Ten Lies About Isrealhell
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Lie #1: Israel is a modern democracy.

No, it is not! Izzie is a Jews-only ethnocracy and theocracy, not at all a democracy. There cannot be anything such as a "Catholics-only democracy" or a "Jews-only-democracy." Izzie is a racist ethnocracy in which one ethnic group dominates all others. Israel is certainly much worse than Mississippi in the 1930s or South Africa in the 1950s. At least those "apart-hate" states did not bomb the inhabitants of their concentration camps. Israel's occupied territories are much more like big game preserves for settlers' recreational target practice.

If pro-democracy means non-racist, then that there has not been any significant pro-democratic element in Israel. There are basically two types of racists in Israel: the intelligent, mostly secular racists and the stupid, religious racists. The two types of racists could be seen in the Rabin murder case. Rabin, an intelligent racist, just wanted to get rid of the Palestinians. The crackpot who killed him came out of Rabies Meir Kahane's way of thinking. I heard Madman Meir speak in Boston and bought one of his books, They (Arabs) Must Go. Kahane was an honest and open Nazi. But such stupid racists mess things up for the intelligent ones.

Lie #2: Israel grants equal rights to all its inhabitants.

No, it does not! Israel is the only country in the world that enforces a distinction between "nationals" and "citizens." It considers itself the state for Jews throughout the world and not for any Palestinian "nationals" who are not allowed to buy land on any free and open market. Palestinians are only citizens at most and cannot become nationals. Of course, the majority of Palestinians are only target practice and are not even given the meaningless fraud of Israeli citizenship. That is why Izzie calls itself a "Judenstaat" [a state by and for Jews]. The main function of Palestinians is to serve as "sabbath goyim" to clean out the toilets for the Self-Chosen People on the weekends. Actually, Israel now imports a lot of disposable Chinese and Thais to replace the dispossessed Palestinians, so the remaining native inhabitants are not even allowed to do the only work guaranteed to Gentiles.

Lie #3: Isrealhell is a secular state.

No, it is not! Israel Shahak's two indispensable books: Jewish Fundamentalism in Israel and Jewish History - Jewish Religion show that Jewish fundamentalism is infinitely more racist and dangerous than any form of Islamic fundamentalism. He also shows that all the major controversies in Israel revolve around religious issues, e.g. Can Jewish doctors refuse to treat injured Gentiles? Can a religious Jew refuse to allow a Gentile to use his phone to call for medical help? Answers to both questions: Yes!

It is not an accident that the Israeli flag sports two blue lines, which symbolize the Nile and Euphrates Rivers. In the Scriptures, it is written, "On that day the Lord made a covenant with Abram and said, 'To your descendants I give this land, from the river of Egypt to the great river, the Euphrates....'" [Gen 15:18 NIV] Israel can never reach a peace treaty with its neighbors because it is trapped in the straitjacket of a crackpot interpretation of a religious text.

Lie #4: Israel wants lasting peace.

No, it does not! In fact, Izzie pursues endless war. Israel is not sincerely interested in peace and living within a framework of internationally defined and guaranteed borders. Its wars have not been forced upon it by belligerent neighboring states. Israel Shahak, an Israeli professor, also wrote Open Secrets: Israeli Nuclear and Foreign Policies to expose the truth behind the mass media myth of poor little Israel fighting for its survival. He translated and analyzed official and quasi-official documents from Hebrew to explain Israel's long-term plans and to expose the danger coming from that nuclear armed rogue state.

His main ideas are that Israel wants to exercise hegemony over the entire region from Morocco to Pakistan and, therefore, no powerful independent states can be tolerated. This is why Israel co-invaded Egypt in 1956. To destroy any and all of these states, Israel will use its current spineless and brainless puppet, the UAssA, to fight its wars, obliterate Iraq, and wipe out Iran and Syria next.

