Recent Letter from Ernst Zündel
Dear Free Speech Supporter:
            The following letter from German political prisoner Ernst Zundel arrived by indirect means several weeks ago.  Communications with Mr. Zundel are more restrictive than when he was in Canada. He’s chronically short of airmail postage stamps. Supporters are allowed to send him only three at one time.
            A German supporter drove 120 miles to visit him. He was bringing stamps for Mr. Zundel. The bureaucratic prison authorities would not let him visit. They would not even allow him to leave the stamps for Mr. Zundel. Oddly, several weeks later, he receive a letter advising that his visit to Germany’s most famous political prisoner would now be approved.
              The physical deprivation that marked this 66 year old man’s more than two years in solitary confinement in a Canadian jail have been replaced with what Mr. Zundel told me before he left Canada the  somewhat “more civilized” conditions of a German jail.
               However, the legal case the occasioned with somewhat more human treatment remains stalled or, maybe, not stalled. The “investigative detention” allows the German State to confine and largely silence one of the strongest critics of the ideology of guilt that underpins the state.
            We still need your support for the cause of one of the world’s most famous political prisoners.. The Zundel case  continues in Germany. Please send contributions to help Ernst Zundel’s defence to  CAFÉ, Box 332, Rexdale, ON., M9W 5L3, Canada or e-mail us your VISA number and expiry date.
                                                            Paul Fromm
                                                            Director Canadian Association for Free Expression

                                                            30 June 2005


To: Paul Fromm from Ernst Zundel - 10 May 2005
Dear Paul:
Just a short note of thanks to you …If postage permits, I will write [x] and everybody else. Everybody has to be patient and understanding for these tough, tough times.

I heard about Wolfgang’s death! What a waste, a useless waste of a life, all that for a woman? A tickle in the scrotum? I can’t believe it! I think there is more to this story! More than meets the eye. There must have been other motives.
Whoever did the evil deed, certainly was not very bright! He must have been some impulse driven nutbar, unfortunately, the world is full of them today, due in large part to DRUGS and to lousy eating habits and undisciplined living.

Paul, do me a favor, call Ron Gostick and Wanda and do thank them from me! Their help was much appreciated as was yours!
I don’t know if you remember the Calders? They were very nice and kind and brave people. They came to see me within 1-1/2 hours of my arrival in Canada on the 19 February 2003, and brought me some money! Because the U.S. had deported me without a single cent, even though I had U.S. $461.00 in my Tennessee prison account.
Keep in touch with the Lindsay’s please. The Blais bias motion should be before the Supreme Court soon! Somebody should let me know what’s up.

Also the Harkat  Case was winding its way to the Supreme Court. It’s a race between his and my case for constitutional challenge! I would like to be kept informed!
The German prison guards are so far exceptional! The system is another question! They have rules upon rules! Once again, say hello to everybody.


Many thanks.

Ernst Zündel





Sent: Monday, June 27, 2005 1:44 PM


Free Speech Supporters Denied Admission to Warman Meeting at U. of A.

Dear Free Speech Supporter:

It's crazy, but then this is politically correct Canada. Wednesday night (June 15), four Edmonton free speech supporters tried to attend an advertized public meeting featuring free speech opponent and complainer extraordinaire Richard Warman. The Edmonton "hate squad" denied them admission.

Warman is the Ottawa lawyer and former Canadian Human Rights Commission investigator who holds the record for the most complaints to the CHRC. His target is dissident Internet websites or people who post on Stormfront. Oppose immigration, the homosexual agenda or censors like him and he's likely to file a complaint against you with the CHRC and, if you criticize his obsession with minding other people's business and shutting people up -- as the Northern Foundation, CAFE, and I have -- he'd likely to sue you for slander. We're all being sued.

Warman lets it be known that his life is in danger. He feels vulnerable and threatened. This busy body ought to feel ashamed. Anway, "hate squads" , when they're not threatening single moms with having their children taken away for fear they might see "hate" on the Internet or throwing a man with a heart condition, who shouldn't fly on a plane (Glenn Bahr), on a plane, act as the heavies and bodyguards for people like Warman.

