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Zndel Warns of Monstrous New World Order Tyranny

To our Internet Friends:

As many know by now, Revisionist activists and writers are targeted ever more viciously by the international Enemies of Truth in History. With Germar Rudolf's recent arrest in America and Siegfried Verbeke's arrest and extradition from Belgium to Germany, the world's attention is focused again on these ever more jittery censors - the ones that David Irving likes to call the "Non-Members of the Church of Scotland."

And, of course, there is Ernst Zundel's trial that is to start on November 8 and will likely last through December if not longer.

Unfortunately, my German is not sufficient to give you a sense of what is going to be done, but I have been told that an important document, a kind of position paper, will be the spearhead to usher in a new front, this time on the Old Continent.

In the meantime, below are some of Ernst's thoughts as excerpted from two letters:

Ingrid Rimland

[Letter to an Arab professor in Canada]

One enlightening and frightening book, which puts all the tragedy of the curtailment of freedom into its proper context came out in 1973 already in New York City. It is entitled simply "Samizdat" - with a "z", not an "s" as in my publishing house, [Samisdat Publishers] which I chose in the late 1960s because I was fully clued in to the heroic struggle Soviet dissidents were waging against the repressive Soviet System.

There were people like Boris Pasternak, to whose writings we owe that unforgettable book, "Dr. Zhivago" and the film based on that book, with its musical theme, "Lara", that will forever haunt me. There are also, of course, Solzhenitsyn's epochal works - the novel "1914", "One Day in the Life of Iwan", his horrific "Gulag Archipelago" I and II, and finally the book by the Soviet spymaster Anatoly "Pawel" Sudoplatov entitled "Special Tasks" and the former military Staff and Intelligence Officer Suvorov's book entitled "The Icebreaker: Who Really Started WWII?"

With the above books, you will open the door wide to a world of suppressed facts and a nightmare you did not know existed on planet earth in living memory - in which I, in fact, grew up in, since Germany's fate is tied to these Soviet historical events like a Siamese twin. Few people appreciate this context.

With your keen mind and cool reasoning will get even more out of these writings than I did. It will also show you how the creeping Sovietization of Western intellectual life took place - and why academia is the last bastion, the hidden and continuing incubator of these monstrous ideas.

It is out of this primordial slime that the warped creatures [emerge that] we see in academia, in government, in the bureaucracies, in the spy services and the media today. They are the creatures which evolved from that fevered brew of what I believe were often aberrant, ill people who gained an upper hand over their more decent, less aggressive, less brutal fellow human creatures. Pol Pot, Sharon, and Begin are only the descendants of earlier generations. Nothing comes from nothing. Marxism is not dead. It has mutated. Seemingly, it is always one, two steps ahead of our [moral] antibiotics formulated to cope with an older strain.

Thus, the EU, stripped of all its fancy rhetoric and speech writers, PR people, spin doctors etc. it is only a new, the latest mutation. Brussels is the new version of the EU-DSSR, whose gigantic "Zentrale", its "Apparat" are the more sophisticated versions of what existed in the former Soviet Union. Not for nothing are its officials and bureaucrats called "Kommissars" of this and that! They are like some morphed monsters, without any visible checks and balances, out of a science fiction thriller - a genre flooding the Western world in the last 30-40 years like some intellectual pus!

If you want proof of what I am saying, you need only examine the background to the war in Kosovo and the NATO-Balkan war - and top it off by studying the text and even more so the implications and the context of that Jacobinian instrument emanating out of Brussel's subterranean world - the New European Arrest Warrant.

With that document, the monster in Brussels shows its true face and reveals its true intentions. It will turn Europe into something so despotic and lawless that the Inquisition, the witch hunts and trials, and the madness of the French and the Soviet take-overs, will seem benign. It is more dangerous because it is imposed by stealth, advancing like an army of microbes - far less visible than the old terminology writers used to use when they invoked the phrase "eating silently away at the structure of Europe like termites.". At least termites left tunnels, a trail, larvae - termites are visible critters. This microbial take-over is invisible, inaudible - only observable to a few trained "microbiologists" who can interpret the detectable signs.

This is the new immune-system-compromised Europe Ernst Zundel is now embedded into. At least I have the privilege of understanding the forces which took hold of me. God have mercy on mankind!


[Commenting on his kidnapping, detention, and deportation to one of his legal contacts]

The INS brass at the highest level () obviously were strictly following orders and were arranging plane rides to Germany, making arrangements for escorts with the German liaison people at FBI headquarters even 24 hours before my railroading out of the country. [The Germans] were completely taken by surprise by me being rerouted to Canada. That means the administrative bureaucracy, meaning the INS agency, were not calling the shots. The orders emanated from outside the normal channels, indicating a high-level, non-regular decision at the highest level. Somewhere! ()

There are several depositions and claims made, reports sent to the local police, local/regional/state police and FBI. () You can bet that there is as hyperbusy a paper trail with U.S. authorities as with the "others", you will see. It is this paper trail, this evidentiary path you will (be) in a far better position to assemble now because you have already many pieces of the puzzle from these sources. () Since I am at the core of their often questionable if not illegal activities, you also have their ranks, names, agencies, even telephone numbers and fax numbers as well as e-mail addresses, some in the US even - to also probe there. ()

These are historical gems, for now we are no longer dealing with nebulous things, no more "conspiracy theories" - we know and have amazingly detailed facts: names, organizations, dates, titles etc. Investigative reporters will have a field day with this material! It may come too late in the short term, but it is high quality information (a victim seldom) gets to see in his lifetime. I have been involved in this field and topic all my adult life. () Historically, it is the motherlode in what will turn out to be a landmark case in all of the countries affected. I know. I am familiar with many of these political cases. Nobody has unearthed such a paper trail before the end of litigation - but at the virtual beginning!

I wish you good luck, passionate hearts but cool minds, steady emotions and staying power!

Ernst Zundel

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