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More than 5 weeks after 7/7/7[1] – the multiple bombing attacks on the London transport system, the dumbing machine (a.k.a. the cooperative of “the Media”, governments, churches, academia and anybody else in the mainstream who adheres to what is euphemistically called “political correctness”) is still harping the tired mantra of “suicide attacks”. 

This despite the fact, that even the London police has been asking the obvious question: “were the bombers set up”?  At least one of the bombs exploded under a tube carriage[2] and this is strongly reminiscent of the March 2004 “Madrid bombings”.  Also in this case the dumbing machine is still rotating prayer wheels which hum the “suicide mantra”.  Quite a few of the 9/11 “suicide bombers” are still living somewhere. This is strange – but then again – did not Tertullian say CREDO QUIA ABSURDUM - I BELIEVE BECAUSE IT IS ABSURD?  We have been spiritually deformed by religious doctrine, scientific paradigm and political dogma to such a degree, that – like Tertullian – we believe not despite, but obviously because of the absurdity of what we believe in!

VHeadline.com commentarist Oscar Heck writes on  19 August 2005 <A criminal is a criminal; a thief is a thief, a murderer a killer, a rapist rapes>. He is articulating clearly what is becoming increasingly obvious when reading/ hearing commentaries in the different (even mainstream!) media:  the time for political correctness in public discourse has surely ended long ago. There is manifestly no more political ethos in evidence (was it ever?). But ever since Holocaust survivor Madelaine Albright has stated that the death of many hundred thousand Iraqi children because of United Nations sanctions “was worth it” (worth what?) and Anglo American (all?) Fuehrers lie whenever they open their mouths, nobody in his right mind can still be expected to be “politically correct”.

The public consciousness has been desensitized to such an extent by the products of the dumbing machine, that only the most direct and drastic verbal “message” has any chance of “getting through”. Heck lists some of the most obvious examples (from his Latin American perspective):

Political correctness

Ø      could not stop the criminal invasion of Iraq by the USA

Ø      could not stop the slaughter of the Tutsi or Hutus in Africa

Ø      slow the exponential growth of AIDS in Africa

Ø      could not stop the coup against democratically elected President Aristides in Haiti

Ø      could do nothing to enhance the lives of fellow human beings in the last century.  On the contrary, it has promoted the continuous taking-away of human dignity ... which leads to poverty, disease, desperation, indifference and crime

Ø      could do nothing to thwart the use of "cheap labor" by "civilized Christian" countries

Ø      could do nothing to stop the start of the “Age of Terrorism” with the dropping of the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki 

Ø      is allowing the criminal without-conscience spraying of chemicals as part of the US-led "war on drugs" - where unknown chemicals are poisoning the air, the the water supplies and the people    

Ø      has done absolutely nothing to stop the ravaging and the poisoning of the earth - the cutting of trees, the dumping of sewage and chemicals into rivers, streams and seas, the increase in car exhaust emissions, etc. On the contrary, all the things which have negative impacts on our planet are on an ever-increasing rise.

 To mention any of this is a politically incorrect act (akin to “terrorism”).

For decades mankind has been conditioned to accept an alien religious tenet: as it is (in some countries even by law) forbidden to question the doctrine of the Holocaust religion,  many have come to associate automa-tically the mystical number of six million with victims of the Holocaust. To even just ask simple factual questions is axiomatically the extreme expression of political incorrectness (if not a criminal act).

The level of (self-) censorship that is impressed on the media by their owners is being surreptitiously demanded from the public at large.  When legal truth is being searched (and so we all hope) found in court-rooms, the cynically grinning effigies of shamelessly lying political figures “watch” over these proceedings in many countries.  Do they turn the pictures of Dubya, and his peers in other countries, to the wall when judges announce the legal truth? 

Institutions of learning (from Kindergartens to Universities) display pictures of political leaders who in many cases lack any sence of moral rectitude and ethics. Still, they use “politically correct” language-  that then makes it “all right” to send troops half-way around the world to perpetrate crimes against humanity?

How can people, who find nothing wrong with this situation, be asked to rise in protest aginst it, if we all are expected to adhere to “political correctness”?  This is a vicious circle that any update of the “Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion” will surely make explicit as a highly effective Weapon of Mass Deception and elitist control of the hoi polloi.

Despite the marvels of technology, those who consider themselves the “masters of the universe” are little else but throw-backs to Victorian times in terms of morality and ethics. Paul Bordieu was prescient when he asked the question: “does un-said mean un-thought”? 

Political correctness is manifestly an oxymoron. Is it not one of the basic tenets of a democratic system to be able to speak one’s mind? But what “is” our mind? Neurophysiologist Benjamin Libet over two decades ago postulated that

"we do not what we want, but we want what we do" [3].

We have still not the slightest clue as to how our brain really functions[4] – what we do know is, that our brain “does things” of which we think that we want them.  We can only “want” something that we know of.  Where do we get the knowledge from?  We get “active” knowledge by way of research and absorb “passive” knowledge by simply taking in information. The dumbing machine – as the provider of the bulk of our passive knowledge - does not really inform us, but it turns us into Pawlovian automatons “wanting” to do what we are already doing.  The way in which the European Union came to be is the most prominent example for the application of Libet’s findings in politics (in most cases the people were asked to ratify by way of referendum – post factum – their practical realities) – QED!

