From: siegfried verbeke
Sent: Tuesday, 20 September 2005 5:03 AM

Subject: RE: Siegfried




To make time go faster, I intend to write you regularly.

As an introduction for your readers, let’s mention that I was involved since 30 years in revisionist matters and got acquainted with colleagues. Being Flemish and living in Belgium, with basic language-knowledge and some classic education, I was of help on many revisionist occasions.

Of course, all those years my personal life was troubled all the time by Belgian, Holland, French and German governments. I had to indulge many arrestations, perquisitions, lawsuits and libels, etc. etc.

I got also divorced, bankrupted, and things like that : some backlashes, but always could stand up again, and get some victories.

As a professional printer I released many books and leaflets, for which I’ve to pay now fees everywhere, which I, of course, never pay : I prefer them to be replaced by jail.

Now I have to undergo one year jail in Belgium (which is 4 months effective), while the last appeal at the Belgian Highest Court has been ruled against me.

Moreover, as you know, since half 2004 there is a European Arrest Warrant.

To make it not too complicated, it means for us, revisionists, that you have become an endangered species.

Before this Warrant, you were always safe as long you stay in your country.

The Germans could not get me.

Since half 2004 they can, and they did not wait to try it for the first time in October 2004. But then, they failed, because at that moment I was under Belgian persecution for the same “criminal acts”.

"Non bis in idem", and so I got released after three weeks jail.

What happened now ?

I got engaged with a Philippine woman, living in London since 17 years. By a joke and thanks the Holy Internet, she discovered me, and it was “ein Schuss im Schwarzen”, bingo!

We decided to meet her parents and family, ask the blessing of her father and mother and have honeymoon - I bought KLM-tickets (Dutch airlines) while only KLM had a direct flight connection to Manilla.

Since my first EAB-experience I took flights to London and back, without being troubled by some EAB.

We were almost in the plane and had passed two passport controls, but there seemed to be an overbooking problem, so we had to leave the airport to stay a night at Amsterdam, to take a new flight next day.

Leaving the airport, on a 3rd passport-control I was arrested ! My sweet girl was very upset, but strong. Some tears, some despair, it was hard.

For her especially, and for me too.

First she wanted to stay with me, but I could convince her to go alone. Afer all, she hadn't seen her parents and family since 8 years, neither her youngest daughter, and 3 of the 4 grandchildren she had. A hard moment! I’m 64, she Edna is 51, and I’m a "criminal"!

Forget happiness, love, future.

After one day I found back my guts. Edna stayed in sorrow, but was warmly received in her homeland by her family, moreover she is strongly believing as a catholic, and, God and prayers are for her very important.

I trust myself respecting “believers”. Was it Frederick the Great: “Jeder kann glücklich sein in seiner Konfesssion”? (Everyone can be happy in their belief).  So what?

All this happened one month ago.

I will have to stay in friendly Holland for two months more. In best case I will go home to Flanders Fields, or be extradited to Germany, where I certainly will meet my friend, the great, humoristic, warmhearted, most integer Ernst Zündel.

So : it’s a win-win situation! Isn’t?

(To be continued)



For further information including photographs, addresses, etc. see the internet site my brother Herbert made.



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