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ARA Goons Try to Intimidate Fromm at Winnicki Hearing


Four goons, at least one with a previous arrest for attacking CAFE associates after a September, 2004 protest for Ernst Zundel showed up (as is their right) at Tom Winnicki's Canadian Human Rights Tribunal hearing, October 17 and 18. CAFE Director Paul Fromm was to be Mr. Winnicki's sole witness.


On October 18, during the noon break, the four closely followed Mr. Fromm and three associates down an escalator to a food court, up the escalator when the free speech foursome changed their minds, and then several blocks down the street before the free speechers shook them.


At least eight policemen monitored the entrance to the downtown Toronto office building where the hearings were being held and two plainclothesmen were present in the room for part of the hearings. They had obviously been alerted to potential mayhem on the part of the ARA who have a long history of advocating and initiating violence.


Mr. Fromm advised the police at the Tribunal hearing what had happened. Tom Winnicki's lawyer Chi-Kun Shi (partner of Ernst Zundel's lawyer Peter Lindsay) strongly objected and brought the matter to the attention of Tribunal chairman Karen Jensen, who went on the record as considering the intimidation of witnesses "a very serious matter."


Warman tried to pooh-pooh it all as “third party” information, saying that we didn’t really know who those individuals, who’d sat in on the hearing were. Chi-Kun pointed out that one of them had a binder with “ARA – On the Prowl” on it. It was a no brainer!

One of the CAFE associates snapped pictures of the ARA prowlers and these are being turned over to Metropolitan Toronto Police as part of a complaint about the incident. Complainer Warman was the keynote speaker at an ARA conference in Toronto in August.

Interestingly, Richard Warman was the keynote speaker this past summer at the ARA conference in Toronto. The defence demanded the production of this speech and grilled Warman on it.

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