Holocaust enforcer, Prof Deborah Lipstadt, heading for Australia




German hatred at its most virulent

Democracy will be put to the test when at the end of June 2005 the world's foremost 'Holocaust' enforcer, Professor of Theology Deborah Lipstadt visits Australia.

With a Federal Court of Australia Order that prevents them from mentioning contentious 'Holocaust' matters, how can Mrs Olga Scully and Dr Fredrick Töben participate in any debate that Professor Lipstadt may generate on matters 'Holocaust'?

"There is no debate on the 'Holocaust'!" - said Professor Lipstadt on her first visit to Australia in 1994.

Will Australia's media comply with that directive coming from the world's foremost enforcer of the 'Holocaust' faith?

In a little while we shall see how Australia's academics respond to this Lipstadt challenge, i.e. will they tow the orthodox 'Holocaust' line and submit to her will, that there is no debate about the 'Holocaust'.

Those who refuse to submit to the 'Holocaust' dogma, those who dare exercise their principles of freedom of research and freedom of speech, will be libelled and defamed.
See: Offenkundigkeit

Will Professor Lipstadt unashamedly use the primitive and non-intellectual/non-academic shut-up words to stifle free speech in Australia?







Australia's academics' moral and intellectual integrity is at stake here because such labelling will not solve the controversy - truth cries out to be heard!

The 'Holocaust' lies will continue to haunt those who still possess their moral and intellectual integrity.
Truth & Lies

They will want to know the truth of what is asserted as an historical fact. See:
Germany to pay Shoah restitution to N. African survivors

Professor Lipstadt is the 'Holocaust' industry's greatest promoter - would Prof Norman Finkelstein wish her well?
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Advice from a  reader


You should contact the moderator of Late Night Live to ask if you could be on the same
show with Ms. Lipstadt to present Holocaust Revisionist's arguments, for if the
moderator wants to allow listeners to know what Holocaust Revisionists actually say, they
should not only present Ms. Lipstadt's one-sided views, but balance them with views from
the other side, the way they do with other controversial subjects such as medical
breakthroughs, cancer treatments, scientific theories, and theological arguments.

If Lipstadt will not allow you on with her, or if the station believe she would veto your
participation, the station can arrange for you to be the first caller to the show after
her introductory remarks.

It's a great opportunity - don't let it slip away. You should also follow Lipstadt
everywhere she goes through the country and ask questions at meetings where possible. You
are the only one in Australia with the knowledge and tenacity to do this.

Yes or no!






Professor Deborah Lipstadt attends Jewish Festival in Australia!

Denying the Holocaust: The Growing Assault on Truth and Memory

As a matter of principle, Deborah Lipstadt has refused to debate the claims of Holocaust deniers. She has, however, agreed to analyse and illustrate who Holocaust deniers are and what they want to do. In this session, our scholar-in-residence describes their misinformation and false claims. She exposes that those who make such claims are not just innocent cranks. They threaten to dramatically change the way truth and meaning are transmitted.

Tuesday 8pm, Auditorium




- and


The Jewish Immigrant Experience in Britain at the Turn of the 19th Century




Presenter - Michael Toben






- definitely no relative of Dr Fredrick Töben.


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