Ernst Zündel writes to Australia





Ernst Zündel
JVA Mannheim
D – 68169 Mannheim

18 July 2005

To my friends in Australia and New Zealand!

This is an emergency note to tell you of a sad situation which has arisen in Germany in my situation.

I have been ordered by court, the Landgericht Mannheim, not to write more than two letters a day – working days – and these letters must not exceed five pages or two and a half sheets in length.

I am also not allowed to receive more than two pieces of mail on a working day. A piece of mail is either a letter or a one sentence picture postcard, which I receive plenty of, since some American, German and French, as well as South African and of course Australian publications have published my name and address.

Thus I received twenty-three picture postcards in French on a Tuesday, and sixty-two letters on a Friday, which apparently overwhelmed the capacity of the court which acts as a censor in Germany.

This means my mail will very quickly back up and I will get it later and later – and of course can then only respond much later.

I finally received my charges and believe it nor not I am not allowed to discuss them in my letters from prison, to do otherwise would lead to the confiscation of my letter, which has happened already several times!

You, my friends, have been very kind, very helpful, also very loyal – and generous within your means! I would request not to send those postal coupons – but to send any help you can offer to my embattled wife! She needs it!

The prison supplies me with food, clothing, a roof over my head – thus I am OK. The guards and staff are correct! Actually some are down right nice people!

Thanks you my friends. A lady friend will forward this letter to you.

All the best.

Ernst Zündel



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