Shahak's book is full of shocking insights that suddenly make sense of what looked like inexplicable nonsense. For example, he argues that the enslavement and genocide on-the-installment-plan against the Palestinians is just a sort of sideshow to distract attention from the larger picture. In a crazy way, the pulverized Palestinians are better off than the Iraqis because they have not been so poisoned by the very undepleted "depleted" uranium with which the criminal administrations in Washington have been polluting Iraq for some thirteen years.

Lie #5: Israel is the key strategic asset for the UAssA.

No, it is not! Izzie is the USA's major liability and albatross. The standard propaganda line in America's zionist controlled media is that Israel is an indispensable strategic asset, our faithful "cop on the beat" and our only true friend and defender in the Middle East. The truth is that before Israel we had lots of friends and no enemies in the Middle East, but now only many enemies and one false friend. In fact, Izzie is a catastrophic liability, the albatross sinking the American economy and now dragging us down into the fascist nightmare of a police state. The two oil embargoes [1973 and 1979] were body blows to USA industry and direct results of our suicidal subservience to Israel. American apologists argue that "a dangerous Israel" can be useful to keep other states threatened and therefore in line for the USA. That is the purest nonsense!

Most unfortunately, even many "zionist-lite" apologists, e.g. Numb Chumsky, for the Judaic state-terrorist government accept the Lie #5 as true and refuse to recognize Israel as an independent and uncontrollable source of evil in today's world. There is in the USA a cabal of zio-traitors. Some people call this cabal a lobby or a fifth column, but these words are not accurate enough. This cabal uses the empty rhetoric of American interests to promote the imperial expansion of the Judaic state-terrorist government of Israel. America has never needed or gotten any help from Israel. Only the empty talk of mutual interests.

Everyone has heard of the attempted sinking of the USS Liberty. There is no doubt that the Israeli military carried out the attack on the USS Liberty. And it was intentional and premeditated. Obtain and watch the video "The Loss of Liberty!" It has fascinating scenes of the attacks and the aftermath At least read the webpage "Was it deliberate?" http://www.ussliberty.org/supporters.htm

With strategic allies like Izzie, nobody needs enemies.

Lie #6: Israel is a faithful USA ally.

No, it is not! American Jews are faithful allies of Israel! However, Izzie is an unparalled treacherous back-stabber. Israel is not a USA ally in any normal sense of the word and is, in fact, a disastrous albatross from the viewpoint of the national interests. Izzie is a huge financial vacuum cleaner that sucks billions of US$ out of our economic system into a black hole. Izzie is the unruly elephant that we have to clean up after. It is a gigantic blowback-cesspool and a sort of continuous diplomatic embarrassment in the United Nations. Israel Shamir writes, "Hesitating American Jews are in the position of the elder sister in Raymond Chandler's "Big Sleep," who covers up the crimes of her wild kid sister....As the cover-up continues, the younger sister comes to believe she has immunity and keeps up her killing spree. Eventually her crimes endanger the seemingly secure position of the elder sister." [Flowers of Galilee, pp. 115-116]

It is quite clear that America's support for Israel had much to do with the 9/11 attacks. Osama bin Ladin has various complaints, his major one is the Israeli state-terrorist campaign against the Palestinians. Israel's refusal to end its occupation is the root cause of all its problems. Hamas and Hizbuallah are directly concerned only with that. But let's broaden the scope beyond 9/11. America's support for Israel is the root cause of Arab/Islamic opposition to America's interests in the Middle East and this support has led to, inter alia, two disastrous oil embargoes and terrorist attacks against American military installations and buildings throughout the world.

Israel has spied on the USA, e.g. Jonathan Pollard. American national interests do not allow an American citizen to treat our spying and the spying of others as a symmetrical tradeoff. We must prevent others from spying on us for to protect legitimate national interests. Let's take the same critical and reserved attitude to Israel that we do towards France. We are not Israel's partners in security but suckers in insecurity.

No government in the world is totally innocent of bad behavior, but almost all governments finance their own crimes. But Izzie gets the stupid Americans to "pay for" Izzie's crimes in a double sense, 1. the USA coughs up the money upfront and 2. downstream the USA suffers "blowback" from Izzie's crimes. The USA actually has fewer shared values with Israel than with almost any other country.

