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Press - Release

or, rather Press -leakage Nr. 06.09.05

It is widely expected that the Settlers who were removed from Gaza, shall donate 10 per cent of their recently awarded huge compensation payout to the victims of the City of New Orleans .

This has not as yet been confirmed, but it is expected that this symbolic gesture, with some conditions attached , will be met and accepted by the City Council of New Orleans.

The Conditions are:

1- to rebuild and/or refurbish all the synagogues of New Orleans.

2- to rename the Airport after David Ben Gorion.

3- to erect a new Holocaust Museum for the Victims of Dachau and Auschwitz, exclusively!

4- to ensure that Schoolbooks teach the history of the Holocaust and Massada without mentioning Sabra & Chatilla & Jenin & Deir Yassin, etc.

5- to install Kosher Kitchens in all State Prisons.

6- to close all Banks and Casinos on the Sabbath.

7- the Wall which withholds the water - Levee - must be re-built only by the Sharon Engineering & Constructions .Co. Ltd .

8- to abolish Capital Punishment on Saturdays and for Jews only.

9- all the looting must stop until Bechtel & HalyBurton take over the city.

10- the City of New Orleans shall have to fully refund this donation to the State of Israel at the interest-rate of 66,66% p.a.

11- a refusal to accept any of these conditions will amount to a gross act of Hate-speech, Holocaust denial, Antisemitism, Racism, neo-Nazi activity, and virulent Xenophobia.

The Mayor and City Council of New Orleans have convened to study this proposal, but chances are that they may refuse to comply with these 11 demands and shall possibly all emigrate to Cuba or Venezuela, as soon as it will again be safe to walk the streets of New Orleans .

Jewish leader unruffled by Muslim party
11:05 AEST Wed Sep 7 2005

A Jewish leader says he has no objection to the registration of Australia's first Muslim political party.

The Best Party of Allah in Australia has applied for registration as a political party in the ACT and aims to go national when it can sign up the required 500 members.

The party's website defends insurgencies in countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine as legitimate and labels the US-led coalition, including Australia, as criminal.

"Islamic militancy has only always been used as a defensive and never an attacking measure," it says.

"The insurgency will not stop until the invaders acknowledge their mistakes, apologise, compensate, leave (with tails between their legs just as they have left Vietnam) and punished for their crimes."

But Jeremy Jones, from the Executive Council of Australian Jewry, said he did not object to the registration of the new party.

"Anyone who wants to form a political party is perfectly entitled to do so," Mr Jones told AAP.

"Reading the platform of the proposed Best Party of Allah, it is doubtful it would attract very many votes, but that is no reason to stop it being registered.

"The statements on terrorism, pig-eaters and some other issues are unlikely to represent many Muslims, let alone unite that community behind Mr (Kurt) Kennedy (the party's founder)."

Mr Jones said the Muslim community was already involved in the political process in Australia and had run candidates for the major parties, as well as the Greens and Reform the Legal System (a NSW party).
İAAP 2005

God Save the Queen - blesses the conceptual prison for non-Jews called Holocaust Memorial Day Trust

Royal Watch News
Queen Elizabeth to become patron of Holocaust Memorial Day Trust
Sep 6, 2005, 19:00 GMT

Britain's Queen Elizabeth is to become the patron of the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust.

The trust will run the annual remembrance on January 27, the day Auschwitz-Birkenau was liberated.

Survivors of Nazi atrocities, and Christian, Jewish, Muslim and Hindu leaders, gathered in London yesterday (05.09.05) to launch the charity. In 2006, the day will be moved to Thursday the 26th, as a mark of respect for the Jewish Sabbath.

Meanwhile, the queen has told America\'s President Bush she is \"shocked and saddened\" at the devastation caused by the Hurricane Katrina.

The monarch sent a message to the president saying the nation\'s thoughts are with the families of those who have lost loved ones.

She said: "My sympathy goes to you and the people of the United States, especially to the families of those who have lost their lives."

Elizabeth also expressed horror at the damage and destruction caused by the high winds and flooding.

She sent her sympathies "to the injured and to all who have been affected by this terrible disaster."

