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Exclusive Holocaust Home Museum Franchise!

by Rabbi Solomon Sixpacker and Seth Goldenbloomberg

Get in on the ground floor of an exciting venture capital undertaking within the context of the privatization and globalization of Holocaust business opportunities!

Do not forget: The Holocaust is the only war crime ever certified by an international court or military tribunal. The fire bombing of Hamburg, the carpet bombing of Dresden, the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Agent Orange defoliation of Vietnam, etc. have never been proven by international tribunals. Those war crimes are only based on forensic and genuine historical evidence.

Do not forget: The Holocaust is the only war crime to be protected by criminal sanctions. In Germany if you want to pooh-pooh fire-bombed Hamburg and carpet-bombed Dresden, rock on out! There won't be a peep out of anyone! In Japan if you want to deny the atomic bombing of Hiroshima or Nagasaki, no criminal penalties whatsoever. In Russia if you want to deny the existence of the GULAG, no problem! Our business strategy has full government support with lawyers mandated to bring law suits against doubters and threaten holocaust deniers with prison time.

Do not forget: Most of the veterans of World War II are dying off and there is great danger that the deniers will wipe out the memory of the tremendous sacrifices that our brave boys made to save Uncle Joe Stalin. We must collect the emotionally charged personal testimonies necessary to prove that World War II happened, i.e. the same type of evidence that was collected to prove the Holocaust. If we do not collect and record these moving testimonials, then in fifty years or less your grandchildren will become "World War II deniers."

Cash in on the Holocaust`s legally enforced and exclusive monopoly on victimhood before it all goes up in smoke! Empirical holocaustorians are threatening, but our marketing kit will explain how to neutralize, neuter, and marginalize those nattering nabobs of negativism.

"Nobody ever went broke overestimating the stupidity of the goyim." [Tall Mud, Shill Shmuck 4:2]

"You can fool some people all the time and all the people sometimes. But you can fool all the goyim all the time." [Tall Mud, Shill Shmuck 5:3]

"There`s a goy born every minute." [Tall Mud, Shill Shmuck 6:4]

Don't let the big boys in New York grab all the action! Join in the fun and profits by acquiring your own marketing kit and all the materials needed to open your own portable, prophetic, and profitable home commiseration center!

You too can join the Holocaust jet set and actually experience how the rich and famous Holocaust industrialists live. Enjoy exciting personal interviews with both the East and West Coast Holocaustomania heavyweights: Eli Wiesel and Simon Wiesenthal. Hear Eli retell the exciting story of how he escaped from the West`s Soviet Communist Allies by joining a group of SS butchers to head for the safety of the dreaded Third Reich. Learn how the schmaltzy hate-mongering Eli won the Nobel Prize for Fiction.

Of course, you may have to start small as a Shoah peddler or Holocaust huckster, but there are unlimited opportunities for rapid advancement. We will explain different strategies for pyramiding your investment by bringing in rubes as sub-franchisees.

Your marketing kit includes:

1. Career opportunities as a professional Holocaust survivor, witness, or close friend of someone who heard about the Holocaust.

a. For more talented actors and impersonators, there will be opportunities to appear in future retakes of Claude Lanzmann`s 9-hour heart wringing soap drama, "Shoah Business."

b. For those with a flare for writing, we have the Benjamin Wilkomirski Writers` pack. This gives you all the tips you need to achieve Binjamin`s fame and fortune plus valuable guides on how to avoid being exposed as a fraud as that shmuck was.

c. There is the Jerzy Kosinski Writers` Pack. This teaches much more advanced writing skills than the basic Wilkomirski Pack and is restricted to those candidates with genuine promise in creative lying. However, this higher level of creative mendacity is often associated with psychological instability. Kosinski lacked the brazen chutzpah required to stick with his fraud once exposed. So the wimp blew his cover by committing suicide. So can you handle the heat involved in creative duplicity? If not, stay out of the kitchen!

2. Suggested tours to selected camps! Be the first in your area to conduct a tour! We will send further details when it does not look so much like Israel will implode.

3. Holocaust Hasbara [Hebrew for "bamboozling"] pamphlets. This packet includes a vocabulary list (plus audio-tape) of 30 Palestinian Arabic (which is the same as Israeli Hebrew) words and phrases and 50 from Yiddish (hillybilly German) to create a nice impression of authentic suffering. A video-tape (extra cost) will be availabe to show the appropriate hand and eye movements, facial expressions and twistings, and body language to accompany the phrases. Three-five versions for each phrase will show separate emotions of phoney indignation, self-righteous anger, nostalgic sadness, etc.

4. "Shoah Business" Yacks--exclusive packet of hilarious Israeli Holocaust jokes.

5. Hints on how to silence critics by smears, innuendo, threats, etc. First accuse them of being a "Holocaust denier!" If they ask what that means, do not reply directly because actually it does not mean anything. Instead, angrily accuse them [Put a distinct lemon twist in your lips!] of insulting the memory of the dead. The ultimate silencer is "anti-Semenist," so save that for last.