Lie #7: Israel's being is threatened.

No, Izzie is threatening, not being threatened. Israel's "Amen Corner" in the USA argues that Palestinian terrorism is a major threat to Israel's national security and prevents the peaceful solution to the occupation that Israel so desperately wants to end. They would have us believe that as soon as the terrorism ends, peace will come and a stable political solution will be found.

The truth is that Palestinian retail terrorism is not at all a threat to the Izzie's national security, but is merely a local police problem. For example, in the late 1960s, there were riots in many American cities, but these riots did not in any way endanger USA national security. There has been only one Israeli government official assassinated by freedom fighters, but there have been many political assassinations in the USA since 1948. Just as the urban riots in the 1960s [and since] and numerous political assassinations have not shaken the USA government, small-scale "pizza parlor terrorism" has not in the least endangered the national security of the Judeo-Zionist state-terrorist government. In fact, Israel needs this minor terrorism to keep its own electorate in a state of hysterical anger, so that certified war-criminals can continue to be elected to the highest political offices. Compared to Adolph Sharon, Serbia's Milosovich is a good-natured mild nationalist.

Sporadic and isolated Palestinian terrorism is not a political threat to the existence of the State of Israel. Palestinian "pizza parlor terrorism" is like America's crime on the street. I experienced the riots in Detroit in the 1960s and they were absolutely no threat to USA national security. Tanya Reinhart argues that the Israeli government needs and deliberately provokes the terrorist attacks to keep the electorate filled with hatred. [cf. Israel/Palestine]

Lie #8: Israel shares America's values.

No, it does not! In fact, Izzie rejects all merely human Enlightenment values. America's Zionist occupied media is constantly haranging us with the following bologna: "Israel is the only Middle East nation that has the same basic values as the USA. Israel is a science-based, secular democracy and bastion of Western European Enlightenment ideals and norms. Israel is a 'shining city on the hill' surrounded by implacable fundamentalists who hate Israel and the USA because of the freedom, democracy, human rights, and hard earned wealth of these two close allies." "Shining light on the hill?" Perhaps only a whore house!

The truth is that there are at least two serious problems here: 1. the difference between actual values and rhetorical values and 2. changes in values over time. Some older actual USA values were genocide, slavery, land grabbing, and racism. Those are still the actual Israeli values today. In today's USA nobody would publicly say that blacks should be transferred out of the country. But in Israel there is a lot of serious public, political discussion about "transferring the Palestinians," which is "ethnic cleansing" but does not sound so bad.

The great Judeo-racist, Rabies Kahane, wrote a wonderful book on all these supposedly shared values. It is called They [Palestinians] Must Go! Kahane rejects all Western values and calls for an exclusionary theocratic social and political system. The good rabbi's book is a valuable exposition of Judaic idiotology to pump up and recruit new zio-racists. Kahane's book is very different from the New York Times and its white-washing fairy tales for the culpably naive.

No government in the world is totally innocent of bad behavior, but almost all governments finance their own crimes. But Izzie gets the stupid Americans to "pay for" Izzie's crimes in a double sense, 1. the USA coughs up the money upfront and 2. downstream the USA suffers "blowback" from Izzie's crimes. The USA actually has fewer shared values with Israel than with almost any other country.

Lie #9: Israel's right to exist must be defended.

No, not any longer! Izzie has urinated away its right to exist. Any established government has the right to exist but it can lose that right. When Zionists say that Izzie has the right to exist, they mean that it could not possibly do anything to make it lose that right. But the bill of crimes that can be laid at Izzie's door far exceeds anything charged against Saddam, Milosovic, Kim Il Sung, or any other state currently marked for destruction on Israel's hit list. It is time to introduce a gradual escalation of sanctions against today's #1 state-terrorist government.

