Professor Deborah Lipstadt's visit to Australia


The story keeps on changing! 07.07.2005


Lipstadt's triumphalism: Homicidal gas chambers, and all that...another version of events - windows as gas induction holes!


ABC TV  Lateline's Tony Jones

interviews Professor Deborah Lipstadt


Fredrick Töben asks:


1. Why did David Irving not call Professor Arthur Butz, Dr Robert Faurisson, Germar Rudolf, Fritjof Meyer, et al,  as witnesses on the Auschwitz homicidal gas chamber issue?


2. Why rely on The Leuchter Report when The Rudolf Report is now definitive? 


Why? Because David Irving is not a Holocaust Revisionist!


The essence of Lipstadt's comments:

1. Germans are just so stupid. They even made gas-tight windows with handles outside, proving that these windows were used through which Zyklon B gas pellets were thrown.
2. Germans are just so stupid. They destroyed the evidence at Auschwitz, then  FORGOT to destroy the original plans that prove the gassing story.
3. Germans are just so stupid. They  - and other countries - have laws which prevent anyone from challenging Lipstadt's exaggerations, fabrications and outright lies about her allegations that Auschwitz was a death/extermination camp where gas was used to kill men, women and children.
4. Lipstadt is a propagandist of the ... read and evaluate yourself what she is... and remember to ask: Why is Ernst Zündel, et al, who refuses to believe in the 'Holocaust', in prison?


Read full transcript of interview






The Experiment - Interactive CD (for computers!) Several courageous young Germans seek to prove that their forefathers did not use homicidal gas chambers as the media claims, and that such claims were merely left-over war time propaganda created to vilify the German people.  This Interactive CD consists mostly of a video for computers, which shows these brave young Germans subjecting themselves to Zyklon-B gas--the lice-disinfectant that was claimed to have been used to gas Jews while alive.   The Zyklon-B gas was prepared in the same manner as it was in WWII-era Germany, and a medical doctor was present to observe the matter.  What happens to these brave, young Germans . . . and, perhaps even more importantly, why?   This is truly an experience to get you thinking. MORE 


Dr Fredrick Töben excluded from attending her 5 July 2005 Sydney presentation

From: Adelaide Institute

To: Dr Hilton Immerman

Subject: Frederick Toben's Unsuccessful Registration

Dear Dr Immerman

Please be advised of the following:

1. I thank you for promptly answering my question as to my likely exclusion from attending Professor Deborah Lipstadt's presentation in Sydney on 5 July 2005.

2. For the record I recall that you advised me last time that my presence at the venue would upset 'Holocaust' survivors and children of 'Holocaust' survivors.

3. My assurance to you that my behaviour is civilized, did not seem to sway you in any way.

4. I recall how my attendance in 2000 at a function on 'Hate on the Internet' brought forth a response from the 85-year-old sponsor and 'Holocaust' survivor: "But you, you don't look like a Holocaust denier!"

5. What a pity that Professor Lipstadt will get away with telling her story to the converted only without my challenging her numerous distortions, exaggerations, fabrications and outright lies.

6. Perhaps you can remind her that I am still waiting for her - as she promised me in Melbourne, and also David Brockschmidt, at her last visit to Australia in 1994 - to "show me or draw me the homicidal gas chamber at Auschwitz", something Professor Robert Faurisson is also anxious for her to do. The Pressac book that she celebrated as offering the evidence of gas chambers proved a failure, as I and Geoff Muirden discovered when we viewed the book at the University of Melbourne. When I visited Pressac in 1999 he advised me that his comment about the existence of the homicidal gas chambers was that the firm, Topf & Söhne, had the technical capabilities of constructing homicidal gas chambers!

7. Thank you for deleting my credit card payment details.

Dr Fredrick Töben
Adelaide Institute

----- Original Message -----
From: Dr Hilton Immerman


Sent: Monday, June 27, 2005 10:40 AM
Subject: Frederick Toben's Unsuccessful Registration

Dear Dr Toben,

Thank you for your interest in registering for our upcoming conference. Unfortunately, however (as discussed with you previously), we are a private not-for-profit organisation and reserve the right to determine who is eligible to attend our events.