They're clearly political police, just like in Cuba and Haiti. I know the type. I've seen them in cesspools like Haiti and it isn't pretty. That's just what the once free Dominion of Canada has become.

The Edmonton Four had every right to be there. Several had been members of Western Canada For Us, the very group of immigration reformers that Warman was boasting about having shut down last year. The meeting was advertized with a defamatory poster portraying WCFU as Klansman.

That a university -- a place of free inquiry and debate -- should be the place where potentially dissenting views are banned shows the iron grip of political correctness around the throat of free thought.

Here's a report of one of the Edmonton Four with further details:


I just got back from the Warman speech. We never did make it in. A middle-aged black man, Constable Dave Huggins from the Edmonton Police Hate Crimes Unit, was there to greet the four of us when we arrived.

He mentioned some of us looked familiar and seemed to think we should know who he is, saying several times "you know who I am." He asked us all for our identification. Huggins also made reference to the posting on Stormfront, expressing concern that we were there to cause an incident. Though he did not say "Stormfront" specifically, he did a lot of winking and nudging throughout the conversation, "you know what I mean" being a common phrase.

Dave then offered to be an intermediary: he would ask the hosts for our admittance, but if we were denied admittance that we were to leave. After his brief trip to the conference room, he informed us we were denied admittance.

Oddly, he invited us to loiter around in the hallway if we so pleased. I think he was trying to reciprocate our politeness, but there may have been an unknown motive. I declined the invitation, suggesting that we could make the audience members uncomfortable. As we were leaving, an additional three police constables wearing wireless earpieces appeared through a side door.

I'm pretty sure they are going to try to sensationalise our presence there. I have a feeling it's not going to be "Those damn polite 'Nazis' voluntarily left when asked to!"



Brad Love's Corner: Brad Won't Be Silenced

Sent: Monday, June 27, 2005 1:44 PM

Dear Free Speech Supporter:

Brad Love served almost seven weeks for breach of probation; that is, writing letters to MPPs. They were not violent or threatening, but merely expressed his views on immigration. In a plea bargain, April 18, he was forbidden ANY communications with any elected official for three years.

In terms of exercising his rights, I’d say, duty as a citizen to express his concerns to his elected officials, the 44-year old construction worker is as effectively voiceless as a peon in Castro’s Cuba or a scrawny pathetic peasant in communist North Korea. Such is life in the politically correct police state Canada has become.

Well, Brad Love won’t be silenced. Here’s what Brad would like to say to the politicians, if he weren’t being treated as a non-person in this corrupt society. Of course, he still must pay taxes to support the totalitarian state that seeks to silence him.

Paul Fromm



My West Coast speaking tour was great! Just landing at an airport where female Muslim security guards don't man handle me is a blessing in anyone's eyes. And my audiences?

Receptive to the limit. I look at them and I see middle-of- the road folks who simply want to grow up in a nation that resembles one our parents grew up in. Now is that too much to ask? The look in their eyes tells me two things:

1) That I am saying exactly what they believe and wish to hear and;

2) they cannot believe that I am so boldly stating the exact truths that they themselves had only dared to whisper about.

Now that is freedom! No Leo Adlers of the Simon Wiesenthal Centre laying his phony whines against me, though I guess I he is busy defending (unsuccessfully) and at our Legal Aid expense, yet another black rapist accused of assaulting elderly females in their homes. Some integrity this schumck has got! And better yet, no size 38 pants of a burly female cop from the OPP VIP squad to hound me and steal my property. I wonder if my expensive leather coat that she seized from me, two years ago (!) fits her? Probably can't get around those linebacker shoulders of hers.

It is odd, we've got ethnic violence and shootings daily where even some young mother of four illegitimate kids strangely finds herself at a dance hall on a 3:00 a.m. Sunday morn and is struck by a bullet. Yet, everyone of the "homeys" flee the scene. Now, that is what I call real community spirit.

Oh, and guess what?... Ontario MPP Harrinder Takhar (and that ain't Irish) wants to hire 200 new teachers (though Paul Fromm ain't one of them) and he is going to bring back non-academic subjects like music, the arts and phys ed.