We need no more evidence to justify boycotting and blockading Israel preparatory to bombing its government. I mean a genuinely humanistic bombing in which no depleted uranium weapons are used and no civilian targets are attacked. Just take out Tel Aviv, a city of no historical value! The Israelis will never stop plotting the destruction of more governments until they themselves are deprived of Weapons of Mass Destruction and sent to a program of basic moral re-training.

Lie #10: Israel is an independent autonomous state.

No, and it never was! Izzie is an extra-territorial parasite. Blankfort has been researching for years the most forbidden fruit on the most forbidden tree in the garden of politically correct knowledge, i.e. how a tiny fifth column or clique of traitors has hijacked UAssA policy in the Middle East. Blankfort uses the term "lobby" and sometimes the stronger term of "fifth column." And it can also be called "treason." Some people call it a ZOG.

Some "zionist-lite" apologists for Israel's Judeo-Semitistic state terrorism, e.g. Numb Chumsky, put the ultimate responsibility on the USA puppet government. Perhaps Chomsky's silliest idea is that Israel is the USA's "cop on the beat" enforcing the will of the supposed master in Washington. Exactly the opposite is true! Since the Israel attack on the USS Liberty, the Tel Aviv criminals know that they can get away with anything in terms of manipulating the brainless and spineless stooge in Washington.

This topic is much more dangerous for the Jewish elite than Finkelstein's "Holocaust Industry." Finkelstein analyzed how the moneyed clique controlling the Solomon Sixpackers and Hyman Lunchboxers embezzles money from identifiable and genuine survivors of World War II and from European bankers. Except for the European bankers, Finkelstein deals with an intra-Judaic affair. Thus Finkelstein does not touch on how the Jewish elite is dragging all the goyim in general into zionized Judaism's assault on the Arab/Islamic world.

Because Israel is not simply an ordinary state but a supra-territorial psychosis, its motto could well be, "Think locally, act globally!" Think locally means to act in a genocidally racist manner against the local population and stay wrapped in psychotic denial of the victims' sufferings! Act globally means to murder anybody anywhere on the earth because Izzie's ends justify any means!


The "Semen" in Anti-Semenism
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In the c. 3,000 years from Torah Hebraism through Talmudic Judaism to the 19th Century secular movements of Zionism and Semitism (Jewish Supremacy), the unifying central concern has always been to preserve the putative purity of the precious bodily fluids of the Self-Chosen. Most unfortunately, in 19th Century Europe Jewism's concern with racial purity and biological apart-hate spread and infected the superior host culture and, therefore, caused Gentile thinkers to construct racialist theories imitative of Judaic biological bigotry.

It must be emphasized that Jewist biological bologna has nothing to do with the justifiable cultural pride of a nation, people, race, ethnicity, tribe, etc. that has actually created important and internationally recognized works of art, literature, and philosophy. For example, France in the 17th Century, Germany in the 18th and 19th, and Russia in the 19th, etc. Many foreigners studied these languages and cultures and, thereby, enriched themselves. There are no similar reasons to study Yiddish or Modern Hebrew?

The word "semenism" captures the perduring central Pan-Jewist preoccupation with an imagined sanctity of their "holy seed." The Old Testament books of "Ezra" and "Nehemiah" show quite clearly this Judaic focus on the sacred seed, racial segregation, political power. "After these things had been done, the leaders came to me and said, 'The people of Israel, including the priests and the Levites, have not kept themselves separate from the neighboring peoples with their detestable practices, like those of the Canaanites, Hittites, Perizzites, Jebusites, Ammonites, Moabites, Egyptians and Amorites. They have taken some of their daughters as wives for themselves and their sons, and have mingled the holy race with the peoples around them. And the leaders and officials have led the way in this unfaithfulness." [Ezra, 9:1-2 NIV] The King James Version has "holy seed" instead of "holy race."

Joseph Campbell relates an interesting story about this aspect of the Sacred Scriptures. When beginning his academic career, he was asked by a young man from India to recommend a book of Western spirituality and Campbell told him to read the Old Testament. Several months later the young Indian returned and was asked his opinion about the holy books. He replied that he did not see any spirituality in them at all. This reptile-brained fetish about sacred semen most clearly reveals that Judaism is merely a tribal political ideology and not a human religion at all.