6. Sponsor fund-raising appearances by Israeli-certified survivors. Hurry! There are only about 4,500,000 remaining.

7. Faked photos straight from the Simon Wiesenthal Center, showing smoke clouds billowing in the sky. We also have versions with no clouds. You choose!

8. Act now, and we'll also throw in some free pictures of Russians and Ukrainians starved by Judeo-Bolsheviks --which you can say were Holocaust victims too! Ha! Ha! That`s really blaming the victims! For an extra fee, we feature photos of German typhus victims in Buchenwald that can also be passed off as evidence of Jewish suffering.

9. Special instuctions on Holocaust arithmetic: no matter how the component numbers are juggled, jiggled, or reduced; the magic total of [You guessed it!] 6,000,000 always pops up. Mastering this shell game is an indispensable skill in successful Holocaust marketing.

10. The Holocaust "ontological argument." This is a special sub-packet for liberal arts graduates. Here is how it goes: "The Holocaust has a uniquely unique uniqueness because it is absolutely flat-out far-and-away the most horrifying frigging crime committed in all of recorded and unrecorded human and inhuman history. The `most horrifying thing` must have existed because if it had not existed, it would not be all that horrifying. Therefore, the Holocaust existed." An iron clad apriori, deductive argument to silence those nitpicking fact collecting Holocaust deniers.

11. Political Action for a constitutional amendment requiring that Holocaustianity be made the official religion of the UAssA just like in ZOG [Zionist Occupied Germany], Israel, etc. Of course, it is now the unofficial JooSA religion, but you can add security to your investment by working to make it official. Such political activity can lead to a profitable additional career as a public servant, i.e. you serve yourself public goods. Or you can take the clergy career path and become a Certified Preacher of the Holocaust [CPH] in the Church of Holocaustinanity. This is the new slave cult whereby goyim-cattle get to mimic their Jew overlords and plantation masters. It is sort of like a new Rastafarianism for white dupes.

12. Government-mandated Holocaust re-education programs are the fastest growing business in the service sector. You can bamboozle and bully the local school board to appoint you the school district`s "Holocaust Re-educator." If you get any bureaucratic hassles, just start screaming "auntie-Semenism" and those school board wimps will get more nervous than a long-tailed tomcat in a room full of rocking chairs.

13. Gas Chamber Diagram Pack: Be the first to design and draw an actual working gas chamber. Those nitpicking Holocaust deniers make a big deal out of the fact [or so they say] that nobody has ever shown what an actual genocidal gas chamber looked like. Our kit will give you valuable tips on designing an attractive gas chamber and avoiding immediate exposure as a fraud.

14. Human soap bars and human skin lampshades: You have to feel out your audience before using this one because its actual shelf life ended when Israel`s Holocaust head honcho, Yehuda Bauer, said that it was a lie. Althought the lie was really cooked up by Judeo-Bolsheviks whom Uncle Joe installed in Poland, holocaustomaniac Bauer said that it was made up by the Nazis who wanted to discredit and terrorize the Self-Choseners. But it still can be used in carefully selected situations. And then if anyone objects, you blame it on the Nazis like Yehuda Bauer did. It`s a win-win situation. You lie! Get caught? Blame it on the Nazis!

You have the opportunity to invest as a co-founder or exclusive local franchise owner! As a co-founder you will have first choice location and continued royalty profit well into the 21st Century. Residual income on a basis never before realized in any business. And it's all tax-deductible! You can even get the government to subsidize your Holocaust Museum with taxpayers' money!

Initial capitalization is pending consultation with lawyers.

What an exciting business venture! It will rival MacDonald's, Kentucky Fried Chicken and Taco Bell combined.

Imagine a Holocaust Home Museum in every community in the United Suckers of America! This will be the ultimate in decentralization, privatization, and free-marketization.

Plus, you can set up your Holocaust Museum to train local FBI agents, with the profits pouring in from the government, as the big boys do in Washington! (NOTE: Robert Mueller, the head of the FBI, or Michael Chertoff, the head of Homeland Security, will incur additional fees if requested as a guest speaker.)

You don't have to worry about any foreign detractors messing with your profits either! If any Germans, Canadians, Australians, Britons, or others outside the U.S. challenge any aspect of your museum, we will personally see to it that the Holocaust Enforcement Branch of the U.S. government - the Office of Special Investigations - works to see to it that those people are arrested and put in jail for a year or more for daring to criticize Jewish propaganda! (We got Ernst Zundel, ripping him away from his wife in the hills of Tennessee; and we'll help you put away any other critics too!)

International expansion is planned in one hundred countries in ten years. Even more profitable opportunities are available in European countries that have been fully holocaustofried, e.g. Germany, France, Austria, Italy, spain, Switzerland and God knows where else. Anyone there who even wants to discuss the Hoaxoco$t gets big time in the slammer. It is like marketing cigarettes to the rubes and they [Get this!] cannot even mention lung cancer. Ha! Ha! It`s fish in a barrell.

