Willis Carto versus Mark Weber = no match!


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Subject: Why isn't Weber spending $2 million to promote revisionism?

There may be a few copies of that floating around somewhere, but you should really contact Mark Weber, the leading revisionist historian on the face of the planet, one of the most articulate people ever created, one of the most, oh, shit, I can't even begin to tell you, one of the most wonderful people ever, who - as the owner of everything that Liberty Lobby ever created - who has the rights to republish that.

In the meantime, you might also find out why certain New York-based revisionists, who are some of the more productive revisionists, at least in terms of hyping revisionism vis a vis e-mail, are so caught up in the Mark Weber cult.

There is one New York-based revisionist who actually accomplishes something, yet, for some reason he seems to be caught up in the Weber mystique, which is largely fictitious, considering the fact that Weber himself did not even come on board at the IHR until one year before the actual take-over in 1993, meaning that Weber had little, if anything, to contribute to the IHR prior to 1993.

Then, given Weber's "contribution" -- after 1993 -- it all raises some questions as to why any serious revisionist would support him. The one New York revisionist that I am thinking of  has contributed, in his own fashion, much more to revisionism than Weber, yet he still seems to be captivated by Weber.

What gives?

Since I am a known public critic of Willis Carto (with my very harsh criticisms of Willis having been widely published on the Internet) I am free to say publicly what many would not otherwise might say.

And yet, at the same time, I have been a defender of Willis Carto's role in the IHR affair and a very harsh critic, likewise, of Mark Weber's antics in the IHR affair, precisely because he deserves criticism.

Hell, I wish I was sitting on the $2 million bucks that Weber now controls, having assumed management of two estates --- originally earmarked for Liberty Lobby -- that have come under Weber's control (through the IHR).

If I had $2 million at my disposal I would spend part of it in a very simple way . . .

And if anyone who has any SERIOUS interest in revisionism-other than promoting Mark Weber (who is run by Andrew Allen, the CIA fink -- apparently related to the the Straus family if private detectives are correct -- I will be very interested in telling you how serous revisionists could effectively spend all the money that Mark Weber is sitting on.

Considering the fact that, for the last 20 years, I have been a primary writer of fundraising letters for The Barnes Review (which has 9,000 subscribers---9,000 more than Mark Weber has for the IHR---and for Liberty Lobby and then for American Free Press, it seems to me that---perhaps--- my input might mean something.

Listen folks: serious revisionists need to get control of the $2 million --- give or take a few hundred thousand -- that are in the hands of Mark Weber.

Serious revisionists need to rally key supporters of the IHR and demand that they put pressure on the IHR board of directors to redistribute the IHR wealth to REAL revisionists such as Fredrick Toben, Germar Rudolf, Mike Santomauro, Bradley Smith, and a host of other folks!

A lot of revisionists don't like Willis Carto, but the question is whether the revisionist movement is going to put its faith in Mark Weber, with all of the millions at his disposal, who is not contributing anything to revisionism, other than his constant war against Carto, rehashing age-old conflicts.

Any revisionist who is a promoter of Mark Weber should be immediately suspect. Dare I mention the names of those who continue to promote him?

===Michael Collins Piper

From: Michael Collins Piper
Date: 2005/06/04 Sat PM 10:04:31 GMT

Subject: Willis Carto Published All of these books, magazines, etc .

What Hath Carto Wrought?

Going through my files, I came across this list of all of the newspapers, magazines, books and pamphlets that Willis Carto has printed or reprinted over the years.

Quite a remarkable list.

I thought this might be of interest to Revisionists who have only heard negative things about Willis that have emanated from those who are obviously unable to achieve the same stellar publishing record themselves


The List follows:

The Spotlight Newspaper - Weekly issues from 1975 through summer 2001

The Barnes Review magazine - Monthly and then bi-monthly from 1994 to present

American Free Press newspaper - Weekly beginning in the fall of 2001

Sixty issues of RIGHT newsletter, October 1955 to September 1960.

Seven Volumes of The American Mercury, published MONTHLY by WAC from 1968 to 1980.

Forty six volumes of the Journal of Historical Review, quarterly,  Spring of 1980 through Winter 1992-1993.

Five volumes (8.5 x 11 format) of the JHR - Published in 1993 by IHR. NOTE: The "new" management of the IHR seem to have failed miserably and have been unable to churn out more than a handful of issues of the IHR's journal. Contrast this to the amazing output of Willis Carto and, for that matter, of Germar Rudolf.

Liberty Lowdown, newsletter by Liberty Lobby, Feb 1 1963 - June 1971, one hundred issues - additional volumes were published.

Liberty Letter, Nov. 1960 to June 1969 - One hundred issues, additional volumes were published.

Washington Observer Newsletter, approximately 200 issues,  possibly more. Published beginning in 1965 up through approximately September 1976.