At any rate, in the immensely superior humanistic Gentile culture of 19th Century pre-Jewifried Europe, Jewists would have made themselves objects of ridicule and scorn by babbling on about the divinity of their diurnal or nocturnal emissions. Therefore, instead of "Semenism," they chose the code and cover word, "Semitism," to express the new secular version of their thitherto exclusively religious idiotology of tribal separation and supremacy over all the rest of humanity. Notice that Judaism never attained the relatively high moral level of a racism because it excludes c. 99.99% of humans. Any Aryan racism is a universalistic humanism in comparison because it excludes a much smaller percentage of humans.

However, by using words like "Semite," "Semitic," and "Semitism," Jewists could benefit from a then more favorable European attitude toward Arabs. The conniving and flatulent gasbag, Benjamin of Israel, said, "Arabs were Jews on horseback." Wishing to compliment Jewists, he grossly insulted Arabs, true Semites, who have nothing to do with parasitical Khazar half-breed tribalists.

If we understand the double deceit involved in Jewist usage of the word "Semite" [ 1.) to distract attention from the blatantly obvious tribal preoccupation with their own sacred semen and 2.) to cash in on the then favorable attitude toward true Semites], it becomes much easier to understand the urgent importance of the twin movements of anti-Semenism and anti-Semitism.

Anti-Semenism [Gentile Defense #1] rejects all pseudo-religious malarkey about any "holy seed," sacred semen, or mystical quasi-divine emissions. Anti-Semitism [Gentile Defense #2] rejects any non-aliyah Jewist Supremacy, treason, or fifth columnism. If Jews are not ready to assimilate, intermarry, and give up their reptile-brained racism, then they had best close down their hyper-profitable hoaxoco$t industry and high-tail off to the 1948 UN approved borders of Teddy Herzl's "Jew State," which civilized humanity set up as a political insane asylum to quarantine morally retrograde racists who desire to live as a nation apart preserving their precious bodily fluids unpolluted by mere goyim cattle.




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Subject: A Repetition of Some Basic Principles! [Acceptable?]

1. All Zionisms are [worse than] a racism. There are many types of Zionism. Imagine a table with two columns: aliyah and non-aliyah. Non-aliyah Zionism is the same as Jewish Supremacy and is outlined in "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion."

The rows range from "exterminationist" through "occupationist" to "Zionist-lite" [A Dave Kersting neologism?]. So far we have 6 cells, but more rows could be suggested.

Zionism is worse than racism because it does not attain the relatively high moral level of the quasi-universality of a racism. Any Black or White racism would include many millions of people. Notate bene: I am not advocating or even approving of any racism but only emphasizing that any Zionism is worse in an important sense.

Zionism is a mere tribalism or spermotheism which has elevated a putative "holy seed" or "sacred semen" into an object of worship.

2. The hoaxoco$t was THE hoax of the Jewish Century [title of Sleazkin`s book] and the holyhoaxers have to refund overpayments they have received because of their exaggerated claims and false advertising. These refunds constitute a form of product liability similar to what the tobacco and auto industries are subject to.

3. In fighting Zionism the following propositions must be repeated, repeated, repeated, etc.

a. Zionism is [worse than] a racism.
b. The "Judenstaat" is a "Jews-only" murderously aggressive entity.
c. The holyhoax is a dirty racist anti-Gentile blood libel.
d. The "mad dog" [Moshe Dayan`s term] Jew State must not be threatened because threats only feed the Zionists` psychotic need to play the victim and also justify its state-terrorist criminal violence.
e. The principles of Marx [Groucho! Not Karl!] must play the central role in formulating strategy and tactics, i.e. Zionisms and the hoaxoco$t must be ridiculed and greeted with huge gaffaws of laughter and scorn.




