The Rudolf Case, Irving's Lost Libel Suit and the Future of Revisionism


Costas Zaverdinos


Costas Zaverdinos with Fredrick Töben at Durban, South Africa




Germar Rudolf needs your help!!!

For five years now, the U.S. Government tries to deport Germar Rudolf to a German dungeon. Why? Because Germar Rudolf is the owner of the world's largest revisionist website and owner of the world's foremost revisionist publishing firm Castle Hill Publishers. Crushing legal costs of $30,000 have accumulated over the past 13 months. Please help Germar to cover these costs!


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" is the time to justify my reasoning and pony up. Germar Rudolf going down will have a devastating effect on 'Holocaust' revisionism in any organized sense. There are no plausible successors or replacements... Germar Rudolf has been on the lam for a decade, always financially insecure, and his productivity has been prodigious. Can you imagine what he could do if the threat of imprisonment were removed? I can’t, because I am still shaking my head in wonderment trying to understand how he was able to do what he has already done." ---Prof. Dr. Arthur R. Butz, June 2005


"Any revisionist can only pay tribute to Germar’s most efficient work as concerns, for example, putting out books and journals in both English and German. There Germar deploys an energy that I should call 'Germanic,' which says it all. We’re glad of it. We applaud. But do we help him as much as we ought to? Perhaps not always. And perhaps not as much as we could... I urge you to show Germar Rudolf your support by sending him some money as soon as possible." ---Prof. Dr. Robert Faurisson, May 2005


"I have known Germar Rudolf for almost ten years, and in that time I have learned to appreciate him as an individual who somehow manages to produce Revisionist work like no other individual that I know. It is rare to find a person who shows such qualities of endurance and productivity in the light of almost unbearable professional and personal hardships... Germar deserves to be relieved of the unnecessary financial burden... His fight is our fight... There is no alternative to having Germar Rudolf on the front lines. We must do all we can to keep him free." ---Dr. Fredrick Töben, Adelaide Institute, June 2005


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