June 20, 2005  

"Jewishness in its lowest form is the aim towards the imprisonment of meaning and fixation of ideas."

Fredrick and Israel,    

I love this bare-bones statement of Gilad Atzmon.  He knows how to write a sentence worthy of an illuminating idea!  

My experience with Jewish writing is that it ALL  "aims towards the imprisonment of meaning and fixation of ideas," not just for the racial enemy, but for Jews themselves.  How could it be otherwise?  Jewish writing is packaged and delivered as if by the paralyzing sting of a poisonous insect  -  with only a few exceptions from Jews who are able to write without a self-serving edge to their words, without insulting my intention to think for myself.  But when they do, they seem to have left their Jewishness behind, as if they see that as required by the reader's implicit demand for proper respect.  

Israel Shahak is probably my favorite example.  Edwin Black is another who, at least in his book, "The Transfer Agreement," presents his material with what impresses me as scrupulous objectivity but who, curiously, at the end of his splendidly objective disquisition, will often add a coda intended to present a view that will placate his Jewish readers.  Other Jewish writers leave their Jewishness behind merely to avoid blowing their cover.  Noam Chomsky proves that he knows the rules requiring the appearance of objectivity, but he also knows the subterranian art of burying his persuasive intent beneath a blizzard of objectivity, a frontal display of candor concealing an underlying less than honest purpose.  It has been years since I read so much as a paragraph written by Noam Chomsky.  I don't like to be lied to.  

I don't, of course, fault the enemy for trying to deceive us.  Since their aim is our destruction, they can't very well speak candidly to us about that, can they.  Their program, after all, is deception, itself.  I do intend that, to the best of my ability, they shall not deceive me.  I do fault people of my race, at least the ones who should know better, for not allowing themselves to see that they are deceived, a failure resting upon an absence  of moral will.  
Mel Fowler  


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  Another person rejects the concept of Holocaust Denial and follows Revisionist thinking

  "Jewishness in its lowest form is the aim towards the imprisonment of meaning and fixation of ideas.  In that very sense, I am very sorry to tell you Mr. Greenstein, you are presenting the lowest form of rabbinical and talmudic Jewish existence. You try to determine meanings and to stop any possible critical scholarship and interpretation. ... If you were a real Jew rather than just a shallow form of talmudic Zionist you would stand up to Eisen and fight with his interpretation with dignity. But as it seems you are incapable."  Gilad Atzmon

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