From: Adelaide Institute
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Subject: John Bryant on the Jewish Question, and on Kevin MacDonald & Richard Lynn: A Tale of Two Movement Wimpouts


Climbing the knowledge tree or fighting windmills of the mind? Substantial or peripheral criticism - constructive or destuctive commentary?  Judge for yourself. http://www.thebirdman.org/Index/Temp/Temp-BirdmansWeeklyLetter.html




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Subject: Re: Birdman's Weekly Letter #340: Kevin MacDonald & Richard Lynn: A Tale of Two Movement Wimpouts

August 30, 2005


Of course, neither MacDonald nor Lynn fears to criticise Jews so long as the security of his position as an academic is not breeched. Fear of unintentionally descending ever so slightly from the ivory tower is another story. Neither of these gentlemen could be expected to consider endorsing your book if he thought there was the slightest risk that doing so might compromise his faculty status, or embarrass his department. You can imagine how many Jews are slathering at his doorstep waiting for him to screw up.

Why don't they tell you this? Snobbery is a word never spoken by the snob. Neither may be a snob in the "class" sense, but there is not the slightest doubt that neither could be more impressed with the necessity of protecting his occupational status.

One more point: When you ask Professor MacDonald to tell you what it is in your book he is "not comfortable with," or Professor Lynn to tell you what it is that makes your book "a bit too controversial . . to be associated with," you are perhaps implicitly asking each one to take a position on an issue, probably a sensitive issue, which he would have to identify in order to answer your question. Chances are, he would prefer to go public, if at all, on any such issue in his own time and within the covers of his own writing.

Mel Fowler



From: pb

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Subject: Re: John Bryant on the Jewish Question, and on Kevin MacDonald & Richard Lynn: A Tale of Two Movement Wimpouts  

I have read his stuff - the 'birdman' is concerned with 'character'. LOL, ha ha, I can play the bullshit game too.

1. Surely, the only 'character' the 'birdman' could notice and perhaps do anything about is his own. In the end it comes down to opportunism, pragmatism, science and skill in action and not moral gymnastics.

2. I suppose 'character' can emerge naturally if we see something worth fighting for, and also IF we can determine that the fight is winnable. To take on an un-winnable fight is to go against natural evolution and human biology. No species ever survived by repeatedly taking on un-winnable fights. These 'wimps' may well be intelligent survivours. So have we all evolved into wimps?

3. Also the 'Jewish question' may be the wrong question and therefore always gives wrong answers, and if people of 'Jewish' identity are smart, then they may see my point. And the consequences of them seeing it are obvious. It is like defying gravity. It is silly to do it because gravity is easily overcome with aircraft and rockets, and so on, by using science. Man CAN fly! An overweight person may well suffer from gravity and hate gravity and become an anti-gravitist. But without gravity matter would not hold together and we would not exist. But still people have the itch to invent anti-gravity machines. They don't realize their scientific folly because matter and the gravitational field are one unified phenomenon and cannot be separated.

4. Similarlymost organisms are hosts to some parasites and these are necessary for the survival of the host.

5. Individuals - to whom 'the Jews' give a common identity - are all asking the wrong questions, which in the first instance is good because the questions must be asked first. But then to repeat the same wrong questions ad infinitum is an indication of either a profound lack of awareness, or of insanity.

6. The fundamental questions are to be found where they have always been - and certainly NOT 'the Jewish question' - but much closer to ourselves within us! For example, if one is fearful of parasites or of being used by others, then one should not be involved in nurturing children because to 'love' children means allowing them to exploit you as a resource so that they may grow to maturity. Of course this is exactly where the real problem lies for all these white separatists, antisemites, revisionists, moralists and what not. They all have this negative authoritarian attitude toward children, many of them not having any children themselves, never having become involved in the process of procreation! 

From: John Bryant
Sent: Wednesday, 31 August 2005 7:17 PM
To: Toben Fredrick
Subject: Re: An enlightened response from a reflective individual - any more responses?