The dumbing machine by way of endless repetition of the “suicide terrorist” mantra – “at the top and bottom of the hour” (and the rest of the time as a “ticker-tape” at the bottom of the “screen”) implants into our  consciousness “cognitive macros”. Our brain “does” process “inform-ation” over and over again.  We are not aware of it, but we have been made to axiomatically associate the terms of democracy with “representative”, economy with “free market” and it hardly registered, that of recently we have come to equate terrorism with “suicide”! 

This state of affairs is taking on alarming proportions: we have come to “automatically” equate Jewishness with “’victimhood”,  Islam with “funda-mentalism” (which – of lately is taken as a euphemism for “terrorism”) and – here comes the BIG ONE: “truth” with reality. These adjectival mind-benders are subliminally inserted into our menome[5].

Among many others who pointed out that “truth” is nothing else but manufactured consensus[6] was mathematician and philosopher Betrand Russell already nearly a century ago.  We accept “truths” from text-books and teachers just as unthinkingly as we accept the blather of politicians and dispensers of “news”.  We rarely ever think of all the time we spend gathering “information” as times spent in rote learning – of manufactured “truths”.  We do not realize that our brain learns all the time – with every time we “feed” it with yet another news item on “suicide terrorism” we force it to “do something” …… soon enough our brains “wants” to do what it has been doing before.  In that way we have learned the multiplication tables and everything else we “know”.  

We return to our “normal lives” after periods of “vacation” – times at which we have vacated our mind (as in: emptied it of manufactured truths) and feel “as new” after even the briefest spell of our brain having been fed with the sensual perception of fish not biting or rain having turned a barbecue into yet another “nuked” pizza from the freezer – in short, reality which was tangible and thus soothing to our weary brain.

“Political correctness” – from this perspective – is little more than an implant into our behaviour:  without noticing it, we have absorbed (we might call the process mental osmosis) from the products of the dumbing machine cognitive macros which we are too lazy to test for their meaning-fulness.  Why should we – we have “read it” in the newspaper or “seen it” on TV.  Not long ago, the internet was buzzing with raving reviews of Pro-fessor Robert A. Pape’s book <Dying to Win>[7].  With this book the term “suicide terrorism” should be struck from the vocabulary of daily dis-course and be used furthermore very sparingly. That Prof. Pape proves that there is no “religious” connotation of suicide terrorism (in cases where the attack was perpetrated by someone committing suicide!) turns the con-certed smear campaign of Islam as a “terroristic” religion into the unethical and immoral elitist hate- and fearmongering that it really is.

That it is “politically correct” for the dumbing machine to still disseminate the glaring lie of “suicide terrorism” turns us all into unwitting accomplices of the Professor of Hate, Samuel Huntington.  It is hoped that his next book will be entitled <Who am I> and that he will lay bare his genocidal soul.


[1] Tischler, S.E.: < Infinite Progression of Terror> VENEZUELA  NEWS  BULLETIN (eds. Franz J. T. Lee & Jutta Schmitt, Merida, Venezuela) http://www.franzlee.org/pandemonium01127.html

[2] Tube bombing survivor Bruce Lait is quoted by Cambridge News as reminiscing about his first impressions after regaining consciousness: "The policeman said 'mind that hole, that's where the bomb was'. The metal  was pushed upwards as if the bomb was underneath the train."  http://www.cambridge-news.co.uk/news/region_wide/2005/ 07/11/83e33146-09af-4421-b2f4-1779a86926f9.lpf

 [3] Libet, B. et al.: Time of conscious intention to act in relation to onset of cerebral activity (readi-ness potential): the unconscious initiation of a freely voluntary act. Brain 106, 623–642. 1983. It is a fact, that the “tail is wagging the dog”!

[4] we can take this to the extreme and state that the fact that we have “labeled” forces does not at all imply that we actually know HOW they work – in terms of Theory of Knowledge we still are in the times of Nominalism!

 [5] The term menome signifies the totality of “memes” which make up the way we think;  Oxford biology professor Richard Dawkins has introduced this term  as a homologue to the biological term “gene”.  What nobody seems to have noticed is the fact that there is no generally accepted definition for the term gene. What does this make the term “meme” – the quadrature of an abstraction/ assumption? When the genome is spoken of, does anybody know what he is referring to?

 [6] Herman, E.S. & N. Chomsky: Manufacturing Consent : The Political Economy of the Mass Media Pantheon Books; ISBN: 0679720340, 1988. The authors of this seminal book described the propaganda machine creating uniform vision and compliance that are beyond anything that Stalin (or Goebbels) would have ever hoped to achieve.

[7] Robert A. Pape, associate professor of political science at the University of Chicago,  in an article that appeared in The New York Times on 19 May 2005 presented his analysis of suicide attacks around the globe from 1980 through 2003 - 315 in all. This includes every episode in which at least one terrorist killed himself or herself while trying to kill others. He points out that there were no suicide attacks in Palestine prior to Israel's invasion of Lebanon in 1982, just as there were no suicide attacks in Sri Lanka prior to 1987, when the government invaded Tamil land.  Who can be surprised to learn that there were no suicide attacks in Iraq prior to the 2003 invasion by the willing coalition?  Prof. Pape sums up parsimonially that there is no religious connotation to "suicide attacks". Pape, R.: Dying to Win: The Strategic Logic of Suicide Terrorism. Random House. ISBN: 1400063175. 2005.

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