Celebrating A Decade Defending Our World View - Weltanschauung



- and lying through their teeth-

the Anglo-American-Zionists who ride on

the back of the nonsense called the 'Holocaust'

to justify international multicultural predatory

 capitalism, and Biblical Prophecy of re-building

King Solomon's Temple. A king for the Jews,

but no Royals for the others who must do with

enforced 'freedom and democracy' = consumerism

and permanent military occupation,

e.g. Germany, Japan, Korea, etc.!


 Last Update 6 March 2005



but note

the Holocaust is only one aspect of a much larger matter

- usury - rob others of their physical assets -

 of which Ernst Zündel knows about!














The German Uprising has begun against the new


Germans who still want to be Germans - don't deny the 'Holocaust',

just stop believing in the 'Holocaust'!



 The Zundelsite     David Irving     IHR


Swiss Revisionist

René-Louis Berclaz

 imprisoned since November 28, 2004. Write to him at:

Monsieur René-Louis Berclaz

Pénitencier de Crêtelongue

CH 3977 Granges


Send him postcards with which he can decorate his cell walls.

Fun or just infantile?

Feathers, frocks and foreign tourists were all out in force last night, 5 March, as the annual Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade took to the streets of Sydney in a celebration of fun and freedom.

Tourists keen for a holiday snap with a real-life drag queen arrived early, even as many in the parade were still squeezing into their sequin dresses and stilettos.


Organisers compiled a dishonour roll of more than 80 countries where homosexuality is illegal, and the parade's leading float used the opportunity to call for freedom in countries such as Afghanistan, India and Iran.

Is this Judge Joan Levkov's mother's and husband's murderer?

Mat Hale

US Political prisoner

"Hale was declared a domestic terrorist and has been held incommunicado under provisions of the draconian and woefully-misnamed Patriot Act."

Dr Edgar Steele says Hale's entrapment was engineered by the FBI.

Someone murdered the husband and mother of the judge who ruled in Hale's favour when the ADL wished to steal Hale's name World Church of the Creator (WCOTC). Cui bono - who benefits? Read on...

Prof Bruno Gollnisch

"The Disciplinary Council of University Lyon III decided that Professor Bruno Gollnisch will be excluded from his university for five years. He was accused of making statements which looked revisionist. Gollnisch said clearly : "I do not deny that the gas chambers existed".

You see, that was not enough."


Prof Robert Faurisson

Vichy, France, 4 March 2005

"A week ago I said it was not my intention to apologise to the journalist from Daily Mail group or his employers. Upon a further week of reflection in which I have read everything written in the press about this controversy and after considerable debate with many Londoners I have decided to stand by that position. There will therefore be no apology or expression of regret to the Daily Mail group. Read on...

Mayor Ken Livingstone said he would

not take lessons about anti-Semitism

 from the Daily Mail.

Obersalzberg- tea-time for  Adolf Hitler, Hermann Göring, Martin Bormann und Albert Speer...

 Remember this man?


Dr Bagnall comments: ‘While we are still at an early stage in our experiments, we can already anticipate applications in optoelectronics, laser physics and optical communications. This is especially true, as technologists are increasingly using polarisation state as a means of carrying information in applications such as quantum cryptography.’


University of Southampton: Scientists find new role for the swastika: 23.02.2005 
Just a month after a call for a European-wide ban of the swastika, scientists have found that the symbol has new applications in optical communications and could have a role in quantum cryptography. Dr Bagnall has found that he can arrange tens of thousands of gold swastikas on a square millimetre to form new optical metamaterials that act to artificially change the polarisation of light, effectively “twisting” light in accordance with the rotation of the swastikas.

