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Cost of sending Holocaust denier Ernst Zundel to Germany: $130,000

B Y AD R I A N H U M P H R E YS National Post, June 14, 2005

It cost the Canadian government about $130,000 to fly Holocaust denier Ernst Zundel to his native Germany, where he remains in prison.

The cost of the forced removal, after Zundel was declared a dangerous white supremacist by a Federal Court of Canada judge, includes the chartering of a private jet for the March 1 flight, a $365 catering  bill for the passengers, and hotel and overtime bills for three escorting officers, according to documents released to the National Post under the Access to Information Act.

The largest single cost was $118,080 for the Challenger 604 jet, the same type of aircraft used by the Prime Minister, from Skyservice Aviation Inc.

More than $9,000 went to other aircraft expenses, including flight crew expenses and airport landing fees. Two immigration officers escorting Zundel out of Canada also stayed overnight in a German hotel  before returning.

Their overtime bill was $784, according to the documents.

(An RCMP officer also accompanied Zundel to Germany, but his expenses and overtime bill are not included in the totals provided as they were covered by another government department.)

Shortly after his removal, Zundel marvelled at his good treatment in a letter to his wife, Ingrid Rimland: "After two years I had my first real, heavenly coffee, lavish, magnificent food, everything topnotch, big fat strawberries, grapes as big as plums, all kinds of [tropical] fruit, chocolate, cakes, pies," he wrote.

The cost of the trip is not of great concern to members of the Jewish community, said Bernie Farber, executive director of the Canadian Jewish Congress.

"This was a good investment, no matter what the cost of getting rid of him," Mr. Farber said.

"To those whom he persecuted and to those he tried to poison Canadians against, I think all they're saying is, 'We're glad he's sitting in a jail in Germany and not in Canada.' It should have been done years ago."

Zundel's deportation is by far the most expensive of recent forced immigration removals, according to the government documents provided.

In contrast to his flight, a security case removal to Denmark - a comparable distance to Zundel's trip to Frankfurt - aboard a chartered jet on June 4, 2004, cost only $20,660.

There have been other chartered planes used for removals in the past year, but many are joint Canada-U.S. flights, a move aimed at reducing costs. A September, 2004, joint flight to Nigeria removing nine people cost Canada $28,223, for example.

Amélie Morin, a spokeswoman for the Canada Border Services Agency, said there was a deportation to Israel in 2004 that cost $144,000 and one to Tunisia that cost $78,000.

"The costs vary on different factors, including the final destination, how many resources we need on board, how many officials we need to escort this person or these people on the plane. The cost of  Mr. Zundel's removal on a charter is not out of the ordinary," Ms. Morin said.

"Chartered flights are used on rare occasions when we cannot remove a person on a commercial carrier for various reasons, such as security [concerns], as was the case with Mr. Zundel.

"There is no price tag on our security."

Meanwhile, in Germany, prosecutors holding Zundel for Holocaust denial and inciting hatred have cited three allegedly offending documents on Zundel's Web site and a comment Zundel made in one of his "Power Letters" to his followers, according to Ms. Rimland in a message sent to supporters.

Zundel told her that 60 kilograms of allegedly "incriminating" documents have been released to his attorney in Germany for preparation  of his trial, which is not yet scheduled.

Zundel lived in Canada for decades until moving to the United States in 2000; he was deported back here by U.S. officials on Feb. 18, 2003. A security certificate, declaring him inadmissible as a threat to security, was issued on April 30, 2003.

On Feb. 24, 2005, Federal Court Justice Pierre Blais found him to be a threat because of his extensive ties to neo-Nazi and white supremacist groups around the world.

"Mr. Zundel's activities are not only a threat to Canada's national security but also a threat to the international community of nations," Judge Blais wrote.



From: Walter Mueller

Sent: Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Dear Fellow Patriot!


On Saturday evening, June 18th, the New National Alliance held a fundraiser for Ernst Zundel, who is in jail in Germany. The New National Alliance is an offspring from the original white supremacist group, lead by Kevin Strom.

Guest speaker was none other than Ernst Zundel's wife, Ingrid Rimland. Donors received prints from Ernst Zundel's artwork. Before I continue, let me make it clear - again - that they author of this Patriot Letter, publisher of Community News, and President of the European American Culture Council, supports Ernst Zundel 100%.

However, I find it strange that throughout the hearing in the Canadian Court, Zundel attorney's were denying any relationship with white supremacist or neo-Nazi groups, but there is the wife of Ernst Zundel, raising funds from the very same people.