Believe it or not! There are splendid marketing opportunities available in selected Muslim countries, e.g. Indonesia, Iraq, etc. In fact, any foreign country with an American Jew as ambassador is an ideal target market. Rich American Jews have basically purchased their diplomatic posts. Hey! No problem! That`s the free market! These Jews then use their ambassadorships to promote Israeli interests. And it is your singularly great and good fortune that the Holocaust is Israel`s #1 absolutely indispensable prize alibi for any state-terrorist violence that it wants to inflict on anybody. Therefore, if the Holocaust were to go up in smoke, Izzie goes right down the cosmic toilet of history. Thus, you will have the worldwide Jewish elites as your invisible and invincible partner ensuring the undiscussibility of the "6,000,000 Jews up in chimney smoke" quasi-religious dogma. Colon Bowel, the neocoon zio-stooge, and Condi Rice have led the charge to criminalize any hint of "auntie-Semenism.

" Such Uncle Tom and Aunt Jemima sock-puppets are also a key element in guaranteeing a long future for your investment.

This is truly a phenomenal business opportunity. Act now! Think of the opportunities! Oy vey!

More exciting details to soon follow!





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Subject: ADL tries to get Congress to suppress Free Speech

(Comments in brackets [] at the end-paragraph are mine.)

From the ADL's website -

U.S. House Briefed on International Cooperation on Internet Hate http://adl.org/PresRele/Internet_75/4790_75.htm

Washington, DC, September 9, 2005 .... Continuing to further efforts on international cooperation regarding online hate stemming from the OSCE Conference on Hate on the Internet in Paris in June 2004, ADL experts addressed a packed room on Capitol Hill to discuss how governments, industry and advocates could partner to curb online hate. The session was sponsored by the Congressional Task Force Against Anti-Semitism and co-hosted by ADL and the French Embassy.

The meeting began with remarks from Task Force Co-Chairs Reps. Tom Lantos (D-CA) and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL). Ambassador Jean David Levitte of France and Ambassador Samuel Zbogar of Slovenia discussed the ongoing efforts by France and OSCE nations to combat Internet hate and foster international cooperation. Slovenia currently chairs the OSCE.

Panelists included Christopher Wolf, Chair of ADL's Internet Task Force and Partner, Proskauer Rose, who spoke about the complex legal issues surrounding bigotry online; Markham Erickson, General Counsel for NetCoalition, who discussed the Internet industry's responses and continued commitment to enforcing their already-existing usage policies for users regarding online hatred; and Brian Marcus, ADL Director of Internet Monitoring gave a multi-media presentation that highlighted many examples of hate materials from around the world.

"We all know and appreciate that the Internet has transformed the ways in which we communicate, educate, inform and entertain. But there is a dark side to the Internet," Mr. Wolf testified. "Terrorists, anti-Semites, racists, homophobes and other haters have logged on and are online. ... Unfortunately, the Internet has become the new frontier in spreading hate."

Mr. Wolf offered recommendations for coordinating an international response to online hate, including:

Better international cooperation and coordination of monitoring the use of the Internet for hateful and terroristic purposes.
Studies on the ways in which vulnerable people, especially children, become exposed to hate sites and content, and the ways in which such content affects that audience.

An examination of the link between hate speech and hate crimes.
Annual reports should be prepared on the "State of Hate on the Internet" setting forth trends and describing where there has been progress in fighting such hate.
Panelists discussed the ongoing efforts to coordinate the fight against online hate, and agreed that government, industry and nongovernmental organizations need to work together – even in vastly different frameworks. International differences can be bridged, and all players can agree on a common set of principals regarding hate online that respect the differences, but still seek to expose hate, get industry to act on sites that violate their terms of service and to educate parents, educators and kids about what to do when they encounter hate online.
The Anti-Defamation League, founded in 1913 [after one of its members raped and murdered a 13-year-old Gentile girl, Mary Phagan], is the world's leading organization fighting [to promote] anti-Semitism through programs and services that counteract [America's rights yet encourage anti-Jewish] hatred, prejudice and bigotry.




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Subject: A Video Review: A Line in the Sand by October Sun Films

A Video Review: A Line in the Sand by October Sun Films By Mark Farrell

I recently watched the video "The Line in the Sand," which was made by October Sun Films and directed by Byron Jost. I was extremely impressed with it. This video is undoubtedly the most controversial video ever made about America's open borders, and deserves to be watched by anyone who is even remotely concerned about how America's policies are leading to the complete decline of Western civilization. It tells the story of what has become of our borders, and how it occurred.

The video interviews many people throughout it. A congressman, a professor, a pro-American activist, and many every-day citizens are interviewed. You feel like you're sitting there with them, listening to their problems--our problems, as Americans--because of all the illegal immigration. It's hard not to feel emotional when watching this--from angry to sad to disgusted, as the people tell of what has become of our border, how it is essentially nonexistent any more.

And hardly anyone in our American government seems to care.

