Toben visits Courage to Care

MORE than 2500 people have visited B’nai B’rith’s Courage to Care exhibit at the National Archives of Australia in Canberra over the past month.

But one visitor last week was unexpected: Adelaide Institute director Dr Fredrick Toben, who was ordered by a Federal Court judge in 2003 to purge Holocaust denial material from his website.

Dr Toben confirmed to the AJN that he visited the tolerance exhibit while he was in the capital.

Ivan Visontay, 75, a volunteer guide and Hungarian Holocaust survivor, told the AJN that Dr Toben is alleged to have disputed the veracity of deportation figures and asked, “What about the poor Palestinians?”

Said Visontay: “[Toben] walked around with another fellow, took a photo of the Wallenberg panel and then stopped in front of a map that shows the number of people who perished during the Second World War.


"As I normally do at the exhibition, I sauntered up to then and started to say this is a remarkable panel, and [Dr Toben] said, 'We don't accept that'.


" 'These people', he said and pointed to the one million and 500,000 who were taken from Russia, 'including people taken to the Gulag, but anyway, I am gagged, I can't talk'."


Courage to Care NSW chairman Andrew Havas said: "We are obviously making an impact if Mr Toben visits the exhibition. The Courage to Care exhibition is open to all members of the public."


In July, Dr Toben attempted to register for the Shalom Institute's Limmud Oz seminar, but was refused.




Fredrick Töben accords himself a Right of Reply

20 September 1005


1. In the AJN newspaper the caption beneath Mr Ivan Visontay's picture states: "Courage to Care volunteer Ivan Viscontay ...refused to debate Holocaust-denier Dr Fredrick Toben".

There was no attempt at debating anything with this volunteer, as my reference to the Court Order indicated, and something Mr Visontay fully appreciated. When I mentioned this court order constraint on my free speech, he walked away from me.


2. I also took a photograph of the Schindler panel - and the photograph, below, featuring a scale and symbolising the message that if only one person cares, etc. Exactly - the constant German hatred generated by this Holocaust information motivates me to have the COURAGE TO CARE and do something about such spreading of hatred against Germans.


3. If Schindler was featured, why were David Brockschmidt's parents, Heinrich and Hertha Brockschmidt, not celebrated as well?  Mr Visontay walked away when I asked him about the missing Brockschmidt panel.


4. That my attendance at a conference was rejected where Professor Deborah Lipstadt spread her stories in a public forum had the effect in the organizers claiming it was a PRIVATE FUNCTION. Anything stated at a private function is irrelevant to me, especially when it comes from someone like Professor Lipstadt who in 1994 signed her book - "May truth prevail!". Quite so.


5. Both the editor of the AJN and Jacqui Gal asked me to send them the following photograph, which I could not locate at the time they rang me because I did not know where it had been stored. I asked both to send me an email with their request - they never did.





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