According to a report from Kevin Strom, a small blimpy or large balloon was released for the occasion, with a huge swastika on it. Boy, I tell you, stupidity isn't the right description for these people anymore.

Ingrid Rimland commented that they came for her father, they came for her husband, but she promised "I will get him back." Can it get any tackier? I don't think so.

Here is a little piece of reality: No matter what happens to Ernst, Rimland cannot go to Germany, and Zundel cannot go to the U.S. Two years in a Canadian torture chamber, and not one visit from his wife.

What are they going to do? Buy an island with the money she keeps raising for her husband? Or how about the monies no one knows about? The $80,000 from the Seattle lawyer, and other thousands of dollars from benefactors that she keeps secret. Ernst surely hasn't seen a dime of that money, on the contrary, his plea for stamp money, pencil and paper are outrageous. But, I forget, the attorneys ate up all the money. For what? To keep him for two years in the Canadian torture chamber, and then get him deported to Germany. There is something fishy, Ladies and Gentlemen. Frau Rimland still has the properties in Tennessee, keeps offering jobs to different revisionists, with a salary of $1,000 a month, and she has a housekeeper. There are no children between her and Ernst.

So, if love is really that big, she would suffer with him. But, of course, she doesn't. She just might have raised her paycheck at the largest white supremacist group in the country. 

I say again, send your money to the people that are directly in contact with Ernst.



Date: Fri, 24 Jun 2005 07:32:22 -0700

Subject: On the New Jersey meeting

To the subscribers of my former Zgram list:

I was on a week-long trip to the East coast and only returned late yesterday. I am sorry that a great many of the e-mail missives sent to me bounced because my mail box was full.

I need to clarify something that seems to cause a great deal of misunderstanding:

Some months ago, I received an invitation to speak to a small group belonging to the National Alliance in New Jersey. I am not a member of the National Alliance and am not even on their mailing list. I know very little about them. However, since various members of the National Alliance had voluntarily and responsibly participated in the nationwide Zundel demonstrations before Canadian Consulates in several states a few months ago, and since this New Jersey meeting happened to be in a location where I was passing by anyway, I wanted to show my appreciation and accepted the invitation for what I believed was a local chapter of the National Alliance.

Only 30 minutes before I spoke, I found out that the National Alliance had broken up into two groups, and that the audience I was to address now called itself the National Vanguard.

I know very little about the internal conflicts between these two groups, and I do not wish to get involved in the acrimony that exists - or somehow get in the middle. I casually know a handful of people in either group with whom I have had cordial but infrequent contact in the past. I was not trying to take sides by favoring one over the other.

The meeting itself went well and without any unpleasant incident whatsoever. It is true that the ARA showed up with posters objecting to the meeting, but police held them in check on the other side of the street, and as far as I know, there wasn't even any shouting. I briefly walked over to the police, introduced myself as the speaker, and gave them two copies of Ernst's prison memoirs. I said I was sorry if my presence was causing any trouble. One of the policemen replied that I had nothing to do with it; that the ARA habitually showed up whenever they got wind of a program by groups they consider their opposition. I said to him: "Somebody probably paid them with some hamburgers," and he smiled broadly and said that I was right; that that's how these demonstrations came about - and not to worry; nothing was going to happen. Nothing did.

There was also a reporter, a young journalism graduate, from a local paper who had come to interview me. I invited her to stay for the program, and she said she had to decline due to a prior commitment. She was curious and friendly. She asked a few superficial questions because there was no time to do an in-depth interview, and I gave her Ernst's book as a reference. I asked how she was notified of the program, and she said a call had come in to the paper - "actually, from your opponents." Naturally, I assumed that to have been the ARA.

I have not yet seen the write-up.

Nor have I seen any of the acrimonious e-mails I have been told are flying back and forth between some members of the National Alliance and Vanguard.

Never at any time did I feel threatened or feel that I had been misled or used by one group against the other. As I said, I did not know about the split - I had been invited before the split even occurred. I was treated courteously and with respect at the New Jersey meeting, and I have nothing negative to say whatsoever. On the contrary. It was a pleasant evening, supportive of Ernst's struggle.

Please don't make more out of this than it was - as I said, a courtesy gesture of thanks on my part extended to a small group of people, some of whom, I understand, had demonstrated before the Canadian Consulates a few months ago.

If my schedule permits and if I am in the area, I am perfectly willing to speak to the now truncated National Alliance as well to balance things out. I know good people in either group. Please don't use my name to make more of this evening than it was meant to be.

Please just don't put me in the middle - I have more controversy on my hands already than I need.

Ingrid Zundel


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