 16 October 2005 5:25 PM
Subject: 16. Oktober 1946

Es ist Samstag, 15. Oktober 2005, 20.41 Uhr.

Heute vor 59 Jahren saß ein Deutscher Soldat in einem Gefängnis und wartete auf seine Hinrichtung.

Aus einem Lebenslauf:

1. Oktober 1946: Generaloberst Alfred Jodl wird in allen Anklagepunkten, darunter Verbrechen gegen die Menschlichkeit und Kriegsverbrechen, schuldig gesprochen und zum Tode verurteilt.

16. Oktober 1946, gegen 2.00 Uhr morgens: Alfred Jodl wird in Nürnberg durch den Strang hingerichtet. Seine Asche wird von der amerikanischen Luftwaffe verstreut.

1953  Eine deutsche Spruchkammer spricht Generaloberst Jodl posthum von allen Verbrechen frei, für die er in Nürnberg verurteilt worden ist. Begründet wird dies damit, daß Generaloberst Jodl sich als Militär auf rein operative Fragen beschränkt habe.

16. März 1984 In die Reihen der Zeugen für die Wahrheit war auch der in diesen Tagen verstorbene Britische Chefankläger vor dem Nürnberger Siegertribunal, Shawcross, getreten. Er bekannte in einer Rede in Stourbridge am 16. März 1984:

„Vor dem Nürnberger Tribunal verurteilte ich - zusammen mit meinem Russischen Kollegen - Nazi-Aggression und Terror. Heute glaube ich, daß Hitler und das Deutsche Volk keinen Krieg wollten, sondern daß wir - Großbritannien - Deutschland den Krieg erklärt haben in der Absicht, es zu vernichten in Übereinstimmung mit unserer Doktrin vom Gleichgewicht der Kräfte. Und wir wurden ermutigt von jenen Amerikanern, die Roosevelt umgaben. Wir haben Hitlers Appelle, keinen Krieg anzufangen, ignoriert. Heute müssen wir uns eingestehen, daß Hitler recht hatte. Er bot uns die Zusammenarbeit mit Deutschland an: statt dessen stehen wir seit 1945 der gewaltigen Macht des Sowjetreiches gegenüber. Ich empfinde Scham und Erniedrigung, wenn ich sehe, daß die Ziele, wegen der wir Hitler anklagten, heute unerbittlich angestrebt werden - nur unter einem anderen Namen.“

(AP) zitiert bei http://www.jewwatch.com/jew-references-gentiles-900quotes.htm daselbst die Nr. 12)


Generaloberst Alfred Jodl darf nicht umsonst gestorben sein.

Auch dafür muß die Organisationsform der Modalität einer Fremdherrschaft, diese kriminelle BRD, sterben – für ein neues, menschwürdiges Deutschland

Vor diesem aufrechten Kämpfer verneige ich mich voller Hochachtung und Demut.

Klaus Weichhaus

Ein Deutscher


[From: CHP
Sent: Monday, 17 October 2005 12:10 AM
To: info@adelaideinstitute.org

Subject: Re: 16. Oktober 1946
The Shawcross quote is uncorroborated. I chased it for quite a while. The article from which it is allegedly quoted does NOT contain the exoneration of the Germans. This is a forged quote!
Germar Rudolf


From: Klaus Weichhaus
Sent: Monday, 17 October 2005 2:45 AM
To: info@adelaideinstitute.org

Subject: Re: FW: 16. Oktober 1946 - correction
Habe aus Horst Mahlers Auschwitzerklärung, vom 30.07.2003, zitiert.
Klaus Weichhaus]





From: cherifo1
Sent: Sunday, 16 October 2005 11:45 PM
Subject: Fw: View Dr David Duke: Islam not hostile to Christianity but Judaism is hostile to Christianity

Many thanks for Dr. Fredrick Toben for sending me this site, a site that is talking about the truth that the Zionists hate and try to hide by any means. and when I say any means I mean , black mailing, kidnapping, extortion, threats, Tortures, assassinations, explosions, suicide bombing.

Please hear Dr Toben analyzing the holocaust industry. and how one can be arrested and imprisoned in Germany if he questioned the holocaust, also German laws can grab anyone who has a site that is denying the holocaust, more than that Israel has a law for holocaust deniers by which anyone can be jailed for five years..

In Australia if they catch you they send you to Israel ....
What is that ?
Is Israel ruling the earth ?

Also many speakers as I said talking about the facts and the truth the Zionist media try to hide.

Cherif loutfi




Dr Hesham Tillawi's show begins at

US CT 20.00 hours, Thursday,

22 September 2005

Current Issue TV website



Dr Fredrick Töben's interview begins

Australian CT 11.00 noon

Friday, 23 September 2005





- on a lighter note - smile as you read and discover the structure of the mindset that believes in the 'HOLOCAUST'.