We are unable to accept your registration. Our record of your credit card details has been destroyed.

Yours sincerely,
Dr. Hilton Immerman OAM
Chief Executive Officer
The Shalom Institute
Shalom College
University of New South Wales
Sydney NSW 2052



From: keith johnson
To: Adelaide Institute ; Dr Hilton Immerman
Sent: Thursday, June 30, 2005 8:20 AM
Subject: Re: Frederick Toben's Unsuccessful Registration


Dear Dr Frederick


Thank you for your email. UNSW has recently appointed a new Chancellor.

He is Mr David Michael Gonski, LLB, who is a graduate of UNSW. You will note that he has only a Bachelor degree.


This must be very unusual that the head man of a prominent university has such lowly academic qualifications.


Holocaust believers hate Germans

If you publicly state that the extent of the 'Holocaust' is exaggerated, instead of what Professor Faurisson says: 'The Holocaust is a lie', then you are not a REVISIONIST!


A cutting comment by Wolfram Grätz


"Deborah Lipstadt's momentous courtroom victory was one of those great moments in legal history when truth, justice and freedom of speech are all simultaneously served."

Alan Dershowitz, Professor, Harvard University



"It was her work, her preoccupation, her nightmare." Anthony Lewish, Columnist, New York Times



IHR: The Gas Chambers: Truth or Lie? By Robert Faurisson
'I assert, in fact, that these famous alleged homicidal "gas chambers" are nothing but a tall story of wartime. This invention of wartime propaganda is comparable to the widespread legends of the First World War about "Teutonic barbarism." The Germans were then already accused (in the First World War) of completely imaginary crimes; of Belgian children with hands cut off; crucified Canadians; corpses turned into soap.[1] The Germans, I suppose, said similar things about the French.'



LIPSTADT: You know I am an academic and we never like to make definitive statements, so I think it’s gone for the moment. We thought antisemitism was gone and look at the way it has reappeared in the past three or four years. The survivors worry what’s going to happen and that suggests that there isn’t enough written evidence, there isn’t a documentary trail. It’s a questionable kind of distinction, but the truth of the matter is that the Holocaust is the best-documented genocide we have.

We have enough to prove the case?

Absolutely, we have it in material evidence, we have it in documentary evidence, we have it in oral histories, we have it in testimonies, and we have it in trials. In fact, from the point of view of historical evidence, it’s just stunning.





Professor Deborah Lipstadt and the 'Holocaust'


Preliminary comments:
1. In the following article David Irving is referred to as a 'Holocaust' denier, which he is not because he still believes in the 'limited gassing' story, something 'Holocaust' Revisionists refuse to do.
2. Professor Robert Faurisson's challenge: 'Show me or draw me the homicidal gas chambers!' remains unfulfilled - and to date there has not been an open debate on this period of history. Those who have attempted to open the debate have been criminalised by laws specifically designed to stifle open debate about the 'Holocaust'. Jürgen Graf, Germar Rudolf, Siegfried Verbeke, Udo Walendy, Günter Deckert, Rene Berclaz, Ahmed Rami, and many more, have been the object of legal persecution - simply because they refuse to believe in the official version of the 'Holocaust'.
3. Professor Arthur Butz's book: The Hoax of the Twentieth Century, though published during the 1970s, to this day remains a relevant classic text on the topic.
4. Those who refuse to believe in the 'Holocaust, as presented by Professor Lipstadt, faces legal consequences in many 'democratic' countries where it is illegal to question:
a. the 6 million Jewish death figure;
b. the alleged existence and operation of the huge chemical slaughterhouses called 'gas chambers';
c. the allegation that Germans systematically exterminated European Jewry in homicidal gas chambers;
d. German sole responsibility for the beginning of WWII.
5. Since when does a period of world history receive legal protection from unorthodox interpretations?  That's the beginning of establishing an orthodox version of events, a dogma, a new religion!
6. Professor Deborah Lipstadt claims 'there is no debate about the Holocaust' - there is a raging debate, but with a difference: Anyone who disagrees with Lipstadt's version of events is labelled - hater, Holocaust denier, antisemite, racist, neo-Nazi, xenophobe, etc. These discussion stoppers do not work on thinkers who do not fear open debate - so legal gag orders are obtained, as in my case where since 2003 I am not able to express my personal views on the 'Holocaust' matter.
7. Laws in many European countries and Israel have criminalised 'Holocaust' denial, and  individuals who refuse to believe in the 'Holocaust' face years of imprisonment. In countries where it is still not a criminal matter to refuse to believe in the 'Holocaust', the authorities simply kidnap so-called 'Holocaust' deniers and send them to countries where it is a criminal matter. For example, on 5 February 2003 US police/judicial personnel were involved in kidnapping Ernst Zündel from his home, then sent him to Canada where he spent two years in solitary confinement. From there, on orders by a judge - who years ago was aware of a pipe bomb incident that aimed to kill Zündel while living in Toronto - Zündel was send to Germany where he arrived on 1 March 2005, and has been imprisoned at Mannheim ever since.
8. Anyone who wishes to find out the latest research on the 'Holocaust' is invited to view Germar Rudolf's work - the World's largest Historical Revisionism website
9. Why are 'Holocaust' Revisionists legally pursued? Is it because the Holocaust has become the central doctrine that justifies the existence of the State of Israel? Is the 'Holocaust' used to blend out the fact that Adolf Hitler did not spend all his energy to 'exterminate the Jews'? Was Hitler's crime the fact that he cut Germany loose from international predatory capitalism with the aim to establish a national, autarchical (self-sufficient) nation?


