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While working in Saudi Arabia many years ago I fell into conversation with a American Flight Engineer working for Saudia Airlines who had previously served in the USAF.

I was explaining the realities of the Palestinian situation, not what he had been taught, when a sudden flash of awareness spread across his face and he was pleased to finally understand something that had confused him for many years.

During the '73 war he was stationed in Germany and could not understand as to why, while his friends were constantly flying NATO supplies to Israel, he was on standby to fly US Marines into Egypt, and it was not for a vacation.

This dovetails nicely into the claim that Sadat had struck a deal with Kissinger that he would not march on Tel Aviv after crossing the Bar Lev defensive lines. Kissinger wanted to bring the Israelis into line and thought that a limited war by Egypt would achieve this.

Moshe Dayan was the defence minister at the time, and while he was praised as a military leader his peacetime administrative skills left much room for improvement. Under his watch half the Israeli military machine was down due to lack of proper maintenance schedules and much of what was left was destroyed by the advancing Arabs. Thus the need for the air bridge to resupply Israel. This air bridge stripped NATO of most of its weaponry and supplies. If the Russians had taken advantage of the situation there would have been nothing left with which to defend Europe.

Even so the '73 war did result in American forces around the world going on Red (nuclear) alert after threats from Russia. Golda Meir thought that Russia's response was a direct result of a deal between Kissinger and the Russians. This deal was in response to Ariel Sharon's incursion into Egypt with the intention of smashing the Egyptian Third Army. Sharon was dissuaded from his intention only after Golda Meir flew to meet him in Egypt and ordered him to withdraw.

Sadat's deal with Kissinger called for a moral victory for the Arabs, not for a full scale attack and march on Tel Aviv. If Sadat had continued instead of halting the advance then my friend could well have been paying an unexpected visit to Egypt.
For more info see Arafat, Terrorist or Peacemaker by Alan Hart. Sidgwick and Jackson, 1984


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Subject: If katrina would have hit Israel !

In the year 1973 when the Egyptian army crossed the Suez Canal, killing and imprisoning hundred of Israeli soldiers, then started to deploy its army in the depth of the Sinai, the Israelis were lead by Golda Meir -

- One of the hardest days in the life of Golda Meir was October 6, 1973 - the beginning of the Yom Kippur War. It was a great tragedy for Golda Meir. In June, 1974, Golda Meir retired from political life.

The Israelis feeling that their existence was at stake cried for help from the USA and asked to save them from the Egyptian invasion.
- Egypt was only regaining its own land that of the Sinai .

In 24 hours the American administration made and maybe for the first time in history what is now known by a flying bridge, the USA sent thousands of brand new military equipment tanks, planes, rockets, artillery guns with all the ammunitions that the Israeli would need to stop the advance of the Egyptian troops into any of the land that Israel occupied since the 1967 war. Some of the tanks the Egyptians captured were still on Zero Km.

I am telling this story , because it took the American administration only few hours to send help and rescue to the Israelis who are not Americans and are on another continent , while it took them more than five days to send any help to the stranded, devastated and isolated American people in New Orleans with no food or water , in one of their own USA cities Louisiana !

What would have happened if Katrina had hit Israel instead ?


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