- hides the tragedy of ethnic cleansing of Palestine of its native population





From: cherifo1

From: cherilink
Sent: Tuesday, August 16, 2005 2:55 AM
Subject: Three act comedy

Act I


One Israeli clown is shouting to an Israeli soldier

Act II


Another Israeli making the Monkey, in the foreground the shoulder of another Israeli solder



the Israeli soldiers are crying because the three act comedy failed to convince anybody ...

The Reality is ethnic cleansing of Palestine





From: x-915552
Sent: Wednesday, 24 August 2005 3:18 AM


It is funny to see the evacuation of Jews from Gaza and two settlements on the Westbank to the many stories of how little or none resistance the Jews claimed they did when they were "rounded up to be sent to" the concentration camps during WWII.

After WWII none of the many fairytales told showed to resistance from Jews. No Jews told they threw tomatoes or paints on German soldiers, nor did they set fire to tyres or blocked their houses. As the Jews came to the camps they did not resist when they were "separated" from their families.

One thing one can say id true is that the spectacles which have been shown on television during the evacuation from the illegal occupation of land belonging to Palestinians are that it all have been a well planned TV show - a show to tell the world how much the occupants "love" the homes.

Sorry but I do not believe what the Jews are trying to tell me. Had they, Zionists Jews, been truthful they should have showed the grief and desperation which Palestinians show as they were DRIVEN out of land their families had been living on for hundreds/thousands of years. We must never forget that all what to day is called Israel and Westbank for thousand of years belonged to Palestinians. IT was NEVER the homeland of the Jews at least not those who to day called themselves Jews, they came from Russia or rather the mountainous area of Caucasus.

As the zionist Jews evicted Palestinians from their homes some 48 years ago they did not allow the Palestinians to take with they anything and these evil Jews even raped young girls - this to give them a life long memory of the zionist Satans.

Heil og sael



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