The following individuals/groups have managed to spell out their views on the importance of 'Truth', or otherwise, as a universal civilizing category with particular reference to moral and intellectual integrity on matters pertaining to taboo topics such as 'Holocaust', Auschwitz, Middle East, Jewish-Zionist conspiracy, Revisionist persecution, AIDS, and various so-called 'conspiracy theories'.  

Another way of defining the term is to state that in any human enterprise, individuals get together and work out plans to achieve something. That governments and private organisations do not play with open cards is evident in the legal constraints imposed upon individuals to speak openly, and the legal locking-up of documents. Anyone who claims conspiracies do not happen is merely naive, at the worst a dissembler and a liar.

And then there are dissenters who are caught in the elimination mechanism that any society has available with which to discipline individuals for whatever reason and for whatever set of values. 

We include a selection of such individuals in this gallery of heretics/dissidents/free-thinkers who refuse/cannot submit to authority, for whatever reason. They are acting, walking, marching, dancing or singing to someone else's tune, often to a principle, to a God's command, to selfishness or altruism.

In most cases such individuals do not have social and legal protection extended to them by those who could help, for the simple reason that potential helpers lack the moral and intellectual courage to make a stand on someone else's behalf.

Persons in positions of power often suffer from failure of moral and intellectual nerve.

The all embracing concept of power is not helpful in explaining anything because it explains everything. The well-worn maxim: power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, is inadequate in explaining what is going on because it is an abstraction appended to a person, an individual. Hence, 'Power' cannot corrupt, but the individual who has the power is corrupt not because of the power but because of his personal moral value system. There have been known to be rulers who were not corrupt, the mythical philosopher kings!



Captain Eric May


Dr Wilhelm Stäglich dies


Professor Drew Fraser



POWs imprisoned by Holocaust Believers

Pedro Varela

  Germar Rudolf - in prison

   Ernst Zündel - in prison

             Siegfried Verbeke   prison

 David Irving

               Ernst Günter Kögel - in prison

         Manfred Roeder

           Geerd Ryke Hamer

          Wolfgang Fröhlich


Who is next?

  Horst Mahler - latest

  Dr. Rigolf Hennig

  Orhan Pamuk

  Marc Lemire?

   Norbert Steinbach?

   Mordechai Vanunu?


  Victory for Ahmed Rami's RADIO ISLAM in Stockholm, Sweden, 10 November 2005



2005 List

Arthur Butz

Robert Fisk


Le Pen

Horst Mahler

Geoff Muirden

Claus Nordbruch

Erich Pribke

Scott Ritter

Germar Rudolf

Fredrick Töben

Siegfried Verbeke

Ernst Zündel

Robert Countess

Robert Faurisson

     Thomas Fudge

Wolfgang Fröhlich            Mordechai Vanunu      Marc Lemire


Dana Alvi








Margit Alm


Ibrahim Alloush


Mahmoud Abbas


Hanan Ashrawi


Phillip Adams


Hadhem Aghajari


G-A Amaudruz


John Bayley


Neal Boortz


David Brockschmidt


Günter Deckert


Mahathir Mohamad


John Bennett


René-Louis Berclaz

Sue Blackwell

J Blankfort /MNeumann


Kerry Bolton


Arthur Butz 


Barry Chamish


Michael Collins Piper

Alexander Cockburn


Rabbi Abraham Cooper 


Robert Countess


Sir Walter Crocker

Helen Darville   Sir William Deane   Paul Dibb   Denise Patricia Doyle  

Robert Faurisson


Norman Finkelstein  


Robert Fisk


Wolfgang Fröhlich


 Paul Fromm


 Thomas Fudge 

Mel Gibson

Paul Grubach 


Roger Garaudy


 Pauline Hanson


Joel Hayward


Mohammed Hegazi  


David Hicks


Michael Hoffman II


Ted Honderich

Raymond Hoser

Michel Houellebecq


David Irving


John Kaminski


Amina Lawal


Edoardo Longo


Horst Mahler


Peter Myers


Carlo Mattogno


George Monbiot


Geoffrey Muirden 


Walter F Mueller


Greg Palast  


Richard Perle 


 Jean Plantin


Carroll Quigley


Radio 786 Cape Town

Dariusz Ratajczak  
Frank Rennicke

Lady Michelle Renouf


Leni Riefenstahl


Birger Romaruga


Germar Rudolf      


Edward Said


Michael Santomauro


Olga Scully


Gitta Sereny


I.Kay/B.Kerr/Alan Brygel/Mick Skrijel 


Israel Shamir


Bradley Smith




 Fredrick Töben


True Torah Jews


 Jim Traficant


Siegfried Verbeke


Udo Voigt


Florence Vorhauer


Michael Walsh

  Mark Weber  

Keith Windschuttle

  Simon Wiesenthal  

  Ernst/Ingrid Zündel


Eric Margolis


Steven Swan


Christoph Bloche


 Jack Lancaster


Jim Floyd


Carlos Porter


Tony Martin


Ward Churchill


Malcolm Evans


Jonathan Jay Pollard


Mordechai Vanun


Ron Owen


Kevin MacDonald


Helmut Oberlander


Michael Walsh


Stewart Beattie 


Jürgen Graf


Vincent Reynouard


R.Dommergue Polacco de Ménasce


Peter Wakefield Sault


David Duke/Mat Hale


Alex Grobman/Rafael Medoff


Edgar Steele



Historians Defend Revisionism

Letter sent to the editors of

NYT, Boston Globe, Washington Post, LATimes, San Francisco Chronicle

To the editor:

Last week, when his administration was criticized for justifying the Iraq invasion with forged evidence, President Bush accused his critics of attempting to "rewrite history." Then Ari Fleisher sneered at "revisionist historians."

As historians, we are troubled by these remarks. It is central to the work of historians to search for accuracy, and to revise conclusions that prove to be unsupported by evidence. Revision, based on fresh evidence, is a good thing. The argument about the use of misleading claims in the State of the Union address is not about revising history; it is about whether public statements were founded on honestly presented evidence.



Joyce Appleby, University of California/Los Angeles, Alan Brinkley, Columbia University, Linda Gordon, New York University, Hendrik Hartog, Princeton University, Michael Kazin, Georgetown University, Linda Kerber, University of Iowa, Alice Kessler-Harris, Columbia University, Vicki Ruiz, University of California/Irvine, Richard White, Stanford University, (Institutions listed for identification only.)



"Against stupidity the gods themselves struggle in vain." -- Schiller


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