From: A Rami
Sent: Monday, 17 October 2005 4:03 AM
Subject: Multiplication Denial+Torah giding Pentagon


Child Arrested For "Multiplication Denial"
Anti-Defamation League Sees New Form of Jew-Hatred in Numeric Disease

by Michael K. Smith

A high school student in this West Bank town has been arrested for "multiplication denial" after repeatedly insisting that a negative number multiplied by another negative number yields a negative product. A world-wide consensus of mathematicians determined long ago that two negative numbers multiplied together produces a POSITIVE product.

"But it's obvious," said the 14-year-old student, Rihab Hanafi, as she was led away in chains by Uzi-toting guards. "Multiplication magnifies; therefore two negative numbers multiplied together necessarily produces a MORE NEGATIVE product."

Hanafi's repeating her false claims over and over and refusing to instantly accept the word of others gave her away as a died-in-the-wool Denier right off the bat. "This kind of superficially plausible reasoning is characteristic of Holocaust Deniers, to which Mathematics Denial is obviously related," said Abraham Foxman, Director of the Anti-Defamation League. "But the underlying motive is obviously hatred for truth and hatred for Jews, the principal bearers of truth."

According to the Anti-Defamation League, Hanafi's antics are just the latest in a series of anti-math atrocities that are making the world a perilous place for number theorists. Last year, a Belgian neo-Nazi announced he had discovered a new whole number that he claimed belonged between 3 and 4. He was arrested for trivializing the integers. A short time later a Palestinian detainee claimed that Israel's policy of reserving 92% of the land for the Jewish people made it mathematically impossible to achieve equality with the Palestinians. He is now serving a ten-year sentence for denying the decimals.

Given the growing threat to objective numerical truth, Rihab Hanafi has been placed in solitary confinement and her website arguing her case has been removed from the world wide web. ADL officials stated yesterday that thousands of innocent victims around the world have been led astray by her multiplication deviance over the years. The Hanafi family lawyer responded that if Enron can proceed on the basis that a negative plus a negative is a positive then there is no reason his client can't bring "creative accounting" to the multiplication tables. He will soon be charged with numerical anti-Semitism.

Auschwitz survivor Elie Wiesel, reached for comment at an international conference on Peace Through Guilt, said that the negative numbers fiasco highlights the terrifying fragility of quantitative truth. "Numbers are the foundation of civilization. Once we allow them to be questioned, only disaster can ensue. If Mathematics Denial is left unchecked, buildings will fall, bridges collapse, cities grind to a halt. Just think where we would be if Einstein had deliberately miscalculated e=mc2. World War II might never have ended." Asked for an estimation of how serious the current situation is, he replied: "Today negative numbers, tomorrow the extinction of world Jewry. Never again."

A spokesman for the Simon Wiesenthal Center, which has spent years tracking down Nazi war criminals that escaped Allied prosecution at Nuremberg, added his opinion that, "Denying the properties of negative numbers is no different than denying that six million Jews died in the Holocaust. Next thing you know Deniers will argue that Hitler ADDED six million Jews to Europe with his death camps. Obviously, skepticism in any form is but a first step towards a repetition of the Holocaust."

In a surprise development, Jews are no longer alone in fighting off Denial. Political activists the world over are now finding parallels with their own struggles in the Hanafi case. Randall Berry of "No More Gays," a pro-family group, says that Procreation Deniers are his biggest challenge. "They just don't get it. We tell them over and over that same-sex relations are sterile but they consciously lie and say that any two people who love each other ought to be left alone. How sick can they get?"

And there are many other examples, including:

Islamofascist Deniers, who argue that the U.S. invasion and occupation of Iraq is a crime. "None of them will admit that Muslim evil predates 2003," observes Vanity Fair columnist Christopher Hitchens, "and therefore is the cause of the current war."

Merit Deniers in the affirmative action movement. "It's incredible," says UC Regent Ward Connerly, "these people actually think that social conditions have something to do with one's station in life. It's some kind of bizarre mystical doctrine that most of them will never overcome."

Free Market Deniers, who insist people have a right to the resources they need to live a decent life regardless of whether they can prostitute themselves to the private owners of the economy. "The entitlement mentality is running amok," warns economist Milton Friedman gloomily.

Fetal Holocaust Deniers, who cannot get it through their thick heads that a child conceived in rape is just as precious in the eyes of God as any other. The consequences of their selfish delusions have long since reached genocidal proportions.

American Dream Deniers, who would substitute the perverse ideal of bio-diversity for the opportunity to consume without limit. What can they be thinking of?
Michael K. Smith is the author of Portraits of Empire: The Madness of King George, illustrations by Matt Wuerker, and Rise To Empire, forthcoming, all with Common Courage Press.


New Torah for the Pentagon




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