Although de-commissioned by Fritjof Meyer as an extermination-homicidal gas chamber site, for the beginning Revisionist Auschwitz-Birkenau is still one of the more important building blocks that make up the extermination story.





This is an exact model - 1:100 - of the alleged 'Holocaust' murder weapon at Auschwitz-Birkenau

Enter through the gate


...or walk around it, or ...


... take the roof off and look inside and learn how this huge chemical slaughterhouse worked!

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Download Fredrick Töben's  Fight or Flight: The Personal Face of Revisionism



Perhaps also go to a site that talks about an Auschwitz survivor ...

If This Is a Man, better known in the United States under the title Survival in Auschwitz, is one of the essential books of the 20th century, an experiential account of a Nazi extermination camp rendered in exact and unsparing sensory detail. Levi, an Italian chemist who was 25 when he was deported to Auschwitz in 1944, wrote in 1947 (two years after his liberation) of his daily life in the camps with a transparent prose that approached the clinical.

 at   Crystallizing Legacy of Auschwitz Survivor

And then remember that especially in Germany, Austria and Switzerland any open discussion and doubting of the gassing story is a criminal matter. Why suppress the truth of a matter?

Ernst Zündel has spent almost six months at Mannheim Prison - before that two years in a Canadian prison -  because he refuses to believe in the homicidal gas chamber story. Why imprison a man for his beliefs? A foul stench rises to heaven because it is wrong, wrong, wrong in that the 'Holocaust' believers are kidnapping and imprisoning dissenters.


The 'Holocaust' belief spreads pure German hatred - with a vengeance!



...and more literary rubbish at

see " in the fall of 1993, while Le marchand de Venise was being performed at the Théâtre du Nouveau Monde, Tibor Egervari staged a few blocks away (in English and French on alternating nights) Le marchand de Venise de Shakespeare ŕ Auschwitz [Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice at Auschwitz]. [9] In Egervari's play, Shylock, Tubal and Jessica are performed by an S.S. officer and his assistants, while the remaining roles are assigned to Jewish and gypsy prisoners. Egervari, who positions himself as a Jew and a Shoah survivor, insists on the impossibility of separating Shakespeare's play from the history of its performance and interpretation. "

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