You're taken out to the desert. A well-spoken woman points to a tree, and tells of what once was: "Once upon a time, you could bring your children out to this tree, which had a swing on it. And your children could enjoy swinging on it. But look at that--it's human sh*t and, toilet paper. Who knows what kind of diseases this could have." She points out to who the entire area has completely deteriorated into shambles as a result of the constant flow of illegal aliens.

People talk about how a Mexican could come across a dozen times or more, before they're even charged with a misdemeanor. One gentleman said it has been estimated that there are about 80,000 illegal aliens who are known criminals in the U.S., who have been deported and who came back.

Many of these illegal aliens are child molesters from Mexico. But, being that the government doesn't stop the illegal alien wave, nothing is done to prevent them entrance. It usually ends up as a newspaper story, if that.

The video shows people who care--people who want to make a difference--taking a walk along the border. They point out all the garbage littering the area: Pornographic cartoons of Mexican men having sex with white women. Jeans. Bras. Empty food containers. Tampons. Anything you could imagine, literally, is strewn across the lands.

One person who lives along the border told of how an illegal alien drug-runner bought a home along the border so as to avoid having any problems running drugs.

Another person told of how someone informed the Border Patrol about an illegal alien drug-running cartel. The illegal alien drug lords then machine-gunned the home of that American.

A woman whispers to the camera: "Well, El Presidente Bush, it appears that just a few years after 9-11, we're still being invaded." You wonder how he could allow not only NAFTA to continue but also promote CAFTA, which works to destroy America's borders, for a few political bribes from companies that hire illegal aliens. How could he? How could nearly all in Congress do this to America? You feel puzzled.

A house-builder told of how he had once hired American workers, often paying them $22.00 an hour. His competitor hired illegal aliens, hiring them at $12.00 an hour. He had no way to compete with others who would hire these illegal aliens, as their costs were significantly lower, forcing him to follow suit or go out of business. He had ethics and refused to do things the illegal way. He lost his house, and just about everything else. The average wage for construction workers there has since been significantly lowered, with even American workers now only getting about $16.00 an hour there. Additionally, the government is undoubtedly getting less taxes, if any, from these illegal aliens who come without documentation.

A man who had monitored illegal aliens told of how he called the Border Patrol on some illegal alien Mexican drug-runners. The Border Patrol let the illegal alien drug runners go free, and then the Border Patrol pursued charges against the man who had alerted them to this.

The brilliant Prof. Kevin MacDonald is interviewed during the course of the film. He calmly tells of how Jews have worked in a concerted effort to change the immigration laws so that, today, the legal immigration is blatantly anti-white. He tells how these illegal aliens are working to get more anti-white laws that give them preference. You're faced with the utter irony of it all: Many of these illegal aliens come over here, have babies, are awarded citizenship, then get the anti-white discrimination laws to their benefit.

Chinese, Colombians, Brazilians, Kazakhistanis, Haitians, Arabs, Koreans, Pakistanis, and dozens of other groups--many have been found to have crossed the border illegally. But few in the government care. They allow it. They support it. They commit treason. And they smile when they do it.

Pro-American activist Alex Lindner tells of how America is being led astray by our government. He told of how our country continues to work against the average American and promotes Jewish anti-white European immigration efforts. Lindner tells of how diversity, as a result of our open borders, is causing America many problems. These problems are deep-rooted. Undoubtedly, many of these problems require surgery.

Jim Gilchrest of the Minuteman Project is shown speaking to a crowd. He told of how the Minutemen are falsely portrayed by the media. He said that they're portrayed as "vigilantes" but their "weapons" are simply cell-phones, to alert the Border Patrol, and binoculars, to see the illegal aliens coming. A man at the Minuteman Project tells of how the Mexican government is encouraging Mexicans to come here (presumably so that they might send the American money back to Mexico), and how the Mexican women can illegally come here, have babies, become citizens, and collect welfare or the myriad of other social benefits.

Congressman Tom Tancredo talks before a large group of people. He tells the Minuteman Project that they can make a difference. He tells of how some people from the Mid-East have paid "coyotes" (people who smuggle illegal aliens across the border) as much as $50,000. And he brings up the point that no ordinary person would pay that much to work at a convenience store, and that homeland security is thrown out the door in this process. Tancredo describes how both the Democrats and Republicans work for their own selfish interests, whether votes or cheap labor, to allow this.

Glenn Spencer brings many relevant issues to the forefront during the course of the video. Spencer has long been an advocate standing firmly for America's borders. He tells of how all the illegal aliens use word-play to get their way: "They're taking over, and you're called a 'racist pig' if you resist this." He told of how one Mexican-American leader remarked, "We have got to kill the Gringos [Whites]." Yet whites are the racists for trying to stop this.

About a dozen Mexicans or so are shown holding up a sign along a major street that says, "Remember the Alamo," undoubtedly referring to the dozens of innocent white Americans who were murdered by Mexican countless years ago, the sign being suggestive that it could occur again. Mexicans are shown screaming, "Go back to Europe." "We're going to send you back to Europe." "This is our land." "Racists, go home." And many illegal aliens shout, "Victory - La Raza!" ("Victory for the [Mexican] Race!")