Western Destiny, multiple issues.

The First National Directory of Rightist Groups, Publications, and Some Individuals in the United States and Some Foreign Countries.

The Job Can Be Done, by Aldrich Blake (1954) - on the civil rights decisions.

White America, by Earnest Sevier Cox

Teutonic Unity, by Earnest Sevier Cox

Lincoln's Negro Policy, by Earnest Sevier Cox

Sex vs. Civilization, by Elmer Pendell

The Federal Reserve Bank, by H. S. Kenan

Dr, Strangebob: The Story of Robert Strange McNamara

The Moscow Treaty IQ and Racial Differences, by Henry Garrett

This is a Republic-Not a Democracy

The Occult Technology of Power

The Myth of the Six Million, by David Hoggan

Debunking the Genocide Myth, by Paul Rassinier

The Holocaust Story and the Lies of Ulysses, by Paul Rassinier

The Philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche, by H. L. Mencken

Facts Are Facts, by Benjamin Freedman

The Anti-Christ, by Friedrich Nietzsche

Martin Larson's Best

The Case of Tyler Kent, by John Howland Snow

The Hybrid Race Doctrine, by Dr. Bela Hubbard

The Inequality of the Races, by Count Arthur DeGobineau

Timothy McVeigh: Mastermind or Patsy?

Money Made Mysterious, essays on money that appeared in THE AMERICAN MERCURY

Our Nordic Race, by Richard Kelly Hoskins

Tax Rebellion USA, by Dr. Martin A. Larson

Tax Revolt USA, by Dr. Martin A. Larson

The Great Tax Fraud, by Dr. Martin A. Larson

The Essene Christian Faith, by Dr. Martin A. Larson

The Hoax of the 20th Century, by Dr. Arthur Butz, originally Noontide Press, 1977

The Controversy of Zion, by Douglas Reed

Liberty Lobby Membership Cookbook

Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace, by Harry Elmer Barnes

Who Started the First World War?, by Harry Elmer Barnes

Revisionism and Brainwashing, by Harry Elmer Barnes

Blasting the Historical Blackout, by Harry Elmer Barnes

The Barnes Trilogy

 Barnes Against the Blackout

George C. Wallace: The Electable Conservative

The Third Rome: Holy Russia, Czarism & Orthodoxy, by M. Raphael Johnson

Our Money Martyred President: A Tribute to Lincoln, by Colonel Dall

Pearl Harbor After a Quarter of a Century, by Harry Elmer Barnes

FDR: My Exploited Father-in-Law, by Colonel Curtis B. Dall, published by IHR

Iron Curtain Over America, by John Beatty

Doenitz at Nuremberg: A Reappraisal, by H. Keith Thompson

Racial Realities in Europe, by Lothrop Stoddard

Advancement to Barbarism, The Development of Total Warfare, by A. J. P. Veale

The Veale File: War Crimes Discreetly Veiled

55 Men: The Story of the Constitution, by Fred Rodell, Noontide.

The Constitution of the United States: Its Sources and Applications, by Thomas J. Norton, Noontide.

The Secret Team, by L. Fletcher Prouty

Lindbergh on the Federal Reserve Failure at Nuremberg

No Time for Silence, by Dr. Arthur App

Report From Iron Mountain, by Leonard Lewin

Pearl Harbor: The Story of the Secret War, by George Morgenstern

The Empire of the City, by H. C. Knuth

Communism in Germany

Waters Flowing Eastward

The Dynamics of War & Revolution, by Lawrence Dennis

The Coming American Fascism, by Lawrence Dennis

A Trial on Trial: The Great Sedition Trial of 1944, by Lawrence Dennis

Onward Christian Soldiers, by Donald Day

Gruesome Harvest, by Ralph Franklin Keeling

The Burden of Empire, by Garet Garrett

The Malmedy Trial

Worldwide Growth and Impact of Holocaust Revisionism, by Keith Stimeley

Behind the Balfour Declaration, by Dr. Robert John

Man & Technics, by Oswald Spengler

Sketches from Roman History, by Senator Tom Watson

FDR: The Other Side of the Coin, by Hamilton Fish

The Holocaust: 120 Questions & Answers, by Charles Weber

JFK: The Mystery Unraveled

Is Anne Frank's Diary a Hoax?, by Dietlieb Felderer

The Great Holocaust Trial, by Michael A. Hoffman II

The Dartmoor Massacre, by Vivian Bird

The Brainwashing of the German Nation, by Udo Walendy

The Lehrplan, translated by Carl Hottelet

Final Judgment, by Michael Collins Piper (multiple editions)

Best Witness: The Mel Mermelstein Affair and the Triumph of  Historical Revisionism, by Michael Collins Piper

The New Jerusalem, by Michael Collins Piper

The High Priests of War, by Michael Collins Piper

Ways That Are Dark, by Ralph Townsend

Why I Survived the H Bomb, by Akira Kohchi

The Philosophy of Alfred Rosenberg, by James Whisker

The Myths of the 20th Century, by Alfred Rosenberg, translated by Vivian Bird; the only English edition at that time.