Takhar, who grew up in India, states, "If a Third World nation can afford to teach these subjects, that's all the reason for us to". Of course, the Third World can afford it. They are using the billions they siphon from us to do so.

Meanwhile, our own kids, attend crowded, run-down and often ethnically violent classroom where nonchalant, politically correct, labour disputing teachers, go through the motions.

And let's face it, folks, the latest shootings or gang violence, always falls 20 pages deep in the newspapers, way after the local spelling bee, lost dog or runaway U.S. bride. So, it seems that our local media tries its best to bury the real life threatening stories as well, though they've always got room for those pro-multi-cultural feel-good stories. I guess they've got the local lobby that funds kleptomaniac Israel to please or more importantly, they don't want to jeopardize any of their multicultural/Immigration Canada budgets. It is better to let real Canadians be slashed and beaten and shot, I reckon, than to publish what's really going on. Meanwhile, our brave Ontario premier, Dalton McGuinty, rambles on about Carla Homolka, avoiding the issue of the raging fire that ethnic crime is.

I mean, his own son, was robbed and mugged by blacks, but being the brave, caring pop that he is, he chose to remain silent. And this loon runs Ontario? No wonder big business and his fellow politicos find him to be useful idiot whenever they need him to look the other way or rubber stamp their latest misdeed.

Points to ponder: Here's a bumper sticker spotted in Alberta: GAS EXPENSIVE? IMAGINE IF ISRAEL HAD THE OIL.

Now all that I have mentioned above may not touch you but think of what it costs in your tax money. Remember all of this when you are visiting a food bank and the staff tell you the shelves are bare.

Oh, and by the way, think of all the foreign born M.D.s (medical doctors) who want licensing here in Canada. Seems every time I read about some doctor being arrested for either sex assault, malpractice, "improper behavior" or OHIP fraud, it is always a foreign doc being arrested. It may be "racist" to state this, but none of this really matters until this third world quack botches a hysterectomy on your wife or mother.

On the federal front, good old one-time farmer turned finance minister, and his name is Ralph Goodale, happily proclaims that once again his Liberal governmentt will forgive even more debt that nut job nations like Senegal, Uganda, Rwanda, Mali, etc. have were lent by our fed up over-taxed Canadian citizens. Why we even loaned such perpetually broke bums like this money is beyond comprehension. But as usual, our "foreigners first" mentality puts common sense to the side of our pothole ridden roads. Even millionaire socialist, Stephen Lewis, adds his bleats to such insanity whining that Canada should and could do more. If Lewis really wants to do more, why doesn't he sell his mansion on that tree-lined road in Forest Hill Village Street that it sits on?

Meanwhile, in culturally diverse, i.e., crime-ridden Toronto, accused child murderer Erika Mendiata is released on a $35,000 bail as opposed to this letter writer, who was not given the same chance on a quarter million dollar bail. Gee, maybe, Mendiata here could apply for some of the billions in foreign aid that Goodale is throwing away, oops, I mean legal aid, another freebie that so many newcomers line up for but that we true citizens pay for. I say give the crazy lady house arrest - in Judy Sgro's office.

In other T.O. news, immigration Canada is finally getting around to rounding up some of the tens of thousands of the illegals currently mucking up our streets and complicating our job sites. Of course, this has all those Hispanic church groups in a tizzy, claiming that such action is barbaric. Between this type of insolent meddling, same sex marriages and such, is it any wonder that no one goes to church any more?

June 17, 2005

Observations: At my local little league ball park. Co-ed baseball? When did this start? Homogenizing, pacifying our kids. Where is their identity? Their oneness? Start them young. That is exactly what our government and multicultural schools teach and indoctrinate in our youth. They will grow up to be do nothing, say nothing citizens, who will surrender everything they got without a struggle, just like their overweight, cola- swilling, chain-smoking, nervous Nellie parents do. Is it any wonder that hordes of foreigners find it so easy to gleefully walk right over us and everything that we and our ancestors have built? Canada, what a nation of asleep-at-the-wheel suckers.

It would take about 38 seconds for the armies of India, Pakistan or China to defeat us. But why fight when Immigration Canada simply lets them simply walk in to take us over.