Copyright 2005 BANG Media International

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Sent: Tuesday, 6 September 2005 10:01 PM
Subject: Fwd: 5 YEARS JAIL

Subject: 5 YEARS JAIL

To All,

5 Years gaol in Australia for using a vitamin, mineral, protein or supplement that the TGA does not approve of?

Being in the possession of marijuana attracts a lesser sentence here in Australia!

Dear Health Freedom Advocate,

You may be interested to know what our government and TGA is planing to do with regards to further restrictive legislation and tightening access to our supplements. If any of us import a supplement from overseas that the TGA do not approve of then we may soon be jailed courtesy of the latest TGA Amendment Bill, 17 August, 2005.

This means that if you or I purchase Laetrile (a validated cancer treatment) from Mexico or Cansema for melanoma's, for any friends or loved ones, we can be gaoled for 5 years!

Please read more and send you letter of protest to parliament:
Michael Bending
Alliance for Health Freedom Australia



From: Adelaide Institute
Sent: Monday, 5 September 2005 7:40 PM
Subject: Deflecting from New Orleans Holocaust - survivors ask why did this happen? And the people of Iraq pray to Allah for deliverance from the coalition of the willing

Deflecting from the New Orleans Holocaust and back to hating Germans and their Holocaust thing -

1. The chaos left in New Orleans by Katrina reminds one of the chaos in Germany at the end of WWII when the transport system broke down -

2. Much of the ensuing WWII misery captured on film around concentration camps was then misused by Allies to prove the 'extermination' theory, something that has never been proven.

3. In many European countries it is a criminal event to challenge any statement for truth-content. Why? Because by challenging survivor testimony, you are insulting the memory of the dead, etc.

4. So, the Holocaust dogma/religion was born, legally fortified through court cases where an accused is not permitted to defend himself, e.g. Ernst Zündel currently in Mannheim Prison.

5. So the world media propagates the unchallenged and never proven assertion that Germans had "gas chambers" in which European Jewry was exterminated.

6. Now this!


Nazis planned to conquer Britain with exploding food
By Cahal Milmo

Independent, 05 September 2005
To wartime Britons, the chunky chocolate bar would have appeared manna from heaven in a time of rationing. Until, that is, it exploded as part of a Nazi plot to terrorise Britain.

German sabotage experts fashioned a range of bizarre weaponry, from high-explosive tinned plums to incendiaries disguised as frozen eggs, to be distributed by agents.

But MI5 files released at the National Archives in Kew, west London, show that British intelligence knew all about the scheme.

The weapons, such as the chocolate hand-grenade, designed to explode after the first row of chunks was broken off, were part of a campaign to undermine British resolve using sabotage and propaganda.

The bomb-makers were nothing if not ingenious. As well as packing explosives into cans of Smedley's English Grown Plums, the Nazis disguised plastic explosive as Wagon-Lits soap, hid detonators in torch batteries, and made exploding crucifixes, an incendiary Thermos flask and an exploding rat.

But the MI5 files show that the plot was a spectacular failure after the agents sent to distribute booby traps were all arrested or gave themselves up, and the propaganda incited more laughter than sedition.

Leaflets and fake newspapers prepared by Berlin for distribution across the United Kingdom were collected by MI5. A counterfeit copy of the Evening Standard, dated 17 February 1940, contained a lead story "uncovering" the unreported extent of RAF losses, a British plan to invade Canada and the groundwork for the Royal Family to leave the UK.

Most outlandish of all was a culinary section written by a fictitious French gastronome, M. Boulestin, suggesting that the "British breakfast problem" be solved by eating frogs. The article said the BBC would be broadcasting the recipes.

M. Boulestin wrote: "There are billions of frogs, of considerable size, hopping merrily round the British Isles. Their vitality should be harnessed."




The Bavarian Pope does his ethnic duty



...and penance




From: Geoff Muirden
Sent: Wednesday, 7 September 2005 6:27 PM
Subject: The Pope and the Israeli Ambassador

Seeing the Pope doing his duty reminds me of the story of Pres. Clinton.

His aide tells him that he had two people waiting to see him: one,

is the Pope, the other is the Israeli Ambassador.

He asks who Clinton wants to see first.
"The Pope", says Clinton, "I only have to kiss his ring!"

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