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Meeting at the German Club Gold Coast - 9 January 2005




The Canberra based Goethe Society  had the audacity to attempt to stop this daring function by intimidating the organiser.

Fortunately the organiser of this event at the German Club proved to have a strong backbone consisting of such moral values as, among other things, truth, honour, justice, courage.


In a telephone conversation with the organiser the Goethe Society man in Canberra did not even have the courage to give his full name, other than identify himself as Karl. He wished to have the function cancelled because of Dr Nordbruch's fundamental criticism of the Federal Republic of Germany.


Consequently there were 11 men and 11 women who delighted in listening to Dr Nordbruch's invigorating message of hope that is based on his personal fundamental knowledge of the German and South African political situation.


A few One Nation supporters welcomed the insights Dr Nordbruch offered as regards the German NPD and DVU alliance. They aim to defeat the major parties at the next federal election, thereby gaining political power and liberating Germany and Europe from the Evil Axis of globalism, consumerism and neo-connism.





Dr Claus Nordbruch's visit to Australia - a delight!



From: "Gisela Puellen and Karl Gordon"
Sent: Wednesday, December 15, 2004 4:26 PM
Subject: Talk in Canberra details


Thank you for sending us this information about Claus Nordbruch's visit.

After investigating this matter further, we would like to make it clear
that the Goethe Society does not want to be associated in any way with this
event. Any earlier offers to assist were made in ignorance of the
subject of this visit and are hereby withdrawn.

Could we please ask you to acknowledge this email and confirm that you
will not be associating our name in any way with this visit.

your sincerely

Dr Karl Gordon



Dr Nordbruch's Australian presentation




An historical moment for Dr Claus Nordbruch



Just before he successfully completed his officer's training course at the Kampftruppenschule Munster in 1984, Nordbruch had this photo taken. On the brick wall is a relief of the German Reich at 1937.


On 31 July 1973 the Bundesverfassungsgericht handed down a judgment that confirmed this still to be the case:


The German Reich still exists. It is merely not operational (handlungsunfähig). The German Reich did not cease to exist in 1945, and the Federal Republic of Germany is not the legal successor of the German Reich. Ref.: 2BvF 1/73.





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