Is this really what passes for an 'enlightened response'?
Let me just take the first two paragraphs to illustrate exactly how unenlightened it is:

>I have read his stuff - the 'birdman' is concerned with 'character'.
LOL, ha ha, I can play the bullshit game too.
1. Surely, the only 'character' the 'birdman' could notice and perhaps do anything about is his own. In the end it comes down to opportunism, pragmatism, science and skill in action and not moral gymnastics.<

The writer seems to be saying that it is some kind of joke ("LOL") that I am concerned with character, when I actually cite several books of mine which concern this very thing. So you are saying that THIS is the way to 'prove' that it is a 'joke' that I am concerned with character? You take a guy (me) who has literally written BOOKS on (or relevant to) a subject and say it is 'enlightened' to simply DISMISS his work as a JOKE?

And then the writer says that "it" -- antecedent unclear, but appears to refer to character in general -- "comes down to opportunism, pragmatism, science and skill in action and not moral gymnastics". This is ENLIGHTENED? Equating character to shitpile A rather than shitpile B is ENLIGHTENED? If the writer deigned to make an ARGUMENT for his position, then at least his statement might take on the appearance of rationality, but simply STATING that "character equals shitpile A rather than shitpile B" does not have the LEAST qualification to be admitted as "enlightened".

I could go on, but it is clear that this 'enlightened' response is so unenlightened as to be unworthy of so much as polluting a privy. So I say, if this is the kind of stuff you are putting out to your list, how about putting out my reply? That, so it seems to me, would constitute a minimum of fairness.


PS: I have much respect for you personally, Fredrick, and I don't want my words to seem hurtful, but I really think you should have been more careful about giving your endorsement to your correspondent's letter. Perhaps you are still angry at me about questioning your views on the matter of circumcision, or something even further removed temporally. If so, I am sorry, but I think that, on the battlefield of ideas, we cannot afford to be less than frank, even as we try to put things gently, as I know you do, and as I try to do when reasonably possible.

From Fredrick Töben

...will presently send your response through the list because your contribution is the subject of LOL, i.e. your right of reply.

As to the circumcision email exchange of ours, I thought the issue had fizzled out with my final comment that the uncircumcised have the advantage of doffing their beanie, then putting it back on as soon as duty has been done, thereby retaining a freshness and sensitivity denied to the circumcised - some even looking up websites that instruct on how to re-grow the foreskin, thereby losing their conceptual deficiency thinking – looking for that which has been lost!

There is no need for fetishism of any kind because the beanie enables men to be gentle-men.

More on this when Polydoros [- are you working on your essay, Polydoros?] writes about the meaning of Semite.


From: John Bryant
Sent: Thursday, 1 September 2005 7:28 PM
To: Toben Fredrick
Subject: RE: An enlightened response from a reflective individual - any more responses?

Thanks, Fredrick. Your response shows a much-welcome openmindedness and flexibility which is rarely seen among the breed we doubtfully call homo sapiens. ("Man is the highest animal. Man does the classifying.") -j




From: pbudarick@adam.com.au

Sent: Thursday, 1 September 2005 10:05 AM
To: info@adelaideinstitute.org

Subject: RE: An enlightened response from a reflective individual - any more responses?

"The more unpopular an opinion is (e.g. revisionism), the more necessary is it that the holder should be somewhat punctilious in his observance of conventionalities generally."  -- Samuel Butler, The Art of Propagating Opinion

I am not really interested in propagating opinion.

I do what I do because I enjoy it and actually "birdman" and many others are very funny. I similarly laugh at my own stupidity and self importance. Do unto others.

People can only be motivated to work together by truth.

But truth cannot be propagated because the adult mind resists it.

It resist it because it has been indoctrinated with wrong models.

But these wrong models work because the majority of men are thus effected.

To change the models is painful because it involves great insecurity.

It is like a house with bad foundations.

You have to tear down the whole house.

The trouble is that revisionist have too narrow a focus. You have to question the whole of society and yourself.

But that is just too uncomfortable.

So to my observing eye you are exactly the same as "Jews" in every way. I don't mean you personally Fredrick.


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2. From: jack.martin1@juno.com

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To: info@adelaideinstitute.org

Subject: Re: An enlightened response from a reflective individual - any more responses?

