Wartime fascist denies targeting Jews
Natasha Robinson
August 23, 2005

A FORMER high-ranking official in Hungary's wartime fascist government who fled to Australia under an assumed name in 1949 yesterday denied his party had been responsible for the deportation or murder of Jews.

Lajos Polgar, who has lived in Melbourne for more than 50 years since fleeing war crimes prosecutors, admitted yesterday he had been a youth leader in the anti-Semitic Arrow Cross party and worked as secretary to Josef Gera, a senior leader in the Arrow Cross government that ruled under German occupation from October 1944 to January 1945.

Mr Polgar, 89, is facing fresh investigations into his background after his connections to the Arrow Cross regime were revealed by federal Labor MP Michael Danby at the weekend.

In a lengthy interview at his home in the Melbourne suburb of Ferntree Gully, Mr Polgar denied the Arrow Cross party was anti-Semitic, claiming "everybody in Hungary was anti-Jewish" during the war.

"After the war all the leaders were hanged, but there was not one among them who was guilty, really," Mr Polgar told The Australian. "At that time, you could not do anything because everybody was in the hands of the Jews. They just hanged them. Completely, completely innocent people."

Mr Polgar said Jews had not been deported to death camps under Arrow Cross. "It is not true. When the Jews were deported that party was not in power. How can we deport Jews when we are not in power?"

Mr Polgar's claim goes against the evidence assembled by historians that hundreds of thousands of Jews were deported to the Nazi death camp at Auschwitz between May and July 1944 under the direction of Arrow Cross partisans Laszlo Baky and Laszlo Endre.

Three days after the Arrow Cross assumed power in October 1944, the order was issued for the deportation of 35,000 Jews by rail and on foot to work as forced labourers in Austria.

Arrow Cross partisans murdered thousands more Jews on the streets of Budapest in October and November 1944, dumping their bodies in the River Danube.

Another Australian citizen, Charles Zentai from Perth, is fighting an extradition request for allegedly beating a Jewish teenager to death in Budapest in November 1944.

Mr Polgar came to Australia under the name of Lajos Kardos. He changed his name in December 1944 to elude prosecution for war crimes as the Arrow Cross government crumbled.

Jewish human rights organisation the Simon Wiesenthal Centre said it would immediately investigate whether Mr Polgar was responsible for any war crimes.

"There is no question that he's a Holocaust denier, but of course there's a difference between a Holocaust denier and a Nazi war criminal," said the centre's Jerusalem head Efraim Zuroff. But he said Mr Polgar's involvement in the Arrow Cross was a matter of concern.

"The Arrow Cross is a movement which actively participated in mass murder," Dr Zuroff said.

Mr Danby demanded yesterday to know how the Nazi sympathiser was allowed entry into Australia in 1949.

"He was clearly a top-ranking official in one of the most thuggish satellites of the Nazi regime," Mr Danby said. "Whether he lied to get into Australia is something that I want the Australian Government to investigate. I don't care whether it's 50 years late."

The Australian


What about Solomon Morel hiding in Israel and resisting extradition to Poland on war crimes = killing Germans after the war?


From: Biophilos
Sent: Tuesday, 23 August 2005 4:59 PM


Subject: Fwd: 89-year-0ld man target of more Jewish pimping in Australia-comment Biophilos

"Jewish human rights organisation the Simon Wiesenthal Centre said it would immediately investigate whether Mr Polgar was responsible for any war crimes."

- why don't some people start investigating some of their crimes against humanity....OZ and its Juzis...???

- the whole privilege that the Zionists have given to themselves with the placid permission of the victims of their propaganda and will to power thru their incessantly vindictive and persistent organizations of inquisition and punishment smack of what I have for years called the position of " Double Standard Hypocrisy" .....a condition in which the  accuser and one who points the finger is no better nor exonerate from the same or similar crimes of the accused....

- this entire charade has become a plague upon Justice , lowered the standards of humanity to only a monopolistic view known as " politically correct" and which is held by those who presently control and possess power and authority by manipulating and influencing the various mechanisms of society.....mainly finance, law...and government with the establishment of Israel, violent and fearful enforcement. The establishing of a  planetary tyranny I have called the Kosherite Empire.

My belief is that there will never be advance in civilization, nor the co-parallel line of evolution progressed to levels in which Justice and Happiness of the people who participate in mutual life as long as sycophancy and pandering continue to be given to the IZC [ International Zionist Cartel ]......

- the manner of Justice is administered in an advanced social integration by truth and compassion, tempered by Intelligence and Vision.....not Myopia and Propaganda enforced by unfair laws instituted by conquest or thru fear and the power that manipulates it.....

- but my views are in the minority, and now even considered controversial and dangerous, and so I say no more, for the current condition of humanity on this small Island Planet, shows itself to be what it is and is its own judge.....a Tragedy in the making.....directed by blurred vision, and harden hearts...brewing in ignorance and cultivated untruths, the Liberation from which has not yet come to Light for all Humanity... sorrowfully, and perhaps never will as long as the truth is suppressed in favor of pander and grovelling to powers that are unjust continue for the sake of self interest ,comfort and the glitter of trinkets.

May the gods have mercy upon all, and free us from Ignorance and Vice....persecuting an 89 year old man shows nothing of mercy but only a deeply ingrained vengence that will never release those who possess it from its talons..... " blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain mercy" .......



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