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From: Walter Mueller
Sent: Saturday, July 30, 2005 12:02 PM


Der Reichsbote is a news magazine about politics, economy, culture and revisionism. A German magazine it is. The August issue features an exciting letter from Ernst Zündel, entitled "In Mannheim Prison."

I found it especially interesting, since you've read the recent scare tactics on how Zündel is being mistreated in Mannheim prison. Here it is:

In Mannheim Prison:

My cell has a window and I can actually open it. Sure, there are bars on the outside. I open the window daily and lay on my bed bunk and think of Tennessee, my Ingrid, my children, my grand children, siblings, and friends.

In the morning it is an early awakening - a full hour of walking in sort of a garden with gravel walkways. After a long isolation in Canada, I am still weak and have to rest often. After the walk I always sweat and my shirt, my pants and underpants need changing. I was finally alone in the shower. My own soap, towel and shampoo. No starring from the guards, as it was in Canada.

In Canada, I was only allowed two times a week for 10 minutes to walk on a cemented courtyard. Alone, of course.

Lunch at Mannheim Prison: It was like at home with my mother. Seasoned potatoes, meat, red beet salad, all in rust free bowls and served in my cell. I enjoy my meals! I feel for the first time, after 25 months, again like a civilized human being.

Ernst Zundel


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