Hello Fredrick,

pb wrote:

"But without gravity matter would not hold together and we would not exist. But still people have the itch to invent anti-gravity machines.

They don't realize their scientific folly because matter and the gravitational field are one unified phenomenon and cannot be separated."


Actually matter is held together by nuclear force, not gravity.

Apparently scientists are still attempting to discover the link between the four fundamental forces of nature- the strong and weak nuclear forces, electromagnetism, and gravity (the weakest of the four by far).

And we have seen the example of the astronauts living for periods of time in zero gravity.


Jack Martin


From: pbudarick@adam.com.au

Sent: Thursday, 1 September 2005 9:47 AM
To: info@adelaideinstitute.org

Subject: RE: An enlightened response from a reflective individual - any more responses?

Yes I know all about the alleged 4 "forces".

There are many theories about it, but no satisfactory explanation in the mainstream. There are various string theories and David Bohm's "Implicate Order" and so on.

But the fact is that scientists understand no more about "IT" [relative to any prospective theory of everything] than they did when they alleged the earth was flat because it was proven by objective observation. There to gravity was misunderstood. As an asside, now science appears to be regressing back to creationalism.

The fact remains that you can't separate gravity from "matter".

Also the astronauts are not in "zero gravity"!

They are falling under gravity at 1G [9.8 meters per second]!

The commentator is mistaking the sensation of gravity for the actual field.

Just because the Earth appears to be flat does not mean it actually is flat.

Gravity is not a "force" but an intrinsic characteristic of matter which we notice and can measure. It does not matter if it is "weak". Also significantly unlike the electromagnetic fields "gravity field" is not polarized in space.

That should immediately tell us to be careful about how we model the universe.

But the great minds heed not such simple advice.

"Gravity" isn't something which is added to matter. The key may be found if we contemplate the acceleration of "mass" in space-time. And that inevitably brings us to Einstein. The two invariants in our universe; Einstein and the Holocaust.

Sorry about the digression.

All these confusions go back to Einstein's theories. Those theories are neither original, nor complete, nor correct. But they are still a significant mental exercise for men to grasp and they have been useful of course. So i am not saying there is no truth in them. But we should not allow them to become a prison for our thinking.

But apparently on your list it is OK to be a "holocaust denier" but not OK to be an "Einstein denier" which is implied when I challenge a wrong paradigm in physics which disintegrates if you remove Einstein. Much the same with the paedophile myth and all the rest.

We really need to get away form this judaic absolutism of thinking and have a more holistic [Asiatic?] and open view [free of moral fears?]. For instance Einstein said that "God does not play dice". I say, why introduce a model ["God"] which has no measurable referents in Actuality [Kant's neumena]?

Indeterminism is not really a problem when you engage it with an open mind and careful observation. It is a fundamental that we shall never be able to measure all the parameters of life. "Chaos" is one manifestation of this fact. Most science today is nothing more than religious speculation. If you knew the number of different theories out there in physics alone [never mind all the other disciplines] you would be alarmed. A physics student could not in a lifetime study all of them. So many! And more are being generated. Also there is a very strong peer system which marginalizes many creative minds. This is not unlike the priesthood in function. There are things which are scientific heresy but no proofs can be offered to show how or why these speculations are wrong [but they still have to be tested of course]. They are rejected because they would destroy the entire model of the universe we have built in our minds.

If they accept "God" which can't be tested then why not accept other hypothesis which can be tested [albeit at great toil and expense]?

Also mathematics - essential to any science - does not model the universe. It models how the human brain reasons about the universe. As anyone working on the cutting edge of theoretical physics would know, mathematics is an indispensable tool but it is not a perfect representation. It can lead us astray. Do not mistake the description for the described. This proven by the fact that mathematics has evolved gradually over thousands of years. It was not God-given to us as a perfect representation of the universe and it still is significantly flawed and always will be.

To find out more about it, read the work of the late Dr. David Jacob Bohm on the subject. Use Google.



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