Many of these people tell of how our biased media ignore this illegal alien wave that incessantly comes across the border.

The video concludes with Glenn Spencer speaking in a room. He said that when this finally erupts, there may be much bloodshed and a Civil War, undoubtedly the result of our uncaring government who allows this invasion to occur.

After watching the video, you're left with a sense of almost utter disbelief--wondering how in the world our government could allow this affront to our liberties, this invasion-tsunami to occur. You're left with the gut-wrenching sense of urgency that we need to do something, before our rights are further abrogated, before the government completely quits pretending that they actually care about our border--while we can still make a difference. If you're an American who cares about where this country is headed, you really need to see this.

Undoubtedly, we have been abandoned by our government. And it is up to us, the rank-and-file Americans--working within the law--to regain our land, to restore America to its former glory.

If you only watch one video about immigration this year, if you only watch one video about immigration in your life, it needs to be this one.

This video can be found at October Sun Film's website: http://www.octobersunfilms.com . The entire video is approximately 1-hour and 40-minutes. A short video excerpt, which requires Apple's Quick Time (a free online downloadable video player, with links to it provided), can also be found at the website as well.


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Subject: "Jews do not destroy Synagogues"


But they have no problem burning copies of the New Testament in Israel.  Neither do they have a problem destroying Christians Churches and relics.  How convenient that they refuse to destroy these synagogues of Satan on the west bank.  They are undoubtedly expected to serve as the beacon for renewed occupation in the future.
Last update - 01:09 12/09/2005

Jews do not destroy synagogues

By Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt
w w w . h a a r e t z . c o m

Let us not delude ourselves; there is a worst-case scenario with regard to the future of synagogues in the evacuated settlements of Gush Katif and the northern Shomron. And it is neither pretty nor without precedent.

It is possible, even likely, that should the synagogues remain in their current locations - and the Palestinian Authority and the international community wipe their hands from responsibility to protect all houses of worship - we may well be witness to repugnant scenes of rampaging Palestinian youth desecrating that which is holy to us all as Jews.

If that were allowed to happen, it would bring back the most bitter memories of the history of the Jewish people, a history of Babylonians, Assyrians, Greeks, Romans, Crusaders, Cossacks and Nazis.

All our oppressors desecrated and destroyed synagogues and all massacred Jews.

And yet, despite that knowledge, our ancestors never once descended to the level of their oppressors. They never pre-empted the destruction of their synagogues by lending their own hands to that destruction.

For that decision, there is a precedent and it comes from the greatest of all tragedies to befall the Jewish people. When the Romans prepared to launch their final assault on the Bet Hamikdash, no Jew picked up a torch and pre-empted or collaborated in their evil work.

In the midrashic literature there is ample evidence to the fact that alienated Jews and renegades refused even under threat of death to desecrate and pilfer the Temple in Jerusalem. Yalkut Shimoni (Deuteronomy, Reeh) cites the tanaite Rabbi Yishmael who comments that a special prohibition to disallow the destruction by Jews of the Temple is superfluous because it is unimaginable that Jews would steep to such a point.

Any synagogue has, to some limited extent, the same status as the Temple in Jerusalem, and this status is not lost even when the community disappears unless the synagogue is sold even nominally to a non-Jew.

We often tend to see events through our own Jewish historical prism. But we are not alone in refusing to lend a hand to the destruction of houses of prayer. Both Christians and Muslims have similarly refused to destroy that which is most dear to them while the international community has in recent years taken clear steps to protect churches, mosques and synagogues throughout the world.

Here, in Europe, it is not unknown for the same building to have served as synagogue, then mosque, and later as a church. That is the case, for example, in Toledo in Spain, once home to a thriving Jewish community before the Inquisition and the expulsion of the country's Jews. The building is not now used for the purpose for which it was constructed but it does still today stand as a monument that once there were Jews in that place.

Moreover, our people have always retained a positive notion of our place in the world which, ultimately, no oppressor has been able to expunge.

During the first two crusades, thousands of Jews were killed as the forces of Europe's Christian kingdoms pillaged their way across the continent en route to the Holy Land. But by the Third Crusade, Jews had returned as merchants and traders and looked to buy back their dilapidated synagogues.

So we must never abandon hope and we must never allow it to become legitimate that one part of the world - any part of the world - should become permanently judenrein.

Without prejudging the political situation, Jews may return to Gaza, say, in fifty years time in whatever capacity. They will wish to pray and they should have that right, as well as the right to re-purchase or re-dedicate ancient synagogues.

As a rabbi living and working in Russia for the past 20 years, I am constantly aware that the masters of the Soviet Union sought by every possible means to extract Judaism from the Jews in this country. Three generations of Jews lived through this lack of freedom of religious expression and despite their travails, we have been able in recent years to re-create communities sometimes based in the very synagogues that the Soviet authorities believed would never again hear the sounds of Jewish prayer.

Myself and fellow rabbis across the former Soviet Union and the once Warsaw-Pact states have fought to preserve Jewish heritage and to ensure that thousands of synagogues and Jewish cemeteries in these countries are accorded the respect they deserve by the governments concerned.

