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Dr Claus Nordbruch's first visit to Australia


Adelaide - 28 December 2004




Before commencing proceedings, Dr Fredrick Töben read out a letter from the German National Democratic Party (NPD) Chairman, Udo Voigt, wishing Australian supporters of the patriotic cause all the very best. He reminded them that it was Prime Minister John Howard who on 2 April 2004 banned Voigt from entering Australia. Voigt assumes that this ban was effected because of the German federal government's intervention, for fear of NPD influence taking hold in German-Australian patriotic circles.



Dr Nordbruch spoke to a full house on:


1. The absence of intellectual Freedom in the Federal Republic of Germany



Dr Nordbruch does not touch the 'Holocaust', nor is he interested in racist issues because his focus is on the universal that applies to all peoples of the world: free speech and historical truth.  He claims that without freedom of thought and freedom of expression the qualities that make us human - Mensch - cannot fully develop. In the  Federal Republic of Germany free speech is constitutionally guaranteed but in practice it does not exist.




2. The alleged atrocities committed by the German Imperial Protection Force in German South West Africa on the Hereros in August-October 1904.






Dr Nordbruch details his research on the alleged Herero massacre. He shows the 19 February 2003 letter from Professor M Kerina, MP, Parliament of the Republic of Namibia, who claimed that Nordbruch's views "exposed your racist ignorance about our history under German Colonialism and Herero Nation Reparation Case".




De-briefing after the event - with thanks to Robert for supplying the home brew beer