State Department laments repression. Items compiled from Tribune news services,

March 1, 2005

WASHINGTON -- Thousands of people across the world suffered last year at the hands of repressive governments, some of them friendly to the United States, the State Department said Monday.
From China, where a wave of detentions targeted writers and political commentators, to Iran with executions, to Burma with a ruling junta not bound by any constitutional provisions, man's inhumanity was a recurrent concern.
There were scattered positive developments, such as Saudi Arabia sponsoring a conference on women's rights and permitting formation of the kingdom's first human-rights group.
Overall, the findings were similar to those in three decades of annual human-rights reports to Congress: Freedom remained elusive. A total of 196 nations were monitored.

Copyright © 2005, Chicago Tribune

The following two short stories are printed together in today's Chicago Tribune, one above the other.
A.R. Butz

Denier of Holocaust set for deportation
Items compiled from
Tribune news
March 1, 2005
TORONTO, CANADA -- Canadian authorities prepared to deport Holocaust denier Ernst Zundel to his native Germany, and authorities there said Monday that he faces arrest on charges of inciting racial hatred.
Zundel, author of "The Hitler We Loved and Why," has been held in a Toronto jail for two years. Federal Court Justice Pierre Blais ruled Friday that Zundel's activities were a threat to national security and "the international community of nations."
Zundel's lawyer said his client would not appeal and was expected to be deported as early as Tuesday. Zundel, a leading proponent of white supremacy, claims the Nazi Holocaust never happened.

Copyright © 2005, Chicago Tribune

History of modern man unravels as German scholar is exposed as fraud

Russia convinced Iran not pursuing nuclear weapons: Putin

MOSCOW (MNA) -- The secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council, Hassan Rowhani, met with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow on Friday.

During the meeting Putin stressed that Iran’s nuclear activities are peaceful, adding that the Islamic Republic does not possess any nuclear weapons.

Criminals the lot of us


"A 'non-democracy' means any country the U.S. government happens to want to go to war with ... When the U.S. government went to war with North Vietnam, invaded Grenada, Panama, Afghanistan and Iraq, and bombed Libya, Sudan, and Serbia – the U.S. was a "democracy," and therefore righteous, while the nations it attacked were not."

Anthony Gregory


Scott Ritter Says US Attack on Iran Planned for June 2005  


A World in denial: Jewish ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians,

from 1946 and continuing!

"The only true democracy in the Middle East is Israel"

Australian PM John Howard, 6 February 2005


The founder of

German New Medicine®

Die Germanische Neue Medizin®


Dr. med. Gerd Ryke

has been persecuted by the German government for decades. He is currently in a French prison. Write to him at:

N° d’ écrou: 334750 D 5

Maison d' arrêt de Fleury-Mérogis

7, avenue des Peupliers 

Ste. Généviève des Bois


 French financier Stern shot dead
Maximum pain is aim of new US weapon
Sam Hamod: 33 Things You Should Know About the Middle East & America
Mike Ruppert 9/11 War Games    A History of the Bush Administration in One Sentence
Sharon Is 'War Criminal': London Mayor           Livingston says...
The Railroading of Matt Hale
Back again? Guess who?
Geoff Muirden Reviews The Da Vinci Code, by Dan Brown
Deported Holocaust Denier Faces Charges in Germany
Kicked out of Canada, white supremacist Zundel served with charges ...
Holocaust denier faces charges in Germany
America: Canada expels Holocaust denier
Canada deports immigrant who denies Holocaust
Canada expels holocaust denier
German supremacist ousted by Canada
Deported Holocaust Denier Arrives in Germany
Geoff Muirden on Eureka
"Now a much larger group of "flag officers" vows to grab their Commander-in-Chief George W. Bush for treason, as authorized by the Uniform Military Code."
Dr Edgar Steele: "It's all right to be white, and it is not racist to support your own race."
Another world perspective from Adam Israel Shamir

Think of what Mordecai Vanunu went through in Israel

Canada rules Holocaust denier should be deported
Canada Holocaust-denier ruling hailed
The Zundel certificate
Canada Holocaust-denier ruling hailed 

 Zundel gives up appeals

Geoff Muirden: History Wars and the decline and fall of the white race in Australia  

Background on the al-Qaida myth

World News Services

Australian news  

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