What are we to tell these governments now when they see images of Israeli bulldozers destroying synagogues in Gush Katif?

Israeli society has undergone a profound test of its ability to stand together as one unit as a result of the decision to disengage from the Gaza Strip.

It is right and proper that such a decision should be arrived at through the consultation process between Israel's democratically- elected government and its citizens.

But the decision to destroy synagogues can never, must never, be Israel's alone. Such a decision, if it ever comes about, will forever be marked on the history of the Jewish people. The bearers of that history implore you not to do it.

Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt is Chief Rabbi of Moscow and Chairman of the Standing Committee of the Conference of European Rabbis.

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Subject: Re: Jewish Quarterly: "Jews like to weaken the dominant culture by moral subversion"


September 12, 2005 
Authoritarian Without Conscience
"Al Goldstein, the publisher of Screw magazine, said,  'The only reason Jews are in pornography is that we think Christ sucks. Catholicism sucks. We don't believe in authoritarianism.'
COMMENT:   When Al Goldstein said, "We don't believe in authoritarianism" he forgot to add:  ". . except for Jewish authoritarianism."  That is perhaps because he confuses authoritarianism with conscience or morality.  Jewish authoritarianism is not about conscience, morality or responsibility.  Why?  Because the Jewish mind at the core is criminal and predatory  -  in love with filth, sexual misbehavior, perversion, dishonor, dishonesty, theft, deception, and betrayal. 
Jewish authoritarianism is "prescriptive."  That is to say, like a fly in amber, it is encased in hundreds of rules  -  "DO" and "DON'T" commands, most of which address themselves to the most banal, petty and materialistic level of consciousness.  They make minimal moral demands on the individual Jew.  At worst, they hobble conduct, not conscience. 
Jewish authoritarianism  exists not to elevate the quality of life for anyone, but as an efficient device by which the Jewish rabbinate may see to it that Jewish children grow up to be Jews, and Jews continue to think and act like Jews.  As a result, under the ubiquitous constraints of prescriptive Jewish authoritarianism, all Jews except those who have ceased to be Jews, are accustomed to living apart from those non-Jews they live among, within whose society they reside as permanent strangers. 
For Al and most of his fellow Jews, Christ and Catholicism "suck" precisely because they invoke conscience.  Jews as a tribe abandoned conscience, at least in respect to non-Jews, a very long time ago.  That is what has allowed them so much material success as predators and parasites, and why the diaspora is such a favorable way of life for them. 
Mel Fowler 
                         *  *  * 
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Subject: Jewish Quarterly: "Jews like to weaken the dominant culture by moral subversion"


Triple Exthnics: Nathan Abrams on Jews in the American porn industry
Jewish Quarterly (UK), [print edition] 2005, p. 27-30


Excerpts: Jewish involvement in porn, by this argument, is the result of an
atavistic hatred of Christian authority: they are trying to weaken the dominant
culture in America by moral subversion ... Al Goldstein, the publisher of
Screw magazine, said, 'The only reason that Jews are in pornography is that we
think that Christ sucks. Catholicism sucks. We don't believe in
authoritarianism." Pornography thus becomes a way of defiling Christian culture and, as it
penetrates to the very heart of the American mainstream (and is no doubt consumed
by those very same WASPs), its subversive character becomes more charged ...


[Nathan Abrams is a Lecturer in Modern American History at the University of
Aberdeen. He has just completed a book on neo-conservatism in the United

"A story little told is that of Jews in Hollywood's seedier cousin, the adult
film industry. Perhaps we'd prefer that the 'triple exthnics' didn't exist,
but there's no getting away from the fact that secular Jews played (and still
continue to play) a disproportionate role throughout the adult film industry in
America. Jewish involvement in pornography has a long history in the United
States, as Jews have helped transform a fringe subculture into what has become
a primary constituent of Americana. These are the 'true blue' Jews.

Smut peddlers

Jewish activity in the porn industry divides into two (sometimes overlapping)
genres: pornographers and performers. Though Jews make up only two percent of
the American population, they have been prominent in pornography. Many
erotica dealers in the book trade between 1890 and 1940 were immigrant Jews of
German origin ...

In the postwar era, America's most notorious pornographer was Reuben Sturman,
the 'Walt Disney of porn.' According to the US Department of Justice,
throughout the 1970s Sturman controlled most of the pornography circulating in the
country ... By the mid-80s he owned over 200 adult bookstores ... It was said
that Sturman did not simply control the adult-entertainment industry, he was the

Eventually he was convicted of tax evasion and other crimes and died,
disgraced, in prison in 1997. His son, David, continued running the family business.
The contemporary incarnation of Sturman is Steven Hirsch, a 43-year-old Jewish
Clevelander who has been described as the 'Donald Trump of porno.' The link
between the two is Steve's father, Fred, who was a stockholder-cum-lieutenant
to Sturman. Today Hirsch runs the Vivid Entertainment Group, which has been
called the Microsoft of the porn world, the top producer of 'adult' films in the
US. His specialty was to import mainstream marketing techniques into the porn
business. Indeed, Vivid parallels the Hollywood studio system of the 1930s and
1940s, particularly in its exclusive contracts to porn stars who are hired
and moulded by Hirsch ...

