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Subject: The President's Favorite Author Supports Ernst Zundel the Holocaust Revisionist!


The Case for Democracy: The Power of Freedom to Overcome Tyranny and Terror

About The Author:

Natan Sharansky is a former Soviet dissident who has devoted his life to the cause of freedom and democracy. Sharansky spent nine years in a Soviet prison during the Cold War and was awarded the Congressional Gold Medal for his courageous struggle against tyranny behind the Iron Curtain.


Since the fall of the Soviet Union, Sharansky has been an author, human rights activist, and a politician in Israel, serving in numerous positions including deputy prime minister. His book was published in November 2004 and read by George W. Bush.


President Bush has cited The Case for Democracy as an important influence in his Presidency.

Natan Sharansky's definitions and thesis supports Ernst Zundel


A Free Society and a Fear Society

People may have differing views of how they would like to exercise their freedoms, but virtually everyone can agree that it is better to live in a free society than a society that is based on fear and repression. How do we define a free society?

“A Society is free if people have the right to express their views without fear of arrest, imprisonment, or physical harm.” There is a simple way to determine whether one is living in a free society or not. It is called the town square test: “Can a person walk into the middle of the town square and express his or her views without fear of arrest, imprisonment, or physical harm? If he can, then that person is living in a free society. If not, it’s a fear society.”

This is not to say that free societies are perfect, or even just. Free societies can fall short in many ways, including discrimination, less than full equality between the sexes, or lack of economic mobility. However, free societies do cross a basic threshold in that they at least aim at securing basic l iberties.

There are only two basic types of societies – free societies and fear societies – with nothing in between. This is because some societies tolerate dissent and others do not. When dissent is no longer tolerated, a society fractures into three groups:


1) true believers,


2) dissidents, and


3) doublethinkers.

True believers, as the name suggests, really do buy into the prevailing ideology in a fear society. They are usually a small minority that benefits from the repression they unleash.

Dissidents, on the other hand, are those willing to defy the prevailing order because they recognize the moral bankruptcy of the prevailing ideology.

Doublethinkers, who usually make up the most substantial portion of the population in a fear society, are those who do not say what they think or believe, but more or less parrot the party line in order to avoid punishment.
“Doublethinkers live in constant tension from the gap between their thoughts and words.” And if a fear society is repressive enough, it will appear to outside observers that the entire society consists of true believers, when in fact the majority of citizens are doublethinkers too afraid to speak their mind.





Sent: Sunday, 2 October 2005

SEPT. 30, 2005

Dear Mr Santomauro,

You obviously haven't a clue about Anatoli (his real name) Sharansky. He is a self-serving, conniving, political operator who says whatever is convenient and to his advantage. He crawled his way within very few years to the top of the Israeli hierarchy simply by saying what people wanted to hear. He is primarily a virulent racist and Arab-hater. You might care to read more about him.



Dear Michael:

Invalid inference, Mike: Sharansky may be, and probably is, inconsistent when it comes to Zundel. You can't impute applications of principles to people:  either they apply them to certain particulars or they don't. Otherwise you might as well say that Abe Foxman or the ACLU supports Zundel.



Dear Michael:

Apparently you aren't aware of who Sharansky really is. The fellow is what Russians will call "bezdelnik" - a freeloader. Instead, as like many millions to be a productive member of the society, he made himself surrounded by freeloaders like himself. His existence can not be called anything, but parasitic. The dwarf did actually nothing, but like Wiesenthal took credit. It was the pressure from USA which actually made Jewish emigration possible. That the fact that Bush likes his book is in no way makes the book valuable. I did not and will not read it. I did not hear Sharansky speaking against terror against the Palestinians. And this fellow writes about democracy!

Kind regards,


Professor F. Littell has said: "You can't discuss the truth of the holocaust.
That is a distortion of the concept of free speech. The United States should emulate Germany, which outlaws such exercises." --Mind-boggling! Don't you think?


Peace is patriotic!
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