10. Horst Mahler's Berlin Judaism Trial demolishes Professor Lipstadt's intellectual foundations!


11. The ongoing war in Iraq is a continuation of WWII, specifically to establish, with US aid,  Greater Israel!
Your comments are invited.
Fredrick Töben


Australian Jewish News, June 24, 2005

Undeniably Deborah

Days before she arrived in Australia, professor Deborah Lipstadt spoke to Chemi Shalev about the demolition of Holocaust-denier David Irving in a London court.

PROFESSOR Deborah Lipstadt hesitates before admitting that David Irving, debunked historian and Holocaust denier extraordinaire, probably influenced her adult life and her career more than anyone else. “I don’t like to give him credit for anything,” she says of Irving — whom she repeatedly describes as “stupid” and “pathetic” — “but his suit against me did change the direction of my life”.

It was, after all, Irving’s ill-advised 1995 decision to sue Lipstadt in a London court for libel that catapulted her from a respectable but relatively- obscure professorship at Atlanta’s Emory University to international stardom. It was Irving’s misguided move that allowed Lipstadt to become a latter-day heroine of the Jewish people, the person who, arguably, did more than anyone else in the world to demolish the spurious claims of Holocaust deniers.

“ He came after me,” she said in a telephone interview from Washington DC this week, “and I fought back as hard as I could. I don’t think he thought I would do that, I think he really thought I would fold.”

AJN: Why would he think that?

LIPSTADT: I think that in previous cases people have always said look, I’ll pay him 500 and forget it. He thought I was far away, I was a woman, I was a Jew, and I wasn’t going to fight. I don’t think he ever imagined that I would put a legal team together and make it possible for them to fight in the way I wanted them to fight, which was no holds barred.

AJN: Did you know you were going to win?

LIPSTADT: I was nervous. I knew we would probably win but who the hell knew. I always knew that history and truth were on my side but I did not know how it would play out in court.

It played out in court splendidly, at least for Lipstadt, and for the memory of the Holocaust. On April 11, 2000, Lipstadt was awarded an absolutely unequivocal verdict from Justice Charles Gray. Her claims that Irving was an antisemitic Holocaust denier, history distorter and Hitler groupie were completely vindicated. Justice Gray described Irving’s “historical research” as “perverted”. Irving, hitherto considered “serious” even by truly serious historians, was finished. As one London taxi driver told Lipstadt following the trial: “He’s toast, burnt toast.”

AJN: Did the trial deliver a death blow to Holocaust denial?

LIPSTADT: I think it was a devastating blow to the deniers. It really took the wind out of their sails. This totally discredited their most important and significant spokesperson. In every argument he posed in the courtroom he was shown to be not just a fraud, but he was left looking stupid and ridiculous.