Nice Jewish girls and boys

Jews accounted for most of the leading male performers as well as a sizeable
number of female stars in porn movies of the 1970s and '80s. The doyen of the
Hebrew studs is Ron Jeremy ... [H]e's the nebischy, fat, hairy, ugly guy (an
image from his web site opens this article) who gets to bed dozens of beautiful
women. He presents an image of a modern-day King David, a Jewish superstud
who supersedes the traditional heroes of Jewish lore ...

As probably the most famous Jewish male porn star, Jeremy has done wonders
for the psyche of Jewish men in America ... Seymore Butts, aka Adam Glasser, is
everything that Jeremy is not: young, handsome, and toned ... Within a few
years, 'Seymore Butts' -- his nom de porn which is simultaneously his sales pitch
-- became one of the largest franchises in the adult-film business ... [H]e
is today probably the most famous Jewish porn mogul ...

Glasser employs 12 people, including his mother and cousin ... Gertzman (Jay
Gertzman, author of Bookleggers and Smuthounds: The Trade in Erotica, 1920-1940
) explains that 'Jews, when they found themselves excluded from a field of
endeavor, turned to a profession in which they sensed they could eventually
thrive by cooperating with colleagues in a community of effort' ... The adult
entertainment business required something that Jews possessed in abundance:
chutzpah .. Of course, the large number of Jews in porn were mainly motivated by the
desire to make profits ... As Abraham H. Foxman, National Director of the
ADL, commented, 'Those Jews who enter the pornography industry have done so as
individuals pursuing the American dream" ...

Sturman ... identified as a Jew -- was a generous donator to Jewish charities
-- and the performer Richard Pacheco was once interviewed to be a rabbinical
student ... Is there a deeper reason, beyond the mere financial, as to why
Jews in particular have become involved in porn? There is surely an element of
rebellion in Jewish X-rated participation. It's very taboo and [its] forbidden
nature serves to make it attractive.

As I have written in these pages before, treyf signifies 'the whole world of
forbidden sexuality, the sexuality of the goyim, and there all the delights
are imagined to lie ..." (Reel Kashrut, Jewish food in film, JQ 189, Spring
2003) According to one anonymous industry insider quoted by E. Michael Jones in
the magazine Culture Wars (May 2003), 'the leading male performers through the
1980s came from secular Jewish upbringings and the females from Roman Catholic
day schools.' The standard porn scenario became, as a result, a Jewish fantasy
of schtupping the Catholic shiksa ...

Sexual revolutionaries

Extending the subversive thesis, Jewish involvement in the X-rated industry
can be seen as a proverbial two fingers to the entire WASP establishment. Some
porn stars viewed themselves as frontline fighters in the spiritual battle
between Christian America and secular humanism.

According to [Luke] Ford, Jewish X-rated actors often brag about their 'joy
in being anarchic, sexual gadflies to the puritanical beast'. Jewish
involvement in porn, by this argument, is the result of an atavistic hatred of Christian
authority: they are trying to weaken the dominant culture in America by moral
subversion ...

Al Goldstein, the publisher of Screw magazine, said (on lukeford.com), 'The
only reason that Jews are in pornography is that we think that Christ sucks.
Catholicism sucks. We don't believe in authoritarianism." Pornography thus
becomes a way of defiling Christian culture and, as it penetrates to the very heart
of the American mainstream (and is no doubt consumed by those very same
WASPs), its subversive character becomes more charged ...

It is a case of the traditional revolutionary/radical drive of immigrant Jews
in America being channeled into sexual rather than leftist politics. Just as
Jews have been disproportionately represented in radical movements over the
years, so they are disproportionately represented in the porn industry. Jews in
America have been sexual revolutionaries. A large amount of the material on
sexual liberation was written by Jews. Those at the forefront of the movement
that forced America to adopt a more liberal view of sex were Jewish ..

What are we ashamed of?

Overall, then, porn performers are a group of people who praise rebellion,
self-fulfilment, and promiscuity. What are we ashamed of? This brief overview
and analysis of the role and motivations behind pornographers and performers is
intended to shed light on a neglected topic in American Jewish popular
culture. Little has been written about it."


From: veritasindeum3@yahoo.de

Sent: Tuesday, 13 September 2005 3:41 AM




Die sozialistische und sensuelle , sexuelle Dekadenz wird auch das Problem der Paedophilie bewaeltigen, indem sie es ebenso wie die Homosexualitaet, Lesbentum, Prostitution und sonstige sexuelle Entartungen per Gesetz, wie schon im alten Roemischen Reich, legalisiert, denn auch da war es ganz normal seine Liebesknaben zu haben. Und indirekt haben sie es ja schon mit den neuen Adoptivgesetzen bezogen auf anormale Ehen legalisiert, so dass die sexuell Anormalen die begehrten Knaeblein zum Zwecke haeuslich geordneter Paedophilie adoptieren koennen. - Eine ganz neue Art der Liebessklaverei.:

Und dann darf das geliebte Adoptivtoechterchen oder -soehnchen nach der psychologischen Anpassungszeit am Sonntag Morgen zu den geliebten Schwulen- oder Lesbeneltern unter die Ehebettdecke kriechen und die grosse Familienliebe ueben.....

