Date: Mon, 27 Jun 2005 12:54:03 -0700

Subject: Zundel Letter from the German Prison:  "The Limitless Will"

Since there is, on the average, more than a month between Ernst's and my letters and a reply from either side, it is often difficult to tell to which letter Ernst is responding.  He must have read a letter of mine when I was feeling a bit blue - and what I got in return is a response I consider one of the more unusual, dichotomous glimpses of Ernst Zundel's intricate psyche that I have ever seen.  He truly is a man of many hues!

I usually keep personal Zundel letters private, like Midas hoarding gold.  I think I will share this letter with you.

Ingrid Zundel

Ernst Zundel

JVA Mannheim

Herzogenried Strasse 111

68169 Mannheim

June 17, 2005

My dearest Ingrid –

Poor you!  You sound ever more exasperated and frustrated with this situation!  I knew this crisis would come - but it's more difficult for you than for me, for I know every living second that I am in my enemies' clutches who have virtually unlimited power and control over every minute, second and detail of my life - everything!  Totally! From my medicines to my diet to my mail - and now to my glasses who are once again on the bum!  Even to the repair of my glasses!

Ingrid, listen carefully:

This situation is not subject to a quick solution - not by Bruce, not by the Lindsays, not by Doug or Barbara, and even less by Juergen. [Our attorneys in three states and two continents] Look at all the immense effort and expense we have gone through and expended already! With what realistic results?  We have not thwarted one single iota of [our enemies'] devious plans.  NOT ONE!

Ingrid, this is not criticism of you, or your efforts, or [our attorneys, especially] the Lindsays' - they were so beaten down in the end that I could not persuade them, not really, to make that final, defiant gesture of appealing or trying to stay the deportation.  It was over!  It was like with our Germans in 1945 in May - there were not enough of them with the "unbändige Wille" [the limitless will] like you and like me - and the Great One - and many of our friends who, although disheartened and also tired, more than tired, exhausted and drained after years of superhuman effort, still obey an internal commend.  That is the miracle of this struggle.

Ingrid, it is the sheer WILL, the daily - no, the hourly staving off of fatigue, exhaustion, fear, despair of the seeming futility and the creeping feeling of hopelessness that people like you and I and our lawyers, friends, and supporters face every living moment of our existence.  Few are granted the great, sweeping vision, the grandeur of it all!  And yet, Ingrid, they look at you and me with all their inherent decency, honesty, sense of fairness and instinct for what is right and wrong - and they help!  Again and again!

Why?  Out of an inborn sense - call it a genetic imprint on our DNA - which we Germans describe so beautifully, all encompassing and almost mystically - out of the Erbmasse [that which all of us inherited], the very essence of our BEING.  Something that has eluded even our most brilliant scientists til now:  The capacity of our people to do right, to think straight, to right the unspeakable wrong done to our fathers and forefathers-  and to do it with an awesome dedication. Ingrid, think of it!

You told me that slightly over 10% of our supporters are [people with a doctorate].  The other 90%, the vast majority, are ordinary working people of all ages, both sexes, of so many nationalities I can't even count them all.  This morning I read a card by a German-American woman, now 99 years old.  She has supported my efforts since the early 1960s.  Think of the miracle this is!  A widow who, amidst all her daily worries, fears, and struggles never once slackened in her commitment through all those years!

I had no call on her life!  I could not command or order her or any of the thousands of people who helped make the Zundel Miracle possible through their donations, usually modest in size.  Oh, but the dedication, the willingness to sacrifice their last pennies, to see to it that I had the means, the wherewithall to launch all these world-wide information/outreach/educational campaigns!  No membership was needed.  No medals were handed out.  No orders needed to be issued from Zundel Headquarters.  Year-in, year-out these people stood by me, and simply HELPED!

It sounds so easy, even glib.  But what we - now you, too, since we are one - are experiencing is one of the most precious gifts that separates us humans from the other species, this intangible capacity to sacrifice for a cause larger than ourselves.  A cause, they were and are aware of, most likely might not see victory in their own lifetimes - and maybe would never achieve what we call "victory" in human language.

Yet they stood firm.  Years.  Decades.  Soon a half century!

That, Ingrid, is the Zundel Miracle - and it is this magic that has served as the elixir, the fuel, that inexhaustible supply of energy which the French so poetically call "elan vitale", that superhuman energy, almost like a human sun, in so far inexhaustible supply! Every letter, every postcard, every word re-energizes me - and obviously,  infects people around me!

So Ingrid, my lady!   Be patient!  We are in touch with something so awesome, so wonderful it's almost beyond description!  You now KNOW IT!

What will we do?  Time will tell.  I read your letter - we see things essentially the same!

 Be of good cheer!  Standhalten! [Be steadfast!]  I love you! The guards are coming.  I must close. I am with you in spirit always!


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