AJN: Why was David Irving so significant?

LIPSTADT: What David Irving gave them was an entree to a world that didn’t pay much attention before that. People would say: well I don’t believe that the Holocaust didn’t happen, but David Irving is a serious historian, and if he is saying this there must be something to it; I don’t believe in the Holocaust denial, but since Irving says it, maybe it wasn’t six million; yes Holocaust denial is totally discredited, but maybe there weren’t gas chambers. But I can’t say it has set back Holocaust denial completely, because Holocaust denial is very strong in the Arab world. They repeat the same arguments. They say the Jews are lying, it never happened, whatever harm was done to them they brought upon their own selves. It’s all very crude.

AJN: Have you ever looked into the writings, the doctorate of Mahmoud Abbas?

LIPSTADT: I have read parts that have been translated but I think Abbas has really backed down from that position. I have pretty much stayed away from the Abbas thing. There are people who have criticised me intensely for that and I always say that if you want to criticise Abbas for his policies as a Palestinian leader, then criticise him for that. If you want to criticise Holocaust denial in the Palestinian, Arab/Muslim world, there are many people who are far worse than Abbas.

AJN: Do you know what’s going on with Irving, do you follow him?

LIPSTADT: I don’t follow him but he follows me (laughs).

AJN: Does he contact you?

LIPSTADT: Well, no. He writes about me, and people will send me a link to his website and sometimes I will look at it and sometimes I ignore it. These people are really pathetic. [Lawyer] Anthony Julius told me before the trial that I should think of fighting David Irving as the s*** that you step in on the street. I thought he was saying that this isn’t important, but afterwards he said: look, winning wasn’t important; not losing was important. You couldn’t lose to this bastard. But to meet him? He’s a nothing.

AJN: Has he paid the court costs, do you know?

LIPSTADT: Nothing, zero zilch. There is really nothing he can do to me except pay me the money he owes me — but that’s not going to happen.

AJN: And are you subjected to harassments by antisemites and Holocaust deniers?

LIPSTADT: Periodically I get ugly emails, I get ugly letters. Sometimes they will show up at lectures that I give and harass me a little bit. But by and large they are cowards.

AJN: Is Holocaust denial still your main field of interest?

LIPSTADT: Well no, I just finished the book [History on Trial] so for the past three years I have been writing the book, but now I am hoping to move on. If you had told me when I finished my first book on Holocaust denial that I would be working on this a decade later, I would have said you are completely crazy.

AJN: If the trial was held today would it have been easier for you?

LIPSTADT: Yes. People say to me if you knew what you know now, would you have written the book? In fact I would have written a much stronger account. When I wrote the book I didn’t have a clue of how far Irving’s denial was twisted and his manipulation of history went. I didn’t really have a clue of how gross his antisemitism and racism is. Now I would have so much more evidence. [At the trial], we wrote the book on David Irving.

AJN: Do you think this kind of pseudo-scientific Holocaust denial is gone for good, or, on the contrary, once the survivors disappear, will re-emerge?

LIPSTADT: You know I am an academic and we never like to make definitive statements, so I think it’s gone for the moment. We thought antisemitism was gone and look at the way it has reappeared in the past three or four years. The survivors worry what’s going to happen and that suggests that there isn’t enough written evidence, there isn’t a documentary trail. It’s a questionable kind of distinction, but the truth of the matter is that the Holocaust is the best-documented genocide we have.

AJN: We have enough to prove the case?

LIPSTADT: Absolutely, we have it in material evidence, we have it in documentary evidence, we have it in oral histories, we have it in testimonies, and we have it in trials. In fact, from the point of view of historical evidence, it’s just stunning.


Deborah Lipstadt will appear at Sydney’s Great Synagogue Women’s Shabbat Dinner on Friday, July 1 (inquiries: (02) 9267 2477) and also at Limmud Oz at various sessions, July 2-6 (inquiries: (02) 9331 9688).

She will appear in Melbourne on July 10 at Glen Eira Town Hall (inquiries: (03) 9905 2205).


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