Da darf das Toechterchen dann Mami und Papi die Fotze streicheln und lecken und das Adoptivsoehnchen den Schwuleneltern die Eier kraulen und ihnen einen blasen und je nach Liebeslaune auch anal  mit Arsch-lecken und -stoepseln dienen.


Oh du schoene neue Welt.!


So schoen sodomitisch war es noch nie.!


Tja, der Teufel ist halt listig und was seine sexuellen Wuensche anbetrifft sehr schlau. Und die religioesen Katholiken und Christenleut die sind wie eh ziehmlich doof, aber dafuer extrem materialistisch gierig, denn so erlangt man Macht ueber die sinnlichen Bloedviehcher - wie jeder schlaue Bauer.


Gustav Staedtler

Okt. 2004




©  Gustav Staedtler./. veritasindeum3@yahoo.de

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Wenn die Wahrheit zur Wahl nicht aufgestellt werden darf, weil sie gegen die Verfassung verstoesst, dann sollte man nicht so dumm sein und den Luegnern und Betruegern seine Stimme  geben und sich so von ihnen entmuendigen  lassen.







Gustav Staedtler.


Lasse den Geist der Wahrheit in dich inkarnieren.

!!!. – ICH BIN GEGEN ALLE - .!!!
!!!. - WER IST FUER MICH - .???


© Gustav
Staedtler./Sept. 2005./.veritasindeum3@yahoo.de
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"Grüne" wollen Kindesmißbrauch legalisieren:
In seiner Autobiographie schildert Daniel Cohn-Bendit, der Spitzenkandidat der Grünen für die Europawahlen, wie er in seiner Zeit als Kindergärtner Kindersex ausübte. Zitat:

Mein Flirt mit den Kinder nahm bald erotische Züge an ...

Manchmal kam es vor, daß die kleinen Kinder mir die Hose aufgeknöpft haben, und angefangen haben, mich zu streicheln. Wenn die Kinder darauf bestanden, hab ich sie auch gestreichelt...

Das Problem mit den Liberalen war: Sie erkannten die Sexualität der Kinder nur an, während ich versuchte sie zu entwickeln!

Der große Basar, Trikont-Verlag
cohnbandit.jpg (3720 Byte)
Cohn-Bendit mit seinen Freunden Außenminister Fischer und Kuhn. Cohn-Bendit strebt das Amt des EU-Präsidenten an.

Volker Beck (rechtspolitischer Sprecher der Grünen und Vorsitzender im Schwulenrat LSVD) fordert sogar offen die "Entkriminalisierung von Kindersex / Babysex):

Volker Beck in seinem Beitrag "Das Strafrecht ändern?: Plädoyer für eine realistische Neuorientierung der Sexualpolitik" in: Angelo Leopardi (Hg.): Der pädosexuelle Komplex, Foerster, Berlin 1988). Beck ist heute rechtspolitischer Sprecher der Partei Bündnis 90/Grüne:

"Als Etappenziel kann hier nur eine Versachlichung der Diskussion um das Problem der Pädosexualität vorgeschlagen werden. Als strafrechtliche Perspektive wäre hier z.B. eine Novellierung ins Auge zu fassen, die einerseits das jetzige "Schutzalter" von 14 Jahren zur Disposition stellt [...] oder auch eine Strafabsehensklausel. [...] Eine Strafabsehensklausel, wäre sie durchgesetzt, würde eine tatsächliche Auseinandersetzung vor Gericht, und, wenn die Bewegung stark genug ist, in der Öffentlichkeit um die Frage einer eventuellen Schädigung eines Kindes durch sexuelle Kontakte mit einem Erwachsenen ermöglichen. [...]
Wer für die Lebenssituation der pädohilen Menschen etwas erreichen will, muß diese Diskussion mit Aufklärung und Entmythologisierung vorbereiten [...]
Eine Entkriminalisierung der Pädosexualität ist angesichts des jetzigen Zustandes ihrer globalen Kriminalisierung dringend erforderlich [...]
Allein eine Mobilisierung der Schwulenbewegung für die rechtlich im Gegensatz zur Pädosexualität völlig unproblematische Gleichstellung von Homo- und Heterosexualität [...] wird das Zementieren eines sexual-repressiven Klimas verhindern können - eine Voraussetzung, um eines Tages den Kampf für die zumindest teilweise Entkriminalisierung der Pädosexualität aufnehmen zu können."

Homepage von Volker Beck (MdB): Homepage

Fernsehsendung des ZDF zu dem Thema:

Mehr Presse-Berichte über Kindersex-Experimente bei den Grünen:



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