Eugenics & Race, by Dr. Roger Pearson, 1966 by Noontide Press

War Is A Racket, by Smedley Darlington Butler

Anti-Zion, by William Grimstad

The Liberty Lobby Congressional Handbook

Defend America First, America First Committee speeches

America First: The Middle East Problem in the Light of  America's Traditional Policy of Non-Intervention, both booklet and tabloid editions.

White Paper on the Constitutional Convention

White Paper on the ADL

White Paper on the Genocide Convention

The Sovereignty Resolution

Free Trade & The Constitution, by Gus Stelzer The Citizens Rule Book

Innocent at Dachau, by Joseph Hallow

The Garbage Man: The Strange World of (ADL Spy) Roy Edward Bullock

The Deposition of ADL Official Alan Schwartz

Survival and Leaderless Resistance

Is the Diary of Anne Frank Genuine?, by Robert Faurisson

Flashpoint, by Ingrid Weckert

This Age of Conflict, by Ivor Benson

The Source and Technology of Illegitimate Power

The Zionist Factor, by Ivor Benson

The French Revolution, by Nesta Webster

The Strength of Samson, by Michael H. Brown

The Secret of Life, by Georges Lakowsky

The Impeachment of Man, by Savitri Devi

The Life of An American Jew in Racist, Marxist Israel, by Jack Bernstein

The War & Warriors Series:
The Red Knight of Germany, by Floyd Gibbons
The Cruise of the Raider, by Roy Alexander
With Rommel in the Desert, by Heinz Schmidt
The Life & Death of the Luftwaffe, by Werner Bomback
The Cross of Iron, by Heinrich
Stuka Pilot, by Hans Rudel

Panzer Leader, by General Guderian

From Moscow to Berlin, by General Zhukov

Commander Extraordinaire, (Otto Skorzeny), by Charles Foley

The Forced War, by David Hoggan

The Myth of the New History, by David Hoggan

Campaign in Russia, by Leon Degrelle

Epic: The Story of the Waffen SS, by Leon Degrelle

Hitler: Born at Versailles, by Leon Degrelle - volumes two and three were translated and supposed to be in production before the destruction of the Institute for Historical Review

A Primer on Money, by Wright Patman

The Last Days of the Romanovs, by Robert Wilton

Behind Jonestown, by Ed Dieckmann

The Confessions of Kurt Gerstein, by Henri Rocques

Germany Reborn, by Herman Goering

Senator Joe McCarthy: The Story of A Great Patriot, by Larry Lent

Profiles in Populism, by Willis A. Carto

Populism vs. Plutocracy, by Willis A. Carto - expanded version of Profiles in Populism

Conspiracy Against Freedom A Populist Bibliography, by Robert Hilton Weems

Getting Elected: A Populist Guide

The Dissolution of Eastern European Jewry, by Walter Sanning

The Man Who Invented Genocide, by James J. Martin

Auschwitz: A Judge Looks at the Evidence, by Wilhelm Stäglich

The Auschwitz Myth, by Wilhelm Stäglich

A Revisionist Bibliography, by Keith Stimeley

Can You Survive?, by Robert DePugh

Katyn, by Louis Fitzgibbon

Imperium, by Francis Parker Yockey

Rudolf Hess: Prisoner of Peace

Survival and Leaderless Resistance, by Liberty Lobby

Looking Forward - map for conservative political affairs in the post-Goldwater period

 The How - Liberty Lobby's record of its political aims

Ambush at Medina: The Murder of Gordon Kahl

A World Effectively Controlled by the United Nations

The Newstates Constitution, edited by Colonel Dall

Spotlight on the Bilderbergers

Inside the Bilderberg Group

The Disaster That is GATT ,by Trisha Katson

The Sovereignty Proposal, by Ken Bohnsack

How to Maximize Your Estate Planning Options

How to Probate Proof Your Estate

How to Use the Taxpayer Bill of Rights

The Medical Monopoly vs. Your Freedom of Choice

Will the New Technology Take Away Your Liberty?

The Secret Plan to Uproot the US Constitution

Drugs, Banks & Money Laundering

What a One World Government Will Mean for America

Origins of the Balfour Declaration, by James J. Malcolm

Coup D'Etat: The ADL Scheme to Seize Control of Latin America

The Six Million Reconsidered, by William Grimstad

The Road Back: A Survival Guide

100 Best of The SPOTLIGHT - two volumes 1986 and 1987

108 Astounding Stories by The SPOTLIGHT

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