News item: Justice Minister Irwin Cotler, will be taking part in the 17th Maccabiah games, a "Jews-only Olympics," to be held, where else, in ISRAEL. Table tennis is his forte. I mean does life for us fed-up real Canadians get any more bizarre!!!?? You can just hear our tax money going down the drain on this one.

News item: University health network CEO Tom Closson, "retires" from his $710,000, "job" to spend time travelling in Australia, New Zealand, and Southeast Asia. It must be nice! But of all the ironies, here is a guy who runs a money-losing outfit that constantly hustles for our charity dollars. Yet, he makes more money that the prime minister, Dalton, and the Bank of Canada President, combined. What a racket!

Observation: Why is it every time I see the likes of Habitat for Humanity, extreme make over home edition, or similar barn raising do gooders in the media, it is always the same group of stunned-looking White folks building free homes for some ethnic dysfunctional family of 7. Not a black or Asian face in the crowd of volunteers. Perhaps they know a go-nowhere racket when they see one? Maybe we can learn from them.

And only in multicultural, politically correct Canada, could a gang of taxi drivers be allowed to practically close down the nation's busiest airport. In these post-9-1-1- days, such action should be viewed as outright terrorism, but at Toronto's Pearson's airport, disgruntled hacks, angry at overriding fees, did just that. Incredible!!!

Beirut, Islamabad, Toronto -- can anyone spot the difference? Now imagine of a group, say skinheads shut down a federal facility in this manner! Hell, they would call in every cop, perhaps even the army or whatever recruits they could muster. For most of our Army is in the very same countries that most of these striking airport cabbies have walked away from. They get shot at, while back here in Canadistan, we fed-up citizens get walked over. Of course, try to say anything publicly, and watch who comes for you.

They said that I, Brad Love, associated rising immigration to our rising crime rate. So they arrest me and haul me off to court chained to 26 black guys. Now, who is lying to whom.

And all of that flood damage in Alberta? What do you think? There will be a huge fund-raising drive to help out our own people. Don't bet on it! Tsunami in a Third world nation equals $1 billion raiseD. Towns washed out in Canada? They'll be lucky to see even $1 million in emergency funds.

"Foreigners first" That is the Canadian motto.

In the big Toronto event of the year, the gay pride parade, can we expect their city councillor and devil in a pink dress, Kyle Raye, raising the flag besides outrageously gay health minister, George Smithermann, MPP. You remember him don't you?? He is the creep that cut eye exams for youngsters and physiotherapy for seniors claiming there is no money for such care.

Meanwhile, city council gives $100 grand to such rump humpers to celebrate their sex habits, while gay George OKs untold millions in health procedures for the self-inflicted ailments of his degenerate friends. -- Brad




"Jap Bastards" Remark Retracted -- Another Retreat From Truth
Sent: Monday, June 27, 2005 1:44 PM

Dear Free Speech Supporter:

Canada is truly a sick society that has lost its way. It appears that Parliament is about to elevate the promise of monogamous buggery between Bruce and Barrie to the same status as heterosexual marriage,. The militant homosexual lobby that has conquered all before it, with their alliance of dictators in the courts and gutless politicians, now seem ready to make all-out war on the Christian churches – at least those of a more traditional bent. Christians who have complained about homosexuality have been fined in Saskatchewan and the Catholic bishop of Calgary is being investigated by that province’s human rights commissars for having offended the tender feelings of homosexuals, when he proclaimed the Church’s traditional stance against same-sex marriage. Elements of the homosexual lobby now talk openly of trying to strip Christian churches who criticize homosexuals of their charitable status.

Truth cannot be told, if it might offend some privileged minority. A society where truth cannot be told and where minority sensitivities trump all else is one that cannot long prevail.

Now, we have the pathetic story of paraplegic Winnipeg Tory MP Steven Fletcher. He told a veterans’ convention about a month ago that in WW II the “Japs were real bastards.”

The MP is right. I wish he'd stick to his guns. The Japanese WERE bastards to captive Canadian and British troops. They starved and brutalizes them. The Germans accorded fair and decent treatment to captured Allied soldiers.

In the endless German-bashing perpetrated by a certain minority, we tend to forget the high standards of the German Army and officer corps and the vicious brutality of the Japanese.

Hayden Kent, he vet spokesman is a wimp and wanker. “"I understand his feelings about what his grandfather went through, but that wasn't the time or the place,’ he said. ‘If we'd had a person of Japanese descent on the convention floor, how would that person have felt? We have to forgive.’" It’s bizarre. Kent is more concerned about the feelings of some Japanese person who perhaps wasn’t even present than the physical sufferings of his real life comrades. Notice, that no one suggests that Fletcher wasn’t telling the truth, only that it was “insensitive” or “angry” of him to say so.

Why do we build, often with public funds, “holocaust” memorials, commemorating the deaths of people who were not Canadians, outside Canada, at the hands of people who weren’t Canadians, yet we will not properly commemorate our own men who were starved and brutalized and sent back as physical wrecks for fear we might offend some minority?

This replacement of truth with selective “:niceness” is very unhealthy and works against our preservation. The “niceness”, of course, doesn’t extend to Germans. The never forget hate industry keeps cranking out guilt movies, books and speeches denouncing ALL Germans as “Hitler’s willing executioners.”

So, let me get this straight: The Liberals say this is just more evidence that the Conservatives are angry people with narrow views; the NDP says an apology should be adequate, so let the matter drop? It would be good to run this solitary incident past someone well versed in political ephemera and ask them just how often this has happened before - and where - that the stodgy, middle of the road, mildly liberal party, surpasses by some margin - the leftist Marxist radical party. As well, what have the effects (elsewhere) been when the ruling party becomes Mao-ized? Names of regimes and effects on the population, please (assuming there has even been such a thing). I would tend to think the party in power is less susceptible to ultra-radicalization -- the push-pull factors should not be as strong on the people holding power, but as we see in Ottawa, it ain't necessarily so.

Paul Fromm
Canadian Association for Free Expression

Sun. May. 22 2005 7:49 AM ET
Conservative MP apologizes for racial epithet News Staff

Rookie Conservative MP Steven Fletcher has apologized for an incident last weekend where he referred to Japanese soldiers from the Second World War as "Japs" and "bastards."

Fletcher made the remarks last weekend at a veteran's convention in Winnipeg.

His specific statement was: "The Japs were bastards."

In his statement of apology on Saturday, Fletcher referred to his family's personal experiences during the war, saying they had given him "a very emotional perspective" on that historical period.

His grandfather was a prisoner of war held by the Japanese, captured during the fall of Singapore.

"I allowed those emotions to colour my remarks," he said. "I should have chosen more appropriate language, and will do so in the future. I apologize for any offence I may have caused, and retract my choice of words without reservation."

But he also said this: "I stand by the fact that the Japanese were ruthless. If people want to challenge me on that, I look forward to it."

Fletcher told The Canadian Press: "They used my grandfather's friend for bayonet practice. They put my grandfather on a raft when he was ill to die. They shot people indiscriminately.

"In the context of the time, in World War II, they treated people in ways that were barbaric and disgusting, and it should never be forgotten, and it should never be allowed to happen again."

During the 1940s, "Japs" was commonly used to describe Japanese people, but it is now considered to be an ethnic slur.

Fletcher's role at the conference was to bring greetings from the federal government.

Hayden Kent, president of the Army, Navy and Air Force Veterans Unit 283, said the MP's remarks caught the veterans off guard.

"I understand his feelings about what his grandfather went through, but that wasn't the time or the place," he said.

"If we'd had a person of Japanese descent on the convention floor, how would that person have felt? We have to forgive."

Bev Oda, a Conservative MP and the first Japanese-Canadian elected to Parliament, was mildly critical of her colleague.

"We have a job certainly as members of Parliament to work against racism but we can do that without using the terminology of the day," he said.

The Liberals said Fletcher's outburst is yet more evidence that the Conservatives are an angry party led by people with narrow views.

But the NDP said Fletcher's apology should end the matter.

With a report from CTV's David